About this blog:

This blog serves to tell the story of KrautScientist’s hobby exploits in the world of miniature wargaming. It will mainly feature content from the worlds of Warhammer 40k and Inquisitor with the odd post about… well, anything that I might find interesting.

The point of this blog is not to show awe-inspiring perfection: I am not a Golden Demon level painter, obviously. Neither do I excel at building terrain, nor are my conversions the most fantastic you will ever see. My aim is to show you that it’s possible to get things done if you only try to, even if you’re – like me – not a wargaming genius.

About me:

I’m a thirtysomething German who has been addicted to cutting apart little plastic men since the mid-nineties. Apart from wargaming, I enjoy films, music, videogames and literature. I’m blogging in English because that gives me at least one sensible “grown up” reason for writing about a universe where people use chainsaws as swords. I am also not actually a scientist.

About you:

I know absolutely nothing about you, of course. But if you’re reading this (or one of the other posts) and have any questions, remarks or feeback, then feel free to comment in English or German or contact me at KrautScientist [at] yahoo.com

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

34 Responses to “About”

  1. Roy Latarche Says:

    I just fell across this by mistake and what a dam fine one, your work is great and I love the Renegade ogres.

    The use of parts are great and the paint job really works well, I have found this inspirational and a real joy.

    Please continue to produce great stuff.

  2. Ha, found your blog! I was too curious to wait for your response, so I did a quick Google research on “KrautScientist”. I am going to bookmark you in return because I like the way you portrait Chaos, especially cultists and mutants. Also, you do 28mm Inquisitor miniatures while I am collecting models and bitz for inquisitorial henchmen to use for Dark Heresy. Again, you are so bookmarked 😉



  3. Hi KrautScientist,

    I’ve been following your blog for a while and I was wondering if you would be interested in joining the Wayland Games Affiliate Program? Basically, we can help you to fund your hobby.

    Please have a read about our Affiliate Program and let me know what you think.

    I can also make banners for you and provide other resources on request should you need them.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards
    Adam Smith
    Marketing Manager

  4. So glad I found this blog. Everything on here is an inspiration, not just in wargaming, but design, art, and even fiction! Who would have thought? Keep up the good work.

  5. Hi, I have been checking your work out and it’s awesome!
    I am starting an online hobby magazine and would love you to contribute.
    The magazine is called The Golden D6 http://www.spruegrey.com/thegoldend6/
    Please drop me a mail (thegoldend6@spruegrey.com).

  6. jmbyerly Says:

    Howdy, saw your killer Angron conversion: http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/2550/432972.page

    Really awesome work. I love it, and it’s inspired me to try one of my own. I have a few questions about it…first, where is the crown? What kit dis that come from? Also, the spine addition — what kit is that from, or did you sculpt it?

    Really appreciate any insight and help. Cheers and awesome work!

    • Shhh, you’re spoiling all the fun for the other readers 😉

      But here are some quick answers, anyway 😉

      – I suppose by “crown” you mean the crest behind his head, right? That’s a bit from the warshrine of chaos kit.

      – The spine mainly came from the Khorne Bloodsecrator (banner bearer) from the Age of Sigmar starter box: He’s normally wearing the spine as a “ponytail” of sorts 😉

      Anyway, hope this helps!

      • jmbyerly Says:

        Thanks — sorry, I wasn’t trying to spoil your fun!

        One last question, the belt buckle….that circular World Eaters looking waist piece…what is that from?

        All your help is appreciated….and your work is really great!

      • The belt buckle is actually a gut plate from the Ogre bulls kit (or whatever they may be called now) — and it also happens to look perfectly like a World Eaters legion badge 😉

  7. hi, it is posible to buy few custom Obliterator parts sculpted by Thamier kit?

    • Hey man,

      you’re not the first to ask 😉 I think that would have to be Thamier’s choice, so feel free to contact him via The Bolter & Chainsword. Last thing I heard, he was actually looking into the option of having his stuff cast, so maybe you’ll be lucky — eventually 😉

  8. Hi there.
    Was looking for inspiration for inquisition psyker units – preferably female. In google picture search I found a girl from your blog that I absolutely loved, I think you called her a rogue psyker. I can’t find the picture on the blog, though. :/
    Would love to know how you built her, and what pieces you used.

