INQ28: Unfinished business, pt. 4

Alright, time to show you something that’s actually painted again, even if it’s just a …something small, so to speak. So what is this about?

As you know, I have been slowly working my way through Inquisitor Alvar’s Ordo Xenos warband as one of my recurring hobby projects of 2019, finally painting one of my long-neglected warband projects:

With the end of the year coming up, I found myself with just two members of the warband left to paint:

As it turned out, I was missing a crucial paint for the hive ganger on the right (GW’s Doombull Brown, as I want to give her a dark skin tone), which left me with the gentleman on the left as my next project: Skuldi Kulva, member of an enclave of squats hidden away somewhere in the Velsen Sector and now a member of Inquisitor Alvar’s retinue. Just to remind you, here’s a look at the unpainted conversion again:

Now I went into this paintjob with lots of ideas, but lacking a fully formed strategy. My original plan was to just go with the official “Barak Zilfin” colour scheme and call it a day:

There are several elements of this colour scheme I really like: The contrast created by the blue overalls and bronze armour plates. And, possibly most of all, the off white parts of the helmet, looking almost like some kind of ceramic material. At the same time, however, just adopting an official AoS colour scheme for a 40k character did seem a bit lame, so I tried to incorporate a couple of ideas from the Barak Zilfin scheme while also moving away from it in other respects.

My idea for the Velsen Sector’s resident squats is that they are focused on heavy industry, so I wanted a workmanlike look and feel to them — which is why the highly utilitarian look of Adam Wier’s Kharadron conversion for his character Freyvid Hafnar became another chief inspiration for me:

I would also like to think that LarsonicMiniatures’ work was yet another big influence, both because Lars is incredibly good at using drab, earthen tones to fantastic effect on his models, but also because his blog has been one of my main inspirations this past year.

Anyway, throwing all of this into the blender gave me this model. Meet Skuldi Kulva, everyone:

I chose to go with a rather drab colour for the overalls, while still using the bronze armour (and white elements) of the Barak Zilfin colour scheme. The bright blue glowy parts have become a bit of a recurring element with many of my models, yet they seem to fit really well here, hinting at the fact that, in spite of its medieval/early-modern trappings, Kulva’s suit is actually quite high-tech — maybe even moreso than standard Imperial tech.

The “K” on his shoulderpad stands for “Kombinat”, the German (and, to my knowledge, also the Russian) word for “combine”. It seemed blunter and more 40k-ish than the English word πŸ˜‰ I also tried to suggest the Adeptus Mechanicus cogwheel design — or rather an evocation of it, to show how these guys are different from the AdMech, yet there may be some shared heritage.

One thing that I have used to strengthen the 40k feel of the model was the combination of white armour parts with orange markings and a suitable decal. I think this is another small step towards bringing the model more firmly into the 41st millennium:

All in all, I am pretty happy with the finished model, even moreso because I went into the painting process with some disparate ideas and have somehow managed to bind it all together into a coherent look — or at least that’s what I think. I would be happy to hear your opinions as well!

So that’s one more member for Inquisitor Alvar’s warband:

Just one more to go. Wish me luck! πŸ˜‰ And, as always, thanks for looking and stay tuned for more!

17 Responses to “INQ28: Unfinished business, pt. 4”

  1. Excellent! All looks good to me, but the blue glowy stuff I really like! πŸ™‚

  2. Great stuff mate – he fits into the 40k universe perfectly imo!

  3. Damn fine work! I really like the paintjob and the blue glow pushes the futuristic look a lot together with the white / orange armour.

    • Cheers, mate! Like I said in the post, I am pretty sure your own work has had quite a bit of influence on this particular model! πŸ˜‰

      • I read that and thank you so much for this ;-)!
        Adam Wier is involved in my next Drukhari post as well, stay tuned.

        Btw., I hopefully can still count you in for the Ondroma Event next year. Have a lot of personal trouble at the moment, but I want to push things further in January and make some serious progress.

      • Aw, mate, you can totally still count me in! I am extremely ashamed of not having been a part of the conversation much earlier — this year has been a bit of a rollercoaster for me, unfortunately. But I’ll make sure to be in touch ASAP! Promise!

  4. Seeing you finish these guys will be well-worth the price of a box of Iron Golems.

  5. I think I lost the count of how many warbands you finished for Inq28 (ok, this is still one step away from being finished) , but most important the background for them all is so well defined and you manage to include so many little details to make them fit together… great job as usual!

  6. RookCorvus Says:

    Skuldi looks great! In the best possible way, his orange and white pauldron reminds me of a few GSC paintjobs I’ve seen. About halfway between a laborer and an IG shoulder pad.

    The whole thing looks excellent! Maybe it’s the Iron Warrior in me, but I love that axe head. You made the metal look oil-dulled and well-used beautifully. Another fine piece of work!

    • Thanks a lot, mate! Yeah, I wanted a distinct factory worker angle for the model, and this obviously taps into both the GSC and the Astra Militarum. Also, funny you should mention the Iron Warriors, because I have long thought that those Kharadron weapons would make for pretty cool IW entrenching tools with a bit of work πŸ˜‰

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