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State of the Hunt, week 08/2020: Stop…Meteor Hammer Time!

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Hey everyone, it’s already mid-February, and the fact that I still haven’t managed to complete the second part of my Eternal Hunt Awards writeup for 2019 has basically become a millstone around my neck that actually prevents me from posting any update at all, and we cannot have that, so here’s what we’ll do:

For today, I would just love to share some of the stuff I have been working on lately with you, seeing how I keep making progress with my little World Eaters kill team project.

As for my various favourite blogs and recommendations, I will commit to turning those into a rather more forward-looking post of its own in the near future — scout’s honour! For those of you who are looking for an excellent look back at the projects of 2019 and want their fix *right now*, feel free to peruse the following, excellent articles courtesy of the Brothers Wier and Wudugast, respectively.

To those of you who had been looking forward to my post, I can only apologise — and promise you that something not quite unlike it will be along sooner rather than later. For now, however, in the interest of keeping this blog going, I’ll just have to go with sharing some stuff I am actually motivated to work on right now. I hope you guys understand!


So, anyway, with that out of the way, where were we? Oh, right, I remember: In my last World Eaters related update, I already showed you this guy who is part of my “Hateful Eight” World Eaters project:

I could really kick myself for forgetting, once again, to take step-by-step pictures while I painted him — I guess the model would have made for a pretty cool tutorial. Oh well, next time, I guess…

Anyway, this is what the model looked like with most of the paintjob already in place:

As you can see, I decided to add some glossy blood to the meteor hammer — because it just seemed really, really appropriate in this particular case. In fact, I tried to take this even further with my idea for the rest of the base:

It was always clear that I would want to add some kind of “special effect” to the base. A trail of blood, as the World Eater drags his bloodied weapon behind him, seemed like an obvious idea. But I wanted something even more gruesome:

The idea was to make it look as though the World Eater had just crushed some unfortunate opponent’s skull, so I went the extra mile and included some bone shards 😉

Here’s the finished model:

While the pose remains ever so slightly hokey, on account of the base model I used for the conversion, I am still pretty happy with this chap. The two things I wanted to achieve with him — having a model wearing a massive, ancient suit of armour that also has a bit of a gladiatorial flair, have definitely worked out: In spite of all the quasi-medieval stylings of the armour, you could still imagine a suit of ancient Mk. III Iron Armour as the starting point underneath it all.

And here’s a closer look at the base again, now with the meteor hammer in place, obviously:

And once again, in order to round out my progress report, here’s an updated group picture of the new World Eaters models I have managed to finish so far:

Regarding the general progress of this progress, I’ll admit that these models seem like a bit of an evolutionary step for me in that, after all these years of building and painting World Eaters, I have now arrived at the point where the models actually end up looking very close to the way I’ve always wanted them to be: massive, baroque, highly individual and very sinister. Are they perfect? No, certainly not — there’s still a lot of room for improvement. But it’s not hyperbole to say that these are the closest I have yet come to realising my personal vision of what the warriors of the 4th assault company should look like.

At the same time, however, it’s becoming painfully obvious that I’ll be ending up with more than eight models, mostly because I just cannot stop building stuff. Case in point, here are the next guys in line for the painting desk:

Granted, some (okay, alright: two) of these are older conversions. But I just keep adding to them. For today, I would like to point out two models in particular.

The first model was born from the desire to do something, anything, with that very weird, two-handed Bat’leth-style weapon that comes with the AoS Blood Warriors:

So I shaved off the secondary blade, and used some Blood Warrior, CSM and Mk. III Marine parts to make this:

As you can see, it’s yet another conversion that combines most of the parts from a stock Blood Warrior with Mk. III greaves, although I would argue that the graft is a much smoother one this time around. I also think the somewhat more medieval Blood Warriors armour, when used in moderation, creates a cool, somewhat gladiatorial look that really suits 40k World Eaters and moves the models beyond simply looking like vanilla CSM with bunny eared helmets. It was also cool to be able to re-use the backpack I had originally spliced together for the guy with the meteor hammer! 🙂

I am really stupidly happy with the guy, to be honest — he definitely has some presence, wouldn’t you agree?

Seeing how I have a prospective painting session at Annie’s place scheduled for later this week, and maybe I should just allow this guy to jump the queue 😉

The second model I want to focus on was converted just the other day when I realised the squad/kill team still needed some kind of icon bearer — I am a bit of a traditionalist in that respect: Every squad of traitor Astartes needs an icon bearer, and those new-fangled, backpack-mounted icons just don’t cut it for me.

On the other hand, the idea of a World Eater lugging around a massive standard always seems a bit iffy. However, there was one model I have always loved for just striking the right balance in this respect: the metal World Eaters icon bearer from the mid-90s.

And seeing how one side objective of this particular project has been to give shout outs to classic models or artwork, I couldn’t resist the temptation to just rebuild that particular model for the new millennium. Take a look:

I’ve had to flip the model horizontally for logistical reasons, but apart from that, the new guy is a fairly involved attempt at a proper re-interpretation of the classic sculpt. I didn’t have one of those old banner tops, unfortunately, so I used what felt like the next-best thing: a Wrathmonger/Skullreaper standard that seems like it could be used as a weapon in its own right with its many vicious barbs and bladed edges.

