The State of the Hunt, Week 22/2017: Too hot for painting…

Hey everyone, as the title should already have told you, the last few days have been crazy hot over here, on the blasted plains of northwestern Jhermani, so getting anything painted was completely out of the question. Actually, so was just about anything else, really. But I did at least make some time for a spot of kitbashing, and have some results to share with you:


I. In the Shadow of Great Wings, pt. 1.5

You’ll probably still remember my recent conversion of Argel Tal’s daemonic form, a model I am still fairly pleased with, if I do say so myself:

But even while I was putting the finishing touches of Argel Tal’s daemonic version, it was already clear to me that I would eventually have to build another version of the character in his “normal” transhuman form, for whenever the daemonic essence of Raum hasn’t come out to play. It just wouldn’t have seemed like a complete project otherwise 😉

But my original plan was to actually put the alternate Argel Tal version off until some point in the indeterminate future (that’s where hobby projects go to die, in case you were wondering). Alas, it was not to be: I just had an innocent look at the descriptions of Argel Tal in The First Heretic and Betrayer, just for research purposes, you know — and before I knew it, I was halfway through the building process…

So here’s what I have so far:

Once again, a couple of conversion notes:

  • the armour was basically a no-brainer, as Argel Tal is described as wearing a suit of Mk. IV plate, so I mainly used plastic Mk. IV parts, with the notable exception of the breastplate (which is the same Raptor torso I also used for daemonic Argel Tal) and the arms (Mk. III arms, actually, chosen for looking a bit more ornate — only befitting an Astartes captain).
  • the Guardian Spear makes a return here, for obvious reasons. Once again, I chose to change the weapon’s haft, making it look more like a spear — actually, I basically had to go back and recreate the version daemonic Argel Tal is wielding, just for the sake of continuity 😉
  • the cape seemed like a nice way of giving the model some extra bulk and presence and make it read as an officer. It originally came from a half-complete Ivanus Enkomi model fellow hobbyist Augustus b’Raass sent me a while ago.
  • And finally, the head. Now I realise that this could be a divisive choice for some people, but I decided to go with the bare head from the Space Wolves character conversion sprue. Call me crazy, but I’ve somehow always imagined Argel Tal as having long-ish hair. And that particular head really came closest to the mental image of the character I’ve had in the back of my head ever since reading Betrayer. But if you find yourself hating this particular head, don’t fret: Like Kharn, Argel Tal will have an optional helmeted head as well:

Incidentally, there are actually very few conversions of non-daemonic Argel Tal conversions to be found, so I didn’t have much to work from. The one pretty cool depiction I found, however, was this piece of artwork courtesy of Noldonfinve:

artwork by Noldofinve

The piece even received ADB’s official blessing, so I thought it would be cool to take some visual cues from it when building my own version, and I think that worked out pretty well, wouldn’t you agree?

In closing, here’s how the more human Arge l Tal looks next to his buddy in crime:


And here’s a comparison showing both versions of the character:

Now all that remains is to actually get these two painted — this whole project has already spun off into enough of a distraction as it is… 😉


2. On The Road Again…

In other news, remember the Road Crew?

I realised when taking a look at a couple of my recent posts that it has been a rather long time since I’ve done anything INQ28 related, but that fantastic Sector Mechanicus terrain released recently, alongside Shadow War Armageddon has given me a taste to delve back into the depths of the underhives, and what better way to do that than to keep adding to my fun little band of misfits pictured above?

Now to remind you, the basic idea behind these guys is that they are a colourful collection of former gladiators, former pit slaves, mutants and other undesirables establishing their own little domain in the depths of the world of St. Sabasto’s Reach, a pretty sinister planet, even for 40k standards:


St. Sabasto’s Reach

An extremely rich hive world grown fat and depraved through slave trade and the exploitation of its mutant lower class.

The world originally earned its name when the Imperial Saint Sabasto rested here after his great victory on the fields of Belzifer, before engaging in the last stage of his holy crusade for the defense of Velsen against the forces of the Arch-enemy. While Sabasto’s crusade army was still magnificent at this point, it had also suffered heavy losses (a fact, it is argued by some contemporary Velsian historians, that contributed to Sabasto’s eventual defeat within the Veil of Impurity).

