The Master of the Hunt — Reborn! (pt. 1)

Another chaotic WIP post of sorts this week, although this is actually my way of sharing something that I have already teased in my previous post — so what is this about?

As some long-time readers of this blog may or may not remember, aΒ  couple of years ago, I made this guy:

Lord Captain Lorimar, the Master of the Hunt, commander of “Khorne’s Eternal Hunt”, the remnants of the World Eaters’ 4th assault company. Easily one of my my most involved conversion projects, if only it took me so long to get the model right:

I have talked – at length – about what went into creating this guy and about what a huge project it was for me to nail down the exact look I wanted for a character of whom I had a pretty good idea in the back of my head. And while I don’t want to reiterate the entire journey of creating the model (just follow the link above and read up on the whole story, in case you’re interested), building Lorimar was a very iterative process with many starts and stops. The process also resulted in what I thought back then would be a definitive version of the Master of the Hunt.

But then this guy happened:

And I just couldn’t stop wondering — what if…?

It was always clear that the update Abaddon would be a monster of a model — and he is! But I am a converter and kitbasher by nature, so I wanted to have a go at doing something with the building blocks provided by the new model –the sheer challenge appealed to me: Would it be possible to create a model that didn’t immediately read as Abaddon? There was also the fact that I still had some spares of the most important bitz I had used to create the original Lorimar model, namely the head (from the priest riding atop the WFB/AoS warshrine of chaos), sword (from the WFB/AoS Chaos Lord on Manticore) and axe (from one of the Dark Vengeance CSM Chosen). These bitz were originally intended for building a version of Lorimar riding a juggernaut of Khorne. But I just couldn’t stop thinking about a conversion involving them and the new Abaddon model…

For a while, I was able to dissuade myself from taking on this project because I figured the new Abaddon model was simply too big — that it wouldn’t really be compatible with the particular bitz I would need to actually sell it as Lorimar. However, a trip to the local Warhammer store disabused me of that notion, as I was able to see firsthand that the new Abaddon, while indeed much taller than your average CSM model, is actually perfectly compatible with just about any existing chaotic weapon, head or what have you. So what was I to do? I left the store with a brand new Abaddon model and got to work…

Now, to make my task even more complicated, whatever model I would come up with would have to match both my 40k version as well as my (yet unpainted) mid-to-late Horus Heresy version of Lorimar:

So I started with a few early mockup steps, and it was surprisingly easy to come up with something already resembling the “Lorimar pose”:

The main objective here was to make the model read as Lorimar, obviously. But, like I said, with a model as iconic as Abaddon, the obvious pitfall would be for the conversion to end up reading as “Sure, that’s Abaddon with a slightly different head”. My approach was therefore to keep as many of the cool parts as I could while also changing around some major stuff, in order to sell the model as its own thing.

The biggest stylistic choice I made towards this end was to “turn the model around”, as it were, that is to have it face into a different direction, thereby matching the pose on my earlier Lorimar models — ironically enough, I have had to do the exact same thing with the 30k version of Lorimar πŸ˜‰

After that, it was mostly a matter of getting some of the visual cues from the earlier versions in place — here’s a couple of pictures from when my mockup was quite a bit further along:

Some of the elements from my earlier Lorimar models were easy to recreate, such as the face, weapons, general pose — and those Bloodletter faces on the shin armour πŸ˜‰

At the same time, it quickly became obvious that I would need to switch around a few things: The Khornate helmet crest I had used on my older Lorimar version, for instance, wouldn’t work, because there was simply less space to work with, so I had to swap in a different crest (shaved off a Wrathmonger/Skullreaper helmet). The (Skullcrusher) shoulder pads wouldn’t work either this time around: Since I knew I wanted to use the brilliant, tattered cape that came with the Abaddon model, I was pretty much stuck with the “official” left shoulder pad, seeing how the cape was sculpted to perfectly conform to the shape of the pauldron underneath. So I had to go with something different on the right shoulder as well and ended up using a shoulder pad from Forgeworld’s Lord Zhufor model — which had the added advantage of sporting some rather lovely World Eaters iconography!

During the conversion process, I kept comparing the new model to the other versions, to make sure it would seem like a natural progression of those designs and still end up similar to both Lorimar’s 30k and previous 40k incarnations:

The breastplate turned into one of the model’s most involved parts: My previous versions of Lorimar are wearing a bandolier of skulls across their breastplates, and that was an element I very much wanted to keep, both because it ties perfectly into the World Eaters’ background lore — but also because skulls strapped to the breastplate are awesome, period. So I made a quick mockup of what this might look like:

And even though this was a really early mockup, it didn’t quite click — in fact, someone over at The Bolter & Chainsword even called the design the “skull tits” — Tsk, tsk πŸ˜‰

In the end, I decided on something quite a bit more complicated and spliced together an entire original, incorporating elements from Abaddon’s stock breastplate (which is brilliant) as well as a couple of skulls from the Citadel skulls kit as well as one particular skull with a Khornate rune from an AoS Slaugherpriest. Take a look:

I started by gluing on the centre skull (without the mandible, by the way. That was added later.). Then I carefully cut the lower two cables away from the stock bit that normally goes on top of Abaddon’s breastplate and carefully glued them on in the right way (making sure they were positioned correctly by making sure they lined up with the cables on the back of his torso). Then I added the right skull (and shortened/shaved away the cable underneath as needed), and then the upper right cable (again, I made sure to line it up with the cable bit on the back piece of the torso). Then I repeated the previous step with the skull and upper cable on the left side.

