#HeroQuest2019: Finished set impressions

This post is long overdue at this point, but today it’s finally happening! Let’s take a look at my finished HeroQuest set, the project that has kept me occupied for most of the first half of 2019. But now I finally have the completely* painted copy of the game that I’ve always dreamed of:

There you have it, all set out on the garden table. And with my recent purchase of the four role boards for the heroes (and thanks to a couple of donations from my friend Annie), I am also the proud owner of all of the printed materials that came with the game once more. Yay!

On a related note, you probably won’t be able to make it out in the pictures, but that very loud green price tag up in the corner says “20,00 DM”, TWENTY Deutsche Marks. That’s 10 Euros (given the value of the Euro back when it was first introduced), but even if you are generous and figure in inflation,a price of even 20 Euros would be inconceivable for this entire package today, especially given the inflated aftermarket prices — seriously, if only I had picked up ten of those boxes back in the day, I would be a made man now 😉

But anyway, let’s take a look at the models again, because those are very much the stars of the show, aren’t they? Here’s the entire collection:

As I have said before, I had a blast painting these, and I would argue that the project has improved my painting techniques quite a bit. There’s nothing like having to coax the last bit of detail out of some rather ancient sculpts for teaching you how to be a better painter 😉 Well, that and the bright, colourful and slightly vintage approach felt like such a breath of fresh air!

Here are the four Heroes, pretty much my favourite part of the project (except maybe for the furniture):

The lowly Goblins:

The Orcs, complete with their warlord (a refugee from the Battle Masters boxed set, as you may remember):

The Fimir…Fimirs…Fimirach?! Anyway, those guys were tricky to figure out!

The Skeletons (just six more to go, and I have the amount of models I need for the “Return of the Witch Lord” expansion):

The Zombies, including a slightly converted model in the front row:

The Mummies round out the collection of undead monsters:

And, of course, the Chaos models — very much the collest part of HeroQuest’s bestiary (and clear proponents of the red era of ‘Eavy Metal painting):

And, just because I like to mention them again and again, my converted models for the captive Sir Ragnar, the Orc Warlord Ulag (and/or his son Grag) and the Witch Lord:

And let’s not forget the furniture, one of the best parts of the HeroQuest experience (and also just about my favourite bit of painting in this entire project).

All of this makes up an entire box of retro goodness:

But how does this all look in an actual gaming setup? I created a little scene, mostly inspired by the quest called “The Trial” from the Master Edition’s questbook. Unfortunately, I had chosen the windiest day of the month, so both the GM screen and furniture kept falling over. But I was able to get a couple of pictures out of the ordeal. Take a look:

What a nostalgic feeling, to finally see the game set up in the way I imagine it was intended to be played. This really makes me want to actually give the game a spin — and hopefully it won’t be too long before I can make it happen!

For now, everything goes back into the box, however, along with a couple of still unpainted models that I am confident we’ll be seeing more of in the not-too-distant future:

Because today’s post hardly marks the end of my exploration of HeroQuest: For one, there are still twelve Men-at-arms to be painted, along with the extra Orcs, Goblins, Fimir (…) and Skeletons for the “Kellar’s Keep” and “Return of the Witch Lord” expansions, respectively. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll be able to track down the elusive models from “Against the Ogre Horde” and “Wizards of Morcar” one day — without having to sell a kidney in order to be able to afford them, that is… 😉

There are also those pretty cool Talisman and early WFB plastic models that you see in the box — those should make a pretty nifty addition to my HeroQuest collection as well. And there’s also my battered copy of Advanced HeroQuest to think of. Speaking of which…

Here’s a little something that I painted just recently:

One of the Skaven models from the Advanced HeroQuest box. Those guys do fit the general HeroQuest look rather well, but they are not spectacular models. Which made trying to get them to look cool even more interesting:

And here’s another comparison shot: The new Skaven next to his cousin that was painted 25-ish years ago:

Unlike with my very first HeroQuest models, I knew what I was doing by that time — but only just barely, as you can see: The left model looks more like a rabid chihuahua than a ratman…

But anyway, maybe the remaining Advanced HeroQuest models would be a cool next thing to paint as part of this project? We shall see…

Whatever comes next, I now own the fully painted HeroQuest set I have always wanted. And I have enough ideas to keep this project going — what more could I ask for? For now, in closing, let us take a moment to remind ourselves precisely why HeroQuest is so great:


As always, I would love to hear your thoughts, so please feel free to leave a comment! And, as always, thanks for looking and stay tuned for more!


43 Responses to “#HeroQuest2019: Finished set impressions”

  1. Wow, this must be satisfying. Great job getting the whole set done.
    I really like the extra characters you made for the missions, they fit in so well.
    The furniture is fantastic also. The wood grain and the tea stained leather is really effective.
    The talisman set and the ogre expansion went in the bin in that ill fated house move along with Warhammer Quest. Regret.

