Raud the Hunter

Whoa, seems like the numbers of views went through the roof after my last post — which is a slightly bittersweet experience for me: I love the fact that so many people seem to take an interest in my pick of fantastic hobby projects from last year, and all those artists certainly deserve the attention! At the same time, there’s no way I can replicate that kinf of interest with my own meagre work — oh well… πŸ˜‰

Even so, in-between parts two and three of the Eternal Hunt Awards, allow me to sneak in one of my own models, if only because I am so very happy with the first model I have managed to complete this year — and also the first model I have painted in quite a while! So what is this about?

In 2017, I had such a blast painting a converted World Eaters Contemptor as my first model of the year, so I thought I’d just try to catch that spark again with…more of the same. So I decided to paint this guy, whom some of you may remember from back in August, I believe:

So yeah, I had to convert yet another Betrayal at Calth plastic Contemptor: In fact, the model actually started in several places:

  • When Augustus b’Raass was nice enough to magnetise my first Contemptor’s gun arm, I realised it would actually be cool to have another model for that extra weapon as well.
  • Then I got a good deal for just the body of the BaC plastic Contemptor, and I really rather like that model as conversion fodder: True enough, the stock model is so awkward — and painfully vanilla. But the fact that it’s so underwhelming is what makes it so fascinating to me: I just want to bring out the cooler model hidden within, so to speak πŸ˜‰

It helps that it’s really easy to improve the model, by the way: Even if you want to keep things really simple, like me, without using any GS, splicing in Sentinel upper legs or what have you, the plastic Contemptor is easy to improve via just two or three small cuts:


1. Carefully cutting the body apart at the waist allows for a more interesting pose (plus you could even magnetise that joint to allow the torso to swivel permanently.

2. The really invaluable step, however, is to cleanly separate either of the legs (or both) from the pelvis area with a clean cut, then reattach them at a different angle to either make the pose more open and less pidgeon toed (as I’ve done on my first Contemptor) or approximate a walking/running position (as I’ve done on the second model).

3. And that’s not even getting into the extra posability (and customisability) you get by carefully cutting off the weapons immediately beneath the shoulder.

  • The third major factor in the creation of the model was that I still had a kitbashed Dreadnought arm in my bitzbox:

Now originally this arm was built allll the way back in 2014, originally to be used on one of my 40k Dreadnoughts. I wanted a miniature version of the “Ursus Claws”, the harpoon systems the World Eaters use on their warships, and my version was inspired both by a very similar conversion courtesy of fellow hobbyist sheep and Forgeworld’s Blood Slaughterer Impaler.

Now for one reason or another, I never got around to painting this arm — which was really all for the best, since it arguably works much better on the taller Contemptor than on the boxy Castraferrum Dreadnought.

So the model really came together rather quickly back in August — but then, as is often the case with my projects, it took me some time to actually sit down and paint it. But I really wanted to see this guy finished, so when my good friend Annie invited me over for one of our semi-regular hobby sessions, I made it a point to actually get a good start on the Contemptor.

So here’s what he looked like after getting all the base colours and decals in place:

And this was the model at the end of the painting session, shortly before I packed up for the night:

At this point, there was still quite a bit of detail work left to be done, but I was well underway to actually finishing a model again, and that motivational surge really povided me with the incentive to actually see the project through to its conclusion πŸ˜‰

In addition to the model, I also needed a suitably impressive base, of course. And there was one effect I definitely wanted to incorporate: A fallen Astartes, trying his best to reach a melta charge — an effect I’ve seen on many Heresy armies, especially on one of Mr. Poom’s fantastic World Eaters Contemptors.

This idea came with its own set of challenges, however: It quickly became clear to me that while it’s super cool for the base to contain a fallen Astartes like that, I really needed to keep the guy’s visual footprint small enough so as not to overshadow the main attraction — when all is said and done, the poor fella’s base decoration, after all, and nothing more.