When the Saint contemplated the price in blood paid for the reclamation of Velsen, he decreed that the entire world of St. Sabasto’s Reach would be given to the orphans of the slain and that the Imperium would see to it that the children of martyrs would never need to go hungry. This spurred the planetary populace into religious fervor, and countless orphanages and scholae were opened in the saint’s name, earning the world bynames like “The Planet of Orphans” or “The Orphans’ Cradle”.

However, with a slow decline in piety and a general economic recession, many of the world’s orphanages have had to close over the centuries, while others have turned to a far darker trade, giving the world’s epithet a new, sinister meaning. It is true that Imperial organisations like the Schola Progenium, the Ecclesiarchy and even the Inquisition still maintain a presence on St. Sabasto’s Reach and recruit from the ranks of the homeless orphans, choosing the most talented or devout to serve in their respective organisations. And in the deeper levels of the world’s hives, missions and orphanages still offer a real, if meagre, chance for survival to this day. Yet that is only one face of St. Sabasto’s Reach. For at the same time, the world has also become the biggest fleshmarket in the entire Velsen Sector, providing human resources in a very literal sense, from mutant workers to household servants. Moreover, it is rumoured that there exists a slave for every kind of service in the almshouses and slave pits of St. Sabasto’s Reach, and the masters of the world have long prided themselves on being able to cater to every taste and desire, no matter how “eccentric” it may be.

Another mainstay of the world’s culture, the countless circuses and fighting arenas, are also fueled by a constant influx of “material” from the slave pits. At one point, the world’s renowned Circus Imperialis served as a front for a cult of chaos worshippers and was purged by the hand of Inquisitor Antrecht. But even after this upheaval, the remaining slavelords and ringmasters of St. Sabasto’s Reach quickly regained their step, slightly realigning themselves in the resulting power struggle and carving out a new pecking order among themselves. Because the Inquisition’s issue was never with the slave trade itself, but with the presence of heretics, and so the House of Blossoms, the Angelflesh Lodge and countless other establishments like them continue to ply their dark trade to this day…


One thing I have wanted to do with this project is to combine a number of established Necromunda archetypes (the Pit slaves and Scavvies in particular) and add a twist of my own. There’s also a fair bit of Mad Max-vibe going on with the project, but I could not quite work out how to emphasise that particular angle when these guys are actually based in the dark, dirty and cramped underhive.

I’ve watched quite a few Let’s Play videos of Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light, by way of YouTuber ChristopherOdd, lately. Both games are set in a postapocalyptic near future where a (nuclear) Third World War has likely wiped out most of the human population on earth. Underneath the ruins of Moscow, the survivors of the apocalypse have turned the Metro tunnels into their new habitat, creating a makeshift civilisation in the cramped confines of what used to be the metropolis’ transportation system. Now I have a bit of a thing for postapocalyptic scenarios anyway, but after immersing myself in the scenario, it hit me: The whole concept of subway tunnels becoming living spaces and an entire ecosystem, if you will, seemed like the missing puzzle piece that would allow me to push the Mad Max angle on my Road Crew project a bit more: What if the lower reaches of the Hiveworld are crisscrossed by a network of transportation tunnels originally created – and mostly still used – to move the vast amounts of goods necessary to keep the world’s overly bloated population alive? St. Sabasto’s Reach has a huge population, even for a Hiveworld, because its most important goods are people, but all of these have to be fed, even if they are only in transit. So I imagine a network of massive, highway-like tunnels far beneath the ground, with smaller maintenance tunnels, substations and similar spaces in between the cracks spiderwebbing off from the main branches of the network. And maybe the Road Crew has taken to raiding some of the transports travelling along those massive subterranean highways: That would allow me to incorporate elements that are typically Mad Max, even vehicles. So with my creativity thus reinvigorated, I assembled some new recruits for the gang:

Now I am actually cheating a bit here, because both the guy with the chainsaw on the left and the guy with the gun on the right were originally built before I had even started thinking about the Road Crew. And yet, without a few minor tweaks, they became pretty cool new parts of the project — I actually love it when a project finally provides a new home to some stray conversions from years ago 😉

The guy in the middle is new, however, and I am pretty proud of him. Meet Cirque:

I don’t think I will ever tire of the particular look that a combination of Ork parts (with their somewhat grotesque, overmuscled appearance and clunky technology) and human sized components will give you — almost the perfect recipe for mutants, if you ask me.

And there’s the Road Crew’s ride, of course, a slightly touched up Gorkamorka Trukk that has become far too small for modern Orks, yet should work really well for my merry band of postapocalyptic ne’er do wells:

Now if only the heat would let up for a couple of days, I could maybe get some of the above painted — keep your fingers crossed for me 😉

Anyway, so much for today’s update. It goes without saying that I would love to hear any thoughts you might have!

