Back to AdMech — at least for a while…

Hey everyone, I only have some new kitbashes for todays’s update, seeing how I am currently swamped with work — and both my plans for the Age of Sigmar starter box minis as well as the paintjob for my “Stormcast Inquisitor” will still take some time to gestate into something tangible. In the meantime, I have returned to my various AdMech plastic kits for a spell of converting, and I realised once again that the Mechanicus models may just be some of the most visually arresting 40k kits currently available!

So I put in some more work on my growing INQ28 Mechanicus warband, which will basically fulfill two goals: One, I want to explore the Adeptus Mechanicus in its different shapes and sizes with this warband, creating a rather eclectic and eccentric collection of models — just as eclectic and eccentric as the Adeptus Mechanicus itself, that is. Two, since I don’t want to assemble an entire army of these guys, this warband will serve as a “best of collection”, so to speak, allowing me to have fun with the AdMech kits I like most.

Speaking of which, my dear cousin Andy recently gave me a box of Sicarian Ruststalkers as a slightly belated birthday present, which was awesome! The kit is chock-full of amazing little bitz — and it has provided me with the material for several conversions. So let me show you what I am currently working on:

First up is the leader of the warband, a slightly tweaked Tech-Priest Domius serving as an Archmagos Veneratus for the Velsian branch of the Adeptus Mechanicus. Now the stock model is so beautiful that I didn’t want to change anything major, but the huge weapon on the Magos’ right side seemed a little OTT for an INQ28 character, which is why I already tried replacing it with an alternate lower arm earlier:

AdMech kitbashes WIP (3)
But while the idea seemed sound enough, the look just wasn’t there. Enter the wonderfully creepy chord claws from the Sicarian Ruststalkers kit, one of which provided the perfect alternate hand for the Magos. Take a look:

Archmagos Veneratus WIP (2)
Archmagos Veneratus WIP (3)
Archmagos Veneratus WIP (4)
I am really happy with the result — this is such a minor conversion, really, but that creepy metallic claw just complements the rest of the model rather well, don’t you agree? Plus it still makes for an impressive enough weapons, without looking as OTT as one of the “deathrays” that come with the model πŸ˜‰

While we are on the subject of Sicarian Ruststalkers, these are easily some of my favourite GW models right now: There’s just something about them that perfectly encapsulates the idea of a lithe, sinister cyborg assassin, which I love immensely. So I might be forgiven for actually assembling two of the models from the kit mostly unchanged:

Sicarian Ruststalker WIP (1)
Sicarian Ruststalker WIP (2)
I only added a small halo taken from a servo-skull to this first guy, which I think rather fits the model. This guy is one of the feared Clockwork Assassins, used as a terror weapon by the Machine Lords of Korhold against their enemies.

I also built the Princeps, once again without any major conversion, save for a different chord claw (to give him a creepy “come hither” pose):

Magos Militant WIP (1)
Magos Militant WIP (2)
I already mentioned in my review of the Skitarii release how this model didn’t look so much like a unit champ to me, but rather like a more warlike Tech-Priest: All the telltale signs are there — the flowing robes, the cowl, the face full of tubes πŸ˜‰ So I am seeing this guy as some kind of “Magos Militant”, overseeing the performance of the Skitarii on the front line or counseling the sector command when it comes to military questions. I actually considered swapping in some of the more esoteric pieces of equipment from the Sicarian Infiltrators, such as the servo-skull and “grimdark notebook”, but truth be told, I would rather use those bitz on a different model altogether, and the Princeps just has a visual balance that I love — hence a mostly unconverted model, for a change.

Interestingly enough, fellow hobbyist Plus Four pointed out that there’s a precedent for a very similar character in the novel “Priests of Mars”:

As far as the Tech-Magos is concerned you need look no further than Magos Hirimau Dahan from Priests of Mars who is described as having a “muscular body of plastic hued flesh…regular pair of arms…with augmenting energy blades…..a second pair of arms…tipped with a forked weapon….purple lightning arced between the bladed tines”. This would suggest that a combat oriented Secutor Magos looks nothing like the archetypal GW Magos!

