Toll the great bell thrice — my first experiments with the new AdMech kits

In ancient times, men built wonders, laid claim to the stars and sought to better themselves for the good of all. But we are much wiser now.
“Speculations On Pre-Imperial History”

Given my gushing and rather wordy reviews of the Skitarii and Cult Mechanicus releases, you may have wondered why I haven’t actually boarded the AdMech train yet, at least when it comes to conversion and painting projects. The reasons for this are simple: I only wanted to start showing my own AdMech models once I had managed to come up with something that doesn’t feel like a cheap knock-off of Jeff Vader’s fantastic recent projects, for one. The other reason is that working with some of these kits requires quite a bit of planning beforehand: The Skitarii Vanguard/Rangers, for instance, are wonderfully sculpted models, yet their construction means that any and all conversion projects involving the kit require some thought. The same goes for the Kastelan robots: While the models themselves are spectacularly versatile, it behooves the converter to know where he’s going with these models before getting out the modeling knife ๐Ÿ˜‰

Anyway, to make a long story short, I have finally arrived at the point where I am comfortable with showing you some of my AdMech conversions. So allow me to share some of the things I am currently working on:


1. “Wir sind die Roboter”

I have gone on record stating that the Kastelan robots are possibly one of the most promising parts of the recent Cult Mechanicus release — and indeed, they were the first kit from that release I actually picked up. I started messing around with the kit with the vague plan of building one or two walkers for my World Eaters and/or Iron Warriors Killteam — to give credit where credit is due, TJ Atwell’s idea to use the kit in order to build a plastic Contemptor was what originally led me down this road.

After giving the matter a bit of thought, I decided that I didn’t want to build a straight-up Contemptor: Doing so would have required a fair bit of sculpting and/or plasticard work, for starters, and there was also the fact that the more humanoid look of the robots appealed to me. So my plan was to embrace the basic look of the models and see whether I could make them seem more baroque and chaotic.

The first step towards this end was to find out how to replace the heads. While I don’t hate the blank 50s SciFi robot heads, it didn’t seem like the right choice for a Chaos walker. Nehekare’s very helpful thread over at The Bolter & Chainsword really helped me out, though, because it showed me that the options for alternate heads I had been considering would work really well. And so a short while later, I had these early mockups:

The Twins
As you can see, it’s really easy to replace the stock heads. The “head” and faceplates from the Defiler kit work really well, as does the head from the Tomb Kings Necrosphinx (seen on the right). In both cases, a plate from a CSM Rhino turret hatch was glued inside the Kastelan’s chest cavity, with the head added on top.

The next goal I had was to go for a slightly more involved pose than what you see on the stock Kastelans. Because the kit is really amazingly versatile when it comes to posing the legs: I don’t understand why GW doesn’t make a bigger fuss about this particular feature, but once you cut off the little nubs that lock the legs into a certain position, the world’s your oyster. As you can see, I have gone for a running pose, and it was really easy to achieve! I also added some early bitz in order to transform my Kastelan robot into a Khornate killing machine, as you can see:

WE_Kastelan WIP
Fortunately enough, there were a couple of very happy coincidences that helped me with this conversion:

  • the hammer-wielding hand from the Nemesis Dreadknight turned out to be a pretty perfect fit for the Kastelan. What’s more, the hammer head I still had left from the Bloodthirster kit provided the perfect replacement for the stock hammer head, so I ended up with a suitably Khornate weapon!
  • I realised that one of the breastplates from the Bloodthirster kit was a pretty good fit for the Kastelan torso, so I cut it to size and bent it around the torso, in order to make it fit more snugly.
  • I was able to use various armour plates from the Skullreaper/Wrathmonger kit to make the rest of the Kastelan’s body look more baroque and fittingly chaotic and to get rid of some of the rounded, clean aesthetic of the stock model.

All of this quickly led to my first finished Kastelan. Here’s the model I ended up with:

WE_Kastelan WIP (22)
WE_Kastelan WIP (19)
WE_Kastelan WIP (20)
WE_Kastelan WIP (21)
As you can see, I snuckin a few additional touches along the way: Some GS was used to fill in the various recesses on the head. and to extend the middle section a bit, in order to make the model slightly less tubby (an excellent suggestion by Bruticus, that last bit!). The arms were slightly extended as well, mostly by attaching the hands at a lower point.

