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State of the Hunt, week 41/2019: Meanwhile, Blood for the Blood God!

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In between all of the shadowy, Inquisitorial dealings, I had an appetite for something a little more blunt and straightforward, just as a little snack, so to speak. And what could be more straightforward than a follower of Khorne? “Chainaxe to the head”-types, all of them. So for this week’s update, I have some World Eaters to share with you!

A while ago, I talked about the models for a possible World Eaters killteam – codenamed “The Hateful Eight” for now – and showed you some of the possible models for it, some of them brand new, and some refurbished earlier conversions of mine. And it’s from this last category that I chose my two models for today:

To get things started, I chose a model that I built years ago. This gentleman here:

It’s one of my unpainted conversions that I feel still hold up next to the new CSM models, so it seemed like a good moment to finally put some paint on the guy. Oh, and to be fair, the model did get a new axe while I was at it. Anyway, I quickly made good progress with the paintjob:

One of the things I really want to push with my new batch of World Eaters is a certain variety of skin tones, at least where unhelmeted heads and bare arms are concerned: The World Eaters are, canonically, an ethnically diverse legion that recruited from many different homeworlds during the Great Crusade (and probably still does, given the scavenger nature of most traitor legions in the 40k timescale). Only my World Eaters never bore out that diversity because I would always use the same, greyish skin tone for all of my older models — pretty effective as far as paint schemes go, but seeing how I am trying to evolve my painting for these new models, it seemed like the perfect excuse to experiment with a wider set of skin tones as well. So I went with black skin on this model, and I am very happy with the result — even moreso because the recipe was almost laughably simple: Just basecoat with GW Doombull Brown, wash with a Fleshtone and mix the base colour with a bit of white for the highlights — done! I also used the highlight colour to add some nicks and scratches to the face to suggest old scars.

One thing that was really surprising to me was how adding the backpack really made this model: It should be such a trivial thing, really, but in this case, it’s what really makes the model read as an Astartes: With the backpack in place, it has the silhouette and bulk it needs:

After this, it was mostly a matter of cleaning up some minor areas, add a bit of Tamiya Clear Red here and there and finish the base. So here’s the finished World Eater, finally painted at long last:

The next model I decided to tackle is also a neglected conversion, although a more recent one: The model was created using a Blood Warrior from the Age of Sigmar 1st edition starter box, the legs from the CSM Vrash Tattersoul model and a couple of additional chaos bitz (chief among them a Raptor chainsword arm):

It’s a conversion I am really fond of, if I do say so myself, maybe because it’s almost a bit of a shout out to the classic early 90s metal berzerker champions that would always have some kind of running pose going on 😉

Anyway, with the success of the first model still fresh on my mind, I quickly got to work. Here’s the second World Eater, with the base colours already mostly blocked in:

And here’s the finished model:

I am maybe a bit too in love with the model right now, but it’s honestly really close to what I think a 40k World Eater should look like: a massive, baroque monster in serrated crimson warplate.

So here are the next two members of “The Hateful Eight” — it really feels great to have crossed two more items off my list of long neglected models, and I am also really happy with the result:

Incidentally, both models definitely count for Azazel’s current “Neglected October” challenge — and by virtue of the Ork skull on his base (and because berzerkers will slay anything that moves), the second guy also very much counts for his “Orcslayer” theme as well — teehee 😉

So here are the three new Khorne Berzerkers/World Eaters legionaries I have painted so far using this new approach:

Now if you add my counts-as Huron Blackheart (now officially named “Euron Hearteater”, by the way — cheers to fellow hobbyist AHorriblePerson for the suggestion!), the batch of “new” World Eaters is slowly starting to look a bit more substantial:

So what’s next for the Hateful Eight? I think I’ll be working on these two models next:

Interestingly enough, both conversions were inspired by pieces of artwork: I created the model on the left after seeing this illustration by Diego Gisbert Llorens,…

illustration by Diego Gisbert Llorens

…whereas the guy on the right is obviously a recreation of Mark Gibbons’ seminal piece of artwork (as previously discussed).


But those guys are a story for a different time (and my subject matter for a coming painting session, I guess). For now, I would love to hear your thoughts on the new models, so please leave a comment! And, as always, thanks for looking and stay tuned for more!

