Dark vengeance – some more thoughts & first painted models

Hey, everyone, look what the cat brought in 😉 :

Even though I’ve been into 40k for over 15 years now, this is actually my first starter box ever (the remains of the 2nd edition box sold to me ages ago by my buddy Phil don’t count  😀 ). And what a first box this is! The amount of detail in most of the sculpts is really astonishing! You have to see it to believe it.

Naturally, I couldn’t keep my fingers off the models for long, so I sat down and painted my first test pieces right away. I went for the chaos cultists. These are the guys that ended up on my desk:

I tried to paint them in colours close to the colour scheme of my regular Traitor Guard, so they would blend in. While I may yet have to tweak the recipe here and there, the first models came out reasonably well. Take a look:

Admittedly, this first guy is the model I am least pleased with, since he lacks a little pop. He may need some more work.

The second one was more of a success, though:

This guy is easily one of my favourite models in the box! He’s just so twisted and disgusting — just what you’d expect from some underhive scum following the ruinous powers.

I love all the scars and crude augmentics. His back is also something to behold:

It was really fun to make him look as distressed as possible  😉

And finally, the third one:

This is the one where the application of my Traitor Guard colour scheme works best, in my opinion. I would love to add some crude chaos iconography in white to his hood, but there’s so much tiny detail on there that it’s rather hard to do without obscuring anything. Painting those eyes was quite hard!

And finally, all three of them together:

I really love the fact that GW went for a “disgruntled workers” look above all else. All the cutlists we have seen up to now were either Traitor Guard or wearing KKK style robes. I like how these new cultists have subtle signs of both, but yet sport a very own look: that of rebelling regular citizens still in their working clothes . If you’ve read the Gaunt’s Ghosts books, these guys should really click with you!

Finally, here’s a scale shot with one of my regular Traitor soldiers:

These guys were a joy to work with, although I would advise everyone working on these to paint the arms carrying the weapons separately (or at least not attach them permanently before painting). You’ll have a much easier job that way!

From a conversion standpoint, it should be reasonably simple to do a couple of weapon swaps here and there — at least on the cultists wielding CC weapons. The guys with autoguns should be a little harder to convert.

One last thing that I really hadn’t expected from the box was that they went and added a number of small “trophies” to add to the bases: spent shell casings, skulls — those were part of the AOBR box too. But this time you’re getting a traitor’s severed head and a Chaos Marine’s helmet, trampled into the ground, as well. Those should be excellent little parts for conversions!

Anyway, that’s my first look at the models. More on this as it develops  😉

5 Responses to “Dark vengeance – some more thoughts & first painted models”

  1. Roy Latarche Says:

    Dam that was quick, nice job on the paint work love the topless guy the scars have come out really well.

    I have bought a couple of sets of these my self of ebay, only wanted the chaos cultists and glad I did.

    Love the red hood gives some more colour to the model, but do think his back pack could do with a little more colour my self.

    But great work and thanks for sharing.

    • You’re absolutely right! While painting the next batch of cultists, I’ll go back and add some rust to those backpacks! How could I forget that?

      Thanks for the comment!

  2. Nice paint jobs. Thanks for sharing. When can we see that Hellbrute painted up?

    • Haha, don’t tempt me! 😉

      The truth of the matter is that I am pretty psyched for painting the Hellbrute. I’ll have to decide whether I want to do some small changes to the model first, though. While I am tempted to build and paint the model as it is, that would somehow go against my honour as a converter 😉

      Anyway, I expect it won’t be too long until I start on the big boy…

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