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A knight’s tale

Posted in 40k, Chaos, Conversions, old stuff, paintjob, World Eaters with tags , , , , , , , , , , on June 20, 2012 by krautscientist

In preparation for a possible new Chaos Codex, let’s look at another model that may yet prove pretty useful once the new book hits.

But first, a bit of a foreword, if I may: I can still remember the Chaos Lord I built for my first WFB army in the mid-nineties. I combined a WFB champion of Chaos with a metal Juggernaut of Khorne and ended up with a model that was massive, very cool and quite heavy. Here’s what he looked like, by the way:

Granted, the paintjob is definitely nothing to write home about, but that was a long time ago. I can still remember the stiflingly hot afternoon when I got home with my purchases, sat down, built the model and painted it right away in one session. Like so often in my hobby life, I felt that it coudn’t possibly get any better than this (on a related note, I could still kick myself today for giving away the World Eater that came with the juggernaut. Oh well…).

But time went on, I stopped playing Warhammer and took a break from the hobby altogether. Then, a couple of years ago, the new plastic juggernauts were released,  and it was only a question of time until I would follow the pull of my addiction. And so, after hopelessly losing a game of 40k against cousin Andy at the FLGS, I comforted myself by buying the shiny Bloodcrusher kit.

And what a kit it is: The plastic juggernauts combine all that was great about the previous jugger incarnations (the basic design, the sheer brutality) and drop all that was horrible about the old model (the weight, the nearly unsalveagable, static pose). There’s also lots and lots of cool bits and bobs for use in a Khorne-themed army. So I got to work, and soon this guy was standing before me:

Those of you familiar with what it is that makes World Eaters players tick probably have an idea where this is going……and you would be right, of course ;-):

Ever since the Bloodcrusher kit came out, World Eaters players all over the world have started to convert “Brazen Knights”: Legionnaires of the World Eaters mounted atop huge juggernauts of Khorne. Even the fact that the current book doesn’t offer any option of using such a squad (apart from the lone Lord on a juggernaut, which, I am led to believe, is not really worth the hassle) didn’t manage to dissuade them from building the models: World Eaters on juggernauts are a prospect that is just too tempting to ignore!

Many World Eaters players play their army using the Space Wolves codex, so they can use the Brazen Knights as Thunderwolves. But I have always stuck to the actual Chaos codex. So when I built my own Brazen Knights, it was not in order to use them, but just for the joy of building them. However, there are several rumours about Brazen Knights being featured in the new Codex — we will see…

But enough talk. What I want to show you today is the first Brazen Knight I built. I’ll have to come clean right now and admit that the pose of my test model for the squad was stolen wholesale from one of Sprugly’s amazing Jugger-Knights here. Check out his thread! It’s fantastic!

Anyway, here is my model:

I used a standard Khorne Berzerker model with a couple of added bitz: The weapon arm is from the WFB Chaos Knights, while the shield came from the Chaos Marauders. The Brazen Knight’s helmet was converted by adding Khornate “bunny ears” to one of the head options from the Chaos Terminator Lord kit.

When painting the model, I decided not to paint the juggernaut in the same red as the World Eater riding it. Instead I went for a darker shade of the colour I normally use on my World Eaters’ daemon weapons. I think it makes for a nice colour contrast between rider and juggernaut (and, come to think of it, adds a nice bit of consistency to my army, with everything of “daemonic” origin using the same basic colour).

Last but not least, here’s a closer look at the base, with an unfortunate loyal Terminator trampled underfoot:

I have already assembled two more Brazen Knights. One of them will use another lance from the WFB Chaos Knights, while the third one will be outfitted so he can also be used as a Chaos Lord on juggernaut and will look the part. While the models are basically complete, I am still trying different head options for them (the Lord currently has Inquisitor Coteaz’ head. It’s quite a nice fit). This model was basically my test piece for the squad.

It’ll be interesting to see whether the new codex offers any rules for actually using these guys on the table. But even if it doesn’t, it’s a conversion any World Eaters player worth his salt should have done at least once!

Let me know what you think in the comments section! As always, thanks for looking and stay tuned for more!