ETL V: Ex-ter-min-ate!

Hey everyone, after last week’s rather unpleasant events, let us return to this blog’s main subject, as I show you the next finished model for Khorne’s Eternal Hunt.

Having spent most of last Thursday and Friday watching the news of Brexit hollow-eyed and with a constant sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach, I decided I might as well try to transform my sadness into something more productive and started working on my converted Kastelan:

Khornate Kastelan WIP (4)
Now this model was originally built shortly after the release of the Kastelan Robots, in an attempt to transform into one of them into a particularly Khornate battle engine — and I believe I have definitely succeeded in that regard. And after sitting on a shelf for quite some time, the model was now ready for some paint, in time for the ETL event over at The Bolter & Chainsword.

The model is basically as tall and wide as a Contemptor, as you can see in this picture:

World Eaters Contemptor 30k scale comparison

So I included it in my ETL vow as a Counts-As-Contemptor — and indeed, that is also the role the model will likely be filling if it should ever see the tabletop.

But before that, I had to get the thing painted. I took off all of the chaotic armour plates for this, in order to give me access to the model’s body, and interestingly enough, this made the model look almost like a standard Kastelan for most of the painting process:

Khornate Kastelan PIP (1)
But fortunately, as the armour plates came back on one by one,…

Khornate Kastelan PIP(2)
Khornate Kastelan PIP(3)
…the model started looking increasingly chaotic again 😉

From a technical perspective, I decided to work over a coat of Leadbelcher spray paint, and as it turned out, not only did this make for a really good base for the red I added on later, but it also made sure that all the internal workings of the machine could simply be left metallic, which makes for a pretty convincing look. It would have been really difficult to get back into all those little nooks and crannies with a brush, so the silver undercoat turned out to be a very good call!

This strategy, combined with a motivation fueled by a particularly mixture of sadness and madness saw me complete the model in record time. Take a look at the finished Khornate Kastelan conversion:

Khornate Kastelan conversion (1)
Khornate Kastelan conversion (2)
Khornate Kastelan conversion (3)
Khornate Kastelan conversion (4)
Khornate Kastelan conversion (5)

Thanks to a bitz drop from fellow hobbyist Helega, I was able to add a cool wrist-mounted gun to the Kastelan’s right forearm, courtesy of one of Pertuarbo’s guns: I will admit that the thought of using it on the model felt frivolous for maybe half a minute, but it did solve two problems at once (adding some bulk to that hand and wrist and finding a way to feature an integrated weapon in spite of the hammer), so I decided to go for it.

Khornate Kastelan conversion (6)
Khornate Kastelan conversion (7)
As you can see, I also added some decals to the model, in order to underline its nature as a machine even more. In fact, I couldn’t help myself and had to add a really ancient decal from the early 90s’ plastic Khorne Berzerkers:

Khornate Kastelan conversion (9)
Let me tell you, that decal sheet still holds some of the best Khornate decal designs, even today!

And here’s a closeup of the model’s entirely humourless face:

Khornate Kastelan conversion (10)

All in all, I am really rather happy with the finished model. And not only does this mean one less unpainted model, but it also marks the completion of my first ETL vow:

ETL V First Completed Vow
Together with my Skulltaker conversion and Lord Dumah, the 4th assault company’s Apothecary, that’s a cool additional 500 points for Khorne’s Eternal Hunt!

But wait, there’s one last thing: I am still looking for a snappy name for this new combat automaton! And although I have already received quite a few cool suggestions on various forums, I would really love to hear your ideas as well!
I’ll be needing both the pattern designation for the machine as well as the name of this particular model, so I’d love to hear your suggestions! Please refrain from going Age of Sigmar levels of cheesy on me, though 😉

Khornate Kastelan conversion (11)

And of course it goes without saying that I would also love to hear any feedback you may have! As always, thanks for looking and stay tuned for more!

33 Responses to “ETL V: Ex-ter-min-ate!”

  1. Great work man!
    The loincloth is so cool, I love it!

  2. Lovely work as ever. Added bonus it scores some points for us on the ETL.

  3. His face/heard is gnarly. Wow I can’t believe I just used the word gnarly haha.

  4. where is the head from?

  5. He looks amazing painted. and those blue eyes!

    • Thanks a lot, Joe! I am kinda addicted to painting bright blue eyes like that, to be honest, so I include them on as many models as I can get away with… 😉

  6. Very cool mate, great concept and execution!

  7. Inquisitor Mikhailovich Says:

    Absolutely gorgeous!

