Inquisitor 28: Cold logic and crude augmetics

And now, as the old adage goes, for something completely different: In between all the enthusiasm for plastic 30k, I found myself itching for a bit of INQ28 related painting. And since my muse is such a fickle creature, I know better than to second-guess her, once she deigns to show herself.

So INQ28 it was, and my gaze fell on some of the models for a possible Adeptus Mechanicus warband I had converted a while ago. I managed to paint two of them and would like to share the finished models with you today, so here goes:

First up is my Chimeric Servitor conversion, aldready shown in a previous post:

Chimeric Servitor WIP (8)
Chimeric Servitor WIP (10)
The idea behind this model was to create the kind of hideous fusion of organic and mechanical parts that we used to see in many pieces of AdMech artwork. As it happens, the model was actually inspired by a particular piece of art from the Inquisitor rulebook:

Chimeric Servitor Inspiration

Combat-servitors can be glimpsed in the background, and a closer look hints at the extent of their augmetics — which is the kind of look I definitely wanted to capture with my own model (hence the insectile lower legs and the addition of a third leg, in order to achive a less human silhouette).

When painting, I tried to make the organic parts of the creature look as hideous and distressed as possible. Meanwhile, it fell to the various implants and augmetics to create a kind of common visual heritage with the rest of the warband. In the end, the model actually took quite a bit longer to come together than I had expected, but I am happy enough with the result. Take a look:

Chimeric Servitor (1)
Chimeric Servitor (3)
I originally painted the Kastelan gauntlets in a darker shade of red, but that led to the model looking like it simply didn’t belong when placed next to the other models in the warband. So I used a colour closer to that of the priests’ robes, and suddenly it worked. Some of the decals from the Skitarii decal sheets were also instrumental in giving the model the “official” AdMech look.

In a moment of spontaneous inspiration, I tried to use one of the new oval bases on the model, and it worked far better than a Terminator or monster base might have: In fact, it seems like the perfect canvas for the creature, if you ask me!

So all that remains is to share the short background vignette on Chimeric Servitors that I have come up with:

Chimeric Servitor (2)
Chimeric Servitors

Where most of the Tech-Priests of Korhold favour fashioning their automata according to well-established and streamlined design templates, Genetor Grendel’s servants are invariably more artistic – and also far more grotesque – creations . For the Genetor is fascinated with the fusion of the organic and the mechanical, and so most of his so-called “Chimeric Servitors” are a seemingly haphazard exploration of those two materials, influenced by nothing more than the Genetor’s own aesthetic sensibilities. Most of them are lumbering brutes, their heavily muscled bodies crudely augmented with tools and weapons crafted from Mechanicum ingenuity. Beneath the multitude of implants and bionics, the provenience of the organic bodies used in these experiments is impossible to ascertain: Were they vat-grown for this purpose, or did they once belong to abhuman thralls or even to unfortunate humans? With the organic tissue grotesquely swollen and often covered in patches of bristly hair due to extensive genesplicing and hormone therapy, the organic parts of the Chimeric Servitors have grown so far removed from their origins that nobody can really tell where the Genetor procures his most valued specimens.

Some of these creations are quickly abandoned, their aesthetic qualities incapable of holding the Genetor’s attention for long, while others may serve their master for years or even decades, repaired and reshaped time and time again to their creator’s needs. Karras Grendel is a true artist, and even among his colleagues, there are few who can understand his mercurial moods.


The other model I want to share with you today was similarly kitbashed, albeit with a slightly different aim: If there is one thing about the  – brilliant – AdMech release, it’s the lack of even more types of robed Tech-Priests: I really think GW could have – should have – explored that angle more, but the good news is that the enterprising hobbyist can always work around oversights like these, right?

