The 2019 Eternal Hunt Awards, pt. 1: A look back at my hobby year


Welcome to the first installment of the 2019 Eternal Hunt Awards! It’s that time of year again, eh? So let’s lean back and, just to switch things up again for this year, start by taking a look at my personal hobby year — I hope I won’t bore you to tears… πŸ˜‰

2019 turned out to be a bit of a grind, from a RL perspective: With multiple bouts of heavy illness striking in my closest family, I was left reeling more than once. Now things are slowly on the mend again, thankfully enough, but I still realise that the year has tired me out pretty badly. At the same time, paradoxically enough, it has also been a fairly successful hobby year — but then, I tend to lean into the hobby during stressful times as a way to keep me sane, so there’s that, too.

Anyway, I am pretty pleased with 2019 as a hobby year, if nothing else. So let’s take a closer look at the stuff I have worked on – and managed to complete, for the most part – over the past twelve months, shall we?

I. My hobby projects

Twelve months ago, my output for 2018 looked like quite the bit improvement over the previous year. A “whopping” 52 models — not bad, not bad at all! At least for my glacially slow pace when it comes to painting:

However, it is with no small amount of pride that I can tell you that I have managed to paint 100 models in 2019. Still not a huge achievement for some of you painting animals out there, but certainly an unheard-of feat over here, in my little corner of the noosphere.


My project of painting an entire HeroQuest set accounts for most of those numbers, with a total of 67 models for everything that came in the box as well as a few extra pieces:

But there’s also the final third of my 2018 output, made up from a combination of my usual main projects, that is my World Eaters, some new INQ28 characters and some new signings for my Orcish Blood Bowl team.

Add some odds and ends and you end up with exactly one hundred models. Yay! πŸ™‚


One thing I am really proud of is that 99 of those 100 models were pieces that were already in my posession before — for years, in many cases (and literally for decades in the case of those HeroQuest models). So while I still did buy a few new kits in 2019 (and while many, if not most of those new models, remain unpainted), I did at least manage to make a substantial dent in my backlog.

Once again, thanks must go to all the people who kept me painting: Azazel and his monthly challenges, for one (one a related note, Azazel, dude, where are you?). My friend Annie and our regular painting sessions. And, of course, all the readers and fellow forum users who still hold out and keep commenting on my stuff during these dark days of dying blogs and forums. Anyway, a heartfelt thank you to you all!


With that out of the way, here’s a closer look at my 2019 hobby projects in turn:

1. #HeroQuest2019

Definitely my biggest hobby endeavour of 2019, which is why it also deserves prime billing here: Last year, I went back to the very beginning of my life as a hobbyist and made a commitment to finally paint an entire set of HeroQuest, the game I had instantly fallen in love with 30 years ago, due in no small part to an iconic TV ad and, of course, to Les Edward’s bombshell of a cover illustration:

Illustration by Les Edwards

And after several false starts and stops, I finally made this plan a reality during the first half of 2019, painting all of the models from the standard boxed set (furniture included), as well as a few extras here and there, to round things out:

Painting those classic models was, of course, a delightful exercise in nostalgia. At the same time, it was also a breath of fresh air, as going for that bright and iconic retro look was a really enjoyable experience. I also learned a lot, I’d say. And seeing how I knew I was only really going to get one shot at painting those classic models (given the hugely inflated aftermarket prices), I tried to give it my all. And I think it shows!

Thanks to Ye Olde Inn, a forum of dedicated fans of the game. The place made me realise that HeroQuest isn’t simply one more tabletop game, but rather a small hobby unto itself. All the inspiration on the forum and the encouragement from my fellow forumites really did wonders for my productivity! In fact, my browsing through the vast forum was what gave me the idea to actually go and convert some extra models that would serve as some of the special characters that appear in the HeroQuest campaign…

Even better, though, not only did I manage to paint the whole shebang, I also got a game in.

So thirty years after its release, I finally got to play HeroQuest to play the way it was originally intended — and that was quite something.

And even beyond the models required for the set, I did end up painting and converting even more stuff, so I guess we’ll be seeing a bit more HeroQuest here and there in 2020…

For now, head over here to get a better look at my painted HeroQuest set.


2. Khorne’s Eternal Hunt

I didn’t originally have anything much planned for my World Eaters at the start of 2019 — well, I did finally manage to finish the display base for my Daemon-Primarch Angron conversion, at least:

Now the Lord of the XII Legion finally has the right killing ground below him — and all before an inevitable official GW model blows my own attempt out of the water!

