First steps

Finally, something to look at 😉

Pretty much the first thing I did when getting back into 40k was to paint up a couple of conversions I had done almost a decade ago.
First came a number of models I had originally intended to be Possessed (back when Possessed were a bit more predictable). Take a look:

I used parts from the old chaos mutation sprue and some ork boy arms in order to make my possessed look tougher. Obviously, the newer plastic possessed by GW look *much* more twisted, so my models tend to be used as normal berserkers as often as not. But then, these models were great as test pieces in order to find the right formula for my updated World Eaters colour scheme. Nothing fancy, since my paintjobs tend to be serviceable more than anything else, but they look alright on the tabletop.

At some point, though, I’ll have to redo the bases. They’re far too basic, and I’ve since stumbled upon a fairly easy way to do easy and effective cityfight bases. Until then, these guys will have to do.

2 Responses to “First steps”

  1. […] We’ll start with what you might call a long running project of mine: The very last squad of models I built before abandoning the hobby for a while during the mid-2000s was a squad of kitbashed possessed Chaos Space Marines. Back then, there where no stock models to represent Possessed, so I made my own, using a box of berzerkers, some parts from the old chaos mutations sprue and some Ork bitz. And, as a matter of fact, not only where the resulting models some of the first models I painted after getting back into the hobby, but they were also the absolute first models to appear on this blog, right after I started it. […]

  2. […] to me: Who would have expected this blog to keep running for such a relatively long time, back when I posted my first dodgy photos of some World Eaters back in 2012? Not me, I can tell you — especially since blogging tends to get more and more work the longer […]

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