So I used one of the resin Marines I had left from the base of Forgeworld’s Angron model, cut the poor guy in half and pushed him down really low onto the base: In fact, I imagine him as having been buried under rubble from an explosion or something similar, not directly as a victim of the Contemptor:

One thing that doesn’t really come across in the pictures is that there’s a bigger piece of rubble where his legs should be, pushing him down and/or pinning him in place. I hoped this would work much better once the base had been painted.

The rest of the base was built up using plastic parts from one of GW’s 40k basing sets, Vallejo’s Sandy Paste and some varied rubble and cork chaff from my collection. Since the plastic parts were woefully smooth, I once again stippled on some Liquid GS to create some much-needed surface texture:

The paintjob was once again intended to make the entire base look suitably dusty and grimy — like a perfect little slice of a Horus Heresy warzone. It’s funny, but I think the one area where I’ve improved most through my work on Horus Heresy models is the basing of models πŸ˜‰


So before the model was completed, all that I needed to do was to come up with a small background piece for this latest Contemptor. Now it has become a bit of a tradition for me to immortalise fellow hobbyists who have contributed to my hobby life in a meaningful ways by naming models after them (such as “PeeDee” the Monkey, for instance. And come to think of it, Augustus b’Raass alone gets about three shout outs in my 40k World Eaters army), and I decided to do the same this time, using a part of the Contemptor’s name and a tiny bit of his background as a bit of a shout out to fellow hobbyist BubblesMcBub, who really did me a good turn last year by letting me have most of the Death Guard modes from the Dark Imperium boxed set — cheers, mate: This one’s for you! πŸ™‚


So here, without further ado, is the finished Contemptor:

Kelok Raud

“The Hunter”
Contemptor, XII Legion Astartes

Long before his interment into a hallowed Ironform, or even before his transformation into an Astartes, Kelok Raud was already a consummate hunter, slaying the monstrous rad-beasts that stalked the West-Yropan flatlands. After his induction into the XII Legion, this predilection for hunting fearsome game saw Raud gravitate towards the role of a heavy assault specialist, and many were the beasts and tech-horrors he brought down during the Great Crusade, before finally falling under the claws of a towering xenos beast.

Before the last spark of life left his shattered body, however, the Techmarines of the 4th assault company interred him into a Contemptor ironform, as his prowess in battle had long made him eligible for a service beyond death.

Bestriding the battlefield clad in layered Adamantium of ancient Mechanicus ingenuity, Kelok Raud has now returned to the hunt once more, this time as a true avatar of war. His breastplate proudly proclaims his motto β€žVenatio Supra Omnia – The Hunt Above All Elseβ€œ in High Gothic lettering, and where he used to hunt mutant beasts with spear and lance, he is now armed with a Dreadnought-sized version of that most vicious of World Eaters weapon systems, the monstrous Ursus Claw harpoon.


Here’s a closer look at the base:

The last picture shows off the piece of rubble pinning the Ultramarine down a bit better. I really rather like the “mini-narrative” created by the base: The fallen Ultramarine gives it one last shot at destroying the enemy – as Ultramarines are wont to do, becauseΒ “only in death does duty end” and all that – while the Contemptor has bigger fish to fry and is already looking for his next prey — he’s kitted out for tank hunting, after all.

I even like the idea that the little scene could actually play out either way: Could the Ultramarine prove to be Raud’s undoing because of his unbroken will to fight? Maybe, but then it rather fits his character. Plus I think there’s still a pretty fair chance the Contemptor’s next step will squish the Marine’s head like a ripe melon…

Now like I said, the guns were actually magnetised by Augustus b’Raass, so while I am totally ignorant when it comes to magnetising stuff, it was easy enough to add something readily magnetic to the Contemptor’s right shoulder. So now I get to do fun stuff like swapping in a new gun…

…or changing the angle of the gun:

One thing I am really, really proud of, even if it’s not perfect, is the freehand lettering adorning the scrollwork on Raud’s breastplate: I went with the aforementioned “Venatio Supra Omnia”Β which I think is fairly okay-ish Latin — hey, who cares, it’s High Gothic anyway, isn’t it? πŸ˜‰

In any case, this feels like the first freehand of that kind I have tried in virtually forever, so I think you guys can cut me some slack πŸ˜‰

So yeah, that’s the finished model! And here are “the twins”:

To be honest, I am enormously pleased with these two, especially since they use the exact same base model and still look suitably different.