  9. Tectonicbg Says:

    wow… Thanks man.. randomly stubbled onto your page and I’m loving what i’m seeing. Keep up the good work!

  10. Ryancore Says:

    I’ve followed your blog for a while now, in fact you’re a main attribute as to why I’ve started doing the hobby again. I gave up about 10 years ago (not really sure why now that I look back on it lol) but I think I read somewhere that your on instagram? Was wondering what your IG name is on there?
    Also, I’m crying for some of the forgeworld conversion kits for world eater terminators. I’ve tried ebay and (obviously) forgeworld but no luck. Any idea of somewhere else I could try?

    • Hey man, thanks for the kind words! Glad to have played my part in bringing you back to the fold 😉

      I am not on Instagram, actually, and I am not really interested in using social networks for my hobby communications, preferring more “old-fashioned” forms like message boards or blogs. That being said, wherever I set up shop, you’ll always find me using the same handle — KrautScientist.

      As for the terminator conversion kits, unless you find a hobbyist willing to part with his own, you may be out of luck, at least where legal avenues are concerned: It’s no secret that recasts of virtually every Forgeworld kits are readily available, but purchasing them isn’t exactly the most ethical thing to do, so I hope you’ll forgive me for not linking to any possible sources.

      Anyway, hope you’ll keep reading the blog and commenting! 🙂

  11. Markus Edelmann Says:

    Einen schönen guten Abend. Also deine Art mit den Modellen umzugehen gefällt mir sehr gut.
    Das Design ist auch mein Stil.

    Top Arbeiten !

    Würdest du mir bitte sagen wie du die Türkisen Schwerter der World Eaters angemalt hast ? Also welche Farben du verwendet hast! Ich möchte das selbe farbschemA verwenden.


    Beste Grüße

    Markus Edelmann

    • Vielen Dank, Markus!

      Das ist zum Glück sehr einfach: Du brauchts lediglich die Farbe Milenario Turqouise von Vallejo (wobei es sicherlich auch eine passende GW-Farbe gibt) sowie ein bisschen schwarz und weiß.

      1. Mische das Türkis mit etwas schwarz und bemale die gesamte Klinge.

      2. Benutz das pure Türkis, um am Rand der Klinge entlang einen Akzent zu malen. Einen weiteren Akzent kannst Du vorsichtig genau in der Mitte der Klinge platzieren.

      3. Um den vorherigen Akzent aufzuhellen und/oder zur Spitze de Klinge hin wiederholst Du den vorherigen Arbeitsschritt, allerdings mischst Du das Türkis dafür mit etwas weiß.


      Hoffe, das hilft! 🙂


      • Markus Edelmann Says:

        Vielen dank für deine schnelle Rückmeldung.

        Super werde ich gleich ausprobieren.

        Wie gesagt deine Armee mit den Umbauten und Farbschemas,
        Einfach Hammer!

        Sau geile Modelle.

        Beste Grüße

        Markus edelmann

      • Gern geschehen 🙂

  12. Hello KrautScientist,

    I’ve been following your blog for a couple of years now. I really love your conversions (even though i don’t play world eaters). Been concerned when you’ve been disheartened by the blog and by instagram etc. I also love to read a blog and see a continuation of the work from someone I’m interested in. Your road trip post to Austria is probably my favourite posted on any blog. So i really hope you stay interested.

    I’ve been so inspired by your conversions that it has really spurred me on to do my own. I love the bravery, momentum and themes you have running through your stuff. The bravery coming from the knowledge that to do really good and eye catching conversions you have to risk going too far. You have to push it. You have to look at your conversion and go is that too much or is that awesome?

    Not only have you inspired me with my conversions but also to try out a blog of my own. I’ve recently made all 12 of the Wolf Lords for the Space Wolf chapter in 40k. As far as i know this is unique (to do all 12). So i’m starting my blog there. Here is the address..


