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Five years!

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Now would you believe it: Another anniversary snuck up on me while I wasn’t looking: As of this week, Eternal Hunt is actually five years old! That means five years of screaming into the void — quite an achievement, wouldn’t you say? 😉

But seriously, I am actually really proud of having managed to keep this blog going for so long. Now I realise that some people may consider posts like this to be self-congratulatory. But in a hobby where maintaining focus and motivation is so very important, it feels like a little self-congratulation every once in a while doesn’t hurt, so if you’ll indulge me…?


Speaking of the raw numbers, five years of Eternal Hunt means 345 posts, all in all, and around 829,000 views. There have been 311,000 visitors to this blog and I have managed to attract 320 followers to date. Given the fact that the blog is a mere hobby project, those are some numbers to be reasonably proud of — I really do want to hit a million views, though! 😉


Anyway, in previous years, I have always used the blog’s anniversary to showcase some of my earlies hobby efforts, but five years of constant blogging have managed to pretty much bleed me dry on that front: I have shared my somewhat embarrassing first Space Crusade models as well as an incredibly bad paintjob for the classic HeroQuest barbarian, the first model I have ever attempted to paint back in the day. I also showed you my first WFB and 40k armies, respectively, as well as my attempt at creating a Mordheim chaos warband back when Mordheim wasn’t even really officially a thing yet. And I even let you take a look at the highly deriative fantasy artwork I cobbled together during my late teens. So there’s really not much more of my past embarrassments for you to entertain yourselves with 😉

So let’s do something different this year: Let’s not focus on my models, for a change, but rather on some of the fantastic pieces I have been given by fellow hobbyists.

You see, this blog has enabled me to not only talk about my personal hobby experiences, but also to get in touch with some extremely talented artists and creators, some of them venerable hobby legends. And while that’s already cool enough in and of itself, I was also lucky enough to have been sent some truly wonderful models over the years: Some of them completely painted, some to be painted by be. Some were already assembled, others came in parts. But they all added something unique and interesting to my collection of models, and some of them even made me approach a particular project or a part of my collection from a new angle.

Plus all of those models also make for a pretty eclectic group when collected. Take a look:

Now these are the finished models that were given to me by fellow hobbyists in one form or another.

Given the focus of my blog, it shouldn’s surprise you that the XII legion (and their daemonic allies) feature heavily:

The massive Obliterators were built thanks to some wonderful custom parts that I received from fellow hobbyist Thamier. BrotherJim sent me an excellent converted Khornate champion in his trademark style from Australia. Sagal and AMaximus provided me with some vintage Bloodletters. And the centre piece is definitely PDH’s wonderfully painted Lord Zhufor that he sent over as a surprise – and just in time for the blog’s 2016 birthday! And while I bought those Heresy era World Eaters from fellow German hobbyist AgnostosTheos when he sold off his collection, they came about as the result of a little joint hobby project — and ultimately served as a sort of blueprint for my own exploits into the world of 30k.

And there’s the wonderful world of INQ28, of course: This is the category where I have received some particularly grimdark and Blanchian pieces:

Neil101 let me have that wonderfully sinister Khornate Champion (and …erm his bucket), while the legendary Ron Saikowski and Drone21c from Australia, respectively, sent me some stunning models based on classic John Blanche artwork. The little powder monkey was originally part of a bitz drop from PDH — and after being turned into a small augmetic familiar, he was named “PeeDee the Monkey” in Peter’s honour 😉 Oh, and let’s not forget that cyber-mastiff, converted from a Malifaux model I won in a raffle over at MiniatureTim’s blog.

And then there are my friend Annie’s wonderful additions to my Blood Bowl team, of course:

And that’s not nearly all, because those are only the models I have managed to paint so far (or the ones that came pre-painted, as it were). As it happens, I still have some wonderful donations from fellow hobbyists to look forward to on my painting desk:


Among those are Malthus Dire, a Khornate Chaos Lord, courtesy of Commissar Molotov. A grimdark belle sculpted by Steifer. A really, really old Imperial Guard Trooper, once again kindly sent over by Drone21c. The Space Wolves model given to me by the owner of my (now sadly defunct) FLGS. And a freaking Forgeworld Primarch, sent my way by Adam Wier of Between The Bolter And Me — the latter in particular forms a stunning addition to my collection, and I’ll make sure to do him justice!

