State of the Hunt, week 48/2019: Something stirs…

Hello everyone, and *phew*: It has been quite a while since the last update, hasn’t it? To be honest with you, the last weeks have gone by in a blur, due to all kinds of RL related shenanigans, and it is only this week that I once again find myself with some hobby time to spare. So consider this just a small heads up to show you that I am still alive and kicking — and while we’re at it, let me also share a few small things I am currently working on:

I. Eating worlds, one spoonful at a time…

I don’t have that much progress on my new World Eaters models to share, to be honest, but have been able to sneak in a bit of kitbashing here and there. Like working on a couple of World Eaters helmets, just to build up a reserve of possible heads:

The two helmets on the right are vanilla (new) CSM helmets with added “bunny ears” from the AoS Blood Warriors, whereas the helmet on the left is an attempt at grafting a (old) CSM mouthpiece to a Blood Warrior head, approximating an approach I have seen fellow hobbyist ElDuderino use recently. This exercise has only added to my appreciation of his conversions in this vein, as the process of making it all fit together is a rather tricky one…

With the head finished, however, I couldn’t help myself and tried to come up with a model to fit the converted helmet:

Another marriage of CSM and Blood Warrior bitz, this one — it took me a while until the model finally came together:

I do hope that I’ll be able to get him and one or two of his buddies painted before the end of the year — wish me luck ๐Ÿ˜‰


II. Meanwhile, back at the Inquisitorial fortress…

Another project I have been chipping away at for most of the year is the retinue of Inquisitor Alvar, of the Ordo Xenos. While this is definitely one of my older warband projects, I was happy to make pretty good progress on the good Inquisitor’s operatives earlier this year, leaving me with a growing collection of characterful – and, more importantly, PAINTED – individuals:

At the moment, there are just two more models left to paint before I can call this long-running project finished. Here’s a picture of the last unpainted models from back in October:

Now the Magos Xenobiologis and Research assistant are already done and dusted. Which leaves me with the squat engineer/explorer and the female hive ganger:

I have wanted some kind of squat character ever since I first laid eyes on the Kharadron Overlords for AoS — even as stock models, they are basically the perfect 40k squats, if you ask me, with more of a steam/clock-punk-ish angle and less fantasy dwarf goofiness.

While the model you can see above already worked pretty well as a proof of concept, I did subject the little guy to a bit of fine-tuning. And here’s what I came up with:

Meet Skuldi Kulvar, the penultimate member of Inquisitor Alvar’s retinue:

Granted, for the most part, it’s still a stock Arkanaut model. But I have added some visual clutter and some techy bitz to bring the model more firmly into the 40k universe. I am seeing Skuldi as some kind of explorator/collector who has fallen in with Alvar. I have some ideas in the back of my head for a squat enclave somewhere within the Velsen sector, a rather reclusive group that is focused a lot around heavy industry and organised as some kind of industrial combine. There’s also some technology transfer between them and the local Adeptus Mechanicus, although it’s mostly strictly below the counter (I’ve tried to subtly hint at this fact by using an AdMech barrel on the pistol, though).

Many of the ideas I have for the little squat enclave owe a debt of inspiration to Thomas Plischke’s novel “Die Zwerge von Amboss” (“The Dwarves of Anvil”, unfortunately not available in English, as far as I am aware):

While the series does get less interesting as it goes, the first book provides a really fascinating look at a dwarven empire with a definite late 19th/early 20th century feel, completely build around the ideas of building something of lasting value and performing your work to the best of your abilities, all rolled together with more than a hint of early capitalism. It’s a cool angle of bringing the classic dwarven tropes into a more modern, quasi-industrialist setting, and the book was very much in my mind when I tried to come up with an angle for the squats that would interest me (and move beyond the “fantasy dwarves IN SPACE!” approach). Anyway, you may get to hear more of the squar combine before long, as this model actually doubles as a test model for a squat warband project that may or may not happen at some point in the future — don’t hold your breath, though…