State of the Hunt, Week 32/2019: Chaotic exploration

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Hey everyone, Real Life (TM) has been a veritable rollercoaster lately, so I haven’t been as productive on the hobby front as I would have liked. If anything, however, that’s actually a plus because it frees up some space to share a couple of chaotic kitbashes I have been creating by putting the “new” (granted, they have been around for a while at this point) Chaos Space Marine kits through their paces. Take a look:


I. The Blightwood grows…

The first model I would like to share with you today isn’t even such a huge project, but rather an example of using some óf the new bitz to spruce up existing conversions. Enter exhibit A, a kitbashed Foul Blightspawn I created earlier this year.

My original idea for the model was to a) make the most of a leftover extra Malignant Plaguecaster model that I had cannibalised for bitz and use the remains to build yet another Death Guard character and b) get rid of some of the parts of the stock Foul Blightspawn that I really didn’t like, such as the massive pump sutured into the model’s flesh and the weird garden hose-style weapon.

So the original model was already working pretty well for the most part, but it was also still lacking something — and to make things worse, before the new CSM models were released, I didn’t have any correctly scaled CSM parts to tweak it a bit more.

But a headswap, courtesy of the new vanilla CSM kit gave me this:

I didn’t really like the CSM head with the one “googly” eye (normally intended for the squad’s heavy weapons expert), but it works really well for a follower of Nurgle. I spliced together a breathing apparatus as well, while I was at it, and opened up the pose a bit.

I am still rather fond of the core idea of the conversion – using an Escher chem thrower to make a slightly more conventional version of the Blightspawn’s stock weapon – although I think I also did a reasonably good job splicing together one of those WW I-style Blight grenades from a couple of bitz:

I also saw an extremely clever idea over at ssspectre’s blog that I had to steal right away: He used a turbine from a Raptor jump pack to create this kind of weird, bulky engine/pump on the back of a Nurglite model, and I did the same on my Blightspawn conversion, adding a bit of bulk and weirdness to the backpack.

In fact, I even made one more tweak after taking the photos above, adding some semi-organic cabling to the backpack that I carefully clipped off one of the new Havoc rocket launchers and backpacks.

And, just for fun, a comparison shot with my (slightly converted) Plaguecaster and the new Blightspawn — both use the same base model:

After using some smaller bitz and bobs from the new CSM kits like that, I felt the need to get a little more creative. So that’s what I did:


II. Iron Within…

This next model is a slightly bolder project, and also makes even more use of the new CSM kits: I had an idea for a Warpsmith-like Iron Warriors character, eventually to be used in my Iron Warriors Killteam I suppose. So I made this guy:

The body intended for the heavy bolter wielding marine from the vanilla CSM kit made for a nice start, providing a suitably bulky, archaically armoured body with a stoic pose. The arms and shoulder pads also came from the vanilla CSM — for the most part. I did feel the need to include a somewhat more impressive weapon for a Warpsmith of the IV Legion, so I spliced together the left arm using an (Age of Sigmar) Varanguard hammer and a forearm and haft from the Chaos Lord on Manticore (since I needed a left hand holding a weapon for this conversion). The backpack started out as a backpack from the new Havoc kit: I really liked the reactor look it had going on! I simply shaved away some of the cabling, added a loader arm (from a Havoc missile launcher backpack) that should work just as well, if not better, as a proper servo-arm, and also added some tech-y bitz – including the heavily augmetic head – from the Adeptus Mechanicus Kataphron kit.

I think the model proves how even the vanilla CSM kit,with just a few bitz from other kits sprinkled on top, can be used to produce rather imposing characters and commanders!


IV. The Hateful Eight cont’d

All roads lead before Khorne’s throne, however, so those earlier kitbashes were merely an appetiser before the inevitable main course. Which is a roundabout way of telling you that I have been slowly tweaking away on what may (should) eventually become that World Eaters kill team I have already told you about — “The Hateful Eight” (or ten or sixteen or whatever…). Here’s a look at my short list of future kill team members, so to speak:

Now you’ve seen many of these before in some shape or form, for which I apologise. Also, half of them are repurposed older models, but I think they are still cool enough to warrant a modern paintjob:

I’ve been making tweaks to them, exchanging a weapon here or adding some grenades and Khornate doodads there. I am particularly fond of this guy, made by combining a Blood Warrior from the Age of Sigmar 1st edition starter box and the lower half of the CSM Vrash Tattersoul champion model:

There’s also a couple of “new guys”, however: Fresh conversions that rely on the new kit in some shape or form:

On the far right you can see my “test berzerker” from earlier this year. Then there’s this gentleman, converted from yet another AoS starter box Blood Warrior:

I always knew I would want a model wearing a clunky Heresy-era helmet to accompany its baroque armour, and this is that model 😉

Fot the next two models, I thought it might be fun to try and channel some of the most iconic (or interesting) pieces of World Eaters artwork and build models inspired by the art. First up I chose this very cool concept for the “Teeth of Khorne”, the World Eaters’ dedicated heavy weapons specialists, created by Jes Goodwin during the early 90s, I would imagine:

Artwork by Jes Goodwin

I realised that many elements of the new havocs strongly resembled this piece of art to begin with, so I tried to come up with something similar.