A closer look at Angron and his finished presentation base can be found here, in case you are interested.

But beyond that, I wasn’t really planning any big additions to my collection, originally: My World Eaters paint scheme seemed rather outdated to me, as did the officially available CSM models, so I really wanted to wait for a bit before working on any more members of the XII legion.

Fate, however, had other plans.

Thanks to a supply drop from my buddy Augustus b’Rass (which we’ll be getting to further down this post) back in February, I felt the itch to finally paint that World Eaters Dreadnought he kindly gave to me when I visited him in Amsterdam. So I finally completed Argus the Brazen:

One model, right? Where’s the hurt in that? It felt good to finally have given the model its due. But then, a bit later, the new CSM models hit, and I have to admit that they managed to light a bit of a fire under me. Before I knew it, I found myself messing around with the new models, turning them into proper World Eaters…

…and then one thing led to another, and I ended up with a test model for a new breed of “KrautScientist World Eaters” on my desktop:

The new painting recipe might still not win any awards, but it’s quite a bit more elaborate than my old approach (which, it must be said, also relied on many paints that are OOP nowadays). It’s also closer to my current painting standard. And it’s actually more fun to paint than my old recipe, if you can believe it.

Anyway, models that had long lain dormant where swept up in the process as well, so I finally got to paint my counts-as World Eaters version of Huron Blackheart, for instance:

And I started to combine some of my “refurbished” conversions and some new models into a project tentatively called “The Hateful Eight”, a possible World Eaters kill team for 40k:

And while I have only really painted four models for the kill team so far, some of the new guys are simply among the favourite World Eaters models I have come up to this day:

So it may be slow work, but I really like the way these guys look together:

And there’s finally some red and brass in my recap post again! Yay! πŸ™‚


3. The world of INQ28

The other half of my 40k-related output went into creating yet more 40k characters, and while I didn’t manage to bang out several complete retinues (like I did in 2018), I am pretty pleased nonetheless with the “INQ28 Class of 2019”:

The reason for this is that I have finally managed to complete one of my oldest warband projects, running alllll the way back to 2013, by completing the retinue of Inquisitor Titus Alvar of the Ordo Xenos:

Another model I had wanted to complete for ages was Lord Sebastianus Danver Balzepho Vlachen, one of the Velsen Sector’s big political movers and shakers:

This is just one guy, but it feels as though finishing the model has really helped me nail down a piece of the background lore that informs these models, and that’s great! In fact, I have been reading up on lots of Inquisition related background lately (via many of the old Inquisitor publications, as well as the very cool Dark Heresy RPG sourcebooks), which has given me all kinds of ideas for the immediate future, so expect to see more INQ28 sooner rather than later!

4. On the Blood Bowl pitch

Ever since Annie succeeded at roping me into creating a Blood Bowl team, working on some new Blood Bowl models has always served as a nice way of exploring a somewhat silly and whimsical side of our hobby — plus it’s always a fun thing to be working on during our joint hobby sessions.

Not only did those final models round out my team roster, I also used their completion as the perfect occasion to give the entire time a once-over, cleaning up the paintjobs here and there, painting on player numbers — that kind of stuff.

And with that the Orkheim Ultraz are now finished. There may be a couple of hangers-on and sideshow models left to add, but the core team (with all the players and tokens I could ever possibly need) is now complete:

Head over here to meet the complete Orkheim Ultraz team.


5. Dipping my toe into the new Contrast Paints

Well, figuratively speaking, of course: Actually getting enough of the stuff to be able to really dip my toes into it would, of course, be prohibively expensive…

Err…anyway: The Contrast Paints were the talk of the town for a fair part of 2019, and I was lucky enough to get to test them when they were still brand new at my local Warhammer store. I painted two models using the new paints and found the experience delightfully refreshing:

Exploring those paints a little more will certainly be part of my hobby life this year. And I think I already have a pretty good test model in mind…


So that’s my output for 2019. Quite a successful year, I’d say. And lots of formerly unfinished business now neatly tied up. Yay! πŸ™‚


II. Other hobby moments of note

I already mentioned this in my last post, but getting a Christmas card from the Wier Brothers – and right in time for Christmas, no less – was such a wonderful surprise!