    • Thanks for the kind words, mate! As for the lost HQ/Talisman/WHQ models: Ouch! Those could have financed some living room furniture for the new house, given the current prices on ebay… o_O

  2. Absolutely spot on! Great seeing them all again and set out on the board as well!

  3. Amazing work, the pics of a game setup looks great, I hope you get chance to play it!

  4. What a fantastic effort. I’d love to get my hands on this set but its certainly added up in cost over the years!

    You did a great job on this

  5. MarkG Says:

    Cracking stuff. Nice to see those ‘classic’ first GW plastic sculpts again.

    • Cheers! It’s pretty baffling how those have managed to hold up so much better than some of GW’s other early plastic outings — or maybe that’s just my nostalgia getting the better of me… 😉

  6. Wonderful work- you should be rightly proud of your work.



  7. Awesome round-up mate – this is easily my favourite thing of 2019 🙂

  8. Jealousy mode on 🙂
    you’re absolutely right: this is how it was meant to be played, amazing!

  9. Jarnos Says:

    Now that the minis are finished, do you varnish them or anything else ?

    • Oh yes, all of the models (including the bases for the doors) have been varnished: In fact most of the models are small enough to be brush-varnished as the last step of the painting process. The HQ models also seem to be very prone to paint chipping, so not varnishing them was basically out of the question. Plus I expect these to actually see some action on the table, so there’s that too 😉

  10. My hat’s off to you, that is an amazing looking set. I’m in the middle of working on my own. I managed to get a complete Hero Quest Advanced Quest set (guessing pretty much the contents of what yours is labelled Master set, with all the expansions…). I’m just working on what is essentially the Original Hero Quest core set of miniatures first, hopefully I can do as much justice as you have. It’s amazing seeing a full set rendered so beautifully. Awesome job!!!

    • Cheers, mate! Congratulations on picking up that HQ Advanced set (which was, indeed, named “Master Edition” in Germany, probably because the producers didn’t trust the average German to understand the word “advanced” back then 😉

      Anyway, don’t worry: Those models are basically begging to be painted well, so you’ll be fine! Cheers for the kind words, though!

  11. Florian Says:

    Lovely! The Book pages -the one lying on that stone altar – are really cool!

  12. Such an impressive sight to behold there mate – and so much work to get it done, but it’s certainly a showcase set now!

  13. oliver kemp Says:

    Yay! What a cool collection of all the photos and miniatures! So inspiring! The fimirs I found especially hard for some reason, I just couldnt figure them out 😀 ….and I tried to do the Chaoswarriors on my own doing them metallic black but I really like your red choice better. Its such a great collection you have there! Cant wait to see the extra models from you one day!

  14. Beautiful work man – congrats – really pleasing to see and nostalgia is real 😀

    • Thanks a lot, Sebastian! Your – fantastic – blog was one of the things that really blew me away when checking out the HQ/WHQ scene. Brilliant stuff! 🙂

  15. Amazing stuff. Well done for being so dedicated and getting to the completion of this project.

    Good luck finding the remaining expansions.

  16. Brilliant 🙂

  17. Chris Green Says:

    Love your work… I played Heroquest so much as a kid. Sadly my copy is in a poor state! But as luck would have it I found a full copy, non painted and in good condition in a local charity shop. You have really inspired me to get painting and see what I can do. Thanks

    • Thanks a lot, Chris, and congratulations on the spectacular discovery! You should really try and paint the entire set — I can say from personal experience now that it really is a blast, and far less daunting a project than, say, an entire 40k army!

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  19. […] the platform optional, though, so I can still swap in that huge half-moon and use the hut in, say, HeroQuest or similar games. But it’s a nice way of making the most of that pretty characterful little […]

  20. […] takes longer than an hour or so, so it’s always a fun romp that usually ends in success. And, with the main game system taken care of, I am now free to fill out some blank areas on the map and go above and beyond what’s required […]

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  23. Just amazing.
    Recently picked up the HQ advanced (dark company) set and have gone and bought extra sets of the models (with exception of the grey characters) along with some monopose whfb, dark world and dragon strike minis with a view to create my own monsters.
    I never knew how much this game can be used for further RPG gameplay.

    • Oh, definitely! You simply have to check out Advanced HeroQuest, if you haven’t already. It’s a bit of a missing link between HeroQuest and Warhammer Quest and while it may not have aged all that gracefully in some respects, I remember loving it to bits back in the day 😉

  24. […] and I loved that! But to be fair, the article talks about the HeroQuest set that I painted allll the way back in 2019, so it doesn’t exactly qualify as brand new content […]

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