For the love of Grot!

My previous post showcasing my finished Ork Blood Bowl team must have been my least successful post this year, both in terms of views and comments, unfortunately enough. So, in a move that probably borders on being suicidal, I am following it up this week with yet more Blood Bowl content. Oh well, what can you do…

Anyway, painting that little snotling with the hammer recently – this little fellow here -…

…must have lit a bit of a fire under me, because I really felt the need to add some more, slightly humorous, grots to my collection. And sometimes you just have to go with what feels right in this hobby of ours, right?

Fortuntately enough, I didn’t have to dig deep into my cupboard of shame, because there was this little guy here, set aside as a part of my Blood Bowl project years ago:

I loved the idea of having a massively overburdened little greenskin lugging around the team’s extra equipment/trophies/snacks, and the model perfectly fit the bill! It’s basically a stock model, one of the “bonus gnoblars” that came with most of the Ogre Kingdoms kits. It was already quite characterful enough and didn’t really require any conversion. Even so, I grafted an ornamental wing to the head sticking out from the backpack, making it look like the remains of an unlucky player from an opposing team…

When it came to painting the model, it was mostly a question of blocking in some base colours, then adding a heavy wash of Army Painter Dark Tone and watch it do most of the work for me:

Not bad, eh? And a few more tweaks and touchups later, I had a mostly finished model:

At this point, it was mostly a matter of adding some subtle “special effects”, so I added some Tamiya Clear Red to the severed (?!) human head, and yet more Tamiya Clear Red, albeit thinned down, to the big chunk of meat on the model’s left shoulder, making it look suitably juicy and …erm “tasty” πŸ˜‰

All that was left was to quickly finish the model’s base. And afterwards, the Orkheim Ultraz’ “Kit-Git” was finished:

In terms of gameplay, this little guy could be a model for an assistant trainer (haha, yeah right! πŸ˜‰ ). More than anything, however, it’s a characterful little piece with just the right amount of humour, and hence an ideal addition to the Ultraz! πŸ™‚ Also, seeing how I’ve had this guy in my bitzbox for ages, I would say he also qualifies as a neglected model for Azazel’s June challenge.

But wait, there’s more! For instance, I still want to address this mystery model I shared with you a while ago:

Now what is this supposed to be, I hear you asking, some kind of sneaky special weapon?

One thing I immediately noticed when playing the Blood Bowl II video game were the little goblin cameramen appearing in every other scene (and during the actual games):

I thought these were such a wonderful little touch, and – avid kitbasher that I am – I couldn’t stop wondering how difficult it would be to come up with a little “camgrot” of my own.

Before I actually started converting, I tried to get a couple of proper screenshots of the camgrots from the game (which turned out to be rather tricky, seeing how they are only ever in the frame for a couple of seconds, or so small that you cannot get a good enough look at them), but I ended up capturing a few pictures of the sneaky gitz…

Blood Bowl 2_20190504160150

including a closer look at the actual camera setup:

Blood Bowl 2_20190504161300

My own model was then painstakingly grafted together from all kinds of odds and ends, mostly bitz from the Ogre Kingdoms catalgoue, really, that came from a rathe big job lot of ogre bitz I bought a couple of years ago. Those gnoblars are just incredibly useful conversion fodder!

Anyway, here’s the conversion I came up with:

There was no actual necessity to make the camera look mechanically sound, but I did want to add just a dash of plausibility, so I added a little crank on the side there, to hint at some kind of inner workings — in all honesty, though, the cameras from Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series (with little gremlins inside actually painting the pictures *really* fast) was foremost on my mind when building this model πŸ˜‰

The candle was added as a last little touch, either to suggest the “red light” on modern TV cameras, or to simply make the whole thing look even more like a weird magitek contraption.