Speaking of surprises, though, a particularly awesome one was when my buddy Augustus b’Raas suddenly sent me an awesome squad of Khorne Berzerkers right out of the blue last February:

That was so cool! I am also pretty sure it had a major part in getting me back into painting World Eaters this year (so I guess our Auggs is going “Just as planned!” somewhere right now) — if nothing else, it led to my painting the World Eaters Dreadnough he had given me, and that in turn kickstarted everything else, as I have already explained above. Anyway, thanks again, buddy! πŸ™‚

Receiving models from fellow hobbyists also nicely bookended my entire hobby year, as fellow Ye Olde Inn forumite Anderas was nice enough to send me this rather lovely looking Orc as part of the 2019 Ye Olde Inn Christmas Exchange:

Speaking of which, preparing a model of my own for the exchange was a very cool moment for me as well — the fact that Weltenlauefer, whom I sent the model to, was over the moon with it did, of course, sweeten the deal. My little Witch Lord now gets to lord it over Weltenlauefer’s brilliant catacomb terrain:


After joining Dave Taylor’s campaign for his excellent book “Armies & Legions & Hordes” last year, I am back to checking for cool projects on Kickstarter at least semi-regularly, and I found two really cool things that I wanted to help fund in 2019:

The first one was MOMiniaturas’Β  Mercenary Kickstarter that I fell in love with right at the height of my HeroQuest infatuation:

The Mercenaries themselves have a wonderful “Retro Warhammer Fantasy Empire” look about them, which really sold me on them right away. And I was also able to pick up some really cool extras from MOMiniaturas’ back catalogue along with them for a good price. The whole huge package of about 30 models arrived in late autumn, and while I have yet to paint any of those models, it should be a treat!

I also backed the Tabletop Fantasy Miniatures Kickstarter featuring sculpts by Ana Polanscak:

Ana has long been one of the most original voices in this hobby of ours, participating in a crowdfunding campaign to get my hands on some of her sculpts was really a bit of a no-brainer! The models are a wonderfully quirky and sinister little bunch, and painting them should be quite a lot of fun!

4. Hugs for the Hug Throne!


III. Blogging

*Sigh* It would all be peaches and cream, if not for this part of the post. But seriously, let’s get the good stuff out of the way first:

Eternal Hunt turned seven in 2019, which was really cool. I have also managed to keep the posts flowing, more or less, ending up with about 400 posts again.

At the same time, interest in this blog (and, I should add, in blogs in general) seems to be dwindling, with the numbers going down all the time. To wit, this were my stats at the end of 2018:

And this is what things looked like at the end of 2019:

You know what? In my hubris, I always expected that this blog would come to an end when I’d run out of things to say — not when people would stop giving a feth.

This really frustrates me, and I could probably go on about it all day. I’ll force myself not to do that, though. Maybe it’s inevitable that Instagram should supplant all of the old blogs and forums. Maybe that’s what people want. It’s not what I want, however, so I’ll keep fighting the good fight over here — or what I think the good fight is, at least. If you are still with me after all these years, then I thank you from the bottom of my heart! Please keep reading and commenting! It’s what keeps this blog going, simple as that.

That said, if anyone does want to listen to me ranting about Instagram a little more, why, just look at last year’s post — everything that I said then is still perfectly accurate, even moreso today, in some cases.


IV. Plans

Back when I laid out my hobby resolutions for 2019, I made sure to point out that I didn’t want to overpromise and paint myself into a corner, so I only named a few models I wanted to paint. Looking back now, twelve months later, I cannot help noticing that I did not manage to paint a single one of those models — so much for resolutions, I guess… πŸ˜‰

But the good thing about the new year is that you get a new shot, right? And there are a few models I would like to see some paint on. Here they are, provisionally…


As part of my rejuvenated interest in building and painting 40k World Eaters, I also created a new version of Lord Captain Lorimar, based on the new Abaddon model released in 2019:

This is one model that I would definitely like to try and paint this year,…

Countess Mandelholtz, of the Mandelholtz House of Imperial Finance, just keeps appearing in my new year’s resolutions — but only because I took me so long to get this particular model right that I am now scared of messing it up with a sub-par paintjob…

but there have been some additions to House Mandelholtz last year, not least of all one Mr. Azaleas Vile, the banking house’s prime factor:

So maybe we’ll be seeing more of House Mandelholtz and its agents in 2020…

I might aso finally dip my toes into some Inquisitor 54 (after all, I picked up the original Eisenhorn model a short while ago).

