Roll call for chaos: Objectives

In this (tentatively) last installment of Roll Call for Chaos, I will show you something less bloodthirsty than my World Eaters. Still, where would we be without any objectives (in life as well as during games of 40k)?

I am a great fan of building my own objective markers. It’s easy, fun and adds a nice touch of individuality to your army. I’d go as far as saying that every self-respecting hobbyist should have a set of objective markers that matches their army, but that’s just me.

Anyway, having said that, it should be no surprise that I set out building some markers for my World Eaters as well. Here they are:

This first one is obviously a pretty straight example: It’s an axe resting atop a pile of skulls. The resin skulls are from the GW 40k basing set while the axe came from the WFB Marauder horsemen. Simple, but rather effective.

The second one is a banner of chaos rammed into the cracked earth. Again, I used bits from the different WFB Marauder kits. It’s also a nice bit of synergy that both these markers can be used for my World Eaters and Traitor Guard alike.

Then there’s this guy:

A World Eater towering above a defeated loyal Marine, ready to pull the trigger on him. I like this objective marker for the simple reason that it was almost completely build from scrap parts that I wouldn’t have been able to use otherwise (the Marine’s twisted and broken legs were actually the result of an attempt at repositioning gone wrong, for example).

I quite like the World Eater’s show of contempt, pinning his foe to the ground with an armoured boot…

And here’s all three objectives together:

I appreciate how there’s a certain sense of escalation 😉

I also built some more fallen foes. Everything started with this guy:

As you can see, it’s a fallen Eldar guardian, bagged like an animal by the proud warriors of Khorne’s Eternal Hunt.

I built this after winning a campaign game against one of cousin Andy’s buddies and his Eldar army. I tried to emulate his paint scheme, although my version is quite a bit more rough and dirty. I plan to build an objective for every army I defeat during the campaign — not only is this a very nice way of “honouring” your foes, it also allows you to add some narrative elements to your force.

I believe I already posted this guy some time ago:

I built this fallen Marine to complement one of my Dreadnoughts (both of them together form some kind of “instant mini-Diorama” which you can see here). Again, the model was built completely from leftover parts.

And finally, I did a couple of minefield markers for use in our campaign (the 5th edition rulebook has some rules for minefields which we have been using up to now):

I had to use WFB bases for these because I had run out of round bases at that time. I bet you haven’t heard that one before 😉

I used cork, leftover sprue and a couple of bits to build the markers. The mines themselves are parts of the magna grapple from the Furioso kit, and the warning shields wrre originally shields from the WFB snap fit Skeleton warriors.

While we only get to use these every once in a blue moon, it’s still nice to have something more exciting than some dice on hand in order to represent mines. Cousin Andy even did some corresponding markers for his Dark Eldar army.

Like I said, building objective markers is a fun way to add some extra shine to your army. And it’s usually easy and inexpensive too! You should definitely give it a try, if you haven’t already. Whether you want to poke fun at an opponent’s former mishaps, inject some humour into your army or just have the desire to be fighting over something more interesting than a six-sided die, individual objectives are the way to go!

And with that, you’ve seen everything there is to see about my World Eaters — everything that’s painted, that is. I hope that it’s been a fun ride! If you have any questions, criticism or words of encouragement, let me know in the comments section!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to get back to the painting desk to get more World Eaters finished before the new Codex hits 😉

As always, thanks for looking and stay tuned for more!

3 Responses to “Roll call for chaos: Objectives”

  1. Nice! I really dig those objective markers!

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