State of the Hunt, Week 18/2023: Baby Steps…

Just a small-ish update for today, as I keep taking the smallest, most absurd baby steps on my way of slooowly inching closer back to painting and something resembling actually finished models — and holy heck, I had certainly forgotten how difficult this can be!

But we’ll be getting there in a minute. Before that, let’s get into the swing of things by showing you some fiddly little things I have been doing — and not all of them have been a success. So let’s bring in Exhibit A in the the ongoing series “Conversions I hoped would work”:

I thought I had this really nifty idea for an – optional – helmeted head for one of my Chaos Lords, Bardolf, Lord of the Huntsmen:

The thought at the core of this micro-project was that it would be cool if, in an army where almost everyone is wearing a helmet with one of those bunny ears crests, there’s one commanding officer who goes against the grain. I still wanted the helmet to match the style of the army, though. Anyway, take a look:

The Unmade facemask from Warcry has this wonderful, almost primitive look: You could really imagine it as some kind of deathmask made from hammered bronze, I wanted this to work so much — but I cannot shake the feeling that the actually faceplate is just a bit too small, even after I went through the trouble of grafting it onto an actual CSM helmet:

It’s a bit heartbreaking, really. The helmet would be perfect for the model, if only the mask were a bit bigger. Oh well…

But while we are on the subject of spliced-together helmets, I ditscore a smaller success elsewhere: I painstakingly spliced together an Mk II helmet with a slightly Khornate look, just because I am sometimes completely into dumb detail stuff like this…

And while this was a bit fiddly to pull off, it’s a pretty simple conversion, really: I shaved the helmet crest off a Skullcrusher helmet, carefully scraped away the part between both eye slits, creating the iconic, cyclopic Mk. II visor look. And I grafted some “ears” from a bog standard Space Marine helmet to the sides of the head, bulking it out and creating a shape very close to an actual Astartes helmet. The horsehair crest came from the plastic Mk. III Marines sprue and seemed like a fitting addition for such an ancient armour mark. Here’s what the helmet looks like when added to an actual model (this particular guy just cannot seem to catch a break… πŸ˜‰ )

And I spliced together one more helmet: I’ve always wanted to do something with one of the “Easy-to-Build” Primaris Reivers helmets I still had in my bitzbox, what with the skull faceplate and everything, so I went for a fairly obvious solution:

The stock helmet itself is maybe a bit too clean, but with the added helmet crest and dangling little skulls, I’d say it almost kinda works — in fact, I really wanted to see whether a paintjob would tie it all together, so I chose this part as my first test run on getting back into painting. Take a look:

It’s nothing special, to be sure, but it’s a start…

And in order to at least keep practicing, I next painted up one of those converted Terminator helmets I posted recently — the orky one:

Again, I think the paintjob at least manages to do a fair job at pulling the different parts of the conversion together, making it look like a unified whole.

Oh, and I also did something I had wanted to try for a while: Adding one of the new GW World Eaters decals to one of my 2019/2020 models:

I know, I know: Not exactly riveting stuff, but really just tiny bits and pieces. Bear with me, though — I am trying to get my mojo back here, as well as my hand-eye-coordination… πŸ˜‰

I would, of course, love to hear any thoughts and suggestions you might have. And, as always, thanks for looking and stay tuned for more!


18 Responses to “State of the Hunt, Week 18/2023: Baby Steps…”

  1. The Reiver helmet conversion looks great!

  2. gabby Says:

    Great to see you still at it. Shame sbout the unmade mask. I had a similar thing happen with the horned mask from the squad leader of those blackstone fortress chaos cultists. I had wanted to use for a nightlord but alas it was too small. 😦

    • Yeah, I can see the problem with that cultist mask: Not only is the head baseline human, when compared to Space Marine scale, but the cultist champ is also female, making the head even narrower — sometimes it’s just not meant to be, eh? πŸ˜‰

  3. Baby steps are still steps mate 🀘

  4. xyzdude0 Says:

    Man I love that MKII helmet

  5. RookCorvus Says:

    Oh man, I’m with you there on the heartbreak about that Unmade mask. It would be wicked on a Cultist, or something, but it’s just ever so slightly too small on a Legionary.

    Part of me wants you to just use it as a chest decoration, now; do it in brass or copper and put a “lower jaw” on the belt and turn the abdominal sheath into a World Eaters logo…

    • I have to admit I have yet to completely give up on the mask — I’ve seen a Night Lords conversion where the same mask (or one almost like it) seems to work, miraculously enough…
      Then again, it was only ever going to be an optional, second head, so it’s not that much of a catastrophe, fortunately enough.

  6. Small but important steps! πŸ™‚ I do like the helmet conversions!

  7. I’ve been checking this blog infrequently since your hiatus, almost as ritual. I wasn’t expecting to see any new posts and I was pleased to be wrong. Thank you for that.

  8. Phillip Says:

    I just found your blog, and I have to say I am really impressed. These are some of the best kitbashes I’ve ever seen! I’m really excited to see how you paint them, but also no rush, take your time. Much better to take it slow and enjoy it than rush in and burn out. Thanks for the taking the time to share your methods and progress, and most of all good luck!

  9. CaptainS Says:

    Man, it’s do good to see you back, the new codex definitely was worth it XD
    Your conversions are as always amazing

    But a question a bit out of topic – in your first post this year you mentioned that o e of hobby struggles after a long hiatus was figuring out which blogs are still alive. I do have similar struggle now, but mostly it’s related to “which forum is still alive”? Do you read any except for bolter and chainsword?

    • Cheers, CaptainS! As for your question: Both The Bolter & Chainsword and Dakka still seem to be soldiering on, albeit at a lower level of activity. They are still alive, though, which is what matters. Reddit can also be a suprisingly fruitful place for hobby communication, at least where the faction-specific subreddits are concerned (the INQ28 and World Eaters-themed ones, for instance, are quite excellent and blessedly free from drama and vitriol). Hope this helps!

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