As for the various details, I really wanted to keep one of the stock model’s “Contemptor-esque” fists, yet I added a weapon muzzle inside the palm, to hint at some kind of integrated flamethrower. And the empty eye sockets of the Necrosphinx skull were filled with proper optical lenses — I hope these will end up looking pretty stunning when painted in bright blue.

And finally, I’ve made a simple press mold of the Bloodthirster’s hoof print and tried to duplicate the Khornate rune on the Kastelan’s left sole:

WE_Kastelan WIP (23)
This element will require some cleanup work, but I think it should look pretty cool in the end.

All in all, I am really pretty happy with the way the model has turned out: This guy should be a pretty excellent addition to my menagerie of chaotic walkers, as he towers over a regular Dreadnought — Alpha Helbrute, anyone?

As for the other Kastelan, I am still committed to turning him into a member of my Iron Warriors Killteam, and a recent conversion by Jeff Vader, attempting to bring the Kastelan more in line with Jes Goodwin’s vintage drawings for the Colossus robot, have provided me with all the inspiration I need. Watch this space…

2. The Adeptus Mechanicus Velsen

It’s not all about the chaotic side of things, however! I have been a fan of the Adeptus Mechanicus for a rather long time, so it would be heresy to merely use the new kits for chaotic conversions. Because of that, I have also been working on a small collection of actual Mechanicus models. Here’s the first early family portrait of what may or may not become a dedicated AdMech warband for the wonderful world of INQ28:

AdMech kitbashes WIP (24)

Like I said, I am not sure yet whether this will become an actual warband. Maybe the models will end up in various INQ28 warbands. That said, I really like the idea of a warband representing a gathering of high-ranking Magi from the Velsen Sector’s resident Forgeworld of Korhold and a few of their Skitarii bodyguards. One image from the 40k lore that really speaks to me is the idea of a small team of Tech Priests where each of the Magi looks quite distinct (and rather inhuman), and the one thing where I think the AdMech releases have let us down a little is how they haven’t actually given us all that many actual Tech Priests. So that was what I wanted to rectify. Let’s take a closer look at the models I’ve come up with:

AdMech kitbashes WIP (4)
Something simple for starters: I picked up this Forgeworld servitor a while ago, because I think he makes for an excellent Tech-Priest (I want him to be a Magos Xenobiologis). I switched his original left hand with a creepy claw from the Datasmith model, and while it’s a very small detail, I really like the change: In spite of his slack face, he looks rather keen to dissect come Xenos, doesn’t he?
Maybe I should remove the Inquisitorial symbol on his breastplate, but I am also partial to the idea that he has been closely working with an Inquisitor for so long as to almost be seen as a traitor by his fellow Tech-Priests? Anyway, we will see…

Magos Explorator WIP
Next up, the Datasmith from the Kastelan kit. Now I already pointed out in my review how much this guy reminds me both of the artwork for Delphan Gruss and of a piece of artwork depicting a Magos Explorator, so that’s what he will be used as: The model’s bulk and extensive weaponry really fit the life of a Magos Explorator, dedicated to rediscover lost knowledge in long forgotten (and dangerous) places.

I actually didn’t convert the model beyond an attempt at uncluttering it a bit: I got rid of the smaller servo-arm on the chest as well as the cable connecting the chest apparatus to the head. Both elements seemed a bit too clunky for my taste, and I like the cleaner silhouette created by these alterations. A lovely model all in all — painting him should be a treat!

I also simply had to pick up the Tech-Priest Dominus, because I simply love the model. I have started assembling it, and this is what it looks like right now:

AdMech kitbashes WIP (2)
I’ve only made two very small changes so far: I clipped off the proboscis-like piece of tech dangling from the Tech-Priest’s facemask, because I like it better that way. And I am considering swapping out his right weapon arm with a kitbashed forearm with a converted Necron hand, because the gun option seems rather OTT for an INQ28 character. What do you think, should I keep the arm I have or go back to one of the guns after all?