And that’s still not all either, because I haven’t even talked about the various bitz drops and the constant exchange of ideas between me and other hobbyists — the list goes on and on.

In short, both my collection of models as well as my entire hobby have been enriched by generous gifts and creative ideas from fellow hobbyists from all across the world. And getting in touch with them has only been possible via sharing my work as well as my ideas online, and by commenting on their work and learning from them in turn. And this entire process continues to be an extremely rewarding and, occasionally, humbling experience!

So whether you are one of the brilliant people who have sent me models or bitz over the years or you are a follower, reader or even frequent commenter on this blog, thank you! From the bottom of my heart! Because your contributions keep this blog running, and your influences have really broadened my hobby horizon!

In closing, allow me to share just one further example for the amazing way this whole blogging business leads to more and more surprises:

While browsing for inspirational artwork of Angron, the XII Legion Primarch, I recently came upon this illustration of Angron created by artist Dariiy:

Angron illustration by Dariiy

Angron illustration by Dariiy

Now I did notice certain similarities to my own conversion of Daemon-Primarch Angron, so I sent Dariiy a message enquiring about whether or not that was a coincidence — and imagine how happy and surprised I was when she wrote back that the illustration, done by her as a birthday gift for a friend, mostly used design cues from Alex Boyd’s iconic artwork of Angron in his Daemonic form — and, indeed, from my model version of the character. Now that’s the awesome and crazy stuff this hobby of ours can lead to: An illustration resembling a model you’ve built on the wall of somebody in a totally different country and shared with the rest of the world via social media. Incredible stuff, wouldn’t you agree?

Make sure to check out Dariiy’s tumblr, by the way, as there’s some pretty cool work on diplay over there!


So anyway, thank you all, once again — here’s to the next five years, eh? 😉

As always, thanks for looking and stay tuned for more!

Eternal Hunt: Year Two

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Oh my, Eternal Hunt is actually two years old now — and has been for a week, to tell you the truth: I just missed posting this last week, although I have to say that showing you a new model just seemed more important than celebrating myself 😉

Seriously, though: Who would have thought that this blog would actually survive for two years? That I would manage to publish 195 posts (this one included), 94 of them during this last year? That the blog would manage to attract about 183,000 views and a sizeable crowd of followers? Not me, that much is for certain!

Not to bore you with numbers, but I am really proud of the fact that the number of views has actually tripled, compared with last year, and that attracting 10,000 views a month, something that seemed like a one-off success last year, has now become an almost regular occurence — nuts!

Indeed, I could go on all day about how awesome this blog is, of course, but I would only be tooting my own whistle and reiterate huge swathes of my look back at 2013, and you can just as well read that part yourself, if you are that way inclined.

For now, let me take this opportunity to say thank you to all of you reading my pointless ramblings week for week! Being able to post my stuff here and in my various threads and getting feedback has become and integral part of my hobby experience, and one that I wouldn’t want to miss. I am especially thankful to those of you following this blog or commenting (regularly), because it’s the discussion with fellow hobbyists that has made my hobby life what it is today and has given me many cool ideas for my various ongoing projects.

Chief among these is my beloved World Eaters army for 40k, Khorne’s Eternal Hunt, which continues to be a project that gets my creative juices flowing:

If you have looked at this blog before, you should already know these guys. And if you don’t, well, what are you waiting for: Go read up on them! 😉

Beyond this army, there are many bigger and smaller projects, from various smaller armies (like my Traitor Guard or kitbashed Custodes) to my INQ28 models and all kinds of stuff in between, my productivity has certainly profited a lot from getting in contact with many talented hobbyists and from getting your feedback here and on my various threads. So this is certainly something I would like to continue!

At the same time, I also realise that making time for blogging can become a bit of a challenge from time to time: There are times when RL issues take over (and rightly so: this is a hobby, after all) and getting some new content up in time seems like a slog. At the end of last year, for instance, I really needed to take a break after a couple of pretty stressful months, and blogging wasn’t exactly my foremost interest.

But then the strangest thing happened: Through a number of smaller projects, I rediscovered my motivation (as well as parts of my painting modjo), and some recent developments in the hobby have also managed to pique my interest. So while I cannot promise you that there won’t be times when I take small breaks every now and then, cutting back on the number of posts when necessary, I can safely say that this blog is something that I want to keep working on!

