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Roll call for Chaos: All together now

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In the first three installments of Roll Call for Chaos, we took a look at the different World Eaters squads that I managed to paint until now. Now let’s see how it all comes together.

Before we do that, though, I almost forgot my Harriers (Raptors). There’s a completed five man squad at the moment, as you already know:

And then there’s these guys that I didn’t manage to squeeze in anywhere  else:

You should recognise the models in the middle and on the right: On the right is an old, mid-90s plastic Berzerker, kindly sponsored by my fellow World Eater Doombreed. In the middle you can see a gladiatorial World Eater that I converted and painted some time ago.

The guy on the left is a test model for my chosen, the “Sons of Cron”. I converted the squad some time ago, but have yet to paint it. Until it’s finished, the model can serve as a “regular” Skull Champion with a power fist.

Okay, everyone, without further ado, here’s a couple of pictures of all my painted World Eaters together. Enjoy! (And click for bigger pictures)

I really get a certain sense of achievement from seeing all those guys collected like that. All those models add up to about 2100 points fully kitted out. But then, that’s a bit of a naïve fallacy of course, since  I couldn’t really use them like that (too many HQ selections for one, a recurring problem of mine). But all things considered, I suppose these guys would make up a legal army of about 1,500 points.

The really bad news is that there’s at least an equal amount of  stuff that I haven’t yet managed to paint, so it seems that I have my work cut out for me:

All those unpainted models form a “Parade of shame” that I’ll show you another time. Until then, there’s more painted stuff to look at, though. Next time on Roll Call for Chaos: objectives.

Until then, as always, thanks for looking and stay tuned for more!

Roll Call for Chaos: Heavy Hitters

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Right, with the grunts out of the way, let’s take a look at the big bruisers. This time on Roll Call for Chaos: the Heavy Hitters.

And who would be first but the officers of the 4th assault company. Ladies and Gentlemen, give it up for Huntmasters Bardolf, Isgarad and Charun:

You already know these guys of couse, although I rather like the “family portrait” above: They look like they’re ready for a spot of skulltaking, am I right?

Charun and Isgarad were built to wield Daemon weapons, although I am not entirely sold on the new rules (AP3), so I may just use what works. Charun ends up using twin Lightning claws most of the time. I am lucky to be playing with a rather laidback group when it comes to WYSIWYG.

Speaking of dear old friends, these two gentlemen should seem familiar as well:

Khoron the Undying and Marax the Fallen, my Chaos Dreadnoughts. I won’t put you through having to look at all the different Dreadnought weapons again, though — all the more so since it remains to be seen whether any of these options will remain legal in the new book: Will there still be a regular Dread, or will all Chaos Dreads be counted as “Hellbrutes”? And while we are on that subject, let me just say that the Hellbrute from the starter box will definitely join those two sooner rather than later: Let’s just hope that Marax and Khoron will hold up when compared to that awesome new model…

Then there’s the lone Brazen Knight, hopefully soon to be joined by his squadmates (and a set of official rules):

Like I previously said, the other models are built and ready for painting. And even if the new book doesn’t offer any rules for Brazen Knights, I’ll maybe just use them as (allied) Bloodcrushers.

And finally, maybe the heaviest hitter of them all (provided it actually manages to hit anything, that is):

My defiler, the Daemon Engine “Unending Bloodlust”. Some of the more recent rumours maintain that daemon engines will truly return to form in the new codex, and this guy will be right there when it happens… 

Anyway, while you should already know most of these models, some definitely profit from the better photography this time around 😉

Alright, next stop: a couple of group shots.

Until then, as always, thanks for looking and stay tuned for more!

Birth of a Chaos Dread Reloaded, the Aftermath

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In the previous installments of this ongoing series, we had a look at my two converted Chaos Dreads. With the models themselves finished, there are still a few loose ends to tie up. This time on Birth of a Chaos Dread Reloaded: the Aftermath.

Who would have thought that painting my two Chaos Dreads would turn out to be such a fun project? Not me, that’s for sure! But alas, the work is finished. Never fear, though, because those two bad boys are still good for another post on miscellaneous matters:

1.) A new friend

The first thing I want to show you is a little project that was directly influenced by my first Dread, Marax the Fallen. There’s just something in the way he’s looking straight ahead, screaming in rage, that inspired me to build a special objective marker to complement the Dread:

I wanted a loyal Space Marine defiantly firing a couple of last shots at the advancing Dread before being torn apart. I also wanted him to be battered and wounded already. The marker was built from a very old Space Marine body I got from somewhere. The legs and torso were already inseparably bonded, so there was no way of changing the pose that much, but I guess it still works. I added a couple of leftover Space Marine bits to complete him as well as some viscera (courtesy of the GW Zombie kit) to show that he’s already mortally wounded. The position of the feet is admittedly a little wonky, but I didn’t want the project to move into serious work territory, so I just kept calm and carried on.