The camgrot itself is not even the end of the project, however, because I had another idea idea: A couple of years ago, I picked up this goblin hut (that used to be part of the “Battle for Skull Pass” WFB boxed set) as part of a bigger bitz drop:

And, thinking of the camgrot, I asked myself whether this could be used as a cool “camera tower” for him, the better to capture the best possible footage. So I made him a little platform from a couple of odds and ends:

I definitely want to keep the platform optional, though, so I can still swap in that huge half-moon and use the hut in, say, HeroQuest or similar games. But it’s a nice way of making the most of that pretty characterful little piece of terrain:

For now, I wanted to start by painting the actual camgrot, though:

The undercoat did a wonderful job of pulling all of the different parts together into a coherent whole:

One effect I want to point out is the camera lens: I covered it with several coats of Tamiya Clear Water effect, which I think makes for a somewhat deeper and “glassier” look han mere gloss varnish would — but maybe that’s just what I would like to imagine…

And here’s the finished model (without a finished base, seeing how the little guy is going to end up on that camera platform of his):

And because there’s always time for a little fun, I even added a little Cabal Vision logo to the back of the little guy’s shirt:

All in all, these two models were a really cool way to explore the Blood Bowl universe beyond the borders of the actual pitch! Here’s a picture showing both of the finished models:

And while I was having a roll anyway, I also worked on a couple of “fanz” for the Orkheim Ultraz: These will be used as cheerleaders for the team:

The two guys on the left were built ages ago, and they are basically just the repurposed standard bearer and musician from an old mob of Orc boyz. They seemed like a great match, though — I merely turned the standard by 90 degrees, turning it into a flag. The guy (or rather, guys) on the right I am pretty proud of, however, because that was quite a finnicky conversion:

I loved the idea of carrying a spectator carrying another model piggyback, and while this is obviously an Orc carrying a Goblin, I did very much want to invoke the impression of a dad taking their kid along to a game — just look how happy that little guy seems! Dad, on the other hand, already has a bottle of fungus beer prepped and ready πŸ˜‰

So yeah, that’s it for today: Just a couple of weird greenskin models. I surely hope this week’s update won’t perform quite as abysmally as the previous post… So it goes without saying that I would love to hear your thoughts on these models! Please feel free to drop me a line! πŸ™‚

As always, thanks for looking and stay tuned for more!

32 Responses to “For the love of Grot!”

  1. Jarnos Says:

    Nice work as always ! You really got the humourous hang of an Ork team.
    Beware ! with all those sideline figs you’ll end up building an entire stadium ^^

    • CadianXV Says:

      Hey- great work on these guys! They are brimming with character, and it’s really great to see models for the fringes of the Warhammer worlds.

      There are thousands (millions?) of pictures of Space Marines marching/shooting/fighting and whilst I love the work you do for Eternal Hunt, I come to this blog for the variety and effort you put into each of your models.

      This is my first comment, but I’ve been a fan of your work for a long time now. Please keep doing what interests you- because it really shows in the quality of your posts!

      • Thanks a lot, CadianXV, especially for “stepping out of the shadows”, so to speak! And yeah, exactly, a bit of variety certainly doesn’t hurt anyone, right? I would like to think it’s possible to enjoy some clever conversions, even if it’s for a less popular setting or system…

    • Cheers, Jarnos! I would actually be interested in building a stadium, but maybe not on my own — it seems like a great joint hobby project for several people. Plus it would make sense to go for a slightly modular setup (with separate dugouts, grandstands and what have you) to make for easier transportation. Anyway, maybe one day… πŸ˜‰

  2. remi hoegeli Says:

    It’s kind of sad that the BB mini don’t have the credit they deserve on forum & social media…I had the same probleme. The miniatures you presented today went from good to great to awesome ! The orc with a goblin on his shoulders is excellent !