So I wanted to create a character that serves as a mix between scribe, hacker and, given the Adeptus Mechanicus’ relegious overtones, supernatural seer: I imagine that the mere act of collecting and maintaining data will already be interpreted as sacred observance by the Tech-Priests, and so I wanted to create a model to reflect that. So without further ado, here’s my Datascryer:

AdMech Datascryer WIP (1)
AdMech Datascryer WIP (2)
AdMech Datascryer WIP (3)
AdMech Datascryer WIP (5)
At the heart of it all lies a fairly straighforward kitbash achieved by combining legs from the WFB Empire flagellants and a torso from the Skaven Stormvermin. A very useful combination that will work for all kinds of hunched-over robed acolytes and servants! In fact, I’ve used it before for a traitor psyker, and I am not really sure about whether or not I’ve shown you the model yet:

Traitor Psyker (1)

While the basic recipe is similar, the Datascryer also received a healthy dose of AdMech bitz, of course. These mostly came from the Sicarian Ruststalkers and Skitarii, with the most important addition being the secondary set of (mechanical) arms. I also added a leftover servo-skull to show how the Datascryer’s equipment is really geared towards the collection of, well, data.

The model was painted with a recipe matching the one I had used on my prior Tech-Priest models, and once again, some decals were used to add a bit of oomph to the model.

So here’s the finished Datascryer:

Adeptus Mechanicus Datascryer (1)
Adeptus Mechanicus Datascryer (3)

One small effect that was important was to show lines of scrolling code on the portable cogitator’s display, but since I had learned a pretty solid recipe for that while painting the cockpit of my Chaos Knight, I was able to re-use the effect here:

Adeptus Mechanicus Datascryer (4)

Adeptus Mechanicus Datascryer (5)

Adeptus Mechanicus Datascryer (2)

At first glance, the Datascryers seem like mere menials to the priesthood of Korhold, yet in truth they play a far more pivotal role in the hierarchy of the Forgeworld.

The gathering of knowledge has ever been one of the chief pursuits of the Adeptus Mechanicus, yet the Datascryers’ task reaches far beyond the mere accumulation and archiving of data: Their task is to delve deeper into the datastreams, to cross-reference and spot hidden patterns or singularities. And to coax hidden meaning from the memory banks of ancient artefacts. Towards this end, they are often equipped with sophisticated auspex and cogitator arrays as well as powerful noospheric uplink capabilities and accompanied by coteries of servo-skulls and sensor-seraphim.

The Machine Lords of Korhold have made it their business to know things, even beyond the usual remit of their order, and none of them could possibly afford to forego the Datascyers’ service, as their ancient memory vaults are said to house both unimaginable repositories of ancient knowledge as well as vast amounts of information that, if only revealed or suppressed at the right time, might be forged into raw political power…


And with that, I can add two more models to the collection of INQ28 characters I have managed to paint this year. And what’s more, my AdMech warband is finally starting to resemble an actual warband! Here are the two Magi and the Datascryer:

Adeptus Mechanicus Magi (1)

And here’s the entire gang so far:

Adeptus Mechanicus Magi and Chimeric Servitor

Only four models, but the Chimeric Servitor is definitely adding some presence to the warband, don’t you think? In any case, I am very happy with this project finally coming together at long last — although there’s still a bunch of models I will have to paint before I can call the warband finished:

AdMech kitbashes WIP (26)

And it’s pretty likely, of course, that I’ll let myself get sidetracked at the very first occasion in order to build something totally different again. Oh well, such is life 😉

Anyway, I’d love to hear any feedback you might have about the new models! And, as always, thanks for looking and stay tuned for more!

Adeptus Mechanicus Magi and Chimeric Servitor (2).

34 Responses to “Inquisitor 28: Cold logic and crude augmetics”

  1. Looking great as always and love the Chaos sorcerer very clever mix of bits for the bodies

  2. mrsaturdays Says:

    Great work, the servitor is wonderful, you have a great eye for components.

  3. This looks really good Kraut!

    I especially look forward to see your take on the Skitarii and that incredibly cool Tech-Priest.

