Assorted Chaos

While I am itching to paint some of the models I have recently converted, the high temperatures all around have rendered painting all but impossible for the last week or so. Fortunately enough, the temperature has dropped a bit, and it looks like I can finally get to work at the weekend. Huzza!

Until then, let me show you some odds and ends, as well as some ongoing conversion projects for my World Eaters. While I have had to content myself mainly with some kitbashing for the last few days, I still have some new models to show for it πŸ˜‰


1. A new toy for the Undying

First up, a small project I somehow forgot to show you earlier. You may remember one of my Chaos Dreadnoughts/Helbrutes, Khoron the Undying, with all his various toys. Alas, the poor chap was still missing a Multimelta to round out his equipment choices. So I finally sat down to solve that problem and cobbled together a suitable weapon from a Venerable Dreadnought’s arm, a Sisters of Battle Multimelta and a Khorne icon:

Khoron Multimelta (2)
Since I didn’t have any more armour plates to cover up the loyalist engravings on the arm, the icon was cut to size and blended in with a little GS to make the arm look suitably chaotic. The Multimelta may just be a tad too small, but I still rather like the overall result:

Khoron Multimelta (4)
This means I am only short a rocket launcher arm before I’ll own a full set of equipment options for my Helbrutes, and I already have an idea…


2. The Sons of Cron

The second thing I want to show you today are some more models for my Chosen, the Sons of Cron. I already posted my attempt at converting some of the Dark Vengeance Chosen for my World Eaters some time ago, and the fact that these models are so amazingly detailed meant that I had to touch up some of the Chosen I had already built from “regular” CSM and berzerker parts:

Sons of Cron (3)
The guy on the right is a good example for that. Some Raptor parts and additional trophies were added to him to bring his look more in line with that of the ultra-detailed Dark Vengeance model on the left.

Sons of Cron (2)
These two guys were also touched up, with the Chosen on the left receiving a new right arm, shield and some trophies, while a highly detailed set of Khornate “bunny ears” (from the WFB Skullcrushers) and a severed head were added to the gentlemen on the right. A recurring visual motif for my Chosen is that they are channelling both the legion’s gladiatorial origins as well as the 4th assault company’s role as a hunting party, so there are several visual cues to both ideas (the bare arms, the slightly gladiatorial equipment and the amount of trophies, for one). I am really pretty happy with these guys, because they now hold up quite a bit better when seen next to the Dark Vengeance Chosen.

And finally, a possible champion (or even Chaos Lord), converted from on of the bolter wielding Chosen from Dark Vengeance. You already know this guy:

Sons of Cron (4)
When Dark Vengeance was originally released, I feared that it would bepretty much impossible to make my Chosen fit the look of the highly detailed pieces from the box. And while they may not be a perfect approximation of the Dark Vengeance models’ level of detail, I am stil rather happy with how the squad has turned out so far. They look rather nice together, I think:

Sons of Cron (1)
As a matter of fact, there are even more where these came from. So I guess I will have to do a more detailed post on the Sons of Cron at some point…


3. The Teeth of Khorne

Another ongoing project of mine is the construction of a squad of Khornate Havocs. There used to be a time where not every member of the World Eaters was described as a raving lunatic completely addicted to combat at close quarters. There were also the “Teeth of Khorne”, the legion’s dedicated long range support troops. And since the 4th assault company tries its best to function as an at least slightly varied force, it was clear to me that building a dedicated squad of World Eaters wielding big guns could be a fun conversion project.

I took quite a bit of inspiration from the legendary Wayde Pryce’s Khorne Havocs when conceptualising these models. And since these are a fun experiment for now, first and foremost, I am trying to build them mainly from leftovers. Here’s my first test model with a kitbashed Autocannon:

World Eaters Havocs WIP (3)
I originally wanted to go for the usual, double-barrelled look for the weapon, but I liked the gatling look slightly better in the end, and I love the idea of these guys relentlessly advancing, their weapons spewing a relentless hail of fire. The model is nowhere near finished, of course, but I think I may be on to something here…

Here’s the Havoc with a buddy, using the (rather clunky) metal Autocannon arms from the Havoc conversion set:

World Eaters Havocs WIP (7)
Like I said, I am mainly building these guys for fun right now, so let’s see where this is going. One thing became clear to me, though: Introducing the “Teeth of Khorne” as yet another arm of the 4th assault company also offers me the chance to build yet another Huntmaster as Master of the Teeth. Yay! πŸ˜‰