    I would love you to check it out and let me know what you think. My Erik Morkai particularly has a lot of (unconcious) Angron influence that i blame you for. The guy who has done 4 (!) versions of Angron. So far I can’t even find my own blog on google so what hope has anyone else. I’m a bit of a techno newbie. I would be interested to know how you got started.


    • Thanks a lot for your comment, krakendomcool! While blogging has occasionally become frustrating due to the lack of feedback and comments, I’ll say that your comment is the kind of reaction that really makes me want to continue running this blog. It’s a humbling feeling to know that I may have inspired another hobbyist like that, so many thanks again for your kind words!

      I haven taken a look at your blog and I really like what I see! Will make some time to properly comment ASAP! 🙂

      • Thank you for looking. It’s really pleasing to hear you like it, it means more somehow coming from you. I spent so long looking at your conversions I got a really strong urge of ‘I really want this guy specifically to see these Wolf Lords’.

        The blog is really in its infancy. I’m not exactly a Van Saar when it comes to tech. Although I’ve managed to make the blog I don’t really know how to get it out there so people can find it.

      • Hmm, I think the best way to get your blog noticed would be to – funnily enough – post about it elsewhere: Join blog networks (where possibly), run threads on one (or several) of the big forums (like The Bolter & Chainsword or Dakka) and link back through your blog. Facebook and Instagram are other avenues you could explore, obviously, although I am not really a fan of those. In any case, getting your actual blog noticed can be pretty hard work, unfortunately — tell you what, though: I’ll put you on my blogroll, so that’s one – very small – blip you’ve already made 😉

        Keep up the excellent work! 🙂

  13. Adam Ward Says:

    Hello! I have been following this blog for years, and I absolutely love your stuff. I don’t always comment on your posts (shame on me) but I always take the time to read it, and with Contrast paint and a little trickery with rattle cans, I think I’m finally ready to give painting up some World Eaters a try! It’s no surprise to my friends I imagine-any time you have new stuff I show it off and talk about how much I love your conversions and paintjobs, but I wanted to say thank you for the years of work and diligence you’ve had, it has really inspired me.

    With my fanboying now firmly aside, I do have a question for you: If you had to, how would you replicate the Butcher’s Nails on a Chaos Space Marine model? I have looked at your stuff with Angron and you said you used the cables from a Ruststalker head, but I can’t figure out from the pictures how you did it. If you have any tricks or insight, I would really appreciate it, and thank you for what you do!

    • Thanks for the kind words, Adam! I really appreciate it, and I definitely hope you’ll leave a comment every now and then! That really keeps me and the blog going, you know? 🙂

      As for your question, hrm, there’s really no fast and easy answer: I am always on the lookout for suitably delicate cable bitz (and the AdMech kits are obviously a great source of them). Using a suitably tentacle maker would probably also work and turn out to be an even thriftier solution. When all is said and done, however, it will always come down to the fiddly task of grafting those cables to the head, and there’s really no simple solution to that, except to take a few deep breaths, work as efficiently as you can, and not to do too much at once. I try to choose cables that match the general curvature of the head — or to subtly cut and shave the bitz I use until they fit well enough. It’s also often a question of merely suggesting the implants by adding a cable here and there. For normal Astartes, you can usually get away with something less extreme than Angron’s mane of dreadlock cables. And there are many Space Marine heads that already come with implants or augmetic plugs on the back of the head that work well as a starting point.

      Anyway, hope this helps! 🙂

  14. Hi there!

    I emailed you at your Yahoo address, but figured I’d drop a note too.

    First off, I love your work. Such awesome conversions and paint work! Not only that but predominantly world eaters too!

    I run a world eaters YouTube channel and wanted to spotlight some of your work, in particular your angron build.

    I of course am asking your permission as you have the right of ownership over how your work is portrayed. I sent you a link via email to the channel.

    Either way, please keep posting more awesome work! Its amazing!

  15. grimvatr Says:

    Iam fairly new to the hobby and found your blog a few weeks ago. Really awesome blog! So much beautiful inspirations! Keep up the good work! Greets from germany 😉

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