The State of the Hunt, Week 12/2017

I was simply swamped in work last week, so I had to miss an update — sorry for that! However, I’ve been far from idle on the hobby front, and possibly the most crucial hobby-related thing to happen last week were a couple of job-related trips to Hanover which provided me with the perfect opportunity for making some much needed purchases at a local FLGS:

With my supplies thus replenished, I think I’ll soon be able to start painting my recent Angron kitbash (hence all of the metallic colours). I also finally picked up a box of the Aos Blood Warriors, mainly for conversion fodder, really. And indeed, one of the fantastic helmets from the kit finally served as the perfect choice for Lorimar’s second in command, First Hunter Alrik Skarn:

This guy was originally my first really involved conversion after getting back into the hobby after a long hiatus (more than a year before I even started this blog, actually): I converted him during the first days of 2011, and have kept tinkering on him time and time again in the years since. But at long last, he now has just about the perfect helmet, so I think I can finally consider this conversion finished — phew! πŸ˜‰

And while the Blood Warriors are basically the perfect conversion resource for creating elaborate Khornate conversions for 40k, my next attempt at putting the various bits to good use actually involved creating a very early mockup for a 30k World Eater — go figure! πŸ˜‰

Does anyone have an idea who this might be. I’ll give you a hint: He’s not really a member of Lorimar’s 4th assault company, but rather a bit of a “guest star”, so to speak…

Speaking of which, work on my 30k World Eaters continues apace. For instance, I have finally built the vexillarius for my first squad of tactical veterans. Β I’ve wanted to build this model for a while now, but the backpack-mounted vexilla design didn’t do much for me. Then I happened upon Augustus b’Raass’ excellent assault squad Vexillarius here, and fell in love: I really like the way the standard recalls influences from ancient Roman Legions, which certainly seems fitting for the Legiones Astartes. At the same time, there is also something slightly totemic about the design, which fits the increasingly brutal nature of the World Eaters. So I took influences from this piece to build my vexillarius, trying to put my own spin on things. Take a look:

Unlike Augustus, I was actually too cheap to use the Custodian banner pole, so I improvised my own version with the bits I had. The shield itself will end up bearing a heraldic device (a legion badge, for instance). That way I’ll be able to use the same basic design for each vexilla, should I end up building multiple squads, while also having a chance of customising each one into an individual totem, if you will. This is a great fit for the kind of look I am after for my World Eaters: One that is not nearly as uniform as your standard Heresy era legion army, with warplate cobbled together from different marks and trophies that show the World Eaters’ beginning descent. At the same time, however, the more regimented, uniform roots are still visible.

Another thing I really wanted to incorporate was a head with a skull cap, something I’ve seen on Duncan Rhodes’ Sons of Horus in White Dwarf a couple of years ago, as well as in Apologist’s Iron Warriors: I think it works really well with Mk. 3 armour, making it look like the armour is so ancient that you actually have to wear the cap as some kind of additional conduit and protection layer underneath the atual helmet. Please ignore the Inquisitorial =][= on the model’s forehead, btw — it still needs to be filled in with GS.

I have also managed to finally put some paint on the next member of the squad, the Astartes bearing a massive and brutal looking autogun:

Now the first draft version of the model still had a standard Mk. 3 helmet, but then I saw Nemac Vradon’s fantastic conversion of Uzas (of First Claw fame) using one of the FW World Eaters helmet to great effect, and so I allowed myself a small indulgence and ordered a single head from a bitz-seller to give my model that little bit of extra oomph.

The model also features a shout out to one of my favourite 30k World Eaters armies: Mr. Poom’s World Eaters occasionally feature weapon casings in the Iron Warriors-styled hazard stripe design, and I included a variant of the design on the backup chainsword mag-locked to the legionary’s armour:

So yeah, it might be slow work – in keeping with my general laziness – but my small collection of 30k World Eaters keeps expanding one model at a time — not too long now, and I might actually end up with a full squad! Shocking, I know… πŸ˜‰

So here’s one small news item before I am off. I particularly like this one, however, because it was such a happy coincidence: During a recent visit to an artistic school, I was able to rescue a little something from the trash bin: the remains of an art project:

Call me crazy, but I think the broken parts of this face could make for some rather cool 40k terrain pieces with a bit of work. Monuments of that size are definitely a thing in the Imperium, and if I paint it in colours matching my 30k World Eaters, I’ll end up with terrain pieces that should work in 40k but would also make for pretty cool looking terrain for an Armatura-themed display board…just sayin’ πŸ˜‰

Until then, however, it goes without saying that I would love to hear any feedback you might have. And, as always, thanks for looking and stay tuned for more!

19 Responses to “The State of the Hunt, Week 12/2017”

  1. Nice stuff, you might be able to play a game of 30K in another 4 or so years if you keep up the pace.

    That shattered head is awesome, I wish I could find things that like so easily.

    As for the mystery marine – he has an axe and a plasma pistol… surely not the 8th Captain making an early appearance?

    • Haha, cheers for being such a pillar of support when it comes to my painting speed πŸ˜‰ In all fairness, this project really isn’t about getting a game-worthy army ASAP, but rather about treating a project like I always should have: cutting as few corners as possible and creating only models I am happy with.

      As for your idea regarding the mystery marine, you’re bang on the money, mate! πŸ˜‰

  2. Inquisitor Mikhailovich Says:

    I am excited to see where that head goes…

    • Cheers, mate! I imagine it’s the plaster face you are referring to? Like I said, I think it would make some pretty sweet terrain for an Armatura-based display board (and also work as 40k terrain at the same time).

  3. Excellent stuff as always mate, and that shattered face is a great find! I look forward to seeing what you do with it πŸ™‚

  4. Great to see you have finally finished First Hunter Alrik Skarn! The new head fits perfectly on the model (looks like it was made to be a Khorne Berserker). I love all of the grenades on his belt.

    Your slowly growing PreHeresy World Bearer army just keeps getting better and better. I love all the little details you add to your models. The modified hilt on the chainsword of the marine with the autogun is fantastic!

    • Thanks a lot, Adam! I am just sloooowly working up the courage to actually put some paint on FW Angron πŸ˜‰

      The sabre hilt was a bit of a stopgap solution I came up with, back before Burning of Prospero actually gave us sheathed chainswords. It does look suitably World Eaterly, though, doesn’t it? Must have something to do with the hilt coming from one of those old berzerker backup swords πŸ˜‰

  5. I love that auto-gun. The shattered mask/gave is excellent. I’m looking forward to seeing what magic you work with it.

  6. Love that broken face piece. Can you say armies on parade?

  7. Alexander Says:

    Hi mate, awesome update as always. Your blue really is beautiful.

    Did you by any chance get my email?

    • Thanks, Alexander! And yeah, I git your e-mail and will definitely reply soon-ish — sorry, I am just a terrible correspondence partner like that… 😦

  8. That vexillarius looks really promising. Huge fan of the romanesque standard.

    • Cheers, Marcus! Yeah, the romanesque look just feels so right for 30k Astartes, doesn’t it? Add some skulls, however, and you almost have one of the grisly icons eventually wielded by the 40k traitor legions…

  9. Man your work always does amaze me. And the back story of the squads/characters is awesome.

    • Thanks a lot, Aaron! I am especially happy whenever somebody compliments me on the background and/or writing, because while it’s certainly not as flashy as actual painted models, I always try to give it my all when putting together background and story vignettes.

  10. […] That’s really not so bad, however, as it provides me with the perfect excuse to highlight a conversion I’ve created fairly recently and talk about it in more detail. Some of you may remember this guy who made an appearance in one of my previous posts: […]

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