All of this required lots of dry-fitting and waiting for things to dry. Finicky though this part of the conversion may have been, however, I am really happy to have gone with something a little more complicated in the end: The finished design is one of my favourite parts of the model now.

So here’s the model, with most of the “heavy lifting” already done and dusted:

The next step was to try and attach Abaddon’s cape:

Surprisingly enough, everything fit together rather nicely, with just a few required tweaks on the right shoulder (because I had used a different shoulder pad there).

One thing I am almost perversely proud of is that the model is still ridiculously modular at this point, which I hope should make the painting process somewhat easier:

The tweaks and changes to the model kept getting more and more minuscule at this point, which is always a pretty clear sign that the conversion is basically finished at this point. I still used the opportunity to feature some of the visual cues from the older 40k Lorimar, though, such as the small tilting plates on his shoulders:

So here’s a comparison with the new conversion and my previous 40k Lorimar which I think shows how both really read as the same character — even though the new guy is monstrously tall πŸ˜‰

And here’s the new 40k Lorimar next to his younger, slightly more idealistic Horus Heresy era counterpart: I think there’s quite a resemblance here as well!

Ironically enough, the conversion is also really close to one of my main inspirations back when I originally built Lorimar:

image appears courtesy of Games Workshop

All that is left now, before I can call the conversion finished, is to figure out the final setup of some minor bitz and bobs, such as the collection of bitz used on Lorimar’s tabard:

All in all, however, I couldn’t have been more pleased with the way this conversion has developed so far: I will admit that I was a little afraid that I might have lost my touch, because converting the new CSM didn’t come to me quite as easily as it used to. But working on this conversion has been an absolute joy so far — in all fairness, I actually think the new Abaddon should be the new go-to model for building massive chaos lords. It’ll be interesting to see how much mileage (and variety) we’ll all manage to wring from the sculpt! If anything, I am slightly surprised by how few people seem to have used the model for conversion projects so far. At the very least, I love the fact that fellow hobbyist Gederas has used some of my ideas on his own Abaddon-based Chaos Lord, Khadon Drachstur, but has managed to come up with a very original looking World Eaters lord!


So yeah, that’s it for today’s update. It goes without saying that I would love to hear your thoughst on my new Lorimar version, so feel free to leave a comment! And, as always, thanks for looking and stay tuned for more!

45 Responses to “The Master of the Hunt — Reborn! (pt. 1)”

  1. Luke McKay Says:

    Absolutely brill! Read about and saw this conversion over on B & C, but the full write up is amazing, and I’m so glad you put the effort in to do it.

    I must say, I thought the Abbadon model was miles bigger, but I think I like it more now I’ve seen it compared to termie armour.

    • Thanks a lot, Luke! As for the Warmaster’s size, I am actually pleasantly surprised how they’ve managed to make him basically Primarch-sized (I only have Angron to compare him with, but he’s definitely in the same ballpark), yet also mostly compatible with most “standard” heads, hands and bitz, from a scale perspective.

  2. Amazing. And your right to be proud of the breast plate, I think it makes the model.

  3. khorne eternal Says:


  4. I’m glad you reworked the chest plate dude… it did look a bit like a bunch of skull boobs at one point 🀣

    He’s looking really sharp now – recognisably connected to your earlier incarnations, and definitely the most lordly. Let the galaxy burn!!

  5. Fantastic conversion, and a welcome sight. I loved the original conversion for Latimer, and the update looks really good!

  6. Looks Great! I always enjoy your work and love when I find something new here.

  7. what a beast, love it!! you managed to create something which doesn’t read as “converted Abaddon” but as something totally different, congrats!

  8. LarsonicMiniatures Says:

    Wow. One of – if not – the best conversion of the new Abaddon I’ve seen so far. Great Job! The appearence of him is unique and the similarity to your original conversiond is very cool. The new style of the breatplate-armour works very well and looks top notch! An impressive model and I can’t wait to see him painted πŸ˜‰

    • Thanks a lot, mate! Like I said, I am actually slightly disappointed at not seeing more Abaddon conversions — the model’s actually a blast to convert, if you can believe it. Anyway, thanks for the kind words!

  9. Inquisitor Mikhailovich Says:

    This is absolutely godly.

