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Old stuff day 2013: Another chance for chaos

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Hey everyone,

just a quick post: Seeing how it’s Old Stuff Day today, I had a look through my backlog in order to find out whether there was anything that I wish would have made more of a splash back when it was posted.

All in all, the interwebz have been very good to me during my first year of blogging, with many people looking at my stuff and quite a few comments to boot. I am content. Yet there is one series of posts that I think deserves a second chance: My “Ruinous Powers” miniseries, posted late last September, in celebration of the new Codex: Chaos Space Marine release. Unfortunately, the series didn’t elicit much of a response, which is why it’s certainly on my short list for Old Stuff Day.

I am very proud of both the models as well as the small background vignettes for them I came up with, so if you want to do me a favour or celebrate Old Stuff Day (or both), head on over there and give them another look:


The Ruinous Powers

Part I: Decay
Part II: Duplicity
Part III: Hedonism
Part IV: Wrath
Part V: Synthesis

The Ruinous Powers - Synthesis (1)
Have a great weekend, everyone! And, as always, thanks for looking and stay tuned for more!