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INQ28: I see fire

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So, with the festivities out of the way, I find myself quite motivated to keep painting stuff, which, given my usual laziness, is a bit of a surprise. It looks like the hobby challenges issued by Azazel and others are having quite a beneficial effect on my completion schedule, though. So after the “Neglected Model/Fembruary” challenge finally prompted me to paint a model I had wanted to finish for years at long last, I thought I might just take a peek at the next challenge. And Azazel didn’t disappoint: His current Squad:March! challenge once again provides the perfect incentive to keep working on my Ordo Hereticus warband and actually finish it until the end of the month — after leaving the models unpainted for years, this basically amounts to a record attempt for me 😉

Anyway, what do I have?

First up, two callbacks to my previous post: Inquisitorial Operative Tybalt Renner now finally has his base:

I made things than they needed to be by not building, undercoating and then painting the base along with the rest of the model: Like most old metal models, Tybalt still has the metal tag that connects both feet and slots into the base. Now I could have carefully sawed it off, of course, but I was actually glad for the added stability. So I carefully textured and painted the base around the already painted model, which is hardly an ideal approach…

Oh well, at least I think he really ties into the rest of the warband rather beautifully now.

I have also added the last finishing touches to the Imperial Missionary (actually a Brian Nelson sculpt, by the way: Eric Wier very helpfully cleared that up for me — cheers, mate!):

That’s not all, however, as I also have some new models to show you, though: One of the parts that are really iconic of the Inquisition (and, by extension, of the entire setting) for me are the many servo-skulls, cherubim and familiars appearing in the artwork. They really embody the quirkiness and gothic horror of the 40k universe, and at the same time, they recall painters like Hieronymus Bosch, among others. This is especially true of most pieces of art depicting the Ordo Hereticus, with many familiars and creepy little creatures flitting hither and yon in the background.

Unfortunately, we don’t get nearly enough cherubs and familiars in actual model form, and the ones that are (or were) available can be a bit of a mixed bag. I knew I wanted Inquisitor Arslan’s retinue to have some grimdark familiars in it, though, so I had to get creative.

Hence these guys:

The servo-skull was actually inspired by a small illustration from the old Codex Witch Hunters:

This little guy actually appears in many pieces of Ordo Hereticus related artwork, so I felt I needed him – or at least a similar model – for my own collection.

It was an easy enough conversion to get right — which is probably why I had already built the servo-skull quite a while ago:

A resin skull (sent to me by fellow hobbyist Biohazard) was combined with one of the firy headdresses from the Empire Flagellants kit. The dangling scroll came from a vehicle kit, I believe. Or maybe the old Ravenwing sprue?! Anyway, because the model was so light, creating the illusion of it floating was easily accomplished by gluing it to a plastic beam from an old Tamiya kit.

As for the paintjob, there were two main things to get right: The flames, for which I used the same approach that had already worked like a charm on my Redeptionist. Many thanks must go, once again, to Tales of Painters’ amazing tutorial for painting flames). The other effect I really wanted to nail was the scripture on the dangling parchment. So I used the – still pretty amazing – Ordo Hereticus/Sisters of Battle decal sheet to puzzle together something suitably convincing.

So here’s the finished model again:

Of course the servo-skull comes with its own dedicated promethium supply to keep that fire going 😉

The little Angel of Death familiar, on the other hand, came about as the consequence of wanting to do something with some bitz from the Coven Throne I got via ebay (in an attempt to get my hands on the female vampires that come with the kit). Anyway, I thought a floating skeleton with a scythe seemed suitably menacing for a Hereticus warband 😉

Once again, the conversion itself was fairly straightforward: The upper body was combined with the cabling from a Tempestus Scion servo-skull, and some wings from the Blood Angels’ Sanguinary Guard were added to the model’s back. I even wedged in a small exhaust port between the wings, to hint at some kind of propulsion system. Oh, and I exchanged the standard skull head for an actual servo-skull, to make the model look slightly more tech-y.

I went for a fairly no-frills paintjob, adding some gold to the wings for a slightly more luxurious, sculptural look:

So with these models painted, I already have a rather nifty looking group of Ordo Hereticus operatives, if I do say so myself:

There are only two members of the retinue left to finish at this point:

A female Death Cult Assassin:

And the big man himself, Inquisitor Nabreus Arslan:

I already have a big painting session scheduled for tomorrow, and I think I am going to have a go at Arslan — if only to prevent myself from making yet another dozen tweaks to the model. Wish me luck! 🙂

On a partially related note, even before painting the most recent models, I realised that I have accumulated over 50 INQ28 models at this point — another small anniversary of sorts:

Anyway, I would, of course, love to hear your feedback! And, as always, thanks for looking and stay tuned for more!

Monkey Wrench

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Hey everyone, just a smallish update for today: Even though the combination of a couple of days off and a massive bitz drop (courtesy of several fellow hobbyists) should have provided the perfect circumstances for a rather productive building and painting spree, the exceptionally warm weather has managed to throw a monkey wrench into the works, so to speak: It’s so warm outside that my modelling putty isn’t holding together at all (or too well, in places), my paint is drying on the brush, and even typing this already makes me break a sweat. Awesome, huh?