AdMech kitbashes WIP (3)
The Tech-Priests will also be accompanied by their bodyguard, so I have started working on a couple of Skitarii models. Here’s the first test model:

AdMech kitbashes WIP (10)
To be perfectly honest, the recipe for this guy was stolen wholesale from one of Dave Taylor’s Skitarii. I am normally opposed to lifting entire conversions from fellow hobbyists like this, but what can I say? Dave’s model was just perfect, and I wanted a guy like that in my own AdMech warband…

So, nothing all that interesting yet, eh? Well, I tried to be a bit more adventurous with my first two kitbashed Tech-Priest models:

First up, I wanted to try whether I could come up with a Tech-Priest mostly based on Skitarii parts. In order to achieve the robed look I consider compulsory for Magi of the Adeptus Mechanicus, I used a slightly shaved-down Empire Wizard set of legs I still had in the old bitzbox. Here’s the result:

AdMech kitbashes WIP (21)
AdMech kitbashes WIP (22)
As you can see, the conversion is fairly straightforward, although I did want to make sure the model read as something more than just any old Skitarius. Which is why I built a custom axe from a Dark Vengeance cultist axe, the condensator unit from the arc pistol, an Empire flagellant staff and some cabling.

The pistol, on the other hand, was a weapon I had originally converted for Brynn Yulner. After shortening the barrel a bit, it ended up looking pretty cool on the Tech-Priest — like an archeotech raygun of sorts (think Marvin the Martian ๐Ÿ˜‰ ), with all of the weapon’s mechanisms completely internalised and hidden beneath a curved casing. Something not often seen in the 40k setting!

Oh, and maybe my favourite part of the conversion is how I replaced the original foot with a Skitarii foot. Not very flashy, but a nice detail, don’t you think? ๐Ÿ˜‰

I also made some changes to the backpack in an attempt to make it look less like standard Skitarii issue:

AdMech kitbashes WIP (23)
I added a lantern, simply because I thought it might look pretty eerie and cool when painted with subtle blue glow. Speaking of which, I decided that I wanted this model to become my first test model for a possible AdMech painting recipe, so I started painting it right away. And here’s the painted model as it looked only a short while later:

AdMech Tech-Priest (1)
AdMech Tech-Priest (3)
I would have been happy enough with the model, but Jeff Vader suggested adding some kind of decorative trim in the cog style typical of the Adeptus Mechanicus. And while I couldn’t possibly have freehanded anything convincing, the Skitarii decal sheet had just the design I needed. So I added it and it really adds something to the model, if you ask me.

Here’s the finished Tech-Priest, Magos Zoltan Phract:

Magos Zoltan Phract (2)
Magos Zoltan Phract (1)
Magos Zoltan Phract (3)
Magos Zoltan Phract (4)

Magos Zoltan Phract (5)
Zoltan Phract is a Tech-Priest of the Velsian Adeptus Mechanicus, whose recent accomplishments have made him a rising star within this secretive order, in spite of his relative youth. His rise to prominence began during his tenure as representative of the Adeptus Mechanicus in the directorate controlling the ore-rich mining world of Silon Minoris. When the mutant workers of the world raised up their arms in protest against their life of slavery, it was Magos Phract’s decisive and, some would say, chillingly efficient chain of countermeasures that ended the workers’ revolt and insured the mines didn’t suffer from a noticeable decrease in productivity.


All in all, I was really very happy with this first test model, because it looked like I had found a good recipe for my AdMech models. But Phract ended up looking very much like the archetypal Tech-Priest: A slender, robed figure — yet still fairly human, at least with regard to his anatomy. I also wanted to explore the more deranged side of the Adeptus Mechanicus, however, so the next Tech-Priest I built was a floating Magos Genetor without a lower body, and I went for a creepier look this time around:

Magos Genetor WIP (4)
Magos Genetor WIP (5)
Magos Genetor WIP (6)
Magos Genetor WIP (3)
My favourite part about the model is that it was basically converted using nothing but leftovers: The head is the face from the plastic Commisar model with lots of added cabling from various kits. The upper body came from the Skaven Stormvermin, while the arms are from the Skitarii and Tech-Priest Dominus kits. And the cloak is a piece of cloth from the WFB Vampire Counts Coven Throne. All in all, these bitz made for a fairly creepy and original character, don’t you think?

In-universe, I imagine the lack of a lower body means that he can easily connect himself to the massive machine that makes up the centre piece of his surgical theatre via the cabling dangling from his torso. And when he decides to venture out of his lab, a set of antigrav stabilisers keep him floating,ย  his hanging robes working as an attempt at passing as a halfway-human figure when he has to deal with regular, unaugmented persons.

