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Inquisitor 28: Officio Assassinorum Operative Sigma

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The idea of adding some kind of assassin to Inquisitor Antrecht’s retinue had been banging around in the back of my head for quite some time. However, I wasn’t really sure how to go about it: Perhaps add a Death Cult Assassin? But I didn’t really have an interesting modeling idea for one of those (yet). At the same time, I have always liked the different Imperial Assassin models released by GW, but I really wanted to build an Assassin from plastic rather than use a “readymade” metal figure.

Everything started to make sense when two different influences intersected. The first of those was me reading through the old “Heavenfall” Adventurescape released as part of the “Inquisitor Conspiracies” series. I came across a character called  “The Sentinel”, a rogue Vindicare Assassin turned serial killer, ostensibly driven mad by something so horrible it also turned him deaf. What a cool concept! The second thing that influenced me was when Ron Saikowski (of FTW fame) posted his fantastic plastic Eversor conversion.

And that pretty much decided it: I wanted an Assassin that was pretty recognisable as one of the Imperial Assassin types, but not quite. After all, a true Eversor Assassin wouldn’t really make a compelling character, right?

Anyway, I gathered my bits and reveled in the modeling challenge. Here’s what I ended up with:

Where Ron used an Eldar guardian as a base for his conversion, I was lucky enough to get my hands on a leftover Dark Eldar torso and legs courtesy of my ever helpful cousin Andy: The model was originally a Wych crew member from the Dark Eldar Venom kit, which explains the somewhat athletic pose – just what I wanted for my Assassin!

From there on out, it was really all about the bits. Like I said, I wanted the model to look fairly similar to an Eversor Assassin. I added a skull from some skeleton kit or other as his skull mask. His sword was originally a Falchion from the Grey Knights kit. I also added a couple of smaller bits and bobs to make him look less Xenos and more Imperial. The severed head was a shout out to Ron’s model as well as to one of the older Eversor models from GW.
What I really like about the model though is the pose: It’s really full of dynamism which I think is a rather nice fit for a killing machine on the prowl…

For the paintjob, I chose a rather muted palette, with a couple of red accents as the only standout colour. I really wanted to tie him together with the rest of Antrecht’s merry little freakshow, and I guess I succeeded.

His face is the only part of him I’m not super-happy with: I would have loved to add a little more contrast, but the detailing on the skull was so soft that I didn’t dare use too many coats of paint, lest the details, especially the teeth, be totally obscured.

Like with all my INQ28 models, I wrote some background for him. I asked myself how Antrecht would come to employ an assassin. And how an assassin in turn would come to work for Antrecht…

I really stepped out of my comfort zone writing this, and I am not quite sure if my English is up to the task. I’ll let you be the judges of that. Here goes:

Officio Assassinorum Operative Sigma

Regaining consciousness. A room. Dimly lit. Walls, floor and ceiling made from heavily stained metal. The only source of light directly above. Blinding.

Bodily functions normal. No apparent damage. First attempt  at movement proves futile. Arms and legs restrained. Head also restrained. Shackles show no signs of yielding.

“It seems our guest is awake.”

A voice. Male. Mocking undertone. Humanoid individual (owner of voice?) steps into field of vision. Human male. About 6 foot tall. Dressed in plain clothes. Appears to be in his early sixties. However, subtle signs of rejuvenat treatments. Also hints of augmentic implants on the back of the head. Facial features reveal individual to be Inquisitor Lazarus Antrecht, Ordo Malleus. Primary target.

“Careful, Antrecht!”

Another voice, originating from previously unnoticed individual in the shadows. Voice heavily garbled by use of vocal synthesizer and thus not clearly identifiable as male or female .

“The shackles should restrain it yet a while longer, and the drugs are still working. But considering its accelerated metabolism, I’d prefer it if you had your conversation while we are still safe.”

Shape and posture of individual suggest extensive bionic augmentation. Red cloak suggests affiliation with Mechanicus cult. Subject identified with a probability of 76.6% as Magos Explorator Hiram Zeiss, reported M.I.A during mission on Varunth Minoris. Secondary target.
Estimated distance to primary target: two steps. Estimated time of battle until termination of vital functions: three seconds. From there, distance to secondary target: one step. Estimated time until termination of vital functions: four seconds.

“I know what you are thinking”

The primary target.

“Let me assure you, your estimations are, shall we say, a little optimistic. But you are free to try, of course.”

Another attempt at escape. Restrains prove unyielding again. No possible way of reaching primary target at this time. Conserve strength. Try again later.

“Well, there really is no talking to you, is there?” Aside to secondary target: “Hiram, would you be so kind? I suppose I should enjoy this conversation more it if our guest were somewhat less…single minded.”

Secondary target seems to be manipulating a console. Pressing buttons. Result unkn…

…To begin with, pain. Lances of white hot lightning, piercing to the core.

“What you are feeling right now is the removal of certain…substances from your bloodstream. Since your organism has been attuned to these substances for Throne knows how long, you may find the resulting sensations to be somewhat disagreeable. Naturally, our good Magos Zeiss assures me that he has taken ample preparations to steel you against the more …debilitating physical effects of your deprivation. “

And then, beyond the pain, something far worse. Something like an echo in the back of the head…

“There are some things, however, that we cannot spare you.” A pause. “ It appears that you are now suffering from the early symptoms of a most vicious disease. We call it ‘sense of self’.”


Awake again. Antrecht is in the room. Straining to understand his words. There is so much pain. And things far worse. Nooks and crannies where there used to be only the surface of a lake, undisturbed and pristine. But no longer.

“Let me explain to you how this matter will be resolved. I shall pose you a question. I shall give you a gift. I shall make you an offer. And then, everything else.

But first, the question.” Antrecht’s face is now entirely without humour. “The question is: Why?”

What does he mean? What does he want? It is growing more and more difficult to hold his gaze. If he would only say something. But he is just
sitting there…

…sitting there looking.

Looking at…



Awake again. “Back to the question at hand.” Antrecht again: “Why all of this? Why want me dead?” He comes closer, gazing at me once again, unrelenting. “Not why your masters want me dead, mind you. I know that. Why do you want me dead…Operative Sigma? What do you stand to gain from this?”

What… do I



“I promised you a gift, Operative Sigma, and you shall have it.” A smile. “I shall give you the most valuable thing in this galaxy. I shall give you a choice.”

The sound of the shackles springing open is very loud.

After a seemingly endless moment, Antrecht smiles:

“Very well then. Shall we talk about the offer I mentioned?”


As always, thanks for looking and stay tuned for more.