For the most part, this is really just a stock havoc. I replaced the head with a shaved-down Blood Warrior helmet and tweaked the backpack a bit. Also, since I didn’t have a plasma cannon, I was unable to perfectly replicate the art and had to choose a replacement — a missile launcher seemed suitably brutal and straightforward for a World Eater, though… 😉

And then there’s this guy:

Any ideas about the inspiration for this one…?

That’s right, it’s a model built to resemble this iconic piece of art by Mark Gibbons (supposedly showing Khargos Bloodspitter, of all people):

My idea for this conversion was born when I realised that both the straighter legs and the power fist included in the CSM kit would allow me to build something pretty similar to the artwork — but while the above mockup worked as a proof of concept, the conversion needed a lot more work! So here’s what the finished conversion looks like:

Some parts of the conversion are actually a departure from the artwork, albeit a conscious one: The first helmet I used is arguably closer to the artwork, for instance, but the one on the finished conversion (provided as part of a bitz drop by fellow hobbyist ElDuderino, by the way), exudes just the kind of brooding menace that the model needed.

Funnily enough, the model also serves as a pretty neat shout out to some really old World Eaters models, thanks to the static pose:

And here’s the new guy, next to my test World Eater from earlier this year:

So, as you can see, I am actually back to converting World Eaters again — at least for a bit. And I am not even finished, either. Here’s a small teaser of things to come…

V. Burning Man

For now, however, let us wind up this post with a bit of background: I prepared a little background vignette for the counts-as Huron Blackheart model I shared with you a while ago. Take a look:

„The burning never stops.“

This is the sentence he remembers above all else, because it has come to encapsulate his entire existence. While the memory of an Astartes is eidetic in nature, his long life has become a number of disjointed, fragmented moments, with entire decades mostly unaccounted for. But one thing remains. One thing binds everything together and defines him. One sentence neatly summarises it all.

“The burning never stops.”

He remembers how the sentence from weapons instruction returned to him, at the very moment that he saw the phosphex charge go off. The bridge was a pandemonium of blood and death, but everything was frozen into place for just one instant. He saw everything in incredible detail. The battered VII Legion Breacher team that, against all odds, had made it to the bridge in an attempt to bring down a leviathan from within. The mangled face of the Fist throwing the phosphex grenade at him. The eyes already staring into infinity, waiting for a death that would come in mere seconds. The explosions of the weaponry discharged by the other surviving breachers. The chainblades of his brothers falling in slow motion, trying to bring down the enemy. But slow, far too slow. And the green white fire of the phosphex charge, enveloping him at last, and flooding his every fibre with liquid agony, just seconds before the main viewport burst into a million armourglass shards, opening the bridge to the void.

He remembers Terra. The Throneworld twisting below him, above him, behind a curtain of voidships on fire, as he tumbled into blackness. The cold void that was the only thing that could have extinguished the flames that were swallowing him. But even when the fires went out…

…the burning never stopped.

He remembers coming to in a red haze. The sounds of the Apothecarion. The klaxons and warning beeps. The mirrors above the surgical slab showing him a lump of molten, misshapen flesh that he did not recognise. And Deracin’s half-augmetic face floating above him, like a hint of things to come. The Forgemaster locked eyes with him and smiled. And he knew that he would not be allowed to die.

He was rebuilt. Into a strange amalgamation of oh so little flesh and bone, iron and pain. Oh so much pain. He became a construct. Like the gholam of old Terra. And through it all, the pain of an unquenchable fire kept coursing through him, racing along nerve clusters that should have been cauterised beyond any function. Along iron bones that shouldn’t have been able to feel, but did. It has been thus ever since: His every waking moment is pure agony. Inhale. Pain. Exhale. Pain. The nails are but pinpricks to him. He is, eternally, on fire.