And, as always, thanks for looking and stay tuned for more!

17 Responses to “The State of the Hunt, Week 22/2017: Too hot for painting…”

  1. Awesome! Loving the Argel Tal models, great builds man! Digging the necromunda stuff as well, always been my favorite of the specialist games!

    • Cheers, mate! The Road crew basically started out as an INQ28 project, but yeah, it definitely crosses over into Necromunda, mostly because of the similar character archetypes. I always felt that many of the gang archetypes in Necromunda were too clean, too defined, if that makes any sense. Whereas the pit slaves and Scavvies allowed for a bit more leeway. Oh, and the Eschers were great, of course: Some of the best female models ever produced by GW!

  2. Aww I hoped the winged meance would have paint on by now. I think, like me, you suffer from having too many things on the go at once.

  3. Inquisitor Mikhailovich Says:


    On the other hand, gorgeous work, very nearly good enough to make me get off of my butt and finish up my Deathwatch. Impressive and inspiring as ever, good sir.

    • Haha, cheers, mate! Not going to lie there, watching you go through that rollercoaster of emotion is kinda flattering — and also darkly amusing in a way 😉

      • Inquisitor Mikhailovich Says:

        This is kind of hilarious because I just entered a painting contest at my local FLGS… Which required me to buy a new model.

        Dang you, Kraut, dang you.

        I’m sicing my Deathwatch on the Hunt now.

  4. Aaron Says:

    Ive been wanting to make my own argel tal ever since reading betrayer as well. The bond between him and kharn was awesome.

    Really cant wait to see both versions painted.

  5. Dexter Says:

    Can we get some of that heat? I want to go swimming.

    Good to see the Road Crew again! The two boys on the ends are familiar, but Cirque is a nice new face. He reminds me very much of Jeff Vader’s earlier work, and you know full well that I regard him as my favorite hobbyist. I don’t think I’ve said this before, but as far as world-building goes, St. Sabasto’s Reach is my favorite world you’ve created for our Velsen project. The Metro games you mentioned have peaked my interest, I want to check it out. Why don’t you move to America and crash on my couch for a while while we build some scenery for it? My wife won’t mind (yes she will but it’s fine).

    • Cheers, Dexter! 🙂

      You are correct as usual, Jeff Vader’s Inquisitorial henchman definitely was an influence. I thought about how I could put my own spin on things, though, and made him far less Inquisitorial.

      As for St. Sabasto’s Reach, yeah, I do agree it seems to be coming into its own as a setting.

      And regarding the Metro games, I was actually going to suggest you check them out anyway, seeing how you are such a Fallout nut: I’d say they are even more interesting in some ways, due to the very creative handling of the setting and the distinctive Russian angle — there’s something so haunting and darkly poetic about the whole scenario.

  6. Inquisitor Mikhailovich Says:

    Good morning!

    So a couple thoughts:

    1. An update on the aforementioned painting contest: my Deathwatch Techmarine won. I will have to post pictures on my blog in the near future.

    2. I’m still waiting on your approval for my Golden Legion Deathwatch Operative, Krautus Oraton. I’m waiting to post that Vanguard Veteran Squad until I have it, so if at all possible, I would love to hear your opinion soon. 🙂

    3. Is there any chance you’d be willing to share how you painted the yellow on the Road Crew? I’m starting an Adeptus Mechanicus allied detachment in the near future, and my plan is to do that bright, industrial yellow on the cloaks (barring that, I may go for a regal purple).

    All in all, thank you so much for continuing to share your hobby with us! As a much less experienced hobbyist, it is truly inspiring.

    • Inquisitor Mikhailovich Says:

      Update, you can see the Techmarine/Master of the Forge here:

    • Cheers, mate!

      Regarding the Golden Legion Marine, I’ll make sure to take another look ASAP — but you really don’t need any leave from me to post him in the first place, you know.

      Regarding the yellow on the Road Crew, sure thing: The yellow itself is built up with several thin coats of Yriel Yellow. Then I wash the surface with a Sepia Wash. Then I carefully sponge on some GW Charadon Granite (and a tiny bit of Leadbelcher). Done.

      Hope this helps! 🙂

  7. […] I would really love to see finished this year are my converted versions of Argel Tal, both in human and daemonic […]

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