    If I might propose a question/suggestion – what if this particular war engine had been brought into the Hunt as a method of dealing with one of the more powerful and/or numerous elements of my faction in our collaborative lore project? Then you could be justified in giving the model a slightly more specific name, something like the “Phantom Undertaker” (representing a role decimating the Phantom Regiment, shown here – or “Machinator Ultimatum” (facing off against a specific chapter of Space Marines out of the Redemptus Accords, shown here – )). Just an interesting thought. One particular idea is that it could be a creation of my Techmarine Sycrax, converted by Deracin, setting up the rivalry between the two?

    Let me know if any of those interest you. I’ve been anxious to write something new this last week and a half. ;D

  8. Inquisitor Mikhailovich Says:

    Also… Is the title of this post a Doctor Who reference?

    • Hmm, I kinda like the idea of Deracin “corrupting” a former loyalist machine — maybe he witnessed it fighting alongside your army and noticed a kind of feral streak to its behavioral protocols, coming the conclusion that it might be a worthy addition to his coterie of daemon engines? I feel reminded of the combat automaton Incarnadine displaying behavioral quirks that endeared it to the Word Bearers during “The First Heretic”.

      Keep in mind, however, that Tech-Marines cannot ever create something entirely new, as that would be an infraction of the highest order against Mechanicus orthodoxy! So it’s more likely that the automaton is an ancient relic refurbished or repaired by your Tech-Marine, I suppose.

      Regarding the title of te post: Yes, kinda: It was more like a generic killer robot reference that also happened to be a Doctor Who reference at the same time, but that distinction does seem mostly academical, doesn’t it? 😉

      • Inquisitor Mikhailovich Says:

        A Tech-Marine can create something entirely new if an Inquisitor demands that he does, or grants him sanction to do so. ;D However, I like the idea that it was a relic granted to him as an addition to his servitor retinue that he upgraded/repaired. I’ll write up a little chunk of story about it and send it to you, and you can review it.

        I suppose it does. It would also depend on your exposure to Doctor Who.

      • Yes, but then the Inquisitor would be part of the very same frame of reference when it comes to heresy and orthodoxy, unless he were a radical 😉 I am not saying it’s not possible, just that there are many tiny decisions there that bear thinking about because they might tell their own little story about the Inquisitor, what kind of guy he is, and what lenghts he would or wouldn’t go to.

      • Inquisitor Mikhailovich Says:

        I would like to add that I’ve finally done some building/painting of my own plastic crack, so as soon as I can get ahold of a decent camera, some of the characters who’ve emerged in my fluff will finally have a visual. That might add some meaning to the chunks of story I emailed you a while back, about Lorimar meeting Mikhailovich and Dumah taking Shredder over to the Dark Side of the Warp.

      • Inquisitor Mikhailovich Says:

        Fair point. I think I’m going to go with your suggestion that it be a relic. Do you like any of the names I suggested?

      • Regarding the names, I have received quite a few different suggestions from all over the place, and I am in the fortunate position of being able to pick the ones I like the most 😉 The pattern will be named “Confractura pattern” (with Confractura supposedly meaning “Breach”. As for the actual title, I like your idea of it being something that has been coined in battle, maybe even by the machine’s enemies. Right now I’m leaning towards a name like “Crimson…something” — maybe “Crimson Castellan” would be cool, as a play on words regarding the model’s roots as a Kastelan robot?

      • Inquisitor Mikhailovich Says:

        Blog post I mentioned is here – .

        I would be BEYOND honoured if you would look over it, KS. Any exposure you could help me get would be even better, if you like what you see.

        Thank you so much!

      • Inquisitor Mikhailovich Says:

        How about “Crimson Unmaker?” It’s a little bit out there, but it would make sense – it’s a machine that would be recognized as having once been my force’s ally, that is now an agent of Chaos. ((I think I’m going to have my forces call it “Sycrax’s Folly” regardless))

  9. How about The Tombstone for a name? Inspiration is from the finishing move of the WWE’s The Undertaker.

  10. Andrew Anderson Says:

    So many awesome little details, It looks amazing! Great work as always.

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  12. Great job with the painting! I have loved this model ever since I saw your WIP posts on building it. Also, nice tip regarding the metallic spray paint. I might use that at some point 🙂

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