The 30k incarnation of my World Eaters has fallen by the wayside a bit, ironically pushed aside by my 40k World Eaters again — but in light of the rumours of GW wanting to turn the Horus Heresy into a proper mainline setting, I guess there’ll still be a chance to work on those models in the future. If nothing else, I would really like to finish my “Argel Tal duology”, if only to pre-empt a possible Argel Tal model by Forgeworld…

Oh, and I tried failed during the summer to finally paint my second Armiger Warglaive …erm, sorry, that’s “War Dog” now, for The Bolter & Chainsword’s ETL event, but that’s really a shame because I am still very fond of the model:

So you can probably expect the Huntress and her ride to be finished at some point in 2020 as well.

Oh, and lest I forget, now that the new plastic Sisters have finally been announced in multi-part form, I really need to get my hands on a squad of them…

You know, just to have a bit of fun with the kit…


All of these are rather loose targets, however. If there is one thing I really want to do is to contribute to/participate in LarsonicMiniaturesOndroma event:

The talent on display is truly staggering. It has to be said that, up to now, I have actually been ridiculously neglectful when it comes to the event, but I fully intend to change that! Scout’s honour! πŸ™‚


So yeah, that’s it for today — if anything, this post has already gone on far too long anyway. Let me finish by thanking all of my readers and by encouraging you to keep visiting this place for the next twelve months. And please do speak up every once in a while, just so, you know, I get the feeling every now and then that I am not just screaming into the void…

And please feel free to let me hear any thoughts you might have on my 2019 output or my varios hobby plans!

As always, thanks for looking and stay tuned for more!


61 Responses to “The 2019 Eternal Hunt Awards, pt. 1: A look back at my hobby year”

  1. David Mary Says:

    Keep on, keepin’ on! Over on I continue to blog on myself. While I post completed stuff to Instagram as another channel for expression, I also feel the blogs are a fun and useful contribution to the community. I don’t comment here much, but I read every article.


    • Thanks for the comment, David! And for the link to the blog which I’ll definitely make sure to check out. Completely agreed on the advantages of blogs, too, in spite of everything… πŸ˜‰

  2. I’m tending to be glass-half-full here and thinking that you basically painted 100 minis that you hadn’t planned in, so that has to be good going! You keep painting and blogging and I’ll keep reading about it! πŸ™‚

  3. A good years work I’d say. Loved following your Heroquest project.



  4. castigatoruk Says:

    Keep on blogging mate.
    I know generally the audience is in decline but there are still plenty of people that enjoy reading them.
    My New Years resolution this year is to comment more on the blogs I read in the hope that it gives some encouragement and to show my appreciation of all the effort that goes into blogs.

    I’ve read your blog for quite a few years now and I still enjoy your vision of the hobby, so keep it up and I promise to comment more in the future πŸ˜‰

  5. Keep blogging, you’re one of my favourite blogs! I tend not to look at the stats for my blog these days, I just post and be damned!

    • Cheers, man! The numbers were really just an example for a bigger problem, though, as engagement has also constantly been in decline. Anyway, thanks for the comment!

  6. As I said on your B&C world eater thread it’s much more impressive all together.
    I mean 100 models in a year is sound going averaging 2 a week is no mean feat (especially as many who do more use a fair amount of airbrush work)
    Keep going on both blog and forum. I so rarely get the chance to watch videos and like a good bit of text to read making blogs one of my favourite ways to absorb hobby.
    In fact I deliberately don’t read your IQ thread on B&C so I can enjoy seeing the new stuff crop up on my Feedly feed all fresh and new to me.
    Best of luck with the new year
    Mechanist (b&c tag)

  7. Congratulations on getting through 100 models! Like you, I found that focusing one a specific project and getting that done is a great way of hitting this kind of target.

    On the blog hits, in 2018 my blog was down about 25% over the year before in terms of hits. In 2019 I decided to focus on ‘engagement’ rather than views and this changed my blogging experience for the better. Yes, the views came back in 2019 but the highlights were my interactions with other bloggers through things like Azazel’s monthly challenges. I found I wasn’t concerned with how many views my blog had when I was busy commenting on other people’s blogs or responding to comments on mine.