His wrath and pain almost seem like a separate entity. When he does battle, and his every cell is burning agony, he can almost see something take shape from the corner of his eyes. Something rough and bloody that is glowing in its own inner malevolence. It is growing all the time. There will come a time when he will finally meet it face to face, this thing he keeps feeding with his pain and with the pain of others.

He keeps losing time. Battles often turn into disjointed shards of perception for him. When he sees glimpses of that strange spectre that seems to shadow him, inexplicable things happen, and he is merely a spectator in his own body: His flesh turns into liquid flame, and he becomes capable of feats that should be beyond his patchwork body. He awakens to arcs of warp fire cascading from his axe and augmetic fist. He comes to in a world of cinders and flaking ash, with his enemies’ lifeblood running down his chin in rivulets. He sees the wariness in his brothers’ eyes, and to see such emotion play across their ravaged features would make him smile, if that expression were not lost to him.

And through it all,
The burning never stops.


It goes without saying that I would love to hear your thoughts on these models! And, as always, thanks for looking and stay tuned for more!

Roll call for Chaos: Huntsmen & Lost brethren

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After the sheer excellence of the chaos models in the 6th edition starter box, I can only hope that you won’t find looking at my own,  relatively shabby models too jarring. They are just as red, for starters. That has to count for something!
So here I am again, with a Roll Call for Chaos: Last time, I showed you my skull champions. Now let’s take a look at their subordinates.

As of now, there are two painted squads of Khorne Berzerkers in my army. For some, two troop choices may look a little thin, but Berzerkers tend to be a bit of a one trick pony, so I usually prefer diversifying a bit instead of sinking huge amounts of points into more Berzerker units. After all, holding objectives doesn’t sit well with a World Eater in the first place, so I usually tend to go for total annihilation of my opponent. Sometimes, it even works out.

Quite a few of these Berzerkers were painted in the 90s, so they don’t hold up too well compared to my newer models. Fortunately, the pictures are rather advantageous, so the models don’t clash too much.

Here’s my first squad of Berzerkers, Hunting Pack Bruul:

About two thirds of this squad were actually painted fairly recently, so it looks alright. You can see skull champion Bruul and the icon bearer among the guys there.

And my second Berzerker squad: Hunting Pack Memnar:

Most of these are old models, and the paintjobs on some of them really show their age. Looking at the bareheaded legionnaire in the middle ground, you can see that my recipe for skin has changed quite a bit, and some of the other guys look really rough. One day, when I have lots of time, I may repaint them, but it actually seems far more probable that I’ll just “phase them out”, replacing them with newer models over time. Again, you can see the Skull Champion and icon bearer from the last post.

So last but not least, I’ll also include my squad of Possessed into this post. I built them from a mix of Berzerker and CSM parts and used Ork arms and old chaos mutations to show their possessions. Compared to the newer plastic kit, those look very restrained, though, so they end up being used as regular Berzerkers as often as not.

Anyway, meet Huntmaster Kharduun the Hunter and the Lost Brethren:

All of these models were painted last year, so they are the most “modern” Berzerker unit in my army at this point. I am still rather pleased with some of the conversions, I especially like the guy on the right. Fun fact: Huntmaster Kharduun was the first World Eater I built in late 2010.

Something I will have to do for all of these models is to go back and touch up their bases. Most of them were originally based in the classic “early 90s’ GW” style (painted Goblin Green and flocked with cheap modelling grass), so I at least changed that. However, I hadn’t settled on a recipe for my basing then, so I’ll just have to take these guys and work on their bases — probably in one or two longer sittings.

My Berzerker squads are usually accompanied into battle by dedicated transports. I already converted the Rhinos in question, but have yet to paint one — to tell you the truth, I am rather nervous at the prospect, since vehicles are definitely not my strong suit…

Anyway, so much for the basic, footslogging troops. Next up: some heavy hitters.

Until then, as always, thanks for looking and stay tuned for more!

Roll call for Chaos: Champions & Icons

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I had originally planned to kick off this series as a huge chaos extravaganza in celebration of the new Chaos Codex’s imminent release. But then, GW decided to pull a rather big switcheroo and push back the new Chaos Space Marines in favour of a Daemon release. But we here at “Eternal Hunt” won’t let any scheduling shenanigans get in our way, will we? So while there may still be some time left until the new book hits, let’s have a “Roll Call for Chaos” to fill the time. Huzzah!

