INQ28: Unfinished business, pt. 3

At the risk of boring you all to tears – those of you who still bother reading this, anyway – I am still hard at work on my Ordo Xenos warband, and it feels like I am on a bit of a roll with these guys. Don’t worry, though: There’s an end in sight. To wit, here’s where we left off last time: The remaining unpainted members of Inquisitor Alvar’s retinue:

Given the fun I recently had painting Professor Abelard Marbray, I thought his planned research assistant would be a good next model to take on:

This entire model basically began with the realisation that Marbray would totally be the type for bringing along some kind of assistant, and I wanted to create a model that both looked like a researcher while also seeming at least reasonably able to look after itself. The conversion is pretty simple, actually, mostly combining WFB Empire bitz and parts from different Cadian sprues.

During the painting process, the research assistant turned out to be one of the models that end up looking awfully bland once the main colours have been blocked in:

Fortunately enough, things started to look up pretty quickly after the washing stage. So I now have another finished model. Meet Researcher Tancred, everyone:

The objective here was to have him match the Professor himself, as they are (or were) both members of the Bastold Imperial Akademy, so I used a similar palette: At the same time, I also wanted to subtly hint at a bit of a possible military past, hence the subtle IG elements.

All in all, I think I have managed to create a pretty workmanlike, slightly downtrodden look that I think really works for the character: He’s definitely the guy for the odd jobs, not yet having climbed to quite the same lofty academic heights as the professor himself, but Tancred’s still nobody’s fool, and he knows how to pull his weight.

I also wanted to include a couple of characterful little touches. For instance, Tancred is busy looking at some kind of map, so I decided to carefully draw on some kind of floor plan (possibly of an ancient ruin or something):

I think Researcher Tancred and Professor Marbray work pretty well together. Take a look:

At this point, I felt I had earned myself a little fun, and there are few things as entertaining as working on a creepy Adeptus Mechanicus character, so I chose the Magos Xenobiologis as the next model to work on.

This character began in two different places: He seemed like an interesting counterpoint to Professor Marbray, for one, looking at the same subject matter (Xenos) from a different angle. The idea also provided me with the perfect excuse to work on a brilliantly creepy model I have had in my collection for quite a while now:

The Magos Xenobiologis is a subtly converted Forgeworld model (originally a Tech-Servitor that comes with Inquisitor Solomon Lok). I only really made one change to the stock model, replacing the tangle of cables and dataspikes emerging from his left sleeve with a pretty creepy metallic claw — this guy just loves to take apart Xenos and find out what makes ’em tick πŸ˜‰ The fact that his robes recall both a lab coat as well as a butcher’s apron really support that impression…

Another, fairly recent, addition was a servo-skull that started as a fairly spontaneous little converting exercise, yet seemed like a pretty fitting addition to this model:

When it came to painting the model, I stuck to the classic approach and went for red robes, silver and bronze metallics and pallid skin. That said, I tried to achieve a somewhat grungy look to support the already pretty creepy sculpt — the Magos is often at work in the field, and I wanted the paintjob to reflect that.

So here’s Magos Xenobiologis Harland Leitz, on permanent secondment to Inquisitor Alvar’s retinue:

the different angle reveals the servo-skulls pretty disturbing syringe…

I am actually really happy with this model: He’s a creepy bugger, and the paintjob really supports that impression, if you ask me:

So there we are: Two more members for Inquisitor Alvar’s little club. The Inquisition dropship must be getting a little crowded just about now πŸ˜‰

That being said, I love the idea of Inquisitors having a rather large team of retainers and choosing a suitable “away team” from this talent pool whenever the need arises.

So, looking at the picture at the top of this post, that leaves only the squat engineer and female hive ganger — so let’s see when I’ll be able to get those finished…

Oh, and seeing how today’s models were actually finished this last weekend, I hope Azazel won’t mind my handing them in as yet another contribution to his Squaddie September ’19 challenge.

In addition, I would, of course, love to hear your thoughts on the models, so please leave a comment!

And, as always, thanks for looking and stay tuned for more!

25 Responses to “INQ28: Unfinished business, pt. 3”

  1. These are such a great addition to your retinue! I really the idea of a bigger retinue with specialists for different tasks and missions, just as you’ve mentioned it. The conversions are great! Subtle and effective! I also like the contrast between the biologist and the scientists. Personally, I’m looking forward to more of these posts ;-).

    • Thanks, mate! Well, I’ve got at least one more post in me, seeing how there are two members of the retinue left to finish — now only to find the time to paint them…

  2. Very cool additions mate, that magos is particularly fine!

  3. Nice project! Love the convertions and painting. The chipping/wear on the shoulderpads on the first model looks great. Did you use wash over that?

    • Thanks, crittersmasher! And no, the wash (Army Painter Strong Tone) was painted on before the chipping was created — although adding a wash in between layers of scratches and chips is a great way to make it look like there’s a mix of older and more recent damage!

  4. Awesome stuff as always… always look forward to your posts. They are always very inspiring, and love the narative craft you put into your work. Look forward to the next update!

  5. Another great pair of models, and they really combine well with the rest of the retinue! Very happy to have them included in September’s challenge – I haven’t finished posting up my own stuff yet, so no problem there!

  6. They are very cool. Love them all.



  7. Falchus Says:

    This Inquisitorial project has been fascinating. I love how you’ve managed to evoke character with subtle conversions and paint schemes.

    The larger retinue also reminds me of Mass Effect 2. A broad team of specialists, with one or two selected for each mission.

    Looking forward to seeing who you tackle next!

    • Thanks, Falchus! To my mind, INQ28 is really all about coming up with models that are characters instead of mere playing pieces, and I am glad to hear it seems to have worked in this case πŸ˜‰

  8. Warbringer Says:

    I love the character you are able to get into your conversion. You remain a source of inspiration and I am hoping that i will get some time in the near future to convert some more stuff up!

  9. Brilliant! Love ’em! Well done with painting that map as well! πŸ™‚

  10. Love them both, especially the Magos, if I really had to express a preference (but if we look to details, the map really wins the day!).
    Concerning Tancred, the only remark I would feel like making is that his pose is maybe too similar to the one of the professor, when I first saw him I thought that by raising up the right arm a little and turning the head right it would have been possible to hint a bit more at how he is still a man of action, careful to the dangers surrounding him, especially if compared to the professor. On the other side I think the idea was to focus the attention on the map, and by turning the head this would have been probably lost, at least a little. So, it was basically a matter of choices, and in the end, the main rule in the hobby always stands: “do whatever is cool for you!”

    • Cheers, raff, and I see where you are coming from — I wanted to hint at a touch of exasperation on Tancred’s part, though: Like he’s the one who has to take care of the “pedestrian” stuff, like actually consulting the map or making sure there aren’t any deadly xenos beasts around, whereas the professor just airily strides forward and looks for fascinating artifacts — hence the focus on the map.

      • And you managed to do that, indeed! I think with the appropriate scenery they would make for a wonderful diorama!

  11. Even though I don’t really play 40k anymore I still find it incredibly interesting and inspiring to see your models and read your thoughts behind them. Keep up the good work.

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