    • Cheers for the comment, Dave. Maybe I should have been clearer about this, but it’s not so much that I care about viewer numbers (I don’t), but rather that the declining numbers are just one point that illustrates how engagement with and interest in blogs seems to be declining across the board. To wit, comments also dropped sharply at about the half-year mark, seemingly without any particular reason, and that’s the kind of feedback and blogging “success” that’s really important for me when it comes to deciding whether or not it’s worth it to sit down for a rather long time and write up a post.

      Anyway, thanks a lot for speaking up! πŸ™‚

      • No worries – totally agree that comments are far more important than hits. Some posts have hours of work behind them too, not just the writing, but the painting modelling, or whatever goes into it.

  8. What a fantastic year! 100 models is simply staggering to me, and at such a high quality! I painted 10 models this year, and it felt like a triumph, he he. Congratulations on completing all of the Hero Quest models; it must have been a joy to play with them.

    It is always great to see the huge diversity of projects you are working on (and to see your evolution of the World Eaters). I am excited to see you complete your Abaddon conversion; the improved terminator anatomy really makes the model more striking.

    Good luck with creating some models for the Ondroma event; as you suggested, a lot of talented people are involved! Do you have a sense of what sort of warband you might try to create?

    • Cheers, Eric! Each of your ten models was brilliant, though, so there’s that too πŸ˜‰

      I usually find I am interested in several things at the same time and thus keep switching between them lest I tire myself out on one particular project — I will admit it can occasionally make for a slightly scatterbrained approach, but it’s more fun that way.

      As for Onfroma, man, I still have to sort my thoughts on that project before I can even begin to formulate a plan — plus the presence of some spectacular talent also has me kinda intimidated, to tell you the truth…

  9. mister man Says:

    great post, as always. i’ll keep reading and enjoying as long as you go.

  10. Don’t get discouraged by the drop in people reading your posts. Your work is continually awesome and the payoff will come. Another great year of hobby. You should be proud.

  11. LarsonicMiniatures Says:

    First I hope that your RL related stuff is going to be better this year and I can understand that our hobby can help us to stay sane in hard times. For me it’s a bit like meditation and focusing on a part I can enjoy everytime. My mom passed away in November, besides a lot of other RL sh*t, and this really helped me to hold the balance of good and bad emotions.

    It is a pleasure to follow your blog and to see the effort you put in each single post. The way of your writing is ace and so entertaining and I hope you will go on and just do your thing. I also can understand that it is a bit frustrating to see the decreasing numbers. I had zero comments on my last posts and it is the complete opposite of my instagram. But, I will continue blogging and try to find a way (and time) to increase the quality of my posts.

    Looking forward to see what you will bring up for Ondroma and you can email me anytime to share ideas if you want πŸ˜‰

    Keep on the amazing work and best regards!

    • Thanks a lot for the detailed comment, mate! I really appreciate it!

      I am so sorry to hear about your mother — with my own parents having been ill for a sizeable part of last year, I still cannot even begin to imagine how hard a hit that must have been.

      As for your blog, I will definitely make an effort to comment more over there, as I will tell you up front that your blog was one of the best, if not the best, new hobby blog to have come out of 2019: The quality of your work is just incredible!

      And as for Ondroma, I will make myself sit down and write to you in some detail. Soon. Promise. Dang, I am hopeless… πŸ˜‰

  12. Great round-up mate – superb minis throughout, and that Hero Quest project is easily one of my favourite things from last year. Keep fighting the good fight on the blogging front!! 🀘😎

  13. Hello!

    Long time reader, first time commenter. Have you considered using the available free tools to cross link your work?

    I used to run a running blog (now since deleted), and I used to post an image and link on Instagram, and use the plugins to cross-post on Twitter and a Facebook page automatically (you need to look up a free tool to get images posted as images rather than links in Twitter when doing this, but it drives engagement hugely as a lot of folks don’t post photos).

    Don’t think of it as supporting them, but rather casting the net wider and pulling people off them and into a direct subscription and reading of the blog. Hell, I know you’ve made my work lunch breaks immeasurably more pleasant by providing something I can actually read and engage with and enjoy properly, rather than a 3 second and gone glance in an endless scroll-by….

    Anyhow, thanks and well done for all the great content, and here’s to an even better 2020

    • Cheers for your first comment – that’s always a special delight – and for the pointers! You make some excellent points. I am still reluctant to even create those additional accounts, even if they are just a tool for promoting the blog. But some strategic thinking might be in order. Anyway, hope to hear from you again! πŸ™‚

  14. Amazing, 100 models painted in one year, and at the level you reached…
    Anyway, this year it is really easy to choose a favorite: the Hero Quest project. It brought back so many good memories – and triggered so much (positive) jealousy – that I didn’t have to think about it for a second.
    It’s been great following your blog this year, as it has been in the past years, and just as I hope it will be for many many many years to come! Keep up the great work!