I was really happy with the conversion and started painting the model right away. Since Magos Phract had turned out so well, I basically used the exact same approach. So here’s the finished model:

Genetor Grendel (1)
Genetor Grendel (2)
A mix of Ecclesiarchy and Skitarii decals was used to add some holy AdMech scripture to the parchment dangling from the Genetor’s back:

Genetor Grendel (4)
Genetor Grendel (5)

Genetor Grendel (3)
“There are those within our order who consider my fascination with the organic a waste of time or even misguided. To those I reply: There can be no question as to the superiority of the divine machine over the frailties of the flesh. Yet it is only by considering the flawed, organic machines willed into being by this universe, that we may find the tools necessary to mend that which was created broken.”

Genetor Karras Grendel, Discourses on the Merits of the Organic


Grendel is a model I am really happy with, because he comes so close to the archetypal picture of a mad scientist in the back of my head: There are several more or less conscious inspirations for him (such as the villain from City of Lost Children, for instance), but when all is said and done, he seems fairly human at first and becomes pereptually less so the closer you look at him. What can I say, I really achieved the look I wanted on this model ๐Ÿ˜‰


And finally, one last AdMech work in progress before we tune out for this week:

Did you ever have that feeling where you just want to build something cool, and you start aimlessly messing around with some bitz, but then things kinda get out of hand, and next thing you know, you’ve build a biomechanic monstrosity? Yeah, well, what can I say. This kinda happened:

Chimeric Servitor WIP (3)

So, whatever is the deal with this thing? All I can say is that the general plan was to build a huge, monstrous combat servitor of some sort. Maybe working on Genetor Grendel made me consider a more radical, disgusting approach, but there you have it. I had picked up the Blood Island rat ogred ages ago, with some half-formed ideas for converting them into Dark Eldar Grotesques or big mutants, but I never got around to using them. When the new AdMech models came out, I actually realised that they share some common ground with the rat ogres (those metallic tanks on the model’s back are fairly close to the tanks the Tech-Priest Dominus has, for example), so I thought I’d give them another look. The other thing that inspired this conversion was an illustration from the Inquisitor rulebook, where some monstrous, heavily augmented servitors can just be glimpsed through the fog.

Anyway, in spite of these ideas, the model really came together quite organically: I wanted to replace the lower legs with sharp augmetic stilts (originally Heldrake claws), and the expressionless facemask (from the Blood Angels Librarian Dreadnought) just seemed more interesting than yet another monstrous face. In fact, Neil101 pointed out that the mask gives the model a golem-like quality, which I like quite a bit!

After seeing how well the Kastelan power fist worked on the servitor, I changed the other hand to a Kastelan fist as well, only I used one of the guns this time around. I also added some cabling and cleaned up some details, and here’s what my “Chimeric Servitor” looks like right now:

Chimeric Servitor WIP (8)
Chimeric Servitor WIP (9)
Chimeric Servitor WIP (10)

As you can see, the model has had another augmetic leg grafted on — I thought this was a cool way of making the servitor look even more disturbing and less human. The kind of thing you only come up with in the middle of a kitbashing spree, eh…? ๐Ÿ˜‰
Anyway, so much for my first few conversions involving the new AdMech kits! I hope you like some of these — I think I can safely say that we’ll be seeing more of this particular project in the near future. Until then, feel free to let me know any feedback you might have. And in closing, let me share another picture of Genetor Grendel and Magos Phract — in a a way, these guys are pretty much on the opposite ends on the craziness spectrum, but I just love them both.

As always, thanks for looking and stay tuned for more!

Genetor Grendel and Magos Phract

47 Responses to “Toll the great bell thrice — my first experiments with the new AdMech kits”

  1. Looking good. Definitely looking forward to seeing the last guys painted up. The Backpack on Magos Zoltan, was the latern the only change to it?
    Really liking the paint scheme. How do you get the rusty metal look on the shoulder pads and staff?

    • Thanks, man! As for your question: The backpack was the one intended for the plasma gunner, so it had a rather big hole in the middle. I used a techy bit from a different kit (could be from the Dreadknight, but I am not perfectly sure) to cover it up — that’s the reactor-like bit in the middle with the two glowing blue cores. Oh, and I also snipped off the various cabling hanging from the backpack and moved them to the front instead.

      The bronze on the shoulder pads and staff was painted by basecoating with Vallejo Tinny Tin, then washing with Army Shader Strong Tone and then drybrushing with GW Dwarf Bronze — it’s the same recipe I also use for the bronze on my World Eaters.