So yeah, these guys may be hardly converted at all, but I am still pretty happy with them. And that’s what counts, right?

I did create two slightly more involved pieces, however, even if the first one was basically stolen from somebody else πŸ˜‰

A while ago, curnow made an excellent Skitarii conversion resembling a Japanese Ashigaru foot-soldier. I loved the idea so much that I simply had to borrow his recipe and make a very similar model, since it seemed like the perfect addition to my collection. I made some small changes to his formula, but the resulting model still owes an enormous debt of inspiration to his. Take a look:

Skitarii Sniper WIP (6)
Skitarii Sniper WIP (3)
Skitarii Sniper WIP (4)
Skitarii Sniper WIP (5)
I am really happy with the model, even if I am feeling slighly guilty for borrowing curnow’s excellent idea πŸ˜‰ Several people over at The Ammobunker have taken issue with the length of the rifle, and while they raise some excellent points, I think I’ll keep it this way: I really want it to look as cumbersome as possible: Not only does it provide a fairly unique silhouette, but it’s also a nice sign of the AdMech’s eccentricities. I also think it really adds something to the Ashigaru look mentioned above. Plus it differentiates this guy from the other, slightly sniper-esque Skitarius I have built for the warband:

AdMech Riflemen WIP

Speaking of which, this will probably turn out to be quite a band of characters (as per my original mission statement), incorporating such colourful individuals as a “typical” Magos in the warbend, complete with cog-axe and everything, a wraithlike Magos Genetor without a lower body, a burly Magos Explorator, a slack-jawed Magos Xenobiologis with hideous metallic claws, a weird, pseudo-Japanese sniper, a gladiator-esque Clockwork Assassin with a stylised halo, and yeah, a lithe and deadly Tech-Priest on stilts. So what else is new in the 41st millennium? πŸ˜‰

Here’s the unpainted part of the warband so far:

AdMech kitbashes WIP (26)

Before today’s post ends, there’s one last kitbash I would like to share with you: It came about rather organically as an attempt to make a slightly more involved conversion using the Sicarian Ruststalker kit. Plus I also realised that the servo-skull that came with the Tech-Priest Dominus looked far too evil and sinister to be denied a body πŸ˜‰ Check this guy out:

Cyborg Assassin WIP (1)
Cyborg Assassin WIP (2)
Cyborg Assassin WIP (3)
He’s not quite done yet, possibly, but I like where the model is going. I kept thinking “Cyborg Eversor” while making him, for some reason…


So that’s it for today! I would love to hear any feedback you might have in the comments section! And, as always, thanks for looking and stay tuned for more!

25 Responses to “Back to AdMech — at least for a while…”

  1. The whole group has a very nice organic feel to it lots of synergy. That Dominus is such a lovely mini and I have already told you how much I love that assassin. Also speaking of your age of sigmar conversions, is the Khorne Bloodsecrator as big as the Bloodwarriors? Tried to ask in a PM on the Ammobunker but realized you probably never look in the top right corner I know I dont haha

    • Thanks a lot, Eli! And yes, I am quite guilty of ignoring the Ammobunker’s abysmal PM system whenever I can πŸ˜‰ As for your question: I haven’t assembled the models yet, but the Bloodsecrator is definitely as tall as the Bloodwarriors! The finished model may even seem slightly beefier than them, due to the more exalted pose. He is less armoured, though — keep that in mind.

      • Eli Parsons Says:

        Awesome thanks a lot man! I need to make a Khornate truescale marine and I dont really need to buy the whole age of sigmar boxset and the Bloodsecrator is the only one I can find sold individually on ebay.. Speaking of Khorne you wouldnt have had any ideas on how to make a Chain Hamer would you?

      • Hmm, actually, if it’s a truescale Khornate Marine you’re after, some Skullreaper parts and a Chaos Terminator torso might be more helpful than the Bloodsecrator, to tell you the truth. As for the chainhammer, what do you want it to look like? My image search on Google proved kinda inconclusive… πŸ˜‰

  2. I LOVE that last guy with the servo skull head! Defniitely thought the same thing about the Eversor-esque look. Beautiful.

