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The 2017 Eternal Hunt Awards, pt. 2: The Hobbyists

January 18, 2018

Welcome back, everyone: It’s a new year, and here we are — later than I had originally planned, I must admit. Sorry for the delay, but I just had to spend the entire holiday season sleeping, eating and near-obsessively hunting robot dinosaurs. I actually also managed to paint my very first model of the new […]

The 2017 Eternal Hunt Awards, pt. 1: A look back at my hobby year

December 24, 2017

Once again, welcome everyone to the 2017 Eternal Hunts Awards, my blog’s annual feature to analyse the past year’s great – and not so great – hobby moments, pick my favourite (and least favourite) models from GW’s slew of releases and single out some of the most spectacular hobby work I’ve seen online. So let’s […]

The 2016 Eternal Hunt Awards, pt. 2: The Industry

January 21, 2017

Okay everyone, forgive me for dropping off the radar for a bit there, but work has been pretty crazy for the last couple of weeks, and my free time has mostly been dedicated to the wonderful world of digital entertainment for quite a while (as an aside, if you like this blog, you should probably […]

The 2016 Eternal Hunt Awards, pt. 1: A look back at my hobby year

December 23, 2016

Yes, it’s that time of year again: Welcome everyone to the 2016 Eternal Hunts Awards, where I take a look at this past hobby year and talk about the best releases, the most inspiring work from fellow hobbyists and about my own hobby year — in fact, just to shake things up a bit – […]

The 2015 Eternal Hunt Awards, pt. 3: A look back at my hobby year

January 18, 2016

Welcome everyone to this third and final installment of the 2015 Eternal Hunt Awards. After the last post’s lofty heights, we are back to my own measly models — I hope the contrast won’t be too jarring! 😉 But then, it wouldn’t be the Eternal Hunt Awards without a good look at my own hobby […]