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News from the hot dust

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I usually keep a small pile of bitz at the ready on my desktop at all times, in case of sudden spells of inspiration. One of the models that resulted from such a moment is the gladiatorial World Eater I posted quite a while ago:

Gladiator (4)
Without a doubt, Angron’s gladiatorial origins and the legion’s attempt at channelling its Primarch’s traditions are among the more interesting bits of World Eaters lore. So after building the first model, I realised it would only be a matter of time before I would revisit this particular concept. So when inspiration struck again recently, I decided to build and paint a new playfellow for the lonely gladiator.

The catalyst for this decision were some of the Beastman weapons I had aqcuired with an old box of Gors and Ungors. I realised that not only do some of those weapons make for brilliant gladiatorial wargear, but the Gors’ muscular arms also nicely fit CSM and Chaos Marauder proportions alike.

So, a short while later, this WIP model was standing before me:

Gladiator (14)
Gladiator (12)
Gladiator (13)
The basic construction was very similar to the older model: A pair of CSM legs was combined with a Marauder torso. the left arm came from a regular CSM, while the right one came from the aforementioned Beastman Gors. Both swords are also Beastman weapons.

The head was angled downwards, to make it look as though the gladiator were staring down his next opponent. I do realise that the old berserker head is a case of love it or hate it for some, although I can be firmly placed within the former camp: While the fangs may be a little corny, the face really looks like that of a veteran of the Long War. Plus the cabling on the back of the head is still one of the best possible representations of Butcher’s Nails across GW’s entire catalogue, if you ask me.

All that remained was to add some bitz and bobs: The loincloth is a slightly cut down part from the Chaos Lord in Terminator armour. I added some Space Marine grenades at the model’s hips to make it look more 40k and to slightly bulk out the silhouette. The skull shoulderpads came from the Chaos Marauders. And a shaved down orcish armour plate was added to the model’s back to make it look like it was intended to protect the gladiator’s neck.

Granted, the pose is fairly static, and also quite similar to the other model. However, not only am I a true fan of the “present your weapons” sort of pose, but I also think it works really well with the swords. It’s also a great fit for a gladiator, if you ask me.

So I quickly painted this guy. You simply won’t believe how much more fun Chaos Space Marines are to paint when you have a pretext for ditching those cumbersome backpacks 😉

Anyway, here’s the painted model:

Gladiator (15)
Gladiator (16)
Gladiator (17)
Gladiator (18)
As you can see, I stuck to my regular recipe fairly closely, save for one important difference: A red, warpaint-like tattoo was added to the gladiator’s forehead, harking back to Angron’s own facial markings:

Gladiator (20)
A brilliant idea that was “borrowed” from fellow World Eater Szczur22’s thread over on ToS. I think I’ll add variations of this to all the coming models in the squad.

Here are the two gladiators together:

Gladiator (21)
And here they are, together with the Forsaken I completed earlier. I took this photo for no other reason than the fact that those guys look great together 😉

Gladiator (22)
It’s fun little projects like these that will keep you interested in an army, even if you haven’t got the time (or motivation) to finish a tank or a whole squad. Sure, this guy didn’t bring me much closer to finishing the next 500 (or even 50) points for my army, but he offered me the opportunity to add some character to the force and to explore the background lore of my chosen legion — and as far as worthy hobby endeavours go, that has always been good enough for me! I also think there may be more models where those two came from — maybe each of them wielding a different set of gladiatorial weapons? And some of those models will also have to be quite dynamic, come to think of it…

Anyway, let me know what you think! And look forward to seeing more World Eaters-related stuff. Just sayin’…

And, as always, thanks for looking and stay tuned for more!

Dark Vengeance …again

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You have to hand it to GW: That Dark Vengeance boxed set is quite a lot of bang for the buck: I’ve been happily cutting away on those models ever since the box was released last summer, and I still didn’t get all the way through its contents.

Case in point: The Chosen. The box comes with six exquisitely detailed plastic Chosen. The models are so good that any chaos player should be happy enough to draft them into his forces, right?

Image appears courtesy of Games Workshop

Image appears courtesy of Games Workshop

So why haven’t I done any work on these? They are, without a doubt, some of the finest CSM models ever released, yet they have sat untouched in their box so far — what the heck is wrong with me?

Well, there may be a couple of reasons, actually: First of all, I already converted some Chosen for my army before Dark Vengeance came along. And while they may not look nearly as cool as these guys, they fit the look of my army. They also decidedly look like World Eaters, while the Dark Vengeance Chosen were designed to represent Chaos on a more global scale — and rightly so!

What this means, though, is that it is actually rather hard to find a place for these in my army. Plus I felt slightly reluctant to cut apart the beautiful models.
But as is so often the case, something happened that set things in motion. It all began with this guy:

Image appears courtesy of Games Workshop

Image appears courtesy of Games Workshop

He may actually be my least favourite Chosen model: While he is nicely detailed, the model has a slightly squat look to it when seen firsthand. He did have a very nice power axe, though, so I used this guy as a donor when the time came to re-arm Lord Captain Lorimar. After that, things didn’t look to good for the poor Chosen: Without a CC weapon left, it didn’t really look like this guy was being fast-tracked for promotion in the World Eaters’ 4th assault company.

But for some reason, I picked up the model recently and started to work on it: After all, the new challenge rules in Codex Chaos Space Marines meant I was in dire need of a skull champion or two wielding power weapons. And there was no reason why I shouldn’t use this guy for that, right?

So a short while later, this is what he looks like:

Dark Vengeance Chosen (3)
Dark Vengeance Chosen (1)
Dark Vengeance Chosen (4)
A pretty straightforward conversion, as you can see: I added some Khornate bunny ears which succeeded in making the model look decidedly more like a World Eater and also managed to balance out the somewhat squat-looking helmet. And of course, the model needed a new axe, courtesy of the WFB Chaos Knights:

Dark Vengeance Chosen (2)
Coincidentally, this is an axe blade identical to the ones I used to build the first version of the axe wielded by Lorimar (later replaced by the Chosen’s power axe) — that’s Karma for you…

Anyway, while this was a fairly simply conversion, I still think the model now makes for a rather imposing skull champion!

Motivated by my unexpected success, I then turned to this guy:

Image appears courtesy of Games Workshop

Image appears courtesy of Games Workshop

Again, a nice model, but he really doesn’t look like a World Eater. The fact that he’s armed with a Bolter doesn’t really help either. And due to the fact that there are actually two models of this particular design in the box, I could actually try a more involved conversion without destroying a unique model.

So I was feeling a little more adventurous this time around. Still, I got a bit carried away at some point, hacking and slashing and kitbashing away, until I finally came to and this guy was standing before me:

Dark Vengeance Chosen (6)
Quite a transformation, if I do say so myself…
As you can see, this is a far more involved conversion, only keeping the base model’s legs. I mostly added parts from the WFB Chaos Knights and the new Skullcrusher kit to build a pretty bad-ass looking Khornate champion:

Dark Vengeance Chosen (5)
Dark Vengeance Chosen (7)
Dark Vengeance Chosen (8)
What I especially like about this conversion is that it really developed quite organically without much of an overarching plan in place. It also looks quite different from the original model (and, again, much more like a servant of Khorne) now.

So it looks like I have found a place for the first two Chosen at last. I don’t doubt that their buddies will also find their calling in due time. In any case, I love the fact that the Dark Vengeance starter box is still fun to work with, even months after its release.

Any thoughts on these conversions? Just drop me a comment! And, as always, thanks for looking and stay tuned for more!