So, to dispense with the self-referential stuff, do I have something for you to look at? You bet! 😉

Last year, I celebrated my blog’s birthday by showing you a real blast from the past, namely my very first 40k (or rather, Space Crusade) models. This year, let’s do something slightly similar: To begin with, here’s what might be one of my very first models altogether. A partially painted HeroQuest barbarian. Behold it and weep:

HQ Barbarian old
Yeah, I really didn’t know what I was doing, did I? My only excuse is that I realised it even back then and stopped painting, never finishing the model. This was a stain upon my honour as a hobbyist, of course, so a while ago, I went back to finish the job: The thick coat of piggy pink was (mostly) stripped away and I gave the model a second try. Here’s the result:

HQ Barbarian
Granted, the model was too thickly covered in the dregs of that dreadful pink to be completely salvaged, but I am still reasonably happy with the result. What’s more, I still have a second, completely unpainted, Barbarian, so there is still hope.

In any case, painting that old model gave me an appetite for working on even more HeroQuest models, and so I tried to speedpaint some of them, trying to finish each model in no more than an hour. So here’s an Orc I painted sometime during the mid to late 90s:

HeroQuest Orc (2)
And here’s a similar model, painted fairly recently:

HQ Orc
You all know how it goes, though: Once you get started, it’s hard to stop, so I then painted a Goblin:

HQ Goblin
I realised that these models are actually quite a lot of fun to paint, and if you’re trying to keep each paintjob below the hour mark, it’s a short and sweet romp for each model, and the results are still pretty convincing, don’t you think?

HQ Greenskins
Before I knew it, I had moved on to the undead, painting a skeleton…

HQ Skeleton
…a zombie…

HQ Zombie
…and a mummy in relatively short order:

HQ Mummy
The mummy was especially interesting, because the model was basecoated using GW Rakarth Flesh and then merely painted by using different washes for the bandages and skin and slight drybrushing afterwards.

Revisiting those old models has really given me a new appreciation for their design: They are almost unbelievably characterful, especially given their age and single-piece nature. And there’s that hugely nostalgic feeling, of course, related with HeroQuest being my (and many hobbyists’) entry to the hobby — I am pretty sure there’s a sizeable Totally Worth It article in there somewhere….

HQ Undead
For now, painting these has mainly been a fun exercise, but the models are also a look at what may or may not become a full-blown project. Don’t hold your breath, but like many hobbyists, I would love to own a completely painted HeroQuest set, and seeing how I still have a mostly complete boxed set in my possession, it seems like an actual possibility. And even the missing parts didn’t end up being a problem — fellow hobbyist Alexander was actually awesome enough to send me the HeroQuest Chaos Sorcerer model (possibly the coolest model in the box, and, invariably, the first one to be lost) — yet another example of the amazing things that happen when you start blogging.

Which nicely leads us back to the beginning: Maintaining this blog as a part of my hobby life has become a very interesting and enriching experience, and I hope you’ll all stick around for the coming twelve months! As always, feel free to contribute feedback, criticism or any idea you might want to share! I would love to hear from you! On a semi-serious note, I am also accepting bitz donations, of course (doesn’t hurt to try, you know… 😉 ).

Here’s to the next year! Thanks for looking and stay tuned for more!


Eternal Hunt: Year One

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Well, it pleases me to announce that “Eternal Hunt” is one year old! And what a ride it has been:  When I started this blog in late February of 2012, it was mainly to have a place for posting about my various hobby activities and to establish contacts with other hobbyists. Now, one year later, I guess we can call both missions accomplished:

During one year of blogging, I managed to crank out 115 posts on this blog, with a pretty regular ratio of two updates per week. The blog racked up an overall 61,000 views, which I am immensely proud of, considering I am by no means a celebrity or hobby legend. The overall views even eclipsed the 10,000 mark once, with 10,219 views for the month of January, 2013 — but that is a feat I probably won’t be able to repeat for quite some time…

What’s even more important, though: More and more people are commenting on my stuff and providing me with food for thought and additional ideas. And of course, this serves as a constant encouragement to step up my game. So here’s a very heartfelt thank you to all the readers, followers and commenters, both here and on my various threads on the forums!