      Hope this helps! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Some nice pieces there all in all. Although you got my hopes you with the robots, I was really hoping to see someone do the plastic contemptor. I want to see how feasible it really is.

    • Cheers, mate! If I had any plasticard skills, I think it wouldn’t be all that hard: You would mostly have to build up the structure above the head and the shoulders. The upper arms could be made by simply using the armour plates from Dreadnought arms, if you ask me.

  3. Excellent work. Especially on the Kastelan. Amazing how versatile that kit is.

  4. Nice work, especially the Kastelan. Liking the little visual reference to the Bloodthirster with the sigil of Khorne on his foot. My only, fairly minor, criticism is that the waspish waste looks a little odd from some angles, when combined with the sheer bulk of his upper body. It doesnโ€™t really show from behind though so perhaps Iโ€™m over analysing.
    Iโ€™d somewhat dismissed this kit, although I want to like it it somehow never quite clicked for me, but your version might just change my mind on it. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with for the second one. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thanks a lot, mate! As for the waist, I considered masking it with some additional armour plates, but in the end, it supports the skeletal look of the model, which is why I actually decided to embrace the effect instead of camouflaging it.

  5. This is some great work you got going kraut, your lovely red and great metals really brings out the details ๐Ÿ™‚

    I don’t know if you’ve seen my own takes on the kits but I’ve had the same experience as you had. Fantastic kits but demands planning to make it work properly.

    Can’t wait to see the big mutated servitors painted up btw! Hint hint ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. greggles Says:

    The MC servitor guy is amazing. You really are ace with kitbashing. Sometimes I wonder if you just clip a bunch of sprues, dump them in the same bin, and then giggle with glee pulling out parts and putting them together.

    The castellan robot conversion / kitbash is just….I $@!&)(!@$& love this blog. You turn models I don’t like into wondermachines.

  7. Absolutely beautiful conversions, man! There are so many cool bits in the new ad-mech line.

    • Cheers, mate! The only problem is that one basically has to get all the kits in order to get the most out of all the beautiful bitz — but oh well… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. Jeff Vader Says:

    The two magii are excellent conversions and the paintjobs are spot on. )You might want to dirty up the transfer a bit though.)
    The skitarii is also very cool – I think I might nick that pose as well eventually.
    Well done sir!

    I’ve got to admit I’m not as fond of the big guys. The kastellan conversion is really well done – he really looks like a khornate robot, but I just can’t get past that giant cartoony head of his. I know you like it but I still maintain it’d look way cooler with a smaller helmet. With that in mind – really looking forward to see what you do with the iron warrior version…

    As for the mutant its still a bit to haphazard for my tastes. Perhaps that comes from its spontaneous conception… It lacks a unified look somehow – still to much of a ratogre with random bits glued to it. Perhaps it comes together in the painting stage though!

    • Cheers for commenting, Johan! I am really happy with the Magi, to be honest — but you’re right about the decals, of course. I knew I had forgotten something ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’ll be keeping the white trim pristine, though: It may be less realistic, but it makes for a nice bit of pop on the model.

      As for the Kastelan, I see where you’re coming from, but while the smaller head you’ve used on your own Kastelan works like a charm, it simply wasn’t the look I wanted for this model — and I really did want to use that Necrosphinx head, because I’ve had it in my bitzbox for ages ๐Ÿ˜‰

      I see what you mean about the Servitor, although the idea was to go for something more biological and less metallic. We’ll see how it all pans out once the model is painted, I suppose…

      • Yep! The magi are ace!

        Regarding the servitor: itยดs not that itยดs biological – i think big mutant cyborgs fit really well in the mechanicvm.

        I think one of the main problems I have with it might be the head – the deathmask itself is great but the rim surrounding it (thatยดs supposed to secure it to the dreadnought) makes it look like heยดs wearing a babys bib. Perhaps heยดs a messy eater…

        Thereยดs also legs position – the front ones look like skiยดs while the back one is turned the other way. Turned inward like the back leg theyยดd look more spidery and creepy which Iยดd prefer but they should at least have a coherent design.

        Sorry to sound so negative – you know I mean well ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Hmm, I think we might have to agree to disagree then, at least for now: The head is precisely one of the things I like about the model, bib and all ๐Ÿ˜‰ As for the legs, they were a bit of a compromise, admittedly, but I had to work with the rat ogre’s legs and this was probably the best solution I could come up with. The idea is that the legs basically work a lot like insectile legs, but can bend both ways if required to — hence the different alignment on the left leg.

