Huntmaster Charun

After I had built my first squad of Raptors, I realised that I had one more Maxmini jump pack than I needed – a perfect excuse to build yet another Chaos Lord. Then, by lucky chance, I happened upon Winterdyne’s fantastic Chapter Master conversion. I was really blown away by the model and wanted to make an evil version for my World Eaters. That was the birth of Lord Charun, Master of the Harriers. After a bit of cutting and glueing, this was where I ended up:

It’s easy to see where Winterdyne’s model inspired my take on Charun, although I had to make some slight alterations due to the differences in parts. I wanted the Lord to have a daemon weapon, so I used the sword of a Bloodletter from the Bloodcrusher kit. The head is one of my favourites and comes from the Fantasy Warriors of Chaos. The shield is a recurring motif in my army and comes from the Chaos Marauders. And the nifty trophy dangling from the shield is a Dark Eldar bit sponsored by cousin Andy. Here’s some more pictures:

I wanted Charun to look decidedly different from his fellow officer Bardolf: Where the latter looks like he’s slowly but purposefully advancing, I wanted to make Charun look like he was highly mobile and lusting for battle.

If you’ve read the fluff in my battle report, you have witnessed Charun’s personality for yourself. I think the model gets the point across rather nicely 😉

Thanks for looking and stay tuned for more!

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