Khorne’s Eternal Hunt — the 2016 Parade

In between all of the unpainted plastic, let’s look at something a little more colourful this week, because it is that time of year again: I’ve made the most of the good weather and assembled the World Eaters’ entire 4th assault company – or at least the part of it that has actually been painted so far – for a new round of army pictures.

Now I’ll have to admit that there haven’t been that many additions to the force since last year’s showcase article (except for one pretty big addition, but we’ll be getting to that), but all in all, the army still remains my biggest hobby achievement.

Just to remind you, this is what Khorne’s Eternal Hunt looked like back in 2012, the year I started this blog:

And this is the army earlier today:

Khorne's Eternal Hunt 2016 (1) big
Quite a development, if I do say so myself! At least for a glacially slow and immensely lazy painter like yours truly… πŸ˜‰

The most noticeable addition to the army is the towering form of Gilgamesh, my converted Chaos Knight, now finally marching to war alongside the 4th assault company’s coterie of Daemon Engines:

Khorne's Eternal Hunt 2016 (7)
Another part of the army that I am still tremendously happy with is the Master of the Hunt, Lord Captain Lorimar, surrounded by his Terminator bodyguard, Lorimar’s Fist. Take a look:

Khorne's Eternal Hunt 2016 (3)
Khorne's Eternal Hunt 2016 (4)
Khorne's Eternal Hunt 2016 (5)
Khorne's Eternal Hunt 2016 (6)
And there are many other parts of the army that make me happy whenever I look at them. For instance, this was just a happy accident, but I really love the way my true scale KhΓ’rn seems to get psyched-up for battle in the following picture:

Khorne's Eternal Hunt 2016 (9)
And I didn’t even stop with the World Eaters either, but took photos of my entire 40k Chaos collection while I was at it! Next in line was my small detachment of Traitor Guard, known as “Urash’s Marauders”:

Urash's Marauders 2016 (2) big
Now this certainly isn’t a big army by any stretch of the imagination. But then again, it’s a rather sizeable collection when you consider the fact that these guys were mainly built on a whim, back when there weren’t even any proper rules for using Traitor Guard (beyond the Vraksian Renegade rules put out by Forgeworld, that is). Anyway, the Marauders can provide some support to the 4th assault company when needed, plus most of the models can do double duty as cultists in a CSM army.

I’ll really have to return to these guys at some point: Looking at them again makes me realise how happy I am with my chaotic Tempestus Scions:

Urash's Marauders 2016 (4)
I still have an unpainted icon bearer for this squad — maybe I should paint him next?

Anyway, it’s a fun little army project that can complement my World Eaters but can also work on its own — at least from a visual perspective πŸ˜‰

But there’s more: Over the years, I have dipped my toes into several smaller chaotic warbands and sub-factions, and each of them could be expanded into a stand-alone warband or detachment at some point. For instance, remember the four models I built back when the then-brand-new 6th edition Codex Chaos Space Marines was released? One Astartes for each of the Cult Legions:

Followers of the Pantheon
I tried to capture the visual quintessence of each of the four legions aligned with a major chaos power, and I am still pretty pleased with the outcome. From left to right: Malchius Blight of the Death Guard, Gades Elphenor of the Emperor’s Children, Suresh Asp of the Thousand Sons and Targon Kel of the World Eaters.

Read more about his project here, in case you are interested.

Then there are my Blood Wolves, of course, created to fill the role of Chaos Space Marines with the Mark of Khorne in my World Eaters army:

Blood Wolves (2)
Joras Turnpelt and his damned brethren surely warrant some more attention — in fact, I have quite a few models already built for a whole squad of Blood Wolves. Ahh, so much unpainted plastic, and so little time (and, let’s face it, even less discipline).

There’s a squad of Plague Marines big enough to actually use in games, if the 4th assault company should ever require their scrofulous assistance:

Nurglite Detachment
Let’s not forget Warsmith Greimolt Sturm of the Iron Warriors and his first two soldiers, either. Iron Within, Iron Without!

Iron Warriors
Once again, these are merely the first models for a small kill team of Iron Warriors that will definitely be finished one of these days! Scout’s honour! πŸ˜‰

Oh, and last -but very definitely not least – is PDH’s wonderful version of Lord Zhufor the Impaler, given to me as a fantastic gift a while ago:

Lord Zhufor by PDH (1)

Lord Zhufor by PDH (2)
So yeah, that’s the painted part of my 40k chaos collection. I just love chaos in all of its colours (especially in red, though), and I actually see the many projects I have already started – or partially finished – as great little or small hobby endeavours to get back to whenever I feel like it.

Anyway, so much for my collection. I hope you’ve enjoyed these latest pictures and I would love to hear any feedback you might have! As always, thanks for looking and stay tuned for more! πŸ™‚

Khorne's Eternal Hunt 2016 (2) big

25 Responses to “Khorne’s Eternal Hunt — the 2016 Parade”

  1. Mark DCCCXIII "Voyager" (Time/Dimensional Travelling Armour) Says:


    I hope that my Inquisitorial/Space Marine force will be this good some day.