  9. Netsurfer733 Says:

    These are so great! I would love to see what you could come up with in terms of some terrain custom made for the AdMech.

  10. I hate you, but only in the best possible way.

    If I didn’t have enough reasons to buy a few AdMech kits before, I do now. Once I have my needed paint jobs done for the events I’m going to, I’m buying some and going to town. Well done sir, you’re actually going to get me to buy new GW kits.

    also, your box should be in the mail tomorrow ๐Ÿ™‚

    – Tim

    • Well, what can I say: I am looking forward to seeing any and all AdMech conversions you come up with — no holds barred, alright? ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Looking forward to the box as well, of course! Thanks again for your generosity!

  11. InqMikaelovich Says:

    So, am I allowed to hate you momentarily? I’ve been wanting to play with the new AdMech since I saw the first rumors, but my hobby budget is zero until I can finish and sell my Deathwatch and Blood Angels armies… So for now I have to satisfy myself with being jealous of your (purely genius) work…

    • Yes, yes, let your jealousy fester and grow until it turns into a canker feeding upon your soul…
      …erm, sorry, got a bit carried away for there a minute. Thanks for the kind words! ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • InqMikaelovich Says:

        You just want me to fall to Chaos, don’t you xD

        As it is, if my armies sell, there is a good chance I’ll be stealing some of these ideas… Especially the Kastelan

  12. Wow, great work on the two magi you have painted. I particularly like the axe you constructed, and the decal work.

    The Kastelan is pretty good, but like Jeff Vader, I find the head to be a little large. Looking forward to the one you make for the Iron Warriors. Speaking of which, I saw a conversion somewhere that used the targeting eye from a landraider for the head on the Kastelan… gave it a very “robotic” look, which may be suitable for your purposes if you do not go with the “machine man” look like Jeff’s recent conversion.

    Finally, regarding your large mutant/servitor guy, I agree with Jeff that you need to turn the leg claws around. Losing the “big” will also help finalize the model. Adding some sort of leg armor might make it seem more balanced, but that could also detract from its look too. Something to test I guess.

    • Zen 40k has the landraider head.

    • Thanks, mate! When it comes to the Kastelan, the head was a very conscious choice, like I said. The Landraider conversion you mentioned is pretty cool, but a bit too robotic for my taste, if that makes any sense — the entirely blank look doesn’t really do much for me. As for the servitor, see my reply to Jeff Vader above.

  13. Stunning… I’m blown away by Zoltan and Grendel, and I’m really looking forward to seeing the Kastalan with the Defiler head! (Sorry, I am going to steal that idea ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. Amazing work Kraut! The hell beast of a robot is just brilliantly done, that hammer works really well with the defiler head. The more of these amazing INQ28 units I see, the more I want to roll around in my own bitz pile and join in.

  15. OMG! The Alpha Helbrute is amazing. Truely inspirational work.

  16. Great to see some of your work with the new As MEch plastic kits!

    I really like what you have done with your first Kastelan Robot. I love how you were able to incorporate all those elements of the new Bloodthirster, particularly the breast plate. I also like the flamethrower mounted in the walkerโ€™s powerfist. I am in the process of doing a similar conversion with my Robots. In my case I am trying to inset stormbolter-like weapons.

    Your Ad Mech warband is coming along really well too! Those Empire Wizard legs look great on your Tech-Priest Zoltan Phract (and his swapped out feet). I think his axe works really well too. My favorite of your models is your floating tech-priest though. I love his entire composition; he looks like a calculating and venerable ancient! I really like how he is holding a dagger in his left hand; not something I would have initially thought to do but one that fits incredibly well. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thanks, Adam! I really liked your own AdMech conversions too, and seeing your Kastelans is definitely something I am looking forward to!

      I am immensely pleased with Genetor Grendel, to be perfectly honest. That scalpel he’s holding was a bit of a spontaneous idea — it simply felt like he’s the kind of guy who would enjoy getting the samples he needs for his experiments himself, with a precise cut here and there…;)

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  22. Andrew Anderson Says:

    Not sure how I missed Magos Zoltan Phract, but is freaking phenomenal. I love him. Fantastic work.

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