4. The Wall of Brass

I picked up a used Aegis Defense Line from cousin Andy quite a while ago, and seeing how these fortifications can become rather useful in the game, I began to convert the parts to make them fit the overall look of my army. So far, I have been mostly experimenting with a couple of bitz and have built some “proof of concept” pieces, yet I believe I may be on the right track:

WE_Aegis (3)
Some of the armour plates from the chaos vehicle kits are a perfect fit for the Aegis Defense Line. All the aquilas will have to be shaved off (which is quite a bit of work) or covered with bitz, though. The Hydra Flak Cannon was in a pretty sorry state when I got the kit, so I mainly contented myself with cleaning it up and adding a spiky bit here and there (as well as a brass icon of Khorne at the base of the weapon).

For the rest of the pieces, I have begun to add some details and trophies:

WE_Aegis (7)
Well, I think we can all agree that this thing “NEEDS MOAR SKULLZ!” πŸ˜‰

WE_Aegis (6)
I also experimented with adding a Space Marine torso, impaled on the front of the wall.

Getting the fortification completely sorted out will be quite a bit more work, but it’s a fun little kitbashing project that can keep me occupied when other activities are not an option.


So, while the weather has prevented me from tackling some of the bigger painting projects, I have been far from idle, as you can see. And with the temperatures returning to normal now, expect to see some rather interesting pieces soon-ish.

Until then, let me know what you think! And, as always, thanks for looking and stay tuned for more!

14 Responses to “Assorted Chaos”

  1. Alexander Says:

    Great work! Is it too hot for painting? Enjoy it while it lasts πŸ™‚

    1. The multimelta might be a tad small but it fits nicely with the dreadnought, and good work on the chaos symbol.

    2. The chosen really are way too detailed to fit with the old chaos range. An update would be nice, but then again too detailed figures might make conversions hard. I like what you have done with the unit!

    3. These guys are awesome, big guns and big silly grins!

    4. Nice to see something a bit different πŸ˜‰ I know it’s common to depict dead marines as trophies, but it always seems a bit of a waste to me. Surely the renegades would rather save the power armour?

    So cool to see that there is more to your hunt than just shouty angry chaos marines πŸ™‚

  2. Looking great! The side by sides with the DV chosen really show how badly we need a new CSM kit! (in a related way the horus heresy era armor from FW shows how badly we need a new SM kit) Personally I use a lot of possessed and cult marine parts to try to overcome that, but man do the current sculpts leave a lot to be desired. Excellent conversions, all.

    The aegis is coming along, but it needs MOAR SKULLS, MOAR SPIKES, MOAR BLOOD…etc

    I haven’t painted mine completely yet, so my pics aren’t great, but I tried for racks of skulls on spikes on most of the segments, icons on the big ones, and lots of defacement on the front (my army is in a warp storm so I did a lot of warp-disturbance type greenstuff work on mine.

    • Oh, pre-primer shot:

    • Well, rumours are that a new SM tactical squad is already on the way, so that takes care of that πŸ˜‰

      Regarding the CSM kit, I am not sure I agree 100%. For one, the Dark Vengeance model are Chosen, so regular CSM would end up looking less ostentatious anyhow. Plus it’s always easier to make models more spectacular when they are single pose only. The better comparison would be the Raptor/Warp Talon kit, and while those are great, they really aren’t light years beyond what the current CSM kit offers. The other factor for me is that I like my legionaries slightly less mutated, due to my army’s background — your mileage may vary, though. In the end, it always comes down to personal preference, I guess πŸ˜‰

      Cheers for the pictures! My own Aegis is far from finished, so expect to see some improvements on it yet!

  3. Thomas Chalifoux Says:

    Those Look fantastic! Love the conversion work. Great usage of different kits! That’s how Chaos Marines should look!

  4. […] here’s the problem: So far, I had mainly been using pieces from the kit to spice up some Chosen and Biker models as well as building special characters for my army, such as my custom Warpsmith, […]

  5. […] up is an Aegis Defense line for my World Eaters. I started working on this some time last summer, but then it more or less fell by the wayside. So, time to get some more work in! Here’s the […]

  6. First off, your work is amazing, really helped re kick start my army. Second, where did the flesh head you used for the champion in the Sons of Cron?

    • Thanks, man! I’m glad to be of help πŸ˜‰ The head on that champion came from the Dark Angels Sergeant from the Dark Vengeance boxed set — the expression was just arrogant enough to work for a World Eaters as well πŸ˜‰

      Hope this helps!

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