Khorne’s Eternal Hunt: Trooping the Colour

Back in January, I promised you some updated army pictures of my biggest and longest-running hobby project, my World Eaters army. And today, I intend to make good on that promise, so let’s have a little army showcase, shall we?

I’ve said many times that my World Eaters continue to be my favourite hobby project, and while I am indeed a huge hobby butterfly, I usually try to put whatever I learn on my various other projects to good use on my World Eaters, endeavouring to imbue the army with as much character as I can: On the one hand, the 4th assault company may be a typical World Eaters force in that it features lots and lots of red and brass, scores of aggressive guys wielding chainweapons and a huge number of bunny ears 😉 But at the same time, pretty much every model of the army has been converted to fit my interpretation of the World Eaters and my aesthetic sensibilities.

What’s more, maybe the most important thing I have learned during those last few years in the hobby is that every model should matter. This may seem like a thoroughly outdated concept in these days of staggering, unbound Apocalypse battles with many thousand points on either side of the table, but it’s still my firm belief: Every model in this army is a grizzled veteran (often of ten millennia of fighting the Long War), and it should show in the models.

But I’m rambling, and you probably came here for the pictures, above all else, right? So here goes:

This is what the army looked like back in 2012:

And in 2013


And finally, here’s a big part of the army, photographed in late 2014 for the “We Are Legion” event over at the Blog dé Kouzes:

Khorne's Eternal Hunt 2014 02
But even this latest photo was missing some of the models, so it was time to troop them all out and take some new pictures — quite a task at this point, because the army has grown so big that it has become rather unwieldy for photo sessions 😉

But I persevered, and here are the results: The entirety of Khorne’s Eternal Hunt as of May 2015:

army shot 01 big colour
That’s quite a bit of red, eh? 😉

Seriously, though: It’s possibly not the biggest army out there (everything in the picture above adds up to about 4,000 points), or the best-painted one. But it’s easily one of my biggest hobby achievements so far, and the project I always keep returning to. And I do feel pretty proud when seeing them neatly arrayed like that — or at least, as neatly arrayed as is possible with a horde of bloodthirsty maniacs…

army shot 03 big colour
The lineup pitured above also includes some twelve or so Khorne berzerkers that were painted way back when, during the late 90s. The paintjobs are really showing their age by now, but I just couldn’t bring myself to exclude them from the picture (and the extra bodies also come in handy during games, of course).

On the other hand, when I look back at the development of the army over the last year or so, there have been some fairly recent additions that I am especially happy with, so let’s take a closer look at those:

First up, here are all the models added to the army since the last “official” army shocase back in 2014:

Newblood 2015
Not a huge mass of models, certainly, but some of my favourite pieces have been the work of the last one or two years:

There’s the Wargrinder, of course:

Wargrinder (26)
Still one of my favourite conversions, and a project I am particularly proud of. I remember I had never tackled a model of this size before, and working on this piece taught me that there’s really nothing to be afraid of — in fact, bigger models can be quite enjoyable to work on and provide and excellent change of pace!

Read more about the Wargrinder here, in case you’re interested.

Together with a – fairly recently completed – Forgefiend (that kept fighting me every part of the way, thus earning the name Gorespite for itself), the Wargrinder nicely rounds out my collection of bigger war machines and daemon engines. In-universe, these are the creations of this fine gentleman here, Huntmaster Deracin, Keeper of the Forge and Warpsmith to the 4th assault company (and yet another model I am really happy with):

Huntmaster Deracin (11)
And here he is once again, surrounded by his fiendish creations. A man and his daemons, so to speak:

A man and his daemons
And make no mistake: The great forge aboard the Aeternus Venator never sleeps, so there may yet be more daemons of steel and brass given shape by Deracin in the future…

Speaking of steel, there are also the Ancients of the company. Meet Brother Marax the Fallen, Damokk the Breacher, Khorlen the Lost and Khoron the Undying, Keeper of Trophies:

Barbershop Helquartet of Doom
I rather love Dreadnoughts, so making each of these into a true character in their own right has been a fun challenge. They now form the Barbershop Helquartet of DOOM!, obviously (overpowered dataslate pending) 😉

Then there’s my updated version of everybody’s favourite madman, Khârn the Betrayer:

Kharn the Betrayer  (1)
Kharn the Betrayer (2)
Now Khârn and my own Lord Captain Lorimar haven’t exactly been on speaking terms since Skalathrax, so it’s rather unlikely that they’ll be fighting alongside one another in battle. This was still a fun project, however, and I tried to stay true to the spirit of the – still excellent – vintage Khârn by Jes Goodwin. Speaking of which, I am still rather proud of my – pretty comprehensive – post on Khârn’s various incarnations over the years, so check that out as well!

While we are on the matter of legendary World Eaters, the project I am possibly most pleased with is the completion of Lord Captain Lorimar, Master of the Hunt and commander of the 4th assault company:

Master of the Hunt 02
Getting this model finished really took a long time, and I am particularly pleased that finally putting the finishing touches on Lorimar happened as a friendly hobby challenge between Biohazard and me. Read all about it here.

So Lorimar is finally leading his warriors from the front, as it should be:

Head of the Pack
So what’s next for Khorne’s Eternal Hunt? Let’s take a look:

One thing I would like to do is to finally paint the remaining members of my Gladiatorii squad:

The Gladiatorii
Building and painting these gladiatorial World Eaters has been great fun so far, and there are three more models that have already been built but have yet to see any paint before I can call this squad finished.

I also realised I should show more love to my Blood Wolves, because I really like the look of these guys:

The Bloodwolves
I already have some more converted traitorous Space Wolves to make up an entire squad of Chaos Space Marines. And maybe I’ll add a Dreadnought, based on the brilliantly versatile SW Dread?

And finally, my next big project: I finally need to get this guy painted: Gilgamesh, the Warrior King, the Twice-Consecrated, Son of the Ember Queen:

Chaos Knight Gilgamesh WIP (1)
But worry not, I’ve included the model in my first vow for the E Tenebrae Lux IV event at The Bolter & Chainsword, in order to finally force myself into action, so it won’t be long now…

As it happens, I’ve made one last addition to the model before painting: I stripped some cabling from the interior of an old PC and added them to the Knight’s cockpit, in order to make it look a bit more believable:

Chaos Knight interior cabling (2)
Chaos Knight interior cabling (1)
It’s a small thing, admittedly, but a detail I think will made a difference in the end.

And here’s a comparison picture with the Knight and a smaller, roughly Epic-scaled “Chibi-version” of the same model:

Chaos Knight Gilgamesh WIP (2)
On a related note, I am rather relieved that the Chaos Knight conversion kit recently unveiled by Forgeworld isn’t quite as spectacular as I had expected. Granted, it might still be a WIP version, but at least I am still very happy with my own take on a Chaos Knight! So yeah, expect to see some colour on this model this summer — and wish me luck!

So, anything else about Khorne’s Eternal Hunt? Yes, well, one small thing, actually:

This is just a fairly minor detail, but I like how all the leftover champions and stragglers almost form their own – pretty cool – squad by now. Take a look:

WE Stragglers
For an extremely lazy painter like yours truly, that is quite a nice little extra benefit 😉


So yeah, so much for this year’s World Eaters showcase. Don’t worry, there’ll be more madmen in red and brass in the future. But for now, I am very pleased with this army’s development over the last few years!

It goes without saying that I’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback on the project as well, so feel free to drop me a comment! And, as always, thanks for looking and stay tuned for more!

army shot 02 colour

23 Responses to “Khorne’s Eternal Hunt: Trooping the Colour”

  1. Loving that Wargrinder.

  2. Really enjoy following this army and am looking forward to seeing what forge world do with chaos knights, not that I have any intention of using their kit as converting one is so much more fun, but chaos themed relics, wargear, god dedication and other chaos corruption will make me happy.