  15. Pandora's Bitz Box Says:

    Heya buddy, I’d just like to appologise for my own a sense. I haven’t really frequented the WordPress reader or Bolter for months as my hobby time has felt so precious and other projects have come up… Reading has taken a back seat. Maybe I will dedicate some time each month or week to catching up on what people are doing, I miss the interactions I’ve had accross blogs and on Bolter. Hope your keeping well and as always, a pleasure to see your accumulated years efforts. πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘

  16. I like your blog. I may have been a subscriber for all seven years. I strongly prefer WordPress over Blogger. I read blogs in an RSS reader again, and I took a long break from the hobby because of life, but I’m back to at least painting a little and I updated my hobby blog twice last year and I of course hope to do better in 2020 too. I do think “micro blogging” as Twitter is referred to sometimes or the “selfie broadcasting network” as I call Instagram or even private Facebook groups have take people away from the Blogosphere, but your post got many comments, so that says something. Also unless you’re trying to make ad generated revenue it is quality not quantity that counts. Maybe in painting quantity counts especially for horde army players, but on social media, even Instagram quality counts. So I think focussing on Quality rather than number of models or number or posts or number of Likes is wise. Also doing things you enjoy even if they are not popular is a good choice.

    Blood for the Blood God and all that.

    • Thanks for the well considered reply! And yeah, it’s definitely a matter of quality over quantity for me these days when it comes to painting — both because I can simply no longer crank out the models like I used to (and even then, I was never a horde army painter to begin with), but also because I want to get the models that I do paint just right.

  17. Jeff Vader Says:

    Very impressive output mate! As usual I might add.

    Also – don’t fret too much about the numbers – they go up and down, and in the end that’s not why we do this. We hobby because it’s fun – the blogs and instagrams and whatnots are merely by-products.

    Looking forward too your insightful review of GWs 2019 rather staggering turnout. Or at least a list of favourites…

    • Oh my, what a rare delight to get a comment from you Johan! That’s lovely!

      It’s not about the numbers, true, but the feedback really does provide a fair amount of motivation, at least it does for me.

      Anyway, it’s always great to hear from you, buddy! πŸ™‚

  18. Congrats on another very productive and inspiring year! πŸ™‚ 100 models is no small achievement – and making them almost entirely from your unpainted backlog is especially worthwhile.

    Good to see the World Eaters back in action, these new additions are amongst my favourite things I’ve seen you produce (and I suspect won’t be too different to the official versions when GW gets around to them). Well done on HeroQuest as well, seeing you powering through the project really inspired me in my own efforts to get my Blackstone Fortress set painted up.

    Well done for continuing to fight the good fight for blogs. I think it’s a shame that so many of the TLDR crowd are abandoning blogging for instagram etc but ultimately it’s their loss, not ours. My feeling remains that so long as there’s discussion and conversation, and the sharing of ideas and inspiration, then blogs are a far healthier place to be than the empty calories of “likes” and views to be found elsewhere.

    Looking forward very much to seeing what you do in 2020, Countess Mandelholtz and the new version of Lorimar are both outstanding and I have every confidence in your ability to knock the paintjobs out of the park when you get around to them.

    • Thanks for the comment, mate! Fun fact: Buying Blackstone Fortress was what made me want to tackle HeroQuest again, if only as some kind of “preparation”, because the two games seem weirdly similar in spirit, if nothing else. So I ended up painting a HeroQuest set, but my copy of Blackstone Fortress? Still completely untouched. Oh well, maybe this year… πŸ˜‰

  19. What a year, congrats on hitting triple digits! I imagine it’ll be a while before I’ll manage to do the same.. πŸ™‚ I like the variety of projects you’ve got going on, and your painting and modelling work is consistently awesome! Not only that, but it’s always a pleasure reading your posts. Yes, I do read through all your entries and look forward to seeing what you get up to this year! Fingers crossed for painted Lorimar and the Countess!

  20. Beyond absolutely loving your complete Hero Quest set I must say that the devotion and love you’ve lavished upon those khorne marines of yours is beyond admirable. What an army πŸ™‚

    All the best, and keep on trucking with quality reads!