    One question, if you don’t mind – how do you do your pictures? I can never get clear photos, especially when I’m trying group pictures like this.

    Thank you so much!

    One other thought -if there are any bits on the Deathwatch sprue that you like (Marines only, unfortunately, the Cultists are my brother’s), I’d like to trade for that chainfist we discussed the other day and maybe some other things.

    • Mark DCCCXIII "Voyager" (Time/Dimensional Travelling Armour) Says:

      Actually, on the thought of my Inquisition force, I wonder if you’d be interested in looking at more of the lore? I haven’t gotten it to a point where I want to put it on my blog yet, but seeing how you helped with the lore for the Knight I want to eventually build, I figure you might be interested, especially if there’s more chance of linking the stories of Inquisitor Mikhailovich’s forces with Khorne’s Eternal Hunt, which could be incredibly interesting. If you are interested in further weaving the stories together, or even if you’d just like to look at some more of my writing, I would be incredibly honored. One potential story I would like to explore would be the potential relationship between techmarine Sycrax of my Deathwatch Kill Team and Huntmaster Deracin.

      Just a thought. πŸ˜€

      • Oh, yeah, I’ll gladly take a look at your fluff! Let’s just discuss that – as well as the bitz swap – via e-mail, alright?

      • Mark DCCCXIII "Voyager" (Time/Dimensional Travelling Armour) Says:

        Of course! Sending one now.

      • Mark DCCCXIII "Voyager" (Time/Dimensional Travelling Armour) Says:

        Hey! I (think I) sent you an email, I don’t know if you saw it or not.

        Either way, I split my blog and started a dedicated 40k blog and thought you’d be interested –

      • Hey mate,

        yeah, I did get those e-mails. It could be a couple of days before I can get back to you in more detail, though. Sorry for the delay!

      • Mark DCCCXIII "Voyager" (Time/Dimensional Travelling Armour) Says:

        Perfectly fine. I’m just incredibly excited to work with you!

    • Cheers for the kind words, mate! Regarding the photos, I usually use my Iphone these days, but I did bring out my regular digital camera (a small Nikon model) out for the army pictures and used a tripod (and the automtatic timer function) as well. Even then, taking pictures of an entire army is fiddly business, and the photos are not quite as good as I would have liked them.

      • Mark DCCCXIII "Voyager" (Time/Dimensional Travelling Armour) Says:

        Thanks for the advice! I’ll have to see about getting some pictures of my whole army.

  2. That is a mightily impressive host mate – an army full of skillful and original conversions backed up by such a superb standard of painting? What’s not to love!

    I do like all the little side projects too… that Slaanesh marine looks fantastic! Would like to see more of them!

    • Dexter Says:

      What?! More Slaanesh? What’s the matter with you??

      • haha – I know πŸ™‚
        Seriously though, I’ve never seen Slaanesh done well, but that single Marine in the group of four looks really cool!

    • Haha, I will say that Slaaneshi armies can be really cool if done well — shocking, I know πŸ˜‰ It’s not a priority for me, though, sorry πŸ˜‰ Come to think of it, I do have an unpainted true scale Slaaneshi Marine for INQ28 that I am going to paint one of these days. But please don’t hold your breath… πŸ˜‰

      • Mark DCCCXIII "Voyager" (Time/Dimensional Travelling Armour) Says:

        Have we seen that one on here yet? If not, you should post pictures! Your unpainted plastic is almost as beautiful as your painted plastic, if we’re honest here.

        And speaking of Inq. 28, will we be getting an update on those warbands a la this post soon?

      • Don’t blame you mate, I’ve got tons of ideas on the back burner too… holding one’s breath is seldom a good idea in this hobby πŸ™‚

  3. Dexter Says:

    Without question, the best Khornate force out there. You’ve got a theme, you know how to pull it off, and you stick to it. It says a lot that your models from today fit in so well with your models from four years ago. A true testament to the brilliance of your theme and skill.

    I gotta ask, what is that beautiful backdrop you’re always using?

    • Thanks a lot, Dexter! Coming from a critical mind like you, that certainly means a lot!

      The background is an old roll of cork wallpaper (literally what it says on the tin) that my grandpa must have picked up twenty years ago. I found it while cleaning the garage one day and have been using it as a photo background, especially for bigger photo projects, ever since πŸ˜‰

  4. I did something similar to this recently on my blog, but it contained a lot more blue than red…and less minis…. and the painting wasn’t as good.

  5. Cheers, mate! Heading over there now πŸ˜‰

  6. Mark butcher Says:

    Very very kool.

  7. This year’s additions may be few but they’re definitely impressive. It’s wonderful to see Gilgamesh towering over the rest at last. It’s also great to see the progression in the army since it started through those annual group shots. Looking forward to seeing how it looks in a year’s time!

  8. An impressive horde indeed. Great to see the group shots. Well done and keep up the amazing work man.

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