The State of the Hunt — Week 40

Hey everyone, just a teeny tiny update for today, as I’ve just returned home from a little seaside vacation. I spent most of this week gazing out to sea and contemplating life in general and a couple of new hobby projects in particular.


Unfortunately, none of those proceedings make for particularly interesting blog content so far — bugger!

But wait, I do have something to show you, after all: Because I managed to start on the second model of my Call of Chaos vow before heading out to the Eastern-Frisian isles πŸ˜‰

So here’s model number two, mostly finished except for a proper base: My Iron Warriors Apothecary:


As I’ve explained in my last post, this guy was usually built as part of a possible Iron Warriors Killteam, and I am pretty happy that the Call of Chaos event now provides me with the incentive to get back to this small gaiden project! I rather like the Iron Warriors I have converted so far, because while they are not true scale, I would refer to them as “true scope”, in that they are quite massive and very detailed, carrying lots of gear and weaponry. This makes them look like true veterans of the Long War, which I think is a pretty good fit for this particular legion!

Here are the models I have so far for the Killteam:

Judging by the actual Killteam rules, the Terminator Lord in the back will be surplus to requirements, but he really was my proof of concept model to test the waters.Β  Now the next step will be to finish the Apothecary’s (32mm) base and to rebase the two guys on the left on the new, bigger bases, while I am at it. And then I think I’ll ultimately return to this project and add another two or three members (two have already been built, check them out here).

So yeah, it’s not much, but that’s all I have for you today πŸ™‚

I would love to hear any feedback you might have. Regular service will resume next week. Until then, as always, thanks for looking and stay tuned for more!


29 Responses to “The State of the Hunt — Week 40”

  1. Hey, lovely work. May I be so bold as to enquire what your skin tone recipe for your apothecary was?

    • Thanks, man! The skin tone is the same simple recipe I always use for unhealthy skin: Black undercoat, then a basecoat of GW Rakarth Flesh, then a liberal wash of GW Ogryn Flesh (or Reikland Fleshshade), then a selective wash with a 1:1 mix of GW Carroburg Crimson and GW Druchii Violet in the recesses, around the implants etc. And then a final highlight with GW Rakarth Flesh. Hope this helps!

      • Fantastic, thanks. I’m forever experimenting flesh tones and not quite getting the desired effect. I’ll be implementing this with my chaos warriors. Looks great.

  2. Inquisitor Mikhailovich Says:

    I am so jealous. I have always loved the Iron Warriors but didn’t stick to them because of poor model representation, and here you are, making absolutely beautiful ones as if it’s nothing. You, sir, are nothing short of a hobby god.

    As for Killteam rules, Games Workshop’s are a little lackluster. Check out these ones, as they will allow you to use your Lord, more like than not –

  3. Very nice! Yes, pity about the whole HQ thing.
    I might want to point out that the pose of the chap on the far left looks a wee bit awkward, a bit too “active” maybe for the calm image the others give? They’re all so cool though! The subtle hint of chaotic influence speaks volumes too.

    • Cheers! The guy on the left was my very first Iron Warriors test model, built years ago and only slightly touched up when I built the new guys. I don’t think he’ll be a proper member of the Killteam, but I usually include him in the group shots as an extra body πŸ˜‰

  4. Coming together very nicely. I like the detail on his face. I hope your holiday was an enjoyable one.

  5. Frothing_Muppet Says:

    Absolutely brilliant work there matey – love the model build, posing and paint job. Crack on

  6. Brilliant – especially the Apothecary and the big man!

  7. So, you’re gonna do some Genestealer Cultists then? πŸ˜‰

    • Haha, well: At the very least, I’ll be picking up some of the 3rd/4th generation Hybrids, as that kit seems like a dream come true for converters and INQ28 aficionados.

  8. Have you ever thought about building an Iron Warriors berzerker? I think it would be really cool to see how you interpret them in the Iron Warriors colors. Looking great so far! I can’t wait to see the Breached.

    • Cheers, Dexter! I can honestly say I’ve never thought about it, mostly because berzerkers are so inextricably linked to red and bronze for me πŸ˜‰ That being said, I do think the champion embodies a lot of what I’d imagine an Iron Warriors follower of Khorne like: Implacable, massive, completely no-nonsense…

  9. Hopefully your vacation went well!

    Fantastic looking Kill Team; a perfect means to visit another chaos legion. Your Apothecary is one of my favorite of the group. The head you chose for him works really well (it helps make the armor he is wearing look even bulkier). I really like how close combat oriented your squad is thus far. It is different from what I would typically imagine but I think it works well. πŸ™‚

    Keep up the great work!

    • Thanks a lot, Adam! In some ways the Iron Warriors feel like the archetypal Chaos Space Marines to me: massive, heavily armoured, utterly implacable — hence the CC orientation and archaic elements. Upon closer reflection, these guys almost seem like a way of exploring the qualities I like about the World Eaters, only with a slightly different focus.

  10. Andrew Anderson Says:

    Awesome work!

    First time I saw that head I thought it would look awesome on an IW. Great minds…

  11. Wonderful stuff! I like taking extended hobby vacations from hobby because when I come back more focused individuals have created amazing things to get me fired up. Thanks for sharing the info on your feature in the Ezine. I’m looking forward to a new project; Thanks for the motivation!

  12. Looks Amazing. May I ask how you did the armor, its looks unbelievable.

  13. […] first up, a small update regarding my ongoing work on my Call of Chaos vow: I already showed you a mostly completed Iron Warriors Apothecary directly after my recent vacation, but back then the model still needed a suitable base. And while […]

  14. Tyler G Says:

    First off, I love these models. They are a great inspiration. I’m trying to figure out what head you used for Warsmith Sturm but I’m not having any luck. Could you help me out?


    • Tyler G Says:

      Commenting for people that may see this: its a Dark Angels Veteran head. I should have looked a little longer before posting!

    • Cheers, mate! As you’ve already discovered yourself, it’s a DA veteran head — aΓΆthough I am pretty sure the same head also made an appeatance in an older version of the Devastator kit.

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