Distracted by Iron

When I recently showed you my Iron Warriors Warsmith, I already mentioned the temptation of building and painting a small Iron Warriors Killteam and, well, what can I say? I am a huge hobby butterfly, which is why I am already hard at work on the various models that will make up the team πŸ˜‰

On the one hand, this is yet another instance of me getting sidetracked by another project. On the other hand, trying to build models that are Chaos Space Marines, yet fairly different in design from my World Eaters, is quite an educational and enjoyable experience. So allow me to share the results of my work with you today πŸ˜‰

The idea behind this Killteam is to build the models to be immediately recognisable as Iron Warriors, so I thought about which visual archetypes I wanted to include. The Iron Warriors, to me, are characterised by their cold efficiency and bitterness: a reliance on superior strategy and wargear and the will to sacrifice as many lives as it will take to vanquish the foe. I wanted the models to exude a sense of cold and sinister brutality, a menace born of the disregard for human lives. I’ll let you be the judge as to whether or not I have succeeded.

Before we get to actually take a look at the model, let me mention two resources that made this project possible in the first place:

The first is the batch of Dark Vengeance Chosen models kindly given to me by Commissar Molotov: The Chosen had just the amount of bulk and presence I needed to make my Iron Warriors look like actual, bitter veterans of the Long War instead of just some more CSM flunkies. So many thanks again to Mol for his generosity!

The other thing that really helped were the Iron Warrior torso pieces (from the old IW conversion kit) I managed to pick up as part of an ebay auction some time ago: These are still excellent, and their bulk and uniformity provide an excellent visual backbone for the Killteam. They would also work exceptionally well for Iron Hands, come to think of it…

Anyway, enough talk! Time for the models! πŸ˜‰

I. Testing the waters

There actually exists an Iron Warriors model beyond the recently completed Warsmith in my collection: An Iron Warriors test model I just painted for the heck of it what feels like ages ago. Here it is:

IW_old 01
IW_old 02
While certainly nothing special by today’s standard, I didn’t simply want to leave this guy behind, so I decided to give him a bit of a facelift. The clunky icon was replaced with a DV Chosen bolter. And while I didn’t completely repaint the model, I used it to test some new painting techniques of mine, especially on the hazard stripes.

So here’s the touched-up version:

Iron Warriors Killteam test model (1)
Iron Warriors Killteam test model (2)
Iron Warriors Killteam test model (3)
Having this model as a test piece allowed me to figure out a way to include the legion number on one of the pauldrons (by using a cut out and inverted Cadian decal, incidentally).

Iron Warriors Killteam test model (4)
Granted, he certainly isn’t contest winning material, even with the touchups and all, but it feels good to finally have found a new home for the model πŸ˜‰


II. The Champion

You should still remember this guy from the last Iron Warriors related post. Here’s what he looked like when we last saw him:

Iron Warriors Champion WIP (6)
I am still really happy with the conversion, so I was actually pretty psyched to get some more paint on this guy! And painting him turned out to be a rather enjoyable experience too, since the Leadbelcher basecoat worked extremely well! I washed it with GW Gryphonne Sepia once and with black twice, and all that remained afterwards was to block out the details and add some final touches. Granted, it was a bit more complicated in reality, but it certainly didn’t feel like it πŸ˜‰

Anyway, here’s the finished model:

Iron Warriors Killteam Champion (2)
Iron Warriors Killteam Champion (1)
Iron Warriors Killteam Champion (3)
Iron Warriors Killteam Champion (4)
All in all, I think the model makes for an excellent IW squad leader, if I do say so myself. There’s something dark and brooding about him that seems really fitting! And although it seems a bit blasphemous that I had to cut up a Skullcrusher helmet to build the model, it’s probably the best possible helmet for an IW champion — many thanks to Oldschoolsoviet for giving me this idea!


III. The Apothecary

So, which Iron Warriors archetype to tackle next? Before I could stop myself, I was thinking “If I were to build an Iron Warriors Killteam, one of them would have to be an Apothecary, due to the IW’s well-documented history of scavengin geneseed…” The model was already halfway done before I realised what I was doing πŸ˜‰

Anyway, here’s the finished Apothecary conversion:

Iron Warriors Killteam Apothecary (2)
Iron Warriors Killteam Apothecary (1)
Iron Warriors Killteam Apothecary (3)
On this model, the biggest challenge was to maintain the balance between having the character look like a Chaos Space Marine (and an Iron Warrior, at that), while also seeming businesslike enough to work as an Apothecary. In the end, the bit that really makes the conversion is a bare, augmented head from the Skitarii Ranger/Vanguard kit. It just fits so well, don’t you think?

By the way, the first version of the model was carrying a plasma pistol, rather than an axe, but I felt the axe added a subtle executioner look to the character, and that’s certainly an aspect of his role as an Apothecary, don’t you think?

