More work on the heavy hitters…

Only a short update this week, since I am still completely snowed under with work. What little hobby time I have goes towards working on my counts as Obliterators though, and I would like to show you what my test model looks like right now.

When we last saw the model, I was still playing around with bitz and trying to settle on a look. Here’s where we left off last time:

Centurions_first_look (14)
The next step was to work out an actual build for the model, to get the overall shape to work before then adding the kind of detail that will make my Behemoth test model look suitably heretical and baroque.

So far, work has been going on at a pretty slow pace: partly because I am up to my ears in work, partly because I don’t want to mess up this concept by hurrying it along.

Regarding the head, I decided to use one of the standard heads from the kit with some added bunny ears for the Khornate touch. I think those heads are a pretty good fit because they look emotionless and somewhat brutal, which really lends itself well to what I imagine the Behemoths to be like.

I also carefully shaved off the Imperial imagery from the chest plate – which made me feel a little guilty, to be honest, because it’s so beautifully detailed. I also realised the ogre gut plate was simply too big to go on the model’s torso, so I ended up using a Chaos Marauder shield instead. This is what I was left with:

Behemoths WIP (2)

In order to fill the empty space on the chest plate with something suitably Khornate, I then built a bandolier of skulls strapped across the chest — you can never really go wrong with skulls on a World Eater, after all:

Behemoths WIP (3)

I do realise that the leg armour still poses a problem, although I am already hard at work finding a solution for that. Since I don’t see myself trying something fancy, such as adding GS trim to the armour, the solution will probably depend on a bitz influx. In any case, like I said, my main objective is to sort out the overall build of the model and make it all work out, then go back and add detail, accessories etc. So the next step was to figure out how to build the arms:

Behemoths WIP (10)
Behemoths WIP (11)

As you can see, I tried to turn the heavy bolter into an autocannon by adding a new barrel. It still needs some more work, but I quite like the overall effect. I also played around with some pieces of armour to use as alternate pauldrons — the jugger headpiece is just a placeholder, though, since I really don’t have enough of those to just use them on any model I like. I also made my first bad decision, trying to replace the left hand with a chainfist from a Chaos Terminator. That would have added a suitably chaotic element with very little work. The problem, though, was that the Terminator fists are a good deal shorter than those of the Centurions. While not immediately obvious when looking at the parts, once you add a chainfist to the model, you realise that the arm ends up looking far too short, rendering the model’s already slightly funny proportions even more off-kilter. The one exception I can see is the slightly bigger chainfist from the Chaos Lord in terminator armour. Since I wanted to keep that particular piece of a possible use on the squadleader, though, I carefully re-attached the Centurion’s fist I had cut off earlier — we live and learn…

The next big step will be to sort out the leg armour. I am currently experimenting with some armour plates cut from Ogre fists:

Behemoths WIP (15)
Behemoths WIP (14)
I rather like the look so far, although it will need some more work. All in all, getting the Centurions to look suitably chaotic for my army is quite a challenge. I knew what I was getting myself into, though. And the good news is that fellow hobbyist and World Eaters player Biohazard has now entered the fray as well. So I guess that between the two of us, we will manage to come up with an awesome Centurion conversion sooner or later. On a related note, Dave Taylor has figured out a pretty nifty alternate way of mounting the Centurion weapons and significantly change the models’ silhouette! Check it out here .

So yeah, that’s the current status of my test model. It’s still a fairly early version of the model, of course. Nevertheless, feel free to let me know what you think! Getting some additional perspectives on this will be a huge help. And let’s hope that I’ll soon be able to produce some more substantial content for this blog — I, for one, am keeping my fingers crossed.

Until then, as always, thanks for looking and stay tuned for more!

5 Responses to “More work on the heavy hitters…”

  1. Hi there, Kraut’!!
    The centurion is still a little “bulky” for my liking and I just can’t stuck with those legs…It’s certainly the worse part of the kit!! Nevertheless your work turn out rather well at this time and I’m waiting for sooner update!!
    If I may give an advice tough, Obliterators needs a lot of weapons to be recognize as what they are, so I think you have to put some more Guns on it!! Why not a shoulder-mount one?? (as Dave Taylor’s one). I think your autocannon is top notch but you maybe could bulked it a little with additional gummies (lenses, cables, linked weapons and the like…), what ya think??

    My 2cts, Keb.

    • Cheers, Keb! You’re right about the weapons, although I found out it’s easy to make these guys look too over the top. Also, while Dave Taylor’s shoulder mounted approach is really cool, it doesn’t really work for the look I have in mind (plus it would interfere with the bunny ears 😉 ). In any case, arming these guys is quite a challenge, but for now, I have settled on two main weapons per guy, with maybe an additional combi-weapon here or there.

  2. He is looking awesome. I’ve never tried to convert anything, but it’s so cool seeing how he develops and his look changes as you add more!
    And I’m not sure if it’s the perspective but he looks huge! How big is he?

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