#HeroQuest2019: This is a Gargoyle!

As key luminaries of the realm have aptly pointed out, one of the best things about HeroQuest is the Gargoyle:

And while I stand by my earlier assessment that the Chaos Warlock is actually the cooler miniature, the Gargoyle pretty much won by sheer shock and awe tactics, back when I originally opened the game box: He was massive! He came in three separate parts! I remember a younger version of myself not wanting to let go of the model for the entirety of Christmas, back in 1989 😉

A couple of years after that, I actually painted the Gargoyle, trying to match the paintjob that appeared on the back of the HeroQuest quest book (once again, courtesy of Mike McVey). Here’s the result:

I remember being over the moon with my paintjob back in the day. From a modern perspective, it’s easy to see how my approach was hampered by the limitation of seemingly never using any shading and merely painting on the base colours 😉 I am still pretty pleased with the colour blending on the sword, though…

Now it was clear that painting another Gargoyle would have to be a part of my #HeroQuest2019 project. My original plan was to keep the Gargoyle for last and only paint him once all of the other monsters had been finished. But then real life (TM) had been such a slog recently that I felt I deserved a little reward for soldiering on, so the Gargoyle jumped the queue a bit.

When it came to the actual painting recipe, I didn’t have to think all that long: Sure, one option would have been to actually paint the model as a stone statue — after all, the Gargoyle is supposedly rather a stone effigy come to life than an actual Daemon. Plus there are some rather gorgeous “stone” Gargoyles, painted by fellow hobbyists, out there. But this approach just seemed a bit boring to me.

These days, I am actually aware of the fact that the HeroQuest gargoyle is a slightly rebranded Bloodthirster of Khorne (or a statue of a Bloodthirster brought to life, to be precise). To the point where the vintage metal Bloodthirster from the time HeroQuest was released actually included options that allowed you to basically assemble a bigger HeroQuest Gargoyle.

And a Khornate Daemon required bold colours: Red and brass. So I ended up back with the “official” Mike McVey paintjob yet again:

Now the picture above doesn’t really use the actual Gargoyle model as included in the HeroQuest boxed set, but rather a slightly more elaborate metal prototype. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why my paintjob ended up looking slightly different — although it’s still heavily based on Mike McVey’s approach. Here’s a first tentative look:

I wasn’t so sure about the somewhat different look at first, but the model has definitely grown on me over the last couple of days, and I am pretty happy with the finished model now — definitely an improvement over my last paintjob from the mid-90s (even though the difference doesn’t look quite as stark in the photo as it does in real life):

I would also be remiss not to mention Tale of Painters’ flame tutorial yet again, which really came in handy when painting the Gargoyle’s sword — I merely reversed the recipe this time around 😉

So with the model finished, I set up the usual, proper “glamour shots”. So here, without further ado, is the Gargoyle:

All in all, I am really very happy with the finished model — this guy will make for a brilliant boss monster to pitch against those pesky heroes… 😉

What’s more, with the completion of the Gargoyle, Team Chaos is now finished as well. Just look at them, all glorious red and dark metal:

At the same time, I still need to complete quite a few models before my HeroQuest set can be considered finished: The Goblins are still missing, as are the Fimi/Fimirs/Fimirach (?!). And then there’s the furniture, of course, something I am already looking forward to quite a bit! If nothing else, though, I do have at least one model for each of the monster types now:

And while we are at it, here’s a look at all of my completed HeroQuest models right now:

As you can see, the assembly also includes the two “bonus models” I have created to round out the set, namely Sir Ragnar and the Witch Lord.

What’s more, I was surprised to find out that this collection actually makes for some forty models that I have mostly managed to paint in the first quarter of 2019 — that’s quite an achievement, given my – usually glacially slow – pace when it comes to painting!

So that’s it for today. Of course I would love to hear any thoughts and feedback you may have, so don’t be shy! And, as always, thanks for looking and stay tuned for more!

33 Responses to “#HeroQuest2019: This is a Gargoyle!”

  1. Awesome paintjob on these cuties Kraut ❤

  2. Very impressive and it has been a delight following your progress – both from your approach and respect for the minus and art but also from a nostalgic standpoint 🙂

  3. dochalf Says:

    Excellent work on this beast. I particularly enjoy the way you’ve manage to paint the face with these shades of brown.
    And the family shot is pure eye candy.

    • Thanks a lot dochalf! I was a bit nervous about the face, to tell you the truth, as it’s less expressive than the prototype one. But I am pretty happy with how it has come out!

  4. Ah brilliant mate – watching this project come together is an absolute joy 🙂

  5. Great job on that gargoyle.



  6. Another great addition! I do like the way you paint dark skin.

    I also enjoyed seeing your original, it’s nice that you still have him! It sounds like you and I had the same limitations when painting as youngsters: basecoats only, no shades 🙂 I also tried the flame blend on one of my models, though it didn’t come out quite as nicely as yours.

    • Cheers, mcmattila! I am actually baffled in hindsight by how I was able to pull off that blending (used the same effect on Nagash’s sword back in the day), but virtually not a single other advanced painting technique back in the day — oh well, Arcadia of my youth, and all that 😉

  7. The Gargoyle joins the ranks of your chaos force perfectly! And the paintjob is awesome again and honestly, I prefer yours to McVeys original. I like the darker appearance a lot! And huge respect for the amount of finished models. Great work mate!

  8. Beautiful, nothing else to say! (except, the flaming sword on your first model was very well done!)

  9. Nicely done dude! Love it 🙂

  10. Outstanding

  11. PickaxeJunky Says:

    Very nice.

    The sword on your original gargoyle is very good too.

    One thing I will say is that making the snout black makes the face look a little dog-like?

    It’s the same in the Mike McVey picture, and it’s not something I’ve ever been keen on.

    Still, excellent work, as usual! Looking forward to the rest.

    • Cheers, PickaxeJunky! The black snout probably goes back to so many vintage Khorne models being decidedly dog-themed, so that’s why I chose to incorporate that element as well. I can see why it would be a bit of an acquired taste, though.

      • PickaxeJunky Says:

        Oh, I didn’t know that. Fair enough then.

        Still a great paint job.

  12. Got to say, that fire effect on the original gargoyle would be no small task for me now, let alone at whatever age you were when you first painted it. Top marks on the new version, I’m really enjoying seeing this project progress.

    • Thanks a lot, Wudugast! Incidentally, fire effects have become – dare I say it – rather trivial to me ever since I discovered that Tale of Painters tutorial linked in the post — definitely a keeper, that one!

  13. Lovely work on the Gargoyle. I have to say that your original flame looks pretty sweet even today!
    Now I want to hear about you swapping one of your current Bloodthirsters and that Gargoyle for a game of 40k, and HeroQuest!

    • Haha, I don’t think there’s a single room on the HeroQuest board the modern Bloodthirster would actually fit into 😉

      On a partially related note, I think the Gargoyle would make for a fitting contribution for MonsterMarch, wouldn’t you?

      • The Gargoyle is a monster by any metric, and It’s certainly got old-school cred. You should have put it up for the month’s submissions! – Swordmaster is a pretty cool guy, and would happily have accepted it. 🙂

  14. […] are really far too big to be wielded by any model appearing in the game, except maybe for the Gargoyle 😉 But I still cannot stop myself from liking the weapon rack immensely: It’s an […]

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