    • Thanks, Dan! I was actually slightly disappointed by the first look at the FW Chaos Knight conversion kit — and also kinda relieved, because it looks like my converted Knight can actually keep up 😉

  3. It is a very impressive army Kraut. Reaching 4000 points in only a few years with more to come is an amazing feat ( I´m at 2500 – 3000 points of orks. After 17 years…)

    Can´t wait to see the knight finished! Oh, and I really dig the demiknight! Nice touch!

    • Thanks a lot, Johan! And the 4,000 points dminish a bit once you consider the fact that all those Chaos Lords make up a lot of points. I could probably realistically field a “legal” World Eaters army of about 3,000 points, tops.

  4. Strong play that Scienctist!

    Getting any army to that size is good work, more so when you can be proud of them as well. I hope to have half your success.

  5. greggles Says:

    Just love your models so much!

  6. InqMikaelovich Says:

    I am so impossibly jealous of all your flawlessly converted models, especially the Wargrinder… I tried a bit of basic sculpting recently and it failed xD

    • Keep at it though. These folks only got so good due to practice, one day we too can catch up!

    • Haha, thanks, man! It should be good news for you then that I am pretty terrible at sculpting myself — I’m a kitbasher all the way. For instance, there literally isn’t one bit of GS on that Wargrinder. If GS isn’t your thing, try to explore other avenues (or get better at using GS, I suppose, although that has never really worked for me).

      • InqMikaelovich Says:

        I’m trying xD I’m currently negotiating for the ranged cultist champion from Dark Vengeance for a Doctor Who tribute conversion. Should be interesting xD

  7. Great looking army! I love the character you show through the whole of it. That knight is epic!

  8. Nice work – I love seeing an army gathered together like that, especially when it gives you the chance to see how it’s grown over the years. Someday I’ll sort out my fairy nomadic life/job and get all my models together in the one place!

    “What’s more, maybe the most important thing I have learned during those last few years in the hobby is that every model should matter. ”
    I completely agree. To my mind one’s own collection of models should always be the coolest you’ve seen. Not in an ego-maniacal way of course, and I appreciate that people look to get different things out of their collections, but your own collection should always be one that you’re really proud of. Obviously there will be amazing models/collections out there that blow one’s own efforts away (no matter how good one gets there’s always someone doing something amazing) but the reaction to strive for on seeing them should be ‘wow, I wonder how they did that/I know how I can use that idea on my model/that gives me a good idea for…’. In the end I’d rather have ten models I’m really, really proud of than some massive, apocalypse sized force that I look at and know I could have done better with. You’ve got a lot to be proud of there!

    Nice work on the mini-knight by the way, am I miss-remembering or is this the first time he’s appeared? Any chance of seeing a bit more of him (and finding out a bit more about him)?

    • Thanks, mate! You are completely right, of course: An army project like this is always something to be proud of (and also a great way to gauge your own hobby progress), which is why seeing it all assembled in one place (quite an ordeal, due to the number of models) always becomes a special occasion, of course 😉

      The Wargrinder has been featured rather extensively: Like I said in the post, the whole story can be found here:

      • Cheers, but I should have been more clear – not the Wargrinder (which I’m quietly in awe of by the way) but the little ‘epic scale’ knight that’s standing in front of the full-sized Knight, third photo from the bottom of the article.

      • Ah, sorry, I mistook your meaning! Anyway, regarding the “Chibi-Knight”, it occurs to me that I haven’t shown him on the blog before, so maybe I should include him in one of my next posts. He basically started as a fun little exercise: I wanted to see whether I could come up with a reasonably close Epic version of my Chaos Knight, using nothing but plastic parts.

  9. […] the recent post showcasing the current status of my World Eaters army, I thought it might be fun to prepare a similar post about my INQ28 collection — after all, […]

  10. […] I’ll have to admit that there haven’t been that many additions to the force since last year’s showcase article (except for one pretty big addition, but we’ll be getting to that), but all in all, the army […]

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