So to wind things up, here’s a snapshot of my entire 30k World Eaters collection so far:

Certainly not an army yet — but we may be getting there, one model at a time πŸ˜‰

I would love to hear any feedback you might have on the new Contemptor. And, as always, tanks for looking and stay tuned for more!

33 Responses to “Raud the Hunter”

  1. Awesome work, man! Really dig this contemptor, really drives home the brutality of the legion – The ursus claw is a great nod to the books and the conversion you did for the arm fits the contemptor frame far better than it would have on a 40k box dread. Good stuff!

  2. Excellent mate! I love the superlative hunter theme here –
    the model conveys this beautifully and the paint job is spot on. Love it!

  3. That BASE. Badass!

  4. Great work indeed, and the ultramarine desperate to reach the melta bomb is a real finesse! I also love the fact you share the background story of your models, it’s always worth reading!

    • Cheers, raff! If nothing else, it turns them into characters rather than mere playing pieces, so it’s always worth to come up with a bit of background in the first place! πŸ˜‰

  5. Glad to see you back to the World Eaters, liking the basing narrative.

  6. BubblesMcBub Says:

    Ofcourse i have already seen this model on the B&C but its really cool to see the whole prosess in one place and also the extra things you say about the project here makes it a good read!

  7. Great stuff, Stefan!
    I love the conversion, it really brings the model to life.
    The harpoon-thing is also really cool, and the spike under the multi-melta balances it out nicely.

    • Cheers, mate! I really wasn’t all that fond of the Heresy era multimelta design, so I needed something spiky and vicious to change it a bit. The harpoon was really just a happy accident, but it does work really well on the model now, so I am very happy with it! πŸ™‚

  8. Kelok looks frickin’ rad! I love the way the pose communicate so so much of his character (slightly hunched over, like he’s tracking his next prey), and how different his pose is to your previous contemptor.
    The paint job (and base!) look to have come out really well – do you recall if you have ever gone in to detail in any of your previous posts about your weathering methods? It looks really really good on the body!
    About the only feedback I can really give is about the head – I’m slightly in two minds about whether the white head blends too closely with the white body, though I think on balance the shadows and cabling around the head prevent any issues there. I also really like the use of the transfer on the right leg, and the freehand on the scrollwork and skulls!
    I’m not sure if this was deliberate or not, but to me the spiked cod piece also harks back to the rogue trader Chaos dreadnought…

    Also, if I was vaguely asking about how WordPress was, I’ve taken a lot of your previous comments on board, and I’m just theoretically considering the best options for blogging πŸ˜‰

    • Cheers for the well considered feedback, mate! I really appreciate it!

      Regarding the weathering, I basically use three different techniques on these 30k World Eaters: 1. Applying Charadon Granite with a small piece of blister sponge. 2. Drybrushing the feet and lower legs with Steel Legion Drab to tie the model into the base and 3. Carefully add some Boltgun Metal scratches to the blue areas with a fine brush. And that’s about it, really.

      I spent ages deciding whether to paint the Contemptor’s head white or bronze, but ended up liking the white version so much that I kept it that way: I think there would arguably have been even less contrast on a metallic faceplate.

      Regarding the blogging business, out of the two big classic platforms (Blogger and WordPress), both are pretty great and easy to use. I personally prefer WordPress because it’s more open and versatile as a platform, but both work really well. That being said, social media sites like Facebook or Instagram seem to be all the rage these days, so that might be an option as well. Personally, I’m not a big fan, as my impression is that they don’t really seem to invite actual conversation — people just click the Like button and move along. It’s certainly much easier to reach a bigger crowd with them, though.