The Marine was painted as a member of a nondescript DIY chapter. I simply chose colours on a whim, keeping the palette fairly muted. It may be interesting to note that the main colour of his armour is a darker shade of the colour I used for Marax’ lightning claws – talk about Karma 😉

To make him look suitably battered, I added tons of weathering and battle damage to the model. The legs were also lightly drybrushed in the same colour as the base to show the grime and dust of the battlefield.

And here’s a picture of the two models together, just so you can see what all the fuss is about:

Marax seems to have found a little friend. How cute!

It’s fun little nonsense projects like this that always keep me motivated. And while there’s no obvious gameplay reason for having built this, the model can always be used as a normal objective marker in games of 40k.

2.) A strange kind of Karma

When I discussed the different weapons for my shooty Dread, I took care to tell you in no uncertain terms that at least two ideas (the basic arm construction and the Heavy Bolter) were basically stolen from my fellow World Eater Doombreed. Since then, by a strange twist of fate, the very arm that inspired me so heavily has found its way into my collection. Doombreed no longer needed it and sent it to me instead, thereby rewarding instead of punishing my idea theft. I am not quite sure that Karma is supposed to work like that, but there you have it. Nevertheless, I feel very thankful as well as a little humbled. So before this post veers off into Broken Aesop territory, let me just say a huge “thank you” to Doombreed and show you the painted heavy Bolter:

As a nice bonus, this means that I can use both my Dreads equipped with Heavy Bolters at the same time if I so choose. Just look at Chip ‘n’ Dale here:

Bros 4 Life, yo!

3.) A warrior’s name

Last but not least, I need your help! You all saw my new Chaos Dread (and if you didn’t, there’ll be a chance to rectify that oversight in a minute).
Anyway, I still need a name for this guy. I am already fairly clear on his basic background and have decided that – apart from whatever name he ends up with – he will be known among the warriors of the 4th assault company by the eptithet “The Undying”. But that Dread was once a man, and a man needs a name. So please help me out here, dear readers, and let me know your ideas! I am not looking for uber-evil names in the “Darklord McEvilguy” vein, mind you: What I need is the name of a proud, if somewhat efficiently brutal warrior. Let’s have a look at the basic background. Maybe it’ll help to inspire you!

The Undying

In a way, the Undying was old already when the World Eaters legion was still young. Having been a warrior from a very early age, he was already a battle-hardened veteran when Lorimar ascended to command of the 4th assault company. The man who should become the Undying had seen battle and he had the scars to prove it. He served unter Lorimar’s command, but he was a trusted friend of the young Captain, full of experience and wisdom and gifted with a deep understanding of what it was that bound the legionnaires together as brothers. He stood with Lorimar during his search for an identity for the legion. And he stood with him when the Captain decided to follow his Primarch to Terra to depose the false Emperor. For many years, he was a tower of strength for the company and came to be called “older brother” by the legionnaires.

Shortly after the Skalathrax campaign had sundered the legion, he was mortally wounded during a hunt. The man who had survived a thousand battles was powerless in the end, as the alien powers of a Xenos weapon tore his body apart. With his dying breath, he implored Lorimar to let him continue fighting, accepting the dangers of being entombed within the sarcophagus of a Dreadnought. Lorimar was hesitant, for he had witness the effects of incarceration on the Fallen, but in the end he granted his old friend’s wish.

And thus the “older brother” became the being known as the Undying. For the last millennia, his colossal frame has continued to be a sight of inspiration to his brothers. Where Marax the Fallen is a warning of the damnation awaiting the company, the Undying symbolises a way of keeping this grisly fate at bay. It is only at the most chaotic moments of battle that he will succumb to rage and frenzy, and each time this happens, his brothers hope that he will come to eventually. And they fear the day when their older brother’s mind will finally cave in on itself…


Alright, with that out of the way, I am very much looking forward to your naming suggestions! The winner of this little competition can bask in the knowledge that I’ll be naming my Dread according to his suggestion. What an honour, right? 😉

As always, thanks for looking and stay tuned for more!

Marax the Fallen: Birth of a Chaos Dread, pt.2

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This series of posts chronicles my first Chaos Dread conversion. Last time on “Birth of a Chaos Dread”, we looked at my initial prototype. This time, we’ll take a look at the finished pose of the model.

So I knew that I wanted the dread to look like it was screaming in rage. While the first version of the pose definitely achieved this, it made the connection between torso and lower body look somewhat funny. So I readjusted the model’s pose to be a bit more crouched:

I also added a couple of bits to achieve the typical chaos look: a pair of dragon heads from the chaos vehicle sprue, a small Khorne icon and two shields from some OOP Warriors of Chaos. And the spine of an old Fantasy skeleton horse. I have absolutely no idea where the skullchain dangling between the Dread’s legs originally came from, but it looked cool, so I used it too.

I also decided to use the original lightning claws instead of chainblades. Their shorter length resulted in the model looking far more balanced.

All that remained were a couple of minor tweaks. I filed off all the remaining Blood Angels iconography, and the model was finished for priming.

So, what do you think? Cool mini or not? 😉

Next time on “Birth of a Chaos Dread”: the paintjob.