Something old, something new

Work on my World Eaters continues, as I am feeling rather inspired at the moment, and I know myself well enough to make the most of that particular spell of inspiration while it lasts 😉

So let me show you yet more servants of the Blood God, among them long standing members of the 4th assault company as well as some more recent editions.


We’ll start with what you might call a long running project of mine: The very last squad of models I built before abandoning the hobby for a while during the mid-2000s was a squad of kitbashed possessed Chaos Space Marines. Back then, there where no stock models to represent Possessed, so I made my own, using a box of berzerkers, some parts from the old chaos mutations sprue and some Ork bitz. And, as a matter of fact, not only where the resulting models some of the first models I painted after getting back into the hobby, but they were also the absolute first models to appear on this blog, right after I started it.

I use them as The Lost Brethren, those members of the 4th assault company too far gone and too mutated to be used as anything more than a Kamikaze unit.

Anyway, almost three years ago, the one new model I built for the squad was an icon bearer – both to bring the squad up to eight members and because every squad in my army always gets an icon bearer model, regardless of the rules and any possible uses in the game. Anyway, after several years, I finally got around to painting the icon bearer:

The Lost Brethren (9)
The Lost Brethren (10)
This guy probably isn’t much to write home about, since he was built in late 2010, when my bitzbox was still far smaller than it is today. He shares his squadmates’ muscular arms (I actually used an Orc spear arm for the icon). Still, after almost a decade, not only did the squad finally receive its icon bearer, it also finally numbers eight members. Yay!

Having finished this model makes me rather happy, because I can now consider this particular squad finished — and after such a long time to boot!

Come to think of it, I think it’s actually time to replace to earlier, fuzzy earlier photos of the squad with some new images. Take a look:

The Lost Brethren (1)
The Lost Brethren (2)
The Lost Brethren (3)
The Lost Brethren (5)
The Lost Brethren (6)
The Lost Brethren (7)
And, of course, the unit’s champ, Huntmaster Kharduun (actually the model that brought me back to my World Eaters, and the first conversion I did in ages, back in 2010):

Kharduun the Hunter (4)

Granted, these are older paintjobs and maybe not 100% representative of my painting standard today, but I still like the models and think they look pretty good together as a squad:

The Lost Brethren (11)
The Lost Brethren (13)
The one thing left to do is to touch up the bases at some point. Oh well, I guess I’ll eventually get around to it sometime during the next ten years…


I also managed to pick up an older Chaos Lord in Terminator armour from fellow hobbyist Carnak:

Metal Terminator Lord (3)
Metal Terminator Lord (1)
Metal Terminator Lord (2)

The model was originally released alongside the Cities of Death supplement and the Medusa V summer campaign, if I recall correctly. As a matter of fact, it was even used to represent Abaddon’s right hand man, Chaos Sorcerer Ygethmor the Deceiver, during a WD battle report — a rather dubious (and downright lazy) choice, if you ask me: This guy is no sorcerer, he’s a warrior! A true veteran of the Long War!

In fact, that’s precisely the reason why this is one of my favourite GW chaos models ever! I love how massive and imposing the model looks and how it manages to exude an air of quiet menace. My favourite parts of the model have to be the tabard (an element I would like to see used far more often on Chaos Terminators) and the dangling skull trophies, making this guy an excellent servant of Khorne as well!

Another great thing about the model is that it comes with several weapon options, featuring one long range weapon and CC option for each hand:

Metal Terminator Lord (4)
From left to right: a power sword, a weapon probably supposed to be a Kai Bolter (from the 3.5 edition book’s wargear section), a power claw and a combi-melta. All of the options look great, although I suppose I’ll go with the combination of sword and claw you can see above — from a visual standpoint, it’s just the coolest option by far, in my opinion!

The model’s only shortcoming is that it seems just a little short when compared to the (more recent) plastic Terminators. But the problem is nowhere as egregious as with Abaddon the Despoiler, and this guy still clearly reads as a Terminator, even if seen next to some of the newer models.

As a matter of fact, I’ve been wanting to add this model to my force for quite some time, and being able to pick it up for a song was quite a nice coincidence. I guess that this guy will remain largely unconverted, too — I just like the stock model that much!


And finally…oh, wait, we’re just receiving an important transmission: It seems like one of our enterprising pict-drones has made it to the bowels of the 4th assault company’s great forge. Here’s the final image it managed to transmit before being destroyed:

Wargrinder_Teaser (1)
Now what on earth could this be. Any ideas? 😉

In any case, thanks for looking and stay tuned for more!

3 Responses to “Something old, something new”

  1. Ygethmor is one of my favourite Chaos mini, I can’t even explain why, so… awesome!

    On on a slightly off-topic note, where in Germany do you live?

  2. Dominic Says:

    You painted the dreadknight-forgefiend conversion! …yay
    It’s looking great and far from the original.

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