The last member for Inquisitor Alvar’s retinue is this charming lady here: Shiv Korlund, former hive ganger:

This model has been attached to the project for quite a while, and she’s basically just an unconverted OOP metal Necromunda Escher ganger from back in the late 90s. Painting her should be fun, though…

Talking about painting, having built the two models’ bases, I’ll actually be taking these along to my next scheduled painting session at Annie’s place later this week:

Maybe I’ll be able to show you the finished models before long. I’ll be giving it my best shot…


III. Surprise supply drop!

Oh, and one more thing before I tune out for today, as this was such a lovely surprise:

I backed MOMiniaturas’ “Mercenaries” Kickstarter earlier this year, mostly because his wonderful, retro-Warhammer-styled mercenaries really scratched my HeroQuest itch when I looked at them:

In addition to the twenty-ish mercenary models that were part of the actual Kickstarter, however, I also used the opportunity to pick up a bunch of additional fantasy models at a discount from MOMiniaturas, then forgot all about it, and was pleasantly surprised when a massive pile of miniatures arrived on my doorstep last month:

I expect we’ll be taking a closer look at these in a future post — it’s anyone’s guess when I’ll actually have the time to paint any of these, but they have such a lovely retro appeal that I’ll try my darnedest to sneak in one or two of them before the year ends…


So yeah, that’s it from me for today. TLDR; I am still here, chipping away at my various projects. Is anybody alive in here? If so, I would, of course, love to hear your thoughts!

And, as always, thanks for looking and stay tuned for more!

14 Responses to “State of the Hunt, week 48/2019: Something stirs…”

  1. I’ll make you a deal. You finish Alvar’s retinue by 2020, and I’ll finish Grundd by 2020. If either of us fall short, we buy the other one a Warcry warband ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. RookCorvus Says:

    He lives! Nice to see some new Eternalhunt content!

    Shame about that novel not being in print in English; it sounds really interesting! And I’m really liking your Squat conclave idea. Your proof-of-concept model is great! The few spliced in bits really do put him nicely into a 40K vibe. The mechanicus barrel is a nice, subtle touch.

    • Thanks a lot, mate! Yeah, the book contains lots of cool ideas what an early-modern dwarven society would look like: humans being held as house slaves, the whole culture being built around dependability and respect for lasting work, the halflings as a creepy state security/secret police, even linguistic quirks that communicate cultural values (the biggest compliment one dwarf in the book can bestow upon another roughly translates to “may your work be built to last”). Such a shame the second book seems to mainly deal with – very conventional – humans, which really made me lose interest quickly.

      Cheers for the kind words about the model! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Enjoyed the update! Plenty to keep you busy! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. it’s great to see you back on track, can’t wait to see the next update!
    total love for your new berzerkers!

  5. Good to see you’re still in action! Like what you’ve done with that squat, it’s very subtle but it really works to bring it that extra step into the 41st Millennium. I’m curious to see the squat warband as well if you decide to do it (although I’m currently teetering on the brink of getting Thundrikโ€™s Profiteers to turn into a squat warband myself and I really don’t need any more encouragement to invest in another distraction!).

    Lovely work on the World Eaters, those are coming together really nicely (although of course it would be even nicer if they were painted – hint hint ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). Those Khornate crests sit very well on the chaos marine helmets – and I can quite imagine what a trial it was to get the mouthpiece onto that blood warrior helm, well done for persevering though as the result is very effective.

    • Cheers, mate! Yeah, those Profiteers seem like an excellent start for a 40k squat warband — they weren’t available yet, back when I picked up my own Kharadron Overlords, although I would argue that a single Arkanaut Company box is still just about the perfect toolkit for all of your squat conversion needs (even if it lacks the fancy flyboy).

      Splicing together World Eaters helmets has been part and parcel of collecting the XII legion for years at this point — are we ever going to see new plastics, I wonder? ๐Ÿ˜‰

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