Tool time

There are some days on the grimdark battlefields of the 41st millennium when just shooting at your opponent’s not enough. That goes double if you are a deathless slaughterer in the service of the Blood God. And sometimes, even your trusty chainaxe, power fist or lightning claws are not enough. Sometimes, all those tools of destruction just won’t cut it. But a buzzsaw will.

Alright, enough with the sales pitch. However, that was more or less my train of thought when I found myself in the possession of a nice and brutal looking buzzsaw from an Ork Dread. What better use for this nice little tool than to transform it into a weapon for one of Khorne’s Chosen? And who better to wield a gigantic circular saw than the venerable Brother Khoron the Undying?

I knew from GuitaRasmus’ thread that buzzsaws on Chaos Dreads were a great idea, so I set off to fashion a nice CC arm out of the saw and a couple of bits. The obvious way would have been to use a regular CC arm. However, I was pretty enamoured with the idea of building the saw as an optional weapon, using the Venerable Dread kit’s cleverly designed system for exchanging weapons.

So I used the basic socket at the end of an unused Assault cannon, added a leftover bit from the Furioso kit to slightly lengthen the arm and the buzzsaw bit. Here’s the finished arm fitted onto the Dread:

Granted, the arm looks a bit less flexible than a true CC arm, but the weapon can now be easily exchanged with minium hassle. A small price to pay for maximum versatility. The saw also looks a little orky, but not so much that it wouldn’t be believable as a Chaos weapon.

I quickly painted the new weapon in my tried and true World Eaters recipe. A short while after, Khoron had a new toy, the better to spill blood for the Blood God:

Although I am usually a little hesitant about adding blood to weapons (since there’s a marked tendency for the whole thing to end up looking like it’s covered in strawberry sauce), there was simply no way I could have the saw looking like it was brand new. So I took a piece of blister sponge and the ever useful Tamiya Clear Red and got to work:

Although it might need a few small touchups here and there, the fluid covering the saw certainly doesn’t look like it came from something growing on a bush 😉

And with that, yet another weapons option was finished. This one allows me to run Khoron with two CC weapons whenever Marax the Fallen has his day off (or I want to run two CC Dreads in the same game). I also realised that I now had  a silly amount of different weapon options for use on my Dread. Take a look:

From left to right, you can see the basic arm construction with the insets for the Plasma Cannon, Lascannon and CC arm respectively. There are even more options when I add the Autocannon and Heavy Bolter Arms I built:

And of course there’s always the surplus Heavy Bolter given to me by Doombreed. Lots and lots of lovely tools of destruction. Gotta love it, right?

Anyway, who knows what crazy kind of power tool will be the next to be added to Khoron the Undying’s tool shed? In any case, I’ll keep you updated!

Right, before I wrap up this post, just a little note from the editor’s desk: I have added a page called “Khorne’s Eternal Hunt” to the navigation on the right. There you can take a look at the background of my World Eaters, outlined in the style of the old Index Astartes articles. Just a little something for all the “fluffbunnies” out there.

As always, thanks for looking and stay tuned for more!

4 Responses to “Tool time”

  1. […] I somehow forgot to show you earlier. You may remember one of my Chaos Dreadnoughts/Helbrutes, Khoron the Undying, with all his various toys. Alas, the poor chap was still missing a Multimelta to round out his […]

  2. heyhey i’m working on the same kinda themed army, my BLOOD PACT, I would like to use some of ur ideas? I would like to contact you more personal and I would like to use you to bounce ideas from you so my email is

    • Hey mate,

      yeah, sure, I always like throwing around ideas! My e-mail adress may be found under the “About” tab, so just shoot me an e-mail. Do you already have pictures of your stuff online?

  3. […] to be able to keep the arm modular, so that it will accept alternate guns and can make use of the additional weapons I already built back when I converted my first Venerable […]

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