Inquisitor 28: The Road Crew slowly takes shape…

Today I would like to share some new models from one of my recent projects with you. You probably still remember the kitbashed pit slaves I created fairly recently, along with the first ideas for a small gang of escaped former slaves and mutants from the world of St- Sabasto’s Reach (and if not, you can always go back and read up on it all here πŸ˜‰ ). Anyway, here are the two gladiators I had when we last heard of this particular project:

Pitslaves (2)
I have begun to refer to this growing warband as “The Road Crew” in the back of my head for some reason. Maybe it’s because they do take a bit of an inspirations from settings like the one in Mad Max: Fury Road (as well as tangentially related settings from videogames like Fallout, Borderlands, or what have you). Maybe it’s the yellow reminding me of heavy duty construction engines? Or maybe I just like the sound of the name?

Now the next model in line for painting was this mutant brute based on the Bloodstoker from the Age of Sigmar starter box:

Mutant Overlord WIP (4)
I think you’ll agree with me that there’s a pretty obvious Mad Max vibe going on here, especially with regards to the facemask and trophy pole, right? Anyway, I painted the model, applying the recipe that had already proved fairly successful on the pit slaves.

Here’s the finished model, Tiny the Brute:

Mutant Overlord (2)
Mutant Overlord (3)
Mutant Overlord (4)

Mutant Overlord (6)
Now if you look at Tiny next to my recently completed pit slaves, you’ll see that there’s a common look and feel to the models, in spite of the new model being fairly different in nature:

Pitslaves (3)
I think the paintjob does play a fairly big part in drawing these models together into a cohesive whole, but there’s also a certain feeling of coherence beyond that. And that is really something I want to explore with this warband: a collection of models of different shapes, sizes and archetypes that still read as a fairly cohesive gang. I think I’ll be drawing lots of inspirations from classic Necromunda gangs, such as Goliaths, Pit slaves and Scavvies, but I would also like to blur the lines between those factions a bit: The hard divisions between the various gangs make lots of sense for a game like Necromunda, where you simply need several different factions. But there’s also enough overlap between the various gangs that a warband taking inspirations from several different sources should work out really well — and in any case, INQ28 is all about the grey areas and thus has little need for clearly defined borders, right? πŸ˜‰

So since I really wanted to take the idea of exploring different shapes and sizes for the various gang members further, I chose something even more extreme – in a way – for my next model:

Chopper WIP (1)
Chopper WIP (4)
A diminutive mutant wielding a huge evsicerator. The model was originally one of those “bonus gnoblars” you get with several of the Ogre Kingdoms kits. I love those guys, both because they are very characterful and because it’s fairly easy to convert them into something that seems right at home in the 40k universe: In this case, all it took was a hooded head from the AdMech Skitarii Rangers, a Khorne berzerker chainsword and some odd bitz and bobs.

Painting this guy was a fairly quick affair, yet the challenge was to make the recipe I already had in place work on a model that is very different from the hulking brutes I had painted so far. In the end, it came down to featuring enough of the yellow to serve as a visual tie-in. And I had cunningly added another armour plate to the model’s right shoulder beforehand to give myself an extra yellow area πŸ˜‰ Anyway, without further ado, heeere’s Chopper:

Chopper (2)
Chopper (1)
Chopper (3)
This has mainly been a quick and fun model, and I don’t really see him as a character with huge ramifications for any greater narrative, but I think he provides a nice extra bit of flavour to the warband and manages to move them beyond mere pit slave archetypes.

Funnily enough, Chopper has also managed to attract a bit of a fan club at various forums: DexterKong even mentioned his intent to put the small guy on a T-Shirt to wear at the gym. So if anyone wants to follow his lead, I whipped up a small T-Shirt design for your perusal:

A hires version of the image is, of course, available πŸ˜‰

So here’s a look at the models I have so far:

Pitslaves (5)
I am pretty happy with these guys, especially since they have come together so quickly and organically. I also think they look rather striking as a group — it must be the combination of deadly weapons and that bright yellow πŸ˜‰

One thing I have decided not to include on these models are hazard stripes, though, even though they might seem like a natural addition. This is something I decided right out of the gate, ecause I really wanted to suggest a slightly industrial look without overdoing it, and hazard stripes would just be that little bit too much. I also didn’t want these guy to look like Iron Warriors auxiliars πŸ˜‰

So what else is in store for the Road Crew? Well, I have already started building the next member, a former Tech-Priest, codenamed “Doc” for now, serving as medicae/mechanic/possible leader?! to the escaped slaves:

Doc WIP (4)

Doc WIP (5)

Doc WIP (3)
This was a slightly fiddly conversion, because I had to make the Ruststalker legs conform to the general shape outlined by the Skitarii Trenchcoat. It all worked our rather well in the end, however, and I rather like Doc’s tall, gaunt appearance.Β  The mostly organic face was also a very important (and conscious) choice, as it represents a certain amount of humanity, something we don’t see often in a member of the Adeptus Mechanicus. Somehow I really like the idea of a former Tech-Priest who rediscovered a part of his humanity in the slave pits of St. Sabasto’s Reach and went rogue as a consequence.

DexterKong also suggested this guy may be the Road Crew’s “bookie” as well as their mechanic, organising fights and assignments for the group to enable them to assemble the credits and tech to keep functioning as a fairly independent outfit. Anyway, it feels like this guy is definitely a keeper!

