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Some news…

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A little unscheduled update today to talk about some small additions I made to the blog:

First of all, I added a blogroll to the navigation on the right, in order to showcase some of my favourite blogs. All of the blogs over there are highly recommended, so go take a look! The same goes for From The Warp, Tale of Painters and Dark Future Gaming. You can visit those by clicking on their respective logos.

I also added Dramatis Personae pages for my World Eaters and INQ28 characters. For those of you interested in the fluff or just trying to get a quick reference, those pages will showcase all the characters I have invented for my different projects. As of now, there are quite a lot of blank spaces there, but both lists will fill up over time and form a comprehensive “Who’s Who” of the different characters. Take a look!

And finally, just so you also have something new to look at, let me show you two small projects I am currently working on:

First up, a couple of WIP shots of a mini-diorama I am doing for my World Eaters.

Naturally, there can be no true hunt without any hounds. So I got myself some Chaos Hounds and tried to figure out a paint scheme for them. Here’s what I came up with:

Like I said, those hounds will form a part of a mini-diorama, with one of the 4th assault company’s Huntmasters close behind, siccing the beasts on some unfortunate prey. However, I have yet to paint the Huntmaster in question. I want all the models in the diorama to still be usable on the table, so they all have their separate bases that can be easily slotted into the bigger base. Here it is without the hounds:

I really like those hounds and would like to find some way of being able to use them in the game. I may actually end up fielding them as lesser demons. The idea of having huge, mutated hounds accompanying Khorne’s Eternal Hunt into battle (and being summoned with the hunter’s horns) is just too cool to pass up!

The second thing I am working on is a true blast from the past: Thanks to my fellow Khornate slaughterer and all-around great guy Doombreed (once again), I found myself in the possession of some old plastic Khorne Berzerkers from the early 90s. I couldn’t help myself and had to start painting one of those guys right away. Here’s where he’s at right now:

I really like this model a lot! Granted, the sculpt is a little flat and the pose seems slightly awkward, but this little guy still holds up fairly well next to his younger brothers. And I really don’t understand why they abandoned that helmet design, since it’s definitely cooler than some of the more recent Berzerker helmets. Anyway, I’ll still have to do a few touchups on this guy, and he’s lacking a backpack, but you can see where this is headed. Thanks a lot to Doombreed for his continued generosity!

Alright, that’s it basically. Have a great Sunday!

As always, thanks for looking and stay tuned for more!

Celebrating my first 500 views

Posted in miscellaneous, Pointless ramblings on April 3, 2012 by krautscientist

Hey everyone,

while I do of course realise that a mere 500 views are really not that much in this wonderful web 2.0 we find ourselves in, I am nevertheless a bit proud, considering I have only been doing this whole blogging thing for a month and a half.

So to everyone from around the world who had a look at my little part of the interwebz: Thank you! I hope you enjoyed what you saw! I’ll keep the content coming, the next update is already on its way.

Now if I could only get people to comment more often…

Anyway, thanks everyone! Stay tuned for more!