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Inquisitor 28: Desktop roundup

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Right, with Inquisitor Antrecht’s retinue so thoroughly documented, let us turn to my other INQ28 models, of which there are currently about 30 in different states of completion. Some of them are pretty much complete, some are early sketches, still others are simply useful 40k models that I managed to pick up (from cousin Andy’s extensive collection, in more than one case). I’d like to showcase these models in a series of posts that I call “Desktop roundup” to show you where my different Inquisitor projects are headed. I also encourage you to let me know your ideas and criticism! Many of these models are nowhere near finished, and they can only get better with your help. So let’s get this show on the road!

In today’s post, we’ll take a look at a number of models I built (or am still building) for the retinue of Inquisitor Gotthardt. You’ll notice straight away that, compared to Inquisitor Antrecht’s freakshow of a warband, Gotthardt’s followers are a lot less extreme. Nevertheless, I am trying to make them interesting and rounded characters.

First up is Rogue Trader Iskander Gagarin, in Gotthardt’s service ever since the Inquisitor convicted him of smuggling Xenos contraband and made him an offer he could not refuse:

With this model, I tried to partly channel the look of Rogue Trader von Castellan from the Inquisitor rulebook. I like the idea that rogue traders are pretty much naval merchants on speed, sporting a wild mix of gaudy dress uniforms and more exoctic features, so that’s what I tried to achieve with Gagarin: I used a Cadian officer’s torso and right arm with the left arm and legs coming from an old WFB Empire cannon kit. The head is a Space Wolf scout’s, while the flashy fur cloak is from the WFB Empire Knights. To represent Gagarin’s dealings with Xenos cultures, I gave him a shuriken pistol from an old Eldar CC weapons sprue and a Dark Eldar knife on his belt. He is also carrying his family’s heirloom sword (again from the Empire Knights). All in all, I am rather pleased with the overall effect. He looks suitably swanky, with just a bit of a swashbuckling vibe. I’ll probably go for a pretty loud paintjob, in order to make him look like a 19th century military officer turned up to eleven.

Next in line is a character that I intended to be the very opposite of Gagarin: Captain Esteban Revas, former regimental champion of the 126th Haaruthian Dragoons, who was dishonoured in the eyes of his regiment, his family and his homeworld for the crime of actually doing an honourable deed (go figure!):

I wanted to build a model that was clearly recognisable as a (former) member of the Imperial Guard. I also wanted the model’s pose to be full of confidence, even arrogance, to underline his military upper-class background. Again, I used a mix of Cadian parts and bits from WFB Empire kits. Revas is supposed to be an accomplished fencer and duelist, so I gave him a weapon (and some absurdly ornate equipment — check out his helmet!) to match this effect. Though I used components very similar to Gagarin’s, the resulting model looks very different, and the dynamic between the two characters should be fairly interesting in the background as well.

While Gagarin’s and Revas’ characters and respective background are pretty far along, there are some additional members of the warband who haven’t yet made it beyond the modelling stage, with little or no background in place.

On of those is a drill abbot I built:

I wanted him to look like an older, world weary type who nevertheless can hold his own in battle. I used a stocky monk’s body from the Bretonnian men-at-arms, combined with a Space Wolf head, a power hammer from the power armoured Grey Knights and a couple of bits. I also gave him a lantern for good measure. All in all, the model’s a bit shorter than I would have liked, but that cannot be helped. I haven’t come up with a background for him yet, but I’ll work something out.

Then there’s this guy:

You all probably recognise the model as the shuttle pilot from the Maccrage box set. I really love this guy, so I talked cousin Andy into letting me have him. After thinking for a while about what I would actually use him for, I decided to attach him to an Inquisitorial warband as some kind of retired Arbites judge, security agent or something of the like.

Towards that end, I clipped off the case he was carrying and added a power maul (from the Dark Angels veteran kit) instead. However, I am not quite sure whether I should clip off the maul’s head or not, or replace it with something different…any ideas? I also added some gloves from the Bretonnian men-at-arms to his belt.
Apart from that, I’m pretty sure I won’t change too much about the model, since the base model is great as it is. But if there are any suggestions, let me know!

And finally, here is a character I have been toying around with for quite a while now:

A Kroot mercenary I built from some parts that had accumulated in my bitzbox. However, I always saw the Kroot as more than just a couple of flesh-eating “birdmen”. I’ve been intrigued by a number of conversions I’ve seen over the years that chose to emphasise the tribal aspect to the Kroot culture, picturing them as some kind of “noble savages” if you will. And however dated (and downright politically incorrect) that concept may be in actual literature, I think there’s little harm in applying it to a race of alien birdmen from space.

The model you see above was heavily inspired by a Kroot conversion published in the new 40k rulebook. The model throws some High-Elf (and Wood Elf) bits into the mix to add some tribal elements. However, as you can see, this guy is not finished by a long stretch, and I am also not sure whether he’ll actually end up in Gotthardt’s entourage or will rather be held back for the warband of a Xenos Inquisitor I have yet to build.

Anyway, that’s the first few character sketches currently loitering on my desk. If you have any questions, suggestions or ideas, let me know in the comments! I am looking forward to hearing from you!

In any case, as always, thanks for looking and stay tuned for more!