    The one comment I might have is that the position of the sword arm seems a little awkward. I think it might work a little better if it were either lower or higher, but the current pose suggests movement that seems disjointed from the movement that the rest of the cues on the model hint at, imo.

    Still, it’s an incredible conversion!

  10. What a mind-blowingly good conversion!
    To think that you’re unhappy with the original model is near criminal and then you come out with that stonking model! Wow.
    Very inspirational post.

    • Thanks a lot, Jenn! Just to be clear, though: I was (and still am) pretty happy with the original version. It just didn’t cut it any longer next to this big boy πŸ˜‰

  11. jondogomulka Says:

    Wirklich großartig geworden! Der Umbau reiht sich nahtlos ein in die Reihe der anderen Versionen des berüchtigten Lorimar. Und wie erhofft, scheint das Grundmodell kaum durch und ist vollkommen neu interpretiert.

  12. Good work, it is never easy to take apart a perfectly good and expensive model like that. But it does seem to be worth it.

    • Yeah, I was slightly nervous at first, but the model works great as conversion fodder — and as you can see in the post, most of it is still modular, even in its converted stage!

  13. That sir, is pretty damned fabulous.

  14. RookCorvus Says:

    I’ve been kept away from the Hunt for awhile- what a smashing post to come back to! I honestly thought for awhile that I wouldn’t see anything that topped your excellent war machines, especially that matched set of Armigers.

    Clearly, I was wrong. This doesn’t read at all of Abbadon to me; just a nightmarish Khornate warlord. Lorimar got scaled up! You’re bang on, that breastplate is incredible. That Zhufor cauldron is a great fit, too.

    If I was going to find something to gripe about, it would be this: everything about this model is so massive and imposing that it actually makes that Chosen axe look small! On your previous Lorimar models it looks gargantuan, so I think my brain is just rebelling because now it looks appropriately sized for a one handed axe
    What a model, Kraut.

    • Thanks a lot for the detailed comment, mate! I really appreciate it!

      As for the axe, I actually rather like how “workmanlike” it seems: If you take a look at the early WIP of my original model, it had a truly monstrous axe at first, and I scaled it back to something a bit more subtle. I still think the look works rather well — and with the Dark Vengeance Chosen now kinda OOP, it’s also a suitably rare axe blade again πŸ˜‰

      • RookCorvus Says:

        Cheers, I love getting into the nitty gritty with your models, so it’s my pleasure!

        I’ll go have another look at Lorimar’s early builds. I think my only cause for complaint is that Drach’nyen is still so massive that the right side of this conversion of Lorimar has the same gonzo ‘Zerker strength vibe as the original, whereas the left side with the sensible axe is… well, sensible.

        As always it looks stunning and I can’t wait to see paint on this monster. Give Annie a ring, time for another paint night!

      • Haha, cheers, mate! We actually did have another painting session earlier this week — but I think it’ll still take me a while to work up the courage to paint the big guy πŸ˜‰

  15. Brilliant model once again, and a great writeup. He definitely stands on his own as a model, pretty much the only telltale sign of Abaddon being the cape.

  16. A worthy successor! The new version is a true tour-de-force: nice one.

  17. Woooww, super impressive project! Really well-built. Can’t wait to see the big man painted. Paring down the chest skulls, combined with Abaddon’s tree-trunk legs has given Lorimar a really weighty, monolithic look that I think really enhances his sense of authority & power.

    Perhaps when I’ve reduced the pile of shame somewhat I’ll try converting a loyalist character, everyone seems to rave about this kit!

  18. Thought I responded to this, but I guess not. Actually, I remember reading it on the bus and thinking I needed to look at it again on a proper screen. I guess that’s as far as I remembered…
    Not much I can say here that others haven’t already done. He looks like an absolute beast, and somehow *not* like Abaddon. You certainly won at converting with this one!

  19. I just found this and now I need to make my own. But I am wondering about where you got that cod piece from? It’s such a small detail but it really helps bring the model above and beyond some head and arm swaps

    • Cheers! You mean the actual belt buckle piece, right? That’s a shoulder armour plate from the Necromunda Goliath gang. The thing with the Khorne symbols underneath is from the Bloodsecrator that came with the Age of Sigmar 1st edition starter box. Hope this helps!

  20. […] part of my rejuvenated interest in building and painting 40k World Eaters, I also created a new version of Lord Captain Lorimar, based on the new Abaddon model released in […]

  21. How did you do the bloodletter leg plates?

    • Oh, that was really simple: I just cut the horns off the “mask like” part of a Bloodletter head and grafted them to the armour plates. A bit of shaving may be required, and you’ve got to pay attention to shave off the horns in a way that looks good, but it’s really not that complicated. Hope this helps! πŸ™‚

  22. […] especially if they are important players in your armies and warbands. At the same time, as with my re-design of Lord Captain Lorimar, this also added the challenge of making sure the re-imagined model worked as a shout out both to […]

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