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Roll call for Chaos: Huntsmen & Lost brethren

Posted in 40k, Chaos, Conversions, paintjob, World Eaters with tags , , , , , , , , , , on August 22, 2012 by krautscientist

After the sheer excellence of the chaos models in the 6th edition starter box, I can only hope that you won’t find looking at my own,  relatively shabby models too jarring. They are just as red, for starters. That has to count for something!
So here I am again, with a Roll Call for Chaos: Last time, I showed you my skull champions. Now let’s take a look at their subordinates.

As of now, there are two painted squads of Khorne Berzerkers in my army. For some, two troop choices may look a little thin, but Berzerkers tend to be a bit of a one trick pony, so I usually prefer diversifying a bit instead of sinking huge amounts of points into more Berzerker units. After all, holding objectives doesn’t sit well with a World Eater in the first place, so I usually tend to go for total annihilation of my opponent. Sometimes, it even works out.

Quite a few of these Berzerkers were painted in the 90s, so they don’t hold up too well compared to my newer models. Fortunately, the pictures are rather advantageous, so the models don’t clash too much.

Here’s my first squad of Berzerkers, Hunting Pack Bruul:

About two thirds of this squad were actually painted fairly recently, so it looks alright. You can see skull champion Bruul and the icon bearer among the guys there.

And my second Berzerker squad: Hunting Pack Memnar:

Most of these are old models, and the paintjobs on some of them really show their age. Looking at the bareheaded legionnaire in the middle ground, you can see that my recipe for skin has changed quite a bit, and some of the other guys look really rough. One day, when I have lots of time, I may repaint them, but it actually seems far more probable that I’ll just “phase them out”, replacing them with newer models over time. Again, you can see the Skull Champion and icon bearer from the last post.

So last but not least, I’ll also include my squad of Possessed into this post. I built them from a mix of Berzerker and CSM parts and used Ork arms and old chaos mutations to show their possessions. Compared to the newer plastic kit, those look very restrained, though, so they end up being used as regular Berzerkers as often as not.

Anyway, meet Huntmaster Kharduun the Hunter and the Lost Brethren:

All of these models were painted last year, so they are the most “modern” Berzerker unit in my army at this point. I am still rather pleased with some of the conversions, I especially like the guy on the right. Fun fact: Huntmaster Kharduun was the first World Eater I built in late 2010.

Something I will have to do for all of these models is to go back and touch up their bases. Most of them were originally based in the classic “early 90s’ GW” style (painted Goblin Green and flocked with cheap modelling grass), so I at least changed that. However, I hadn’t settled on a recipe for my basing then, so I’ll just have to take these guys and work on their bases — probably in one or two longer sittings.

My Berzerker squads are usually accompanied into battle by dedicated transports. I already converted the Rhinos in question, but have yet to paint one — to tell you the truth, I am rather nervous at the prospect, since vehicles are definitely not my strong suit…

Anyway, so much for the basic, footslogging troops. Next up: some heavy hitters.

Until then, as always, thanks for looking and stay tuned for more!