Speaking in tongues

I told you before that deciding on a course of action for converting my Ogryn Berserkers was pretty hard at first. Well, third time’s a charm, or so they say, so my third corrupted Ogryn was actually much easier to conceptualise and build.

Once again, fellow Chaos-worshipper Doombreed provided the main ingredient for this project: He had sent me an Ogre belonging to the Scraplauncher/Ironblaster kit some time ago. The great thing about the model was that its pose was much more intimidating than that of the regular Ogres. Combine that with the idea of a huge gatling gun, and something to make the Ogryn look suitably corrupted by the ruinous powers, aaaand…well, here’s what I managed to cook up:

As you can see, this guy actually did get a huge gun: It was spliced together from a Chaos Termie Lord’s Bolter and the barrels from a leftover Dreadnought assault cannon. Of course I also had to add a backpack with lots of ammo to the model’s back.

The other very prominent feature of this model is the horrible, prehensile tongue emerging from the Ogryn’s gaping maw. While this guy lacks his squadmates’ crude implants, I wanted to show that the powers of chaos had still found a way of corrupting him, albeit in a more direct way. So in a moment of inspiration, I cut off the Ogryn’s lower jaw and added a tentactle from the old Chaos mutation sprue. The Ogre body also has all kinds of wickedly sharp metal shards punched through the skin, so this fact in combination with the mutated head made the model look suitably twisted.

So I got to work on the paintjob with the intention of lavishing some extra attention on the model’s mouth, in order to make it look really disturbing. Apart from that, I used the same recipe as I did with the other Ogryns. Here’s the finished model:

To be honest, I am really happy with how this guy turned out! The model’s pose and weapon are a perfect fit, and the mouth and tongue are just horrible (in a good way), which makes this Ogryn a true centrepiece for the squad. I also added some spent shell cases and a skull with a bullet hole to his base as small visual flourishes.

Like I said, I took some extra care to make his mouth and tongue look as disgusting as possible. Once again, Tamiya Clear Red was an indispensable tool: I stippled it into the mouth cavity, onto the model’s chest and on the tongue for the extra wet and gory look:

All in all, this guy is really quite a monster, don’t you think?

With a model count of three, this squad is now also legally playable as Ogryns or Big Mutants. Here’s a shot of the squad so far (click for a bigger picture):

A bit like the three Stooges, huh? In any case, there’s really no mistaking them for loyal Ogryns, is there? 😉

I’ll probably add another model to the squad, but it’s in an early WIP state at the moment.

Let me know what you think in the comments section. As always, thanks for looking and stay tuned for more!

7 Responses to “Speaking in tongues”

  1. The skin on these Ogryn Traitors is awesome. So awesome that you simply must share with me the recipe.

    • Of course, but there’s really not that much to the recipe in the first place 😉

      I just use Dheneb Stone as a basecoat (over an undercoat of Chaos Black), then wash with Ogryn Flesh. Then I add some accents with the original Dheneb Stone or use a 50/50 mix of Leviathan Purple and Baal Red to add some bruising or shadows in the deepest recesses. Done!

      Not exactly rocket science, this one 😉

  2. Congrats on serving up both a delicious meal and for setting a strong example to all those around you. Hope you don;t mind me featuring you in my weekly themed top-x over at The Chaos Manifesto. Cheers and thanks for sharing.

  3. […] the last Ogryn (you know, the one with the tongue…) had been such a joy to build, I found myseld really psyched for the next model. […]

  4. Haha love the speaking in tongues!
    You’re painting is bloody brilliant mate

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