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The Ruinous Powers: Decay

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Let us start our exploration of the Ruinous Powers by that force so common to all worlds and universes: Decay.

I know of very few chaos players who have not, at some point, flirted with the idea of converting a model or two pledged to Nurgle. And rightly so: Many chaos players are avid converters, and Nurgle is perhaps the most evocative god when it comes to creating truly unique, disturbing models (if you don’t agree with that assessment, may I kindly ask you to head over to Dakka and check out GuitaRasmus’s thread. On second thought, you should probably do that in any case).

Right, where were we? Oh yes, Nurgle. When I think of Nurgle in 40k, I think of the Death Guard: Disease-ridden monsters in rusty, dilapidated plate, bursting with poison and corruption and eternally spreading their taint across the galaxy. So with that in mind, I dove headfirst into my bitzbox in order to create a champion worthy of great Nurgle. Here’s the result:

As you can see, the model eschews the classic “bloated” Nurgle look for something more skeletal and emaciated. That’s because I had recently converted two WFB Nurgle Lords (you can see one of them here) and I now wanted to focus on a slightly different aspect of sickness: I wanted my champion to look wizened and spent. I also couldn’t resist using a bare head to further show the model’s own decay. A WFB Zombie head, combined with a rebreather from the Cadian Command squad, perfectly fit the bill.

Oh, and I gave the model a nasty looking axe, spliced together from the leftover axe blade of the aforementioned WFB Nurgle Lord and half of the the shaft of a Chaos Knight’s lance. I also added some additional bitz and bobs for decoration.

When painting the model, I went for the classic, muddy green servants of Nurgle are so often seen wearing. I also wanted to contrast it with rusted and corroded metal trim and all kinds of verdigris. But that came later. Here’s the model with just the base colours:

For some reason, I decided to paint the champion’s left shoulder pad in a vile yellow. Perhaps to make it even more disgusting?

Anyway, the true fun started once the washes had dried. I spent quite some time on the weathering, adding rust and verdigris.
And then I was done. Take a look:

As you can see, I also added an incense burner to the model’s hip. In my imagination, the thing is emitting a horrible miasma, corrupting the very air around the Marine. Oh, and I used a little Tamiya Clear Red on the strange spine breaking through the backpack I took from the Possessed kit for that little bit of extra repulsiveness.

In addition to the models themselves, I also wanted to include a little visual flourish on each of these guys’ respective base. While the overall basing scheme would be the same as the one I use for my World Eaters, each base would get a little “special effect” that would further tie it together with the respective dark god.

In this case, the champion I standing across a rivulet of vile ichor, in wich a skull is resting, half submerged. I created the fluid with wood glue, painted it in a nasty yellow-green, washed it with Agrax Earthshade and added closs varnish on top. Eww…

And with that, the model was complete. All that remained was to create a few lines that would supply a background vignette for the Marine. So let me present the champion of Nurgle, servant of decay:

Brother Malchius Blight, of the Death Guard Traitor Legion

He chuckles at the pinpricks of their fire
Like gnats, for all the harm they do
He cuts them open then, his axe
Pitted and scarred, but oh so sharp.
Their death is quick and merciful.
Unlike his own, millennia in the making.

Oh, how he envies them.

As usual, thanks for looking and tay tuned for more!

The Ruinous Powers – Preface

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Welcome, dear readers to a week of chaos and corruption here on Eternal Hunt! The ruinous powers draw near, and their dark majesty has warped and sanctified the pages of this blog. But I am getting ahead of myself, all in due time:

Well, it has been a hell of a ride for us chaos players, hasn’t it? But now, the new codex is finally upon us. I already outlined my …mixed feelings about the whole affair, but I am still looking forward to the new book — if only because it will serve to shake things up a bit.

The last days have been up of ups and downs: The first batch of leaked photos showing the new chaos releases left me rather unimpressed and wondering weather my beloved Chaos Space Marines had, as it were, jumped the shark. But as the pictures got less blurry, quite a few of my fears were alleviated along the way.

As it stands, the new release has some great stuff (I love the plastic Raptors, the Fiends are at least very interesting and the Finecast models are quite pretty, albeit not all that immediately useful to me) and some less impressive stuff (the Heldrake is simply not for me, the new CC obliterators look just as horrible as their older kin, the new sorceror is visually inferior to the models from the 90s if you ask me, and it is a little disappointing that GW hasn’t – yet – seen fit to redesign any of the special characters). But all in all, it looks like GW wants to make some rather bold creative decisions, and I am all for that. And while it remains to be seen whether the rules and fluff live up to my expectations, Phil Kelly has yet to disappoint me in any way — plus some of his designer’s notes in the new WD sound quite promising.

So while these are tumultuous times for worshippers of the dark gods, we should also rejoice! And what better way to celebrate than a little modelling extravaganza pledged to the Ruinous Powers?

In the next four days, I will show you four champions of those powers: One for each dark god. Each of them was specifically built and painted for this occasion, so no rehashes! I will also provide a short background for each of the models, but instead of tall tales of the respective champions’ exploits, I will try to capture the essence of the character and – by extension – the power he serves in just a few lines. There’s some edgy high concept stuff for you 😉

So join me on this celebration of the dark gods and look forward to making the acquaintance of four distinguished individuals. And tell me what you think in the comments section!

Tomorrow on “The Ruinous Powers”: Decay.

Until then, as always, thanks for looking and stay tuned for more!