Here’s a comparison with the classic model and my new interpretation of the sculpt, side by side:

So as you can see, in spite of everything, I am at least reasonably successful at coming up with new members of the 4th assault company. And I would, of course, like to hear your thoughts on my progress, so please leave a comment!

And, as always, thanks for looking and stay tuned for more!

Roll call for Chaos: Champions & Icons

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I had originally planned to kick off this series as a huge chaos extravaganza in celebration of the new Chaos Codex’s imminent release. But then, GW decided to pull a rather big switcheroo and push back the new Chaos Space Marines in favour of a Daemon release. But we here at “Eternal Hunt” won’t let any scheduling shenanigans get in our way, will we? So while there may still be some time left until the new book hits, let’s have a “Roll Call for Chaos” to fill the time. Huzzah!

As you all know, I got back into the hobby in late 2010 and started work on the current version of my World Eaters at the beginning of 2011. I did however “salvage” some older models from my collection, if only for the reason that, being a rather slow painter, I needed them to swell the 4th assault company’s ranks. So this series will deal with some of the old and some of the new. In all fairness, you will already have seen some of the models already posted on this blog. However, the new photos are probably of a better quality, at least.

So for starters, let us take a look at the Skull Champions for my Berzerkers and the icons of glory their squads are carrying into battle.

The first two models I would like to show you are true classics: I bought these when I first started working on a small World Eaters force some time during the late 90s. This was soon after the plastic Khorne Berzerker kit had been released, and I tried to get hold of some of the older metal models to serve as champions. So I got these guys:

Two of the classic metal World Eaters champions released during the mid-90s. They are wielding standard chain weapons (though their size make them look like they could be chainaxe or chainsword of Khorne, respectively). I still like the sculpts a lot, even they tend to look a little two-dimensional when seen from the side.
I also painted these over a decade ago, so they look quite a bit rougher than my newer models if you take a closer look.

Anyway, they served as champions until I took my hobby hiatus during most of the 2000s. Then, when I got back to working on a World Eaters army, I realised the usefulness of Skull Champions wielding power fists, so I set out to build some new models:

Skull Champion Memnar here was built with parts from the regular Berzerker kit and some CSM bits. I added a torso with a chain tabard from the chaos vehicle sprue and a trophy pole, however, to make him easily identifiable as a squad leader. His helmet was spliced together from that of a WFB Chaos Warrior and the regular Khornate “bunny ears”.

Skull Champion Bruul follows the same basic recipe, although I went for a bare head from the Chaos Terminator Lord kit this time. His power fist was converted from that of a loyal Terminator, and I added a spike and a Chaos Marauder Buckler on the back in order to make it look a little more interesting:

These guys look a little more modern, and they added some much needed oomph to my Berzerkers unit during 5th edition. They were kind of useful to have in combat with vehicles and monstrous creatures. However, maybe I’ll have to build yet another set of models once the new rules are out. Let’s wait and see…

Then there’s the icons. I am a great fan of having icon bearers in my army, even in those cases where they are not actually necessary in a squad. I just think it adds some nice character to the army, and I also try to never repeat an icon design across the entire army.

So it was clear that my Berzerkers would also get some icon bearers, even though their perks are “built-in” and don’t require a special model. First up is another vintage metal World Eater from the mid-90s. I especially like this model (even though he’s even more two-dimensional than his buddies above). Even though I’ve owned this model for almost twenty years, I only painted him last year, so he holds up rather well in comparison with my newer models.

The Khorne Berzerkers were actually the only unit type to get a dedicated standard bearer back then. All the other standards used the same metal Chaos Space Marine, with just the actual icon on top of the pole god-specific and exchangeable. The Khorne icon also manages to look rather threatening, like it could actually be used as a weapon.

It’s also interesting to note how those three old metal Khorne Berzerkers share between them pretty much all of the visual elements that make up the late 90s Khorne Berzerker plastic kit — take a closer look, and you’ll recognise most of the details!

So it was clear that I had to built another icon bearer for my second squad of berzerkers. This time, I went for a mix of the old and the new:

The model was built by mixing berzerker parts with the dedicated Khorne bits from the regular Chaos Space Marines. The banner pole comes from some OOP WFB  plastic Warriors of Chaos, and the icon itself is a true classic from the old metal Bloodletters of Khorne. I like how my two icon bearers are clearly distinguishable while sharing a similar overall look.

And finally, yet another classic:

Even though I am not a great fan of actually using Kharn in game (I prefer my own characters, even if they are just using standard rules), I really love the model, even after all these years. My Kharn was painted almost 15 years ago, so he looks pretty rough in places, which puts me in a bit of a fix: I’d like to paint him again, but I won’t strip the paint from this particular model for nostalgia reasons (I can still remember the night when, coming home semi-drunk from a party, I struggled to get this guy’s backpack painted). On the other hand, I definitely won’t pay silly money for a new Finecast Kharn just for the privilege of painting him again. Maybe there’ll be a new version released soon?

The only touchup I did was to go back and add a little lighting effect to his Plasma pistol. It’s a little thing, but it definitely adds some pop to the model:

And that concludes our little tour of my World Eaters’ middle management. Although I have one or two more Skull Champions, they haven’t been painted yet. Next up in our Roll Call for Chaos: the squads commanded by these guys.

As always, thanks for looking and stay tuned for more!