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The fate of Inquisitor Zuul…

June 14, 2013

With the Inqvitational 2013 now behind us, it’s time to check on Inquisitor Zuul: What fate may have befallen him? Did his puritan enemies manage to take him out? Or was he able to elude his pursuers? Was he murdered by Tybalt and his cronies? Or did he make the puritans rue the day they […]

Why I love the Internet: The Cobb Incident

April 26, 2013

I never tire of preaching the manifold advantages of blogging and getting in touch with other hobbyists: Exchanging ideas with others can lead to all kinds of fantastic hobby projects (*cough* like this *cough*), but you probably know that by now (and are sick of hearing it). Today, I would like to tell you an […]

Beasts of the Northern Wild

April 17, 2013

So how do you follow up a post like the one about Legion? Easy: You don’t, at least not right away 😉 While quite a few pictures of the game set aboard the Arrke (some of them slightly fuzzy, but all of them fantastic!) can already be found online, I’ll give it a few more […]