ETL V: Go out with a bang!

Alright, one more post about the ETL, and then we’re off to…well, whatever’s next, really 😉

With three finished vows under my belt, I was basically prepared to call it a day, but I couldn’t help noticing that the amount of points I had pledged was still below the 1,000 points mark — by 70 points, to be exact.

Now I didn’t harbour any ambitions to contribute a huge amount of points to the ETL, as there are some other people who have that particular corner covered much better than I ever could. But somehow I did want to read the 1,000 points mark — and as it happens, I realised that I had one last model on my unpainted pile that perfectly fit the bill:

Some of you may remember my first “Thamier-pattern” Obliterator, based on some excellent, custom parts provided courtesy of my fellow hobbyist Thamier (hence the name). Those parts allowed me to finally come up with an excellent Obliterator design that fit my army as well as the outline of what an Obliterator should look like:

Hadrak Firebringer (8)
Back when Thamier sent me those bitz, he was awesome enough to include enough parts for two Obliterators. But I only ever managed to finish one of them and just couldn’t seem to settle on a final configuration for the second one.

For some reason, however, this changed after finishing my Bloodthirster recently — something must have been shaken loose in the back of my head, and suddenly I knew exactly how to build this guy, easy as that. A short while later, I had the finished conversion in my hands:

2nd Thamier pattern Obliterator WIP (5)
2nd Thamier pattern Obliterator WIP (4)
2nd Thamier pattern Obliterator WIP (6)
And as luck would have it, a single Obliterator can count as a squad and is worth exactly 70 points — just the amount I was still missing! So I decided to finish my contribution in this event by making a fourth and (final) vow. I was really looking forward to finally owning two finished Obliterators of this size and design!

2nd Thamier pattern Obliterator WIP (3)
Besides, it was just a single model, right? So what could possibly go wrong?

Unfortunately, the last couple of days have been the hottest days of the year so far in northwestern Germany, with temperatures of more than 30 degrees Celsius outside. Hardly the perfect weather to be painting miniatures — quite the opposite, actually!

However, I realised that losing momentum was the biggest danger for me, so I soldiered through the paintjob. And I managed to finish the Obliterator yesterday. Take a look:

2nd Thamier pattern Obliterator (5)
2nd Thamier pattern Obliterator (6)
2nd Thamier pattern Obliterator (11)
2nd Thamier pattern Obliterator (9)
2nd Thamier pattern Obliterator (7)
And here’s a closer look at the weapon arms, spliced together from many, many different bits and kits:

2nd Thamier pattern Obliterator (8)

2nd Thamier pattern Obliterator (10)
Now it has been pointed out to me by Thousand Eyes and Augustus b’Raass that the armour trim needs some cleanup work here and there — particularly on the leg greaves! And I happily agree — painting this guy in the sweltering heat – and in a slightly darkened room, no less – certainly didn’t do the exactness of my paintjob any favours. But I think those problems should be easy enough to solve with some minor touchups when it’s a bit colder, and I am still reasonably happy with this guy: Now I have two massive juggernauts that can lay down quite a bit of fire between them. YAY! 😉

Thamier pattern Obliterators (1)
And with the points of all the models I have managed to finish not at exactly 1,000 points, I think this is also the perfect moment to consider my contribution to this year’s ETL concluded: I’ve already done three vows more than I had originally planned, and while it has been a blast, I think it’s important to end things on a high note. I also don’t want to fail again, like last year! 😉

But even so, I couldn’t be any happier with my performance: Granted, 1,000 points isn’t all that much when compared to the amounts of stuff some of the crazier contributors have come up with, but then I think I have really managed to complete some rather cool models — some of this stuff is arguably my finest work to date:

ETL V All Vows (3)
Another thing that pleases me immensely is that each model is one I have wanted to get painted for quite a while.

And while waiting for the opportunity to purchase some new Chaos Black spray halfway through the event, I actually made the most of the downtime and painted two “bonus models” (that had already been undercoated earlier), in order to keep my momentum going.