Well, fortunately, it’s not all bad: I’ve soldiered on regardless, so you can expect a more substantial look at my current projects in the near future. For now, let me just share two models I have recently painted:

First up, speaking of monkey wrenches reminds me of monkey, and maybe you’ll recall this little guy:

PeeDee the Monkey WIP (1)
I already told you that PeeDee, named for none other than PDH, would be next on the painting table — and indeed he was! Here’s the finished model for you:

PeeDee (1)
PeeDee (2)
PeeDee (3)
Even though it’s a very small model, I still took my time painting it, and I think it was well worth the effort. Since PeeDee is the favourite pet of Rogue Trader Iskander Gagarin, I felt that bright and vibrant colours were the right choice for his little uniform — Rogue Traders do like to show off, after all 😉

The thing I am really pleased with is PeeDee’s face, though, complete with a pupil in his right eye. This may have been the first and only well executed pupil I have painted for about a decade, so I am really stupidly happy with it — and good thing I gave PeeDee a bionic left eye, because otherwise I would have had to paint two eyes and make sure the pupils were correctly lined up. And, as we all know, that way madness lies…

All in all, though PeeDee’s only a familiar on par with a servo-skull or psyber-eagle, I couldn’t be any happier with the paintjob — and painting this little guy was a blast, too!

And it goes without saying that, even though PeeDee may be small, he certainly isn’t too small for a few lines of background 😉

PeeDee (5)
PeeDee the Monkey

Many Rogue Traders like to flaunt their wealth, dressing in the finest clothes and carrying priceless artifacts. Iskander Gagarin is no exception to this rule, always cutting a dashing figure in his sharply cut uniforms and rare furs, armed with weapons that are either highly exotic or priceless family heirlooms. However, one of Gagarin’s favourite trophies is a living being: A small, excessively augmeticised monkey going by the name of PeeDee. This small creature is a highly complex familiar, possessed of an uncanny intelligence and capable of completing complex tasks that would baffle any servitor. Usually dressed in the same vibrant colours as his master, PeeDee isa sign of the Rogue Trader’s wealth and taste, but also a highly useful retainer in his own right. Indeeed, creating a familiar of such complexity is a task for the brightest minds amongs the Genetors and Magi Biologis of the Adeptus Mechanicus. And, as a matter of fact,  it is rumoured that Gagarin won his favourite pet during a protracted game of Regicide against a particularly eccentric member of that secretive order…


So yeah, so much for PeeDee the Monkey! Like I said, I am really happy with the finished model, and I hope that PDH, as his namesake, likes him as well 😉 After all, he was the one to give me the model in the first place. Thanks again, mate!

The other model I would like to show you today is a bit of a departure from my usual projects: Some of you might remember my various forays into the world of Blood Bowl, prompted by my colleague Annie (whose wonderful Lustria Team I also featured on this blog).

Anyway, Annie has been hard at work on a truly stunning new team, full of clever conversions and great models, for a while now. The team will be pirate-themed, and I certainly hope that I’ll be able to share it with you, once it is finished.

Now when Annie’s birthday recently came up, it was absolutely clear to me that I would have to build a model for her team, codenamed the Piratz, so I gathered up all the slightly pirate-y bitz I had and tried to come up with something. Unfortunately, I had already scoured my bitzbox for anything looking like it might fit a pirate team earlier in order to provide her with a small bitz collection. As a consequence, I really had to make ends meet this time around, but in the end I came up with this model, intended to serve as a cheerleader for the Piratz:

Piratz Cheerleader (1)
Nothing too fancy, as you’ll agree: Some WFB Empire bitz gave me the right base to work from, and adding a Marauder head, a peg leg and some suitable weapons were enough to come up with a fairly convincing pirate. While painting the model, I tried to channel all the fond memories I had of the Pirates of the Carribean films 😉

Anyway, I only had two evenings to build and paint this model, so I was a bit pressed for time. In the end, though, I managed to finish the model in time. Take a look:

Piratz Cheerleader (2)
I used a fairly limited palette of colours, making sure the model looked unkempt enough to read as a pirate. Still, going for lighter and more vibrant colours was a nice bit of contrast when compared to my usual, darker painting style.

I wanted the flag carried by the pirate to do double duty as both a variation of the venerable Jolly Roger and also work as a banner supporting the team. So here’s what I came up with:

Piratz Cheerleader (3)
Piratz Cheerleader (6)
While the motto on the front of the flag needed to be freehanded, one of my chaos decal sheets luckily provided me with a suitable skull! As you can see, I also built a suitable base for the model, in line with the bases Annie is building for her team. Let’s take a closer look at that part of the model:

Piratz Cheerleader (8)
What would a true pirate be without a drink, right? 😉

One thing that is a bit of a recurring visual motif in Annie’s team is that each model features a rat — hence the name Piratz, I suppose. Anyway, it was clear that I would have to do the same, so I used one of the venerable old HeroQuest rats for that role. Take a look at the rat in its hidey hole:

Piratz Cheerleader (7)
Definitely not award-winning stuff, but Annie was still very happy with her new cheerleader. And I can already imagine this jolly guy waving that flag of his and singing bawdy songs as my own Orkheim Ultraz are pounded into the ground by the Piratz. We shall see…

So yeah, that’s it for today. Let it not be said that the head totally killed my productivity 😉 And like I said, stay tuned for some serious WIP action very soon! 🙂

As always, thanks for looking and stay tuned for more!