  3. The conversions are cool if pretty minor, although the models are so impressive it’s kinda hard to find anything to convert really.

    Guess that’s one of the reasons I still haven’t picked up any Mechanicus minis yet.

    • Cheers, man! You are right, of course: Normally, I cut apart each new release along with the best of them, but having stock models that are so cool is making my life more difficult in this case (or rather easier, depending on which way you’re looking at it πŸ˜‰ ).

  4. Very nice looking warband dude – Nice tweaks here and there, but the cyborg Eversor is the stand-out mini for me… I may be shamelessly pinching that idea myself.
    Love the Ashigaru btw!
    +++cogitator analysis – rifle length optimal+++ πŸ˜‰

    • Haha, thanks! If the cogitator says so… πŸ˜‰

      Regarding the Eversor, feel free to steal away! As you can see, I am doing it all the time, myself πŸ˜‰

  5. greggles Says:

    Beautiful work as always! I know it wasn’t your original idea, but I absolutely love that japanese soldier pose!

  6. Awesome work! I am glad to see you are continuing to work on Adeptus Mechanicus models! The new range of models is fantastic and adds a huge range of components for just about any conversion. πŸ™‚

    I really like your small modifications on the models (the originals are so nice it is hard to want to do much to them). Replacing the Dominus’s deathray with the Ruststalker claw is brilliant! It fits so well you would not even know it was a conversion. The Eversor is also one of my favorites, the wicked claw and skull visage are striking! Any thoughts of trying to craft a little machine-pistol for him? Maybe attached to his hip? Also maybe a backpack of some form with a little swiveling light?

    • Thanks a lot, Adam! I am really happy with the chord claw on the Archmagos, if I do say so myself. As for the “Not-Eversor”, a machine pistol (maybe made from one of the “AdMech uzis” that come with the Ruststalker kit) would be a pretty cool idea! I think I’ll pass on trying to approximate the classic Eversor backpack, though, as I have always found that particular design a little goofy.

  7. Kebekoi Says:

    Damn may I be lucky some time!! Your eversor assassin is fantastic and…. different of mine. Just had the same idea when I bought the Dominus: using the servoskull as an assassin’s head….

    Your take is taller and more mechanical and defenitly on the CC way…mine remain more “organic” if I may say so!!

    Anyway stop talking about me. I’m truly fond of your admech so far as a whole warband. As I say here or at the ammo… individually some are quite “out of the box” but as a group I think that their working perfectly !!

    Well done sir!!


    • Cheers, Keb! Glad you like the warband as an ensemble — I just couldn’t bring myself to convert some of those models, because they were just too gorgeous πŸ˜‰

  8. Plus Four Says:

    The “problem” with the Sicarian kit is that the base models are so well conceived that they only really need minor tweaks rather than major reconstruction!

    I have to share everyone’s admiration for the servo-headed “assassin” – my favourite member of your war and so far! You’re right, that skull has such an evil look that’s wasted in its original role! Count me as borrowing that idea as well!! πŸ˜›

  9. Loving what you’ve got going on here, very inspirational! I’ve ordered some Sicarians myself, for a project that I’m going to starting soon, had a lot to do with your models looking so good. I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind taking a look at my blog which is growing slowly at the moment:

  10. Wow just love the ashigaru marksman – very distinctive. Like other commentators have noted, the new AdMech are so full of character that they really don’t need converting to look superb, but I really like what you’ve done with him!

  11. […] happy with this project finally coming together at long last — although there’s still a bunch of models I will have to paint before I can call the warband […]

  12. […] Mechanicus was first released as a proper 40k faction, back in 2015. It was originally conceived while I was playing around with the excellent Sicarian Ruststalker kit and was mainly built around the idea of using the brilliantly sinister servo-skull from the […]

  13. Wyatt R Says:

    Do you still by any chance have a photo of that original Ashigaru soldiet conversion that inspired yours? The link no longer works and I’m super curious

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