The first of those was a berzerker that I had already considered beyond saving earlier: I originally wanted to use the model as a test piece for the Mephiston Red spray paint, back when it was released. So I undercoated it with the – then brand new – spray paint, hoping that the paint would become a mainstay of my World Eaters recipe:

New red test model 01

Unfortunately, the stuff performed rather terribly, and I ended up with a test model that was a slog to paint. Everything still looked pretty nice until after spraying, with a nice red undercoat across the whole model. But when I began to pick out the details in different colours, I realised that the undercoat had a somewhat strange, sandpapery texture that made the colours on top behave strangely, turning the whole painting progress into an exercise in frustration:

new red test model 02

Now this is about as far as I got with the model:

new red test model 03

But when the colour actually started rubbing off in places, revealing the bright red undercoat, I basically abandoned the whole project as a failure — and the half-finished model kept sitting on a sideboard, daring me to finish it at some point.

And that moment had finally come! So I thought “What the heck?” and gave the model another try: I repainted the armour with my new red recipe and persevered, because I really rather like this particular conversion and didn’t want to abandon it completely, and here’s what I ended up with:

Salvaged Berzerker (1)
Salvaged Berzerker (2)

Now this is hardly my best work – and it couldn’t be either, given the damage done by the original undercoat – but this guy is at least presentable enough now to take his place amongst the rank and file, and I am pretty happy that I’ve managed to finish the paintjob, after all!

Dumah & Salvaged Berzerker

The other additional model I painted is one that I am really happy with: An icon bearer for my Traitor Guard that I had wanted to finish for quite a while:

Traitor Elite Icon Bearer PIP (1)
Traitor Elite Icon Bearer PIP (3)
As you can see on the – mostly painted – model shown above, the conversion was based on another Tempestus Scions model. The head from one of the Dark Vengeance cultists champions creates a very palpable Blood Pact vibe (which was quite intentional), while the use of some WFB Skaven bitz creates a pretty cool, almost asian influence.

The icon was painted to resemble flayed human skin, and it goes without saying that it needed a suitably gruesome design added on top. So I broke out the Tamiya Clear Red and ended up with this:

Traitor Elite Icon Bearer (1)
Traitor Elite Icon Bearer (2)
Traitor Elite Icon Bearer (3)
Traitor Elite Icon Bearer (4)
Nothing says Traitor Guard quite as clearly as a crude heretical symbol daubed on in blood, wouldn’t you agree? 😉

What’s really cool is how this model finally rounds out my first squad of Traitor Elites, arguably creating one of the best squads in my entire collection:

Traitor Elite full squad (4)
So when I include those two “bonus models”, that actually brings the number of models I have managed to complete during this year’s ETL up to…eight. How auspicious, indeed! I certainly hope Khorne is pleased…

ETL V All Vows (1)
So yeah, I am really happy with the outcome!

But wait, there’s more: In addition to the stuff I managed to complete myself, there’s also the fact that fellow hobbyist Augustus b’Raass chose to honour me by naming an absolutely brilliant World Eaters Contemptor for his growing Khorne Daemonkin force after me.

Meet Ancient Ka’Ruat of the World Eaters’ 59th assault echelon, ladies and gentlemen:

model converted and painted by Augustus b'Raass

model converted and painted by Augustus b’Raass


model converted and painted by Augustus b'Raass

model converted and painted by Augustus b’Raass

What an utterly fantastic surprise! And quite an honour, too! Make sure to check out Auggie’s ongoing WIP thread over at The Bolter & Chainsword, by the way: That guy is on fire!

All things considered, this has been a really enjoyable – and successful – ETL for me! Best of luck to those hobbyists who are still working on their vows and/or are planning to finish even more models for the glory of chaos! I’ll be watching your amazing work from the sidelines while offering snide comments every now and then 😉

It goes without saying that I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback, so feel free to drop me a comment! And, as always, thanks for looking and stay tuned for more!

ETL V All Vows (2)

28 Responses to “ETL V: Go out with a bang!”

  1. I am in awe of your work. So many characters with such individual personality. It’s really clear how much effort goes into creating them. Your blog is an absolute joy to read and you really inspire me to work on my own stuff. Keep up the great work 🙂

  2. Love that traitor guardsman. Superb

  3. Totally failing the ETL myself this year. Too much real world stuff going on here. Next year I’ll vow one squad at a time I think. Your stuff…as always is both inspirational and awesome. 🙂

    • I’ve been there myself last year, and while it ddn’t feel particularly good at the time, it still laid down the seeds for one of my favourite models to date (the Chaos Knight). So don’t worry about it! That being said, I do think that starting small has huge merits, as it allows you to slowly build your confidence over the event, while avoiding the frustration of pledging more than you can manage:We can’t all knock out five 3,000 points vows, after all 😉

  4. That Thousand Eyes guy sounds like a jerk, I wouldn’t trust him… >.>

    Loving the traitor guard squad, have you plans to expand much on them?