As you all know, I got back into the hobby in late 2010 and started work on the current version of my World Eaters at the beginning of 2011. I did however “salvage” some older models from my collection, if only for the reason that, being a rather slow painter, I needed them to swell the 4th assault company’s ranks. So this series will deal with some of the old and some of the new. In all fairness, you will already have seen some of the models already posted on this blog. However, the new photos are probably of a better quality, at least.

So for starters, let us take a look at the Skull Champions for my Berzerkers and the icons of glory their squads are carrying into battle.

The first two models I would like to show you are true classics: I bought these when I first started working on a small World Eaters force some time during the late 90s. This was soon after the plastic Khorne Berzerker kit had been released, and I tried to get hold of some of the older metal models to serve as champions. So I got these guys:

Two of the classic metal World Eaters champions released during the mid-90s. They are wielding standard chain weapons (though their size make them look like they could be chainaxe or chainsword of Khorne, respectively). I still like the sculpts a lot, even they tend to look a little two-dimensional when seen from the side.
I also painted these over a decade ago, so they look quite a bit rougher than my newer models if you take a closer look.

Anyway, they served as champions until I took my hobby hiatus during most of the 2000s. Then, when I got back to working on a World Eaters army, I realised the usefulness of Skull Champions wielding power fists, so I set out to build some new models:

Skull Champion Memnar here was built with parts from the regular Berzerker kit and some CSM bits. I added a torso with a chain tabard from the chaos vehicle sprue and a trophy pole, however, to make him easily identifiable as a squad leader. His helmet was spliced together from that of a WFB Chaos Warrior and the regular Khornate “bunny ears”.

Skull Champion Bruul follows the same basic recipe, although I went for a bare head from the Chaos Terminator Lord kit this time. His power fist was converted from that of a loyal Terminator, and I added a spike and a Chaos Marauder Buckler on the back in order to make it look a little more interesting:

These guys look a little more modern, and they added some much needed oomph to my Berzerkers unit during 5th edition. They were kind of useful to have in combat with vehicles and monstrous creatures. However, maybe I’ll have to build yet another set of models once the new rules are out. Let’s wait and see…

Then there’s the icons. I am a great fan of having icon bearers in my army, even in those cases where they are not actually necessary in a squad. I just think it adds some nice character to the army, and I also try to never repeat an icon design across the entire army.

So it was clear that my Berzerkers would also get some icon bearers, even though their perks are “built-in” and don’t require a special model. First up is another vintage metal World Eater from the mid-90s. I especially like this model (even though he’s even more two-dimensional than his buddies above). Even though I’ve owned this model for almost twenty years, I only painted him last year, so he holds up rather well in comparison with my newer models.

The Khorne Berzerkers were actually the only unit type to get a dedicated standard bearer back then. All the other standards used the same metal Chaos Space Marine, with just the actual icon on top of the pole god-specific and exchangeable. The Khorne icon also manages to look rather threatening, like it could actually be used as a weapon.

It’s also interesting to note how those three old metal Khorne Berzerkers share between them pretty much all of the visual elements that make up the late 90s Khorne Berzerker plastic kit — take a closer look, and you’ll recognise most of the details!

So it was clear that I had to built another icon bearer for my second squad of berzerkers. This time, I went for a mix of the old and the new:

The model was built by mixing berzerker parts with the dedicated Khorne bits from the regular Chaos Space Marines. The banner pole comes from some OOP WFB  plastic Warriors of Chaos, and the icon itself is a true classic from the old metal Bloodletters of Khorne. I like how my two icon bearers are clearly distinguishable while sharing a similar overall look.

And finally, yet another classic:

Even though I am not a great fan of actually using Kharn in game (I prefer my own characters, even if they are just using standard rules), I really love the model, even after all these years. My Kharn was painted almost 15 years ago, so he looks pretty rough in places, which puts me in a bit of a fix: I’d like to paint him again, but I won’t strip the paint from this particular model for nostalgia reasons (I can still remember the night when, coming home semi-drunk from a party, I struggled to get this guy’s backpack painted). On the other hand, I definitely won’t pay silly money for a new Finecast Kharn just for the privilege of painting him again. Maybe there’ll be a new version released soon?

The only touchup I did was to go back and add a little lighting effect to his Plasma pistol. It’s a little thing, but it definitely adds some pop to the model:

And that concludes our little tour of my World Eaters’ middle management. Although I have one or two more Skull Champions, they haven’t been painted yet. Next up in our Roll Call for Chaos: the squads commanded by these guys.

As always, thanks for looking and stay tuned for more!