  21. Alexander Winberg Says:

    Amazing output! I was quite happy with my 25 miniatures, but you put me to shame πŸ˜…

    As others have said, I hope you don’t worry too much about the amounts of readers. You get way more readers than I do, so at least that is something πŸ˜‰

    I really look forward to reading the rest of your reviews of 2019, it’s always a great read.

    • Cheers, Alexander — that’s a part of the problem, though: If there was any fairness in this world, you’d have a TON of additional readers! Keep up the amazing work!

      • Alexander Winberg Says:

        It is what it is πŸ™‚ but hey, I really want to talk with you regarding 28 so drop me a line someday please

  22. RookCorvus Says:

    Quite the write up! Rather fitting for quite a year, really.

    Your output for the year is really rather good. I’ve loved seeing all the Inq28 stuff you’ve put out. One reason I’ve always gravitated back to the Hunt instead of loftier blogs like Iron Sleet is that your conversions look more approachable, and more of what I recognize as 30/40k. Maybe it’s that hefty dose of Blanchitsu that I can’t quite fathom…

    Also, I have a hard time imagining even Forgeworld making a better Angron daemon primarch model. Yours is really the acme of the World Eaters to me, an explosion of violent purpose and primal, undiluted rage. Anything they build might be “cleaner” by virtue of being purpose-sculpted, but if it doesn’t at least draw cues from your model I’ll find it wanting.

    Can’t wait to see that Armiger- sorry, War Dog- get painted. Your war machines are thrilling! The IVth missed a great opportunity in you…

    • Thanks a lot, mate! While I do love my Blanchitsy as much as the next guy, I also frequently feel drawn towards the colourful, somewhat picaresque angles of 40k (as exemplified by some of the classic INQ54 models, for instance).

      As for Angron, I am still ridiculously proud of that model, which is why I really appreciate your comment on him! πŸ™‚

      Oh, and the IVth hasn’t lost me, at least not altogether — there is that half-finished Iron Warriors Killteam, after all…

  23. Richard Neary Says:

    Keep on blogging! it’s an instant click from me whenever I see a new post from the Eternal Hunt. Easily some of the best and most inspirational stuff which I follow.

    I’ve noticed a massive decline in my own blog recently too, but I keep it going because I find it fun, even if there’s not nearly as much of an audience as there used to be. It just brings far more satisfaction than the ‘fire and forget’ style of Facebook and Insta posting.

    • Thanks a lot, Richard! I agree totally, although I must say I am simply frustrated that an entire hobby ecosystem seems to be decaying here, with the supposed replacement simply not very appealing to me…

  24. Mark Butcher Says:

    awesome work on all front. but the question i must ask: any chance of you posting a tutorial on your current scheme for Eternal Hunt?

    • Cheers, Mark — that’s a very fitting last name, considering your question πŸ˜‰

      Seriously, though: Maybe I should just make sure to take pictures when I paint one of my next World Eaters and use them to create a step-by-step — cheers for giving me the idea! πŸ™‚

  25. […] A blog about KrautScientist's wargaming exploits « The 2019 Eternal Hunt Awards, pt. 1: A look back at my hobby year […]

  26. Awesome output mate. I hear you on the whole Instagram thing. I find it to be a great place for inspiration but I like the sense of community in the blogosphere. People get to know, not only your hobby but also YOUa bit more. Blogs are like chatting to people at a pub whereas Instagram is like people watching at a pub haha. Keep up the amazing work 🀘🏼



    Also, you spelled my name wrong. Twice. In two different ways. b’Rass and b’Raas. 😦

    Also also, I love your 2019 hobby report and all the linkies – which made me reread your previous posts as well. I’m looking forward to the second part! πŸ˜€

    • You’ve also really put me a real sentimental mood recalling the days of hobby galore, my man. I think of those years as my hobby renaissance, as it were. ❀

    • Huh, I guess that’s what you get for staying away so long, buddy — I just forget how to spell your “nom de guerre” πŸ˜‰

      Seriously, though! Cheers for the comment, and thanks a again for those lovely berzerkers that definitely played a part in getting me to build and paint my own updated World Eaters!

  28. […] mid-February, and the fact that I still haven’t managed to complete the second part of my Eternal Hunt Awards writeup for 2019 has basically become a millstone around my neck that actually prevents me from […]

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