    • Yeah, you can say that again — he’s insufferable 😉

      Each time I look at my Traitor Guard, I do indeed want to expand them into something more substantial, as I rather like the visual coherence of the force, and some of my finest work is part of the project (I am really fond of those traitor Tempestus Scions, by the way). We will see 😉

  5. Brilliant mate – love the Obliterator & Marine, but top marks must go to the ‘humble’ icon bearer… he and his squad-mates look amazing! Good work sir!

  6. Inquisitor Mikhailovich Says:

    Suggestion for what’s next – that Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor that you made forever ago, at least insofar as paint is concerned. 😉

    Also, maybe some fluff?

    • Haha, you do love that Inquisitor, though, don’t you? 😉 So do I, which is why I will only commit to painting him when I have worked out a workable colour scheme for him.

      And yeah, some fluff is in the works — I haven’t forgotten, mate! Sorry for being such a slowpoke!

      • Inquisitor Mikhailovich Says:

        In that case may I make color scheme suggestions? How about a regal purple, gold, and black scheme?

        And no worries on the fluff, I’m just excited. 🙂

  7. I love your work! Would you mind telling me how you created the great effects in the basing of your traitor guard? It looks like you have some extra thin cork board, but in the example below it looks like there’s something else mixed in there for more of an obsidian feel.

    And in this one it almost looks like shaved bits of sprue? Or is it something else?

    Thanks and keep up the great work!

    • Thanks, man! You’re right on the money regarding the thin cork board! There are also several other components, though: For the bases you linked to, I also used small bits of slate (from the GW 40k basing kit) and some shaved down sprue bits as well (although those were mainly used to cover up any holes in the bases, as slotta bases were all I had at the time 😉 ).

      Hope this helps!

  8. Inquisitor Mikhailovich Says:

    Hey, random question – is there any chance I could get my blog added to your blog roll?

  9. The sandy texture is usually due to atmospheric effects messing with the paint as it travels to the model. Such as too much humidity. It could also be that you were a little far away when priming, the paint can actually stick to itself in transit, forming larger particles, giving you that sandy finish. You may want to try the Mephiston Red again once the weather is more favorable… if you still have the can.

    Stellar work as always Kraut, and I agree… Augustus is on model fire.

    Hopefully I’ll get my first ETL vow finished in the next few days.

    • Cheers, Chris! Keeping my fingers crossed for you RE: that ETL vow!

      As for the Mephiston Red, I had the same thoughts (because what you describe is exactly what happened when I spray painted my Knight), but it cannot possibly be the explanation in this case: Conditions were ideal when I used the Mephiston Red spray, and there’s also the fact that any paint added on top is so damn easy to rub off. Maybe I really git a faulty can, and if I ever use that stuff again, it’ll be on a model that doesn’t have much of a future ahead of it, just to be sure…

  10. greggles Says:

    Always gushing about your stuff. Never disappointed coming here. Never stop making things. They are awesome.

  11. I adore those Obliterators! By far the noblest use of Centurions parts!

    • Thanks a lot! Yeah, those parts aren’t nearly as bad when combined with thamier’s excellent custom body parts 😉 On a related note, I have recently found a rather good use for all those cables that come with the Centurion kit — I’ll be unveiling it in a future post.

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  13. Andrew Anderson Says:

    I LOVE the blood splatter painted star on the banner bearer. Gorgeously grotesque.

    Also, that Contemptor does your name honor. Now off to check out Ausgustus’ blog…

    • Thanks, Andrew! Tamiya Clear Red is definitely your friend when you’re going for a bit of an eyecatcher like that 😉 As for Augustus’ blog, there’s at least one eight-legged Daemon engine there that I think you will instantly fall in love with…

  14. […] a pretty successful recent ETL V event over at The Bolter & Chainsword, I’ve already thrown myself into the next hobby event […]

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