Getting feedback from you guys or just seeing that anybody reads this stuff at all has helped me pull through more than one motivational slump! And getting to talk to talented hobbyists like Biohazard, PDH, Ron Saikowski, Commissar Molotov, the Spiky Rat Pack, HOTPanda, DexterKong, Mordian7th and many more by way of this blog and my forum activities has been a real blast and maybe the best blogging experience of all, so thanks to you guys as well!

Oh, and while updating this blog and trawling the other blogs and forums is sometimes quite a bit of work, I still managed to paint about 90 models since starting the blog – among them some bigger projects like my first tank ever or my converted Heldrake – and kitbashed and converted quite a few more, so I guess the blogging didn’t actually completely prevent me from doing actual hobby work, after all.

Now, before I get all sappy, what better way to celebrate this occasion than to descend into the deepest, darkest dungeons of my personal hobby history and show you something reeeally old? That’s right, my first 40k models ever!

Before we do that, though, you have to understand that those were very different times: The Internet, back then, was still mainly the domain of “The Haxorz” and those patient enough to be rooted through to a network of what ultimately amounted to crude excel spreadsheets by way of their actual telephone. So what I am trying to say here is that there was no way of getting inspiration and help from the forums, and even actual hobby materials were scarce to come by.

When my buddy Phil picked up 40k around the 8th or 9th grade, though, us proto-nerds knew he had something special on his hands. And I immediately recognised the resemblance of his 2nd edition starter box minis to those that had come with my treasured box of Space Crusade (which, until then, I had mostly regarded as a dolled-up version of HeroQuest…IN SPACE!).

Anyway, I remember the school breaks spent poring over the few precious colour pages in the middle of the 2nd edition rulebook, admiring the fantastic models and great paintjobs (pro tip: Some of them didn’t manage to hold up all that well…). And so, one day, after school, I sat down with the desire to paint my own Space Marines just as well.

I didn’t have much to work with, though, apart from the Space Crusade models as well as fleeting glimpses at the aforementioned colour pages and the painting guides that came with the 2nd edition starter box:

Yep, still have 'em...

Yep, still have ’em…

So here’s what I came up with:

First_40k_models (2)
Yeah, I know, not even close 😉 In any cases, this guy was probably my very first Space Marine ever. Of course I didn’t know anything about the 40k background (which went pretty much completely out of the window in the horribly bowdlerised German translation of Space Crusade anyway, but that’s a story for another time), so I just went with what I thought looked cool. That is why this guy is all over the place from a heraldic perspective and should also explain why, in addition to several crude freehands and effects that were clearly beyond my abilities (the checkerboard effect comes to mind), I also gave the model a crude version of the Dark Angels chapter badge:

First_40k_models (3)
For my next project, I wanted to try something different, and even then, we loved the Legion of the Damned. We knew next to nothing about those guys (because there was even less background for them than today, and even then, we really only had that one painted model in the painting guide to go by), but we still loved that black armour with the painted on bones and flames — which nerdy teenager wouldn’t? So here was my attempt at emulating those effects:

First_40k_models (5)
Note the bones painted onto the model’s right hand and forearm. And how cute, I even managed to paint a small skull on the left shinguard 😉
On the other hand, I couldn’t even begin to explain to you why I added that Ultramarines emblem on the right shinguard. Hmmm…

I even tried my hand at an officer,using a sergeant model from the Space Crusade box:

First_40k_models (1)
I still think the painted on goatee and scar through the right eye are nice touches. Oh, and there is yet another unexplained Ultamarines symbol. Oh well…

Of course I also tried my hand at the other side of the spectrum! Here’s my very first Space Ork for you:

First_40k_models (4)
Not much to say for this guy, apart from the fact that I am still childishly fond of the primitive camo pattern I painted on his pants…


Now what does this nostalgic and slightly embarrassing tangent tell us? Well, this is where it all started! Fast forward roughly twenty years (God, I feel old…) from those first models  to me starting my very first wargaming blog, which, in turn, is already one year old today. Huzzah!

So where do we go from here? Thanks again to anyone showing interest in this blog! I’ll keep the content coming (although I cannot promise you whether I’ll be able to keep my posting schedule locked at two updates per week forever), and I would love for you all to keep bombarding me with feedback, ideas and criticism!

Here’s to Eternal Hunt! And to you people! And, as always, thanks for looking and stay tuned for more!