  3. joe m. Says:

    Amazing work! As a fan of Blood Bowl and the pc game, you nailed all of these pieces! I’d love to see more and I second the motion of you building an entire stadium to go along with these πŸ˜‰

  4. dochalf Says:

    Everything Blood Bowl is great, moreover if you have your hand on it. The camera grot is an awesome idea, wonderfully executed and the lens look ace πŸ˜‰
    I’m eager to see your cheerleaders with some paint on them as they already look great without. And don’t worry, art and creation should never worry about performance, neither should you ! πŸ™‚

    • Cheers, dochalf! Given my relatively quick Blood Bowl recipe, you maybe won’t have to wait that long… As for performance, while your advice is definitely sound, I cannot help being demotivated by the blog’s failing numbers, to be honest… 😦

  5. I get the same thing happening whenever I post about orks (or orcs!) – people comment but the views are always very low. I wonder why there’s so little love in the world for the green guys?
    Anyway, these are excellent – the camera grot is just brilliant and the father and son just have so much character to them! You’re really bringing out the blood bowl vibe with these – keep up the good work 😎

  6. Just love that camgrot, but all good stuff! πŸ™‚

  7. Great work- love the richness of the flesh tones.



  8. Don’t sweat it mate – BB is the ultimate marmite game, so isn’t going to appeal to as many people as your 40k stuff. Doesn’t mean it’s any less awesome though – as you’ve proven today! That Cabal Vision grot is particularly cool πŸ™‚

    • Cheers, Alex! It’s not just Blood Bowl, though: The blog (or should that be “blogs” in general) seem to be in steady decline, and people also seem so much less inclined to comment on forums. I really hate the complacency of it all, to be honest…

  9. Love em! It’s these little touches what really excit me and get me so engrossed with the hobby community. Hope people like yourself read around and inbetween the lore to create unique and fun stuff. Awesome!

    • Thanks a lot, Chris! I usually find that the coolest character and conversion ideas lurk just beyond the scope of the actual gaming side of things, so yeah… πŸ˜‰

  10. never been too much into bloodbowl but hey, these guys are just too much fun! Any suggestion about what could be a good read on the subject? I’ve seen Black Library released some new stuff, but I was wondering whether the old books (given one manages to find ’em at a decent price, on Amazon the second hand would be the only option for my wallet, actually) would be better…

    • Hrm, that’s a tough question because I actually have yet to read any Blood Bowl lore (beyond small snippets from Spike Magazine or WD). Let me be a bit of a contrarian and suggest you read Terry Pratchett’s “Unseen Academicals” — that novel always struck me as the perfect Blood Bowl story that isn’t actually part of the Blood Bowl catalogue — if nothing else, the general feel of the story is definitely a palpable influence on most of my BB conversions.

  11. Great stuff!

    That kit guy is a great model for team staff. Great addition of the wing helmet to make it look like a BB player head. Is that a mini practice for your human team?

    The camera man and platform are fantastic. The computer games are brilliant model inspiration. The games designers do a fantastic job of creating characters. You’ve nailed him and it all comes together in the paint job.

    The fans are looking awesome. It’s amazing the difference turning the banner ninety degrees does for the flag waver. Father and son are a lovely touch too.

    Some people don’t like BB don’t sweat it.

    • Yeah, I think seeing the game “in motion”, as it were, really holds a ton of ideas for conversions, poses, terrain, you name it! Cheers for the kind words, mate!

  12. You should use the tower for a orc umpire! I’m sure he’d be totally unbiased towards your team πŸ˜‰

  13. Page W Benway Says:

    Great conversions! Let the hobby Muse lead you to ever greater glory!

  14. Wonderful work, especially the gobbo hitching a ride on his ork buddy. Now all you need is a guy with a t-shirt cannon and some idiots with vuvuzelas and you’ll have everything you could possibly need for a proper sporting occasion.

    • Haha, no vuvuzelas — I still hate them from when some of our neighbours would over-use them during important world-championship games a couple of years back πŸ˜‰

  15. […] the last two Orcs for the team, Krautscientist also completed a pair of grots for the team. The “assistant” grot, overburdened with a ton of junk counts as a neglected model, while the camera-grot isn’t […]

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