Khorne Wolves: first test model painted

Some time ago, I showed you some test models for a small squad of traitorous Space Wolves. I had put off painting the first test model until now, since I wanted to use a dark grey undercoat on them, and I had to wait for my FLGS to get its next shipment of Army Painter spray cans.

But lo and behold, when I swung by the store last week to spent yet more money on plastic crack, a can of Army Painter Uniform Grey was already waiting for me, so I could finally start to experiment with the paint recipe for my Khorne Wolves.

I wanted them to still look fairly close to the original Space Wolves’ colour scheme, yet with parts of their armour picked out in red and bronze to serve as subtle clues as to their new allegiance. I also wanted the armour to be more of a dark grey, as opposed to the bluish grey of GW’s loyalist Wolves paint scheme.

Anyway, I chose this model for my experiments:

Khorne Wolves Test Models (1)
I think we can all agree that, for this guy, any coat of paint would be a huge improvement πŸ˜‰

So the first step was to get the model undercoated. I had never worked with Army Painter spray cans before, and had only recently read a horror story about someone ruining a couple of models using them, so I was really careful. My worries were unfounded, however, since It turned out that the paint worked almost like GW’s undercoat, only in a different colour. So this is what the model looked like after undercoating:

Khorne Wolves test model PIP (1)
Surprise, surprise: It turned out that Uniform Grey wasn’t nearly as dark as I had hoped. In fact,Β  it looked pretty much exactly like unpainted GW plastic. Here’s a comparison shot with an unpainted Marine leg for reference:

Khorne Wolves test model PIP (2)
With the grey much lighter than anticipated, I felt tempted to call this a failure altogether, abandon the project and return to painting more Blood Bowl Orcs, but I persevered. After all, no telling what the rest of the paintjob might yet achieve, right?

So I picked out the details in different colours: GW Mephiston Red for the shoulderpads and parts of the armour, Vallejo Tinny Tin for the armour trim and decorations, GW Boltgun Metal for the weapons, flex fitting, cables etc. and GW Snakebite Leather for the teeth and bones. Here’s what the model looked like after this step:

Khorne Wolves test model PIP (3)
So my first lesson with using grey undercoat: The model will look even worse with just the base colours blocked out than when I use Chaos Black. Not exactly a reassuring observation, to be sure…
I knew better than to stop now, however much I would have liked to throw away my brush in frustration. I was reasonably sure applying some washes would save the day once again…

So here’s the same model after a healthy dose of GW Agrax Earthshade and GW Nuln Oil, respectively:

Khorne Wolves test model PIP (4)
Definitely better, if only because there is much more depth to the model now. The armour came out looking slightly worn and dirty, but I guess I like the effect well enough. I then added GW Bleached Bone to the areas of bone, GW Dwarf Bronze to the edges of the armour trim, and I painted the model’s eye lenses a piercing blue:

Khorne Wolves test model PIP (5)

At this point, I thought the model looked okay, but still quite a bit lighter than I would have liked. I was afraid this guy didn’t read as a traitorous wolf, but rather as a member of the 13th company at best. Would I have to rethink my whole approach?

I still kept plugging away at him, finishing the details, painting the backpack and adding a chaos star decal to his left shoulder pad. So here’s the finished model, photographed this time without the garish flash πŸ˜‰

Khorne Wolves test model X (2)
Khorne Wolves test model X (1)
Khorne Wolves test model X (3)
So what would I call the result of this exercise? Slightly inconclusive, to tell you the truth. While the grey armour is quite a bit lighter than I would have preferred, I have to admit the model has grown on me. But the question remains: Does he look chaotic enough?

Would love to hear your thoughts on this! C&C always welcome! And, as always, thanks for looking and stay tuned for more!

7 Responses to “Khorne Wolves: first test model painted”

  1. Very nice colour combination. Good balance of red and gray. And he’s looking chaotic enough in my opinion. A little bit like Red Corsair in my imagination.

    • Cheers, Logan! Yes, I noticed a certain Red Corsair resemblance as well — maybe the additional models will need more Khorne icons and skull trophies πŸ˜‰

      Glad he seems to be looking suitably chaotic, though!

      • Yes, more Khorne icons. Right now he looks chaotic, but not quite Khorne. Also, I feel like Space Wolves who worship Khorne would be very very bloody. If it were me, I’d absolutely break out the Tamiya clear red for this guy. I’m looking forward to seeing how the rest turn out. I wanted to make a chaos space wolf army, but decided that the wolves are just too cool for me to taint (but I’m glad that you don’t have any problems with that so I can see how it looks!).

      • Cheers, mate! I already considered using Clear Red on the traitorous wolves, but have held myself back so far for several reasons:

        1. It would probably look a little silly for the SW allies to be all bloody when my “true” berzerkers and World Eaters are not. Doubly so since the wolves will most likely be used as regular Bolter CSM, if anything.

        2. I am terribly afraid of going over the top with the blood, something that’s very easy to do in my opinion.

        May have to give this option some more thought though. Hmmm…

  2. I think it strikes a nice balance between wolves and khorne, the parts and paintjob really blend well and doesnt make him look like hes been just a mash of constituent parts… he looks like he’s slowly transforming into a full fledged bezerker over time… I wish my painting ‘failures’ looked this good!

    • Thanks, mate! That’s very nice of you to say! Don’t worry, though: Even though I am not perfectly sure the wolf looks like I wanted him to, this is by no means a total failure. You wouldn’t want to see my real failures posted on this blog — I know I wouldn’t πŸ˜‰

  3. […] “regular” 40k army, I got some more work in on my squad of traitorous Space Wolves: My first test model came out well enough, but I realised that I would maybe have to pay more attention to make these […]

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