IV. The Breacher

The next archetype was pretty easy to figure out, because you cannot have an Iron Warriors Killteam without a massive Breacher guy, can you? I wanted this next character to be more dynamic and aggressive than the prior models, so I chose the running Chosen legs and made his pose pretty dynamic. Take a look:

Iron Warriors Killteam Breacher (1)
Iron Warriors Killteam Breacher (3)
Iron Warriors Killteam Breacher (2)
As you can see, some WFB chaos bitz proved to be a great help here, allowing me to arm the Breacher with a massive mace and boarding shield. I also added a holstered bolter, though — this guy is a crazy prepared Iron Warrior, after all.

My favourite detail, apart from the pose, is the helmet: I really enjoy the “expressionless”, utterly inhuman look of that particular helmet from the WFB Chaos chariot crew, and I added some tech-y gubbins to the helmet to make it look slightly more modern.

V. The Trencher

Seeing how my IW killteam is built around what I consider the big Iron Warrior archetypes, there were two ideas I wanted to use on this model: The first is the Marine’s CC weapon, which represents an Iron Warriors entrenching tool. The other was the use of a bionic limb, seeing how the Iron Warriors are known to replace mutated (or damaged) limbs with sophisticated augmetic parts. Here’s what I came up with, based on those two ideas:

Iron Warriors Killteam Trencher (3)
Iron Warriors Killteam Trencher (2)
Iron Warriors Killteam Trencher (1)
Iron Warriors Killteam Trencher (4)
The entrenching tool is a weapon from the WFB Skaven Stormvermin kit, and easily one of my favourite plastic weapons, simply because it’s so vicious-looking! I have wanted to use this particular part for quite a while, and this model turned out to be the perfect occasion.

As for the bionic limb, I settled on replacing the model’s right leg, mostly because I used Kranon’s legs, and the right leg is only partially formed anyway (because the model’s cape normally obscures it). Now I do realise that some may see my design choice as a bit of a divisive feature, because I went for a – fairly thin – Skitarii leg. However, this was a rather conscious choice, because I wanted to achieve a slightly peg-legged look: Seeing how the entire armour will be silver, a leg painted in silver wouldn’t stand out too much, which is why I went for the Skitarii part. Plus I was also inspired by a scene in Graham McNeill’s Storm of Iron, where a veteran Iron Warrior actually experiences difficulties due to his leg replacement — I wanted the leg to be both at once: a highly sophisticated replacement, but also a possible weakness, and I think the Skitarii leg does a great job embodying that particular duality.

VI. Anything else…?

So far for the finished conversions, but are there any more plans for this particular Killteam? Right now, I think there will be two more members: A heavy weapons specialist (I am leaning towards arming him with a rocket launcher) will be one of the additional members. I already have most of the bitz I’ll need for the conversion.

And there may also be one final model for the Killteam that will be rather different in size and nature from its peers. I’ll just leave you with a little teaser for now…

The Twins

But that’s basically all for today, folks. Here are the finished models for the Killteam so far:

Iron Warriors Killteam WIP (1)
And the entire Killteam, including the unpainted models:

Iron Warriors Killteam WIP (3)
Like I said, this has been a very rewarding mini-project so far, and I think I have learned quite a few days that will ultimately also benefit my World Eaters.

So, what do you think? Any ideas for additional members of suggestions regarding the existing models? I’d be happy to hear any feedback you might have — just drop me a comment. In closing, I’ve also made a small “glamour shot” of the finished Iron Warriors, which should make an excellent finale for this post πŸ˜‰

As always, thanks for looking and stay tuned for more!

Iron Within

33 Responses to “Distracted by Iron”

  1. Very nice work Kraut!

    I think Iron Warriors suit you – a nice break from the khorne-boys and you can always ally them to the main force. I really like the use of chosen legs – it gives them some extra bulk and seems to put them somewhere between standard marines and truescale, which is quite a nice size for marines.

    The champion turned out great and the apothecary is amazing – he looks like a Kari-build which is a huge compliment in my book).

    As usual some nitpicks:

    -The trenchers bionic leg seems way too feeble – especially when heΒ΄s leaning on it like that. It looks like itΒ΄s about to break under his own weight.

    – You really should put these guys on 32 mm bases – theyΒ΄re to cool and too bulky for 25 mm.

    • Thanks a lot, Johan! That is very nice of you to say!

      Regarding the bionic leg, I’ll have to kindly disagree, however, at least to some point: Like I said, the lopsided look was pretty much intentional, because I wanted the limb to actually read as a prosthetic. Mol even had the brilliant idea that the shape of the replacement could actually be a way of emulating daemonic limbs. As for the realism of it, look no farther than current-day carbon fiber prosthetics, because those certainly don’t look like they could bear any weight whatsoever πŸ˜‰

      Oh, and I never really got the 32mm base craze. I see why it’s nice to have more room for the model, but maybe I am just too oldskool (and certainly too lazy to rebase my entire collection, that much is for sure πŸ˜‰ ).

  2. Really characterful stuff! My favorite is the apothcary, the skitarri head really is an inspired choice.
    He looks like a real butcher!!!
    The champion is also especially menacing with a great pose…. I don’t want to be overly critical but the one thing that struck me is that the blue colour for his power sword doesn’t really suit?….maybe a yellowing green colum or perhaps a purple?