  9. Hello Kraut,
    How’s things? I was wondering if you could do me a favour? I came across your old post on the Warzone line and thought it was great – I’ve been collecting the miniatures from this series and was wondering if you could possibly do a sort of advert, given how many people visit your blog. I’m looking for the old metal trenchers and the hurricane walker vehicle – I put an advert up on a site called leadadventure forum under the name jawd500; if you were willing, could you put up a post/ make a mention of it if you ever had the time and ask anyone interested to head over there? It’s a big ask I know but if you would I’d be very grateful.
    Best wishes,

  10. Prometian Painting Says:

    Inspirational stuff with the fallen ultramarine there. Always worth giving your base trophies a fighting chance.

    I concur with a previous commenter that the contemptor head does get a bit lost, but that’s really my only critique.

  11. Hey Kraut,
    Love the model the almost savage looking comtemptor is amazing it still looks noble but with the traces of heresy creeping in. I also hate to burst your bubble but remember when you got a hit from the Vatican, I was on holiday and checking your blog from the cafe. Btw the one thing I would love to see you work on is the more primal and savage side with the skulls and almost tribal artefacts.
    Best of luck mate,

    • Cheers, Eoin! Haha, that’s brilliant about the Vatican — don’t worry, I’m a Lutheran, so I was bemused rather than hopeful πŸ˜‰

      As for more tribal, feral elements, I will say that it’s a delicate balancing act to have those 30k World Eaters look suitably uniform to read as Horus Heresy era models, while also adding the right amount of brutality to them. That being said, one thing I want to experiment with is to have some of the models reflect the warrior cultures they came from — we’ll see how it goes πŸ˜‰

  12. Absolutely fantastic. Your blog is going to be the undoing of my Nurgle Army, since just looking here makes me want to shove them aside to kitbash Iron Warriors. I like the idea of stippling some LGS onto the citadel scenery parts. I was a bit disappointed in how flat and soft the stuff was with the chunk I based the Minotaurs Captain onto. Too late for him, but definitely something I’ll do on the next use of those pieces.
    As a pair, they do look a lot more imposing, so please do make them a trio. Perhaps with the arms reversed (right arm CCW, left weaponised) so that you can then continue to swap arms and have a CC specialist as well as a Mortis?

    • Haha, no worries, mate: You’re a machine when it comes to painting — at least whencompared to me. I wouldn’t worry about the Nurgle army.

      Yeah, the idea of using Liquid GS to add some texture to those underwhelming basing parts was a godsend! Unfortunately, GW have done it again with the tactical objectives kit. It feels really ridiculous when the pieces of rubble on the bases of their regular models are so very sharp and crisp, but their actual basing kits look like cheap knock-off castings…

      As for the Contemptor, while I don’t really see myself going for a third 30k WE one (as I’ve basically done everything I wanted to between the two models), I do want to at least source some additional arms at some point, to allow for even more weapon swapping.

      • Adding more arms is a slippery slope, though – as we both know. I’d actually love to see what you could do with the FW WE model, so perhaps one day in the future.
        I have to admit, I have the Tactical Objectives set, but haven’t opened the box yet. Shame to hear that they suffer the same issues as the basing parts and their plastic bases. I mean, I’ve been using those bases a lot for my Iron Warriors and now my Necromunda models, but the detail on them is clearly soft and sub-par.
        I’ve got a bag of Berserker bits chosen, washed and ready to go. For a couple of months in fact, but I’m going to try to dedicate next month to finishing off and clearing out a bunch of backlogged, unfinished units from the last few years before I start on anything new…

      • Yeah, I was really disappointed too. Fortunately enough, it’s not too hard to make those parts work with some added Liquid-GS texture, but we shouldn’t really have to do that…

        I am really looking forward to seeing some berzerkers from you, once you get around to actually building and painting them! I definitely hear you regarding wanting to clear out some of the backlog, though, as I am currently doing the exact same thing πŸ˜‰

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  19. […] it’s a good thing, then, that I have already used the design on several models, such as one of my 30k World Eaters Contemptors and, of course, on Worker […]

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