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Roll call for Chaos: All together now

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In the first three installments of Roll Call for Chaos, we took a look at the different World Eaters squads that I managed to paint until now. Now let’s see how it all comes together.

Before we do that, though, I almost forgot my Harriers (Raptors). There’s a completed five man squad at the moment, as you already know:

And then there’s these guys that I didn’t manage to squeeze in anywhere  else:

You should recognise the models in the middle and on the right: On the right is an old, mid-90s plastic Berzerker, kindly sponsored by my fellow World Eater Doombreed. In the middle you can see a gladiatorial World Eater that I converted and painted some time ago.

The guy on the left is a test model for my chosen, the “Sons of Cron”. I converted the squad some time ago, but have yet to paint it. Until it’s finished, the model can serve as a “regular” Skull Champion with a power fist.

Okay, everyone, without further ado, here’s a couple of pictures of all my painted World Eaters together. Enjoy! (And click for bigger pictures)

I really get a certain sense of achievement from seeing all those guys collected like that. All those models add up to about 2100 points fully kitted out. But then, that’s a bit of a naïve fallacy of course, since  I couldn’t really use them like that (too many HQ selections for one, a recurring problem of mine). But all things considered, I suppose these guys would make up a legal army of about 1,500 points.

The really bad news is that there’s at least an equal amount of  stuff that I haven’t yet managed to paint, so it seems that I have my work cut out for me:

All those unpainted models form a “Parade of shame” that I’ll show you another time. Until then, there’s more painted stuff to look at, though. Next time on Roll Call for Chaos: objectives.

Until then, as always, thanks for looking and stay tuned for more!

Roll Call for Chaos: Heavy Hitters

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Right, with the grunts out of the way, let’s take a look at the big bruisers. This time on Roll Call for Chaos: the Heavy Hitters.

And who would be first but the officers of the 4th assault company. Ladies and Gentlemen, give it up for Huntmasters Bardolf, Isgarad and Charun:

You already know these guys of couse, although I rather like the “family portrait” above: They look like they’re ready for a spot of skulltaking, am I right?

Charun and Isgarad were built to wield Daemon weapons, although I am not entirely sold on the new rules (AP3), so I may just use what works. Charun ends up using twin Lightning claws most of the time. I am lucky to be playing with a rather laidback group when it comes to WYSIWYG.

Speaking of dear old friends, these two gentlemen should seem familiar as well:

Khoron the Undying and Marax the Fallen, my Chaos Dreadnoughts. I won’t put you through having to look at all the different Dreadnought weapons again, though — all the more so since it remains to be seen whether any of these options will remain legal in the new book: Will there still be a regular Dread, or will all Chaos Dreads be counted as “Hellbrutes”? And while we are on that subject, let me just say that the Hellbrute from the starter box will definitely join those two sooner rather than later: Let’s just hope that Marax and Khoron will hold up when compared to that awesome new model…

Then there’s the lone Brazen Knight, hopefully soon to be joined by his squadmates (and a set of official rules):

Like I previously said, the other models are built and ready for painting. And even if the new book doesn’t offer any rules for Brazen Knights, I’ll maybe just use them as (allied) Bloodcrushers.

And finally, maybe the heaviest hitter of them all (provided it actually manages to hit anything, that is):

My defiler, the Daemon Engine “Unending Bloodlust”. Some of the more recent rumours maintain that daemon engines will truly return to form in the new codex, and this guy will be right there when it happens… 

Anyway, while you should already know most of these models, some definitely profit from the better photography this time around 😉

Alright, next stop: a couple of group shots.

Until then, as always, thanks for looking and stay tuned for more!

Yo dawg, I heard you like daemons,…

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…so we put some daemons in your engine…

Alright, alright, not funny. But still, let’s talk about daemon engines, shall we.

When the defiler kit was first released, it was probably the biggest vehicle kit GW had ever done in plastics. It was also a hell of a unit choice, or so I’m told. And daemon engines have been a staple of Khorne armies ever since the days of Epic 40k, so it was clear that I would have to add some kind of daemon engine/defiler to my army for heavy fire support and some flavour.

But the defiler looks kind of goofy in my opinion. amaximus from KMB makes an excellent case for this here, and fortunately he also had an idea how to use the defiler kit to create something awesome that was much more in line visually with the kind of daemon engines associated with Khorne. So I took a deep breath, readied my trusty exacto knife and tried to recreate his fantastic conversion for my own army. Here’s what I ended up with:

My version is different in a couple of ways. Some of this was deliberate, for example the inclusion of the face mask. It just screams daemon engine to me, so I simply had to use it. Other differences occured because I couldn’t hope to reproduce the original’s flawless conversion and had to downgrade a bit. As a result, my version is somewhat less awesome than the model that inspired it. But I’m still quite proud of it. The conversion really tweaks the silhouette of the model, and I can’t say I miss the gorilla arms…

All in all, it’s a rather simple conversion really, just a bit of cutting and repositioning, and you’re done. I was still pretty terrified when I started because I feared that I would make a mistake and screw up a fairly expensive model.

Oh, and one thing: This really was a chore to paint! At the beginning, one leg would take me as long as a normal infantry model. And the thing has got so many detail on its underside. Nobody’s ever going to see that, but it just felt wrong to leave it unpainted. Also, when building and painting this kit you’ll have to think carefully about which order you paint and glue things together in. That was kind of hard for me, because I like to do everything at once and really hate sub-assemblies.
I have at least three ideas for further defiler conversions, and none of them would look remotely the same, but there’s no way I’m putting myself through painting that lower body again 😉

A funny story to wrap up this post: I really forced myself to finish this, so I could use it in a campaign at my FLGS. When I put it on the table, people really liked the model and commented on it. Then the game started, and my opponent had the first turn. With the first shot of the game, my awesome new toy was instantly destroyed. And the worst thing of all: He hadn’t even aimed at it, but the shot miraculously strayed in its direction. Nuts!

Anyway, thanks for looking! Stay tuned, there’s more to come.