    • Cheers, Phil! I thought about red for a while, but in the end the blue colour won out by virtue of my love for blue OSL effects on my model. I think it also adds to the cold, clinical look I think is a great fit for Iron Warriors. I actually dislike green and purple power weapons quite a bit, to be honest, unless done really well — and I didn’t feel up to it πŸ˜‰

  3. greggles Says:

    The champion and apocathary are amazing. I just love them.

  4. That apothecary is epic! And I actually like the peg-leg, a bit off balance sure, but adds a good deal of character to him. Your metals look nice and grimy as well.

  5. Peg-leg Pirate Iron Warrior! They are looking good and I can understand the need to to have a change of pace now and then. Much less red to paint for starters.

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  7. So cool. Love the breacher. The movement in the model is great.

  8. Thorn Says:

    Long time follower, first time commenting. I love the look you have gotten out of them, very well executed. The only gripe I have is the leg on the trencher, it seems very small compared to the rest of the model. Love the apothicary btw. Also, Finally, you need to inform me of how you get your transfer decals to not come out as glossy as mine do. I have always tried and failed at good decal work to the point where I want to practice some freehand, but yours are damn near perfect. Thanks Kraut!

    • Thanks, Thorn! That is very nice of you to say! Regarding the bionic leg, see my reply to Jeff Vader above about why I like that particular look.

      As for the decals, I use a combination of Vallejo Decal Medium (painting it onto the area where I want the decal to sit), then carefully dab off leftover fluid using a paper towel and then add a layer of Vallejo Decal Fix on top after everything is dry. It works well enough more often than not, but those decals remain fairly temperamental even at the best of time — and I am really glad when I am done with them each and every time πŸ˜‰

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  10. Stellar work as always KS! But, For me it’s what you did for the head swaps for the robots. Those were pure strokes genius. I showed them to a friend of mine since he’s going to start an AdMech force and he said “Yeah, that’s how they should look!”

    Can’t wait to see how you finish those models out, and I look forward to it!


    • Cheers, mate! Just you wait for the Kastelan conversions I’ve got cooking, then. The first one is basically finished as I type this — chances are, you’ll find something to like about it πŸ˜‰

  11. […] for the other Kastelan, I am still committed to turning him into a member of my Iron Warriors Killteam, and a recent conversion by Jeff Vader, attempting to bring the Kastelan more in line with Jes […]

  12. […] to make sure the Leadbelcher spray worked as intended (in fact, that test model then spawned an entire gaiden project of its own). So I was pretty sure everything would work out just fine. So after both the black and silver had […]

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  14. Inquisitor Mikhailovich Says:

    That Apothecary is gorgeous

  15. […] Iron Warriors Apothecary that I originally built as part of an attempt to create a small Iron Warriors kill team — a project I would like to re-invigorate, now that kill teams are actually a thing once […]

  16. […] Judging by the actual Killteam rules, the Terminator Lord in the back will be surplus to requirements, but he really was my proof of concept model to test the waters.Β  Now the next step will be to finish the Apothecary’s (32mm) base and to rebase the two guys on the left on the new, bigger bases, while I am at it. And then I think I’ll ultimately return to this project and add another two or three members (two have already been built, check them out here). […]

  17. Now that I’m in the final parts of the final few of my own “legacy” Iron Warriors, I’m thinking about new builds. Your Champion and Apothecary have particularly stood out for me since I first saw them. So I’m wondering if you’d mind me drawing some pretty specific inspiration from those two, and also if you would be able to let me know a parts list for that pair?

    Particularly: Legs on both, Bolter and backpack sensor-bit on the champion.


    • Mate, draw as much inspiration as you need. Be my guest! πŸ™‚

      As for the bitz, both models are based on a torso from the Iron Warriors conversion kit (still available from GW) and legs from the Dark Vengeance Chosen. This leads to a nice, massive look that is almost true scale-ish but still looks right next to “regular” models. Apart from that, they mostly use a mix of Space Marine, Chaos Space Marine and warriors of chaos bitz: The bolter on the champ came from the Sternguard kit, IIRC, while the sensor bit on his backpack was originally one of the small, shoulder-mounted sensors from the Tempestus Scions. Other noteworthy bitz include the head of a WFB Skullcrusher on the champ and the Narthecium arm and backpack from a Space Marine Apothecary and a head from the Skitarii Vanguard/Ranger kit on the Apothecary.

      If you need a more thorough bitz list, don’t hesitate to ask!

      • Awesome thanks! – I recognised the torsos. I think I have some left. Legs from DV… that makes sense. I’ll find and chop some of those guys up. I found that same sternguard bolter a few hours after posting, so I’m good there, and I assume the axe is from the Chaos Warriors. I have the Scions, so I’ll be able to grab one of those – didn’t know where it came from though – so thank you.
        Are those Kroot tabards with bones & knife on them?

      • Oh yeah, the axe is a weapon from the WFB Warriors of Chaos. And you’re correct about the tabard as well: It’s from the Kroot kit.

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  21. […] this project was started before Kill Team was even a thing (again), so I mostly played it by ear back then, and built models that appealed to me from a visual […]

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