    • Thanks a lot, Stefan! Since painting AdMech models is quite a bit of fun (and I have also developed a rather streamlined process for it, at least for my sloppy standards), you may not have to wait too long either — let’s keep our fingers crossed 😉

  4. Very cool stuff. Hands down my favorites of all of your models. You are obsessed with that flat, strong red, aren’t you? 🙂

  5. Nice work KS, they are brilliant! Great shout on combining flagellants with stormvermin kits… genius! I might be nickin’ that idea further down the line mate 😉

  6. Wow, some amazing work here. Inspiring too, I’m working on a Dark Mechanicus army (or will be soon when my mechanicus bundles arrive) and have been thinking a lot about how to get the most out of my bits and expand my army. I kitbashed a khorne dedicated techpriest dominus this weekend and am super excited for when I get the rest of my kits.

    My techpriest is based on the Slaughterpiest kit so he’s definitely less somber looking:

    • Thanks a lot! Making a Warsmith from that AoS model is a very original take, and the model seems to be coming along swimmingly — I am looking forward to seeing this guy painted! If I can make one small suggestion, maybe you should look at a slightly more interesting way of attaching the various tools and weapons to those mechadendrites instead of just gluing them to the tips? I know that’s something I struggled with for a while on my own Warpsmith, but I’m happy now that I took the time to experiment with that particular element.

      • That’s a good point on the mechadendrites, I’m definitely not done tweaking their setup, I’m kind of hoping the arrival of my Mechanicus bundles in the next week nets me enough cool looking parts to get this model done. I’m also planning to add some augmentation to his skull (especially adding goggles over the eyes since ad mech guys tend to have their eyes removed) but otherwise leave the model bare chested and angry.

        My real dilemma right now is whether I have enough bits in my collection to kitbash 2 evil ironstriders to go with the one I’m getting (and subsequently converting to evil).

  7. I unabashedly adore the datascryer! Such a characterful mini.

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  9. Nice work! The datascryer seems like it fits nicely into an INQ28 game, and the conversion is great too.

    The red on the servitor is great too, particularly on the blaster hand, which seems like it was made for your model.

  10. Great use of bits in the conversions and the warband is looking great together,

  11. Oh my Emperor! These are so good. So so good. I could look at your models all day long. You really are very talented. How long does it take you (approx) to paint one of these standard sized models? Your conversions are literally out of this world sir. Your bitz box must be the size of a small stadium.

    • Haha, thanks a lot, mate! Enthusiasm like yours is what really keeps me going 😉 As for your question, each of the Magi probably took me about three to five hours, all things considered — base excluded, though.

  12. Hello Kraut’, really like what you do with the painting of your chimeric servitor!! Have to say was not totally sold on the conversion mainly ’cause I don’t like this Kastelan gun and for the spindly legs…humm no not the legs themselves but the position (I would have reverse the front ones)…
    Anyway your painting on this big guy make me appreciate him finally, love the skin tone and the contrasting strong red!!
    The datascryer is just a lovely work all around, love the kitbash and painting…
    And what a frantic an fabulous surprise to discover this chaos psyker, somptuous piece!!

    So keep up the good work and painting your ad mech warband…allways nice to see and/or read from you!!


    • Cheers, Keb!

      The challenge with the legs was to make them fit the legs of the rat ogre while also ending up with legs that were roughly the same length, so the model would look stable enough to stay upright 😉 The configuration I chose simply served those needs best — although I imagine that in-universe, the legs will bend in any direction required, allowing for an even more insectile configuration.

      And thanks for the kind words about the traitor psyker: I kinda sneaked him in there as a bonus model. Glad you noticed! 😉

  13. A very characterful band of lovely models!
    I was not sure about the rat ogre-based conversion, but the painted version of the model seduced me a lot.

    Nice work!

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  15. battybattybats Says:


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  17. Just briliant mate really amazing

  18. […] the model should be a pretty cool addition to the small AdMech freakshow I have already built and painted for my INQ28 […]

  19. […] This character began in two different places: He seemed like an interesting counterpoint to Professor Marbray, for one, looking at the same subject matter (Xenos) from a different angle. The idea also provided me with the perfect excuse to work on a brilliantly creepy model I have had in my collection for quite a while now: […]

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