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Nurgle’s Rot revisited

Posted in 40k, Chaos, Conversions, paintjob with tags , , , , , , , , , , , on March 15, 2013 by krautscientist

Right, time for something finished for a change 😉

You may recall that I posted a work in progress Nurgle Terminator some time ago. This is what we looked like when we last saw him:

Nurgle Termie (8)
In the meantime, I was taken by a fancy to actually finish this guy, so I put a bit more painting in.

All in all, the objective here was basically not only to get the model done (and have it look at least halfway presentable), but also to experiment will all kinds of rust and weathering effects and see whether I could make them work on a model. So I tried my hand at different effects for rusty metal, verdigris and just general signs of decay and decline. And here’s what I ended up with:

Nurgle Terminator (8)
Nurgle Terminator (1)
Nurgle Terminator (2)
Nurgle Terminator (5)

Nurgle Terminator (6)
Nurgle Terminator (7)
The model’s mutated right hand and strangely organic trophy spikes were painted in a slightly distressed flesh tone to contrast with the muddy green armour. And, as you can see, the different weathering effects on these guy did receive quite a bit more attention since the WIP stage: All the bronze areas were washed with a watered down mix of Vallejo Halcon Milenario Turquoise and white to achieve a verdigris effect. I also thinned down GW Vermin Brown, using it much like a slightly heavier wash in the recesses of the armour to build up a rust effect.

And I finally painted the model’s huge warscythe, adding the same weathering effects. With rusty metal like this, instead of painting everything silver and then suitably dirtying it, my usual approach is to paint the whole area in brown, then stipple on additional rust in a haphazard pattern, using a lighter shade of brown and only then add a small amount of actual metal colour to the edges and surfaces. Like so:

Nurgle Terminator (12)
You may also have noticed that I added a small OSL effect to the eye and the skull atop the scythe, trying to achieve a simple lighting effect similar to the one I use on plasma pistols and the like, only in a different colour.

In order to finish this guy, I also built and painted a base for him:

Nurgle Terminator (11)

While the base is similar enough to the bases of my World Eaters (you never know…), it also features the same disgusting ichor as the base of the Plague Champion I built earlier for my Ruinous Powers mini series:

The Ruinous Powers - Nurgle (22)
The fluid was done by covering a part of the base in a thick layer of wood glue, then wait for it to dry, creating a slightly muddy looking surface that was then painted in several shades of green and yellow and coated with gloss varnish.

All in all, this guy was both quite a bit of fun to pain and a great way of experimenting with different effects! Plus I learned that using different colours for undercoating can make painting quite a bit easier: I have sinced used brown spray paint for my first Orc test model as well, and it was definitely a good choice — but more on that soon…

Nurgle Terminator (10)
So while I am in no hurry to paint up a whole Nurgle army – or even just a unit of Plague Marines, for that matter, trying all kind of weathering techniques in this guy was a blast. And it’s nice to know that I now have a few more tricks up my sleeve 😉

C&C always welcome! And, as always, thanks for looking and stay tuned for more!

Nurgle Terminator (9)