Maybe this twist witch doctor I built a while ago would also be an interesting addition to the gang:

Witch Doctor WIP
Now he may seem like a pretty odd fit at first glance, but keep in mind that I would really like to branch out into some more out there character types: I actually want to get a bit more visual variety into this warband, so that they don’t read as merely pit slaves or mutants, but as a coalition of escaped slaves, shady characters and lost men. I think a shamanistic twist witch doctor might just be the colourful touch I need for that. He could even be a follower of a particularly devolved and archaic variation of the Imperial Creed, with the Emperor as some kind of totem?! We’ll see…

One thing that I definitely want to add to the gang at some point is this:

PickUp WIP (1)

An old Gorkamorka trukk that I’ve had in my bitzbox for quite a while. The original plan was to use it for my Traitor Guard, but it seems far more appropriate in an INQ28/Necromunda setting. Plus it would be a cool asset to have for INQ28 games in general, once painted. So I tweaked the driver a bit, making him look suitably postapocalyptic:

PickUp WIP (2)
PickUp WIP (3)
The vehicle itself needs some more bitz and bobs – a bit of additional gear here and there, but nothing too drastic. I think much of the appeal will come from a suitably grimy and weathered paintjob.

I think these models would make for some rather neat additions and create just the kind of visual variety, different shapes, sizes and archeytpes I want for the Road Crew:

New members WIP

More than anything, though, these guys really are a fun diversion, and it’s pretty cool to just go with the flow and see where inspiration takes me. Of course it goes without saying that I would love to hear any ideas and feedback you might have, so just leave me a comment or a suggestion!

And, as always, thanks for looking and stay tuned for more!

Pitslaves (4)

31 Responses to “Inquisitor 28: The Road Crew slowly takes shape…”

  1. Dexter Says:

    It’s been great fun seeing this crew take shape. I think the yellow is just so striking and exciting, and you really made a good decision not painting hazard stripes. The twist has really grown on me as a potential addition to the grouo, and I think he’ll work well. Have you thought about a color for his feather and the leader’s coat? I think yellow would work best reserved to the armor plates, but that dirty red you painted on your first combat servitor’s pants would look awesome…

    By the way, can you email me the hi-res Chopper picture?

    • Dexter Says:

      Also, where did you get the goggles for the leader from? I’m going to do something similar for my RYR entry this month.

      • The goggles were actually pieced together from several optical doodads that I cut from various AdMech bitz. My best piece of advice, though, would be to use the pair of Cadian binoculars for optical implants: You get two smaller ones from the eye pieces and two bigger ones from the actual lenses, and the bit is fairly easy to get hold of.

    • Cheers, Dexter! The feather will be a dirty black, I believe. Doc’s coat will either be painted in dark grey or the red you mention. The red would definitely make sense, but it’s also fairly close to his AdMech roots. We’ll see. Will be sending the hires image over shortly, buddy πŸ˜‰

  2. Mark DCCCXIII "Voyager" (Time/Dimensional Travelling Armour) Says:

    For some reason Tiny isn’t doing it for me. Love Chopper and Doc, though!

  3. great stuff mate, i might copy little chopper….
    somehow the driver of “da wagon” looks a bit crammed into the cockpit. the arms donΒ΄t look right.
    what about putting him into the center in single seat??

    • Thanks, man! Copy away!

      The driver uses the standard position for that truck, and even one of the original arms (and both of the original driver’s hands). Placing him in the middle is not an option, as there’s a piece of tubing running along the middle of the seat, plus the left side has the controls and cockpit detail.

  4. A really interesting eclectic crew nicely unified with the paint scheme πŸ™‚

  5. I love Gnoblar muties!

  6. Geralt Wiwczareck Says:

    I love Chopper!
    The idea is so cool! :3

    Maybe for a next model, why don’t you add a little “chooper” resting on the shoulder of the next gladiator you assemble? Like Chopper’s littel brother or something ^^

    Anyway, awesome work, as usual πŸ™‚

  7. Awesome little gang – Tiny & Chopper are the perfect additions πŸ™‚ Looking forward to seeing where we go next, intragued to see how that twist is going to fit in!

    • Cheers, Alex!
      What I am going for, in the end, is a warband where you have all kinds of downtrodden archetypes, from escaped pit slaves to twists or former Imperial workers, with a strong paintjob bringing it all together. I certainly hope it’ll work out, especially if I add some more extreme members. We’ll see…

  8. I’m digging the Mad Max theme. When I saw Tiny it reminded me of Master Blaster from Beyond The Thunderdome. I think you can pull off a Master Blaster to join the crew.

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  10. SpurferMLB Says:

    Wow! To my shame I hadn’t checked back here in a while as I thought I’d see all your new stuff over on BandC but these guys are fantastic. Glad to see the old Ork Trukk kit is still alive and well, I had some second hand ones of those I’m now regretting butchering when I was young and foolish. The Witch Doctor is a great touch and a really interesting theme I hadn’t thought of too much in the GrimDark. Reminds me of a certain purple support that throws skulls and dances too much.

    • Yeah, man, shame on you! πŸ˜‰ Seriously, though: Thanks for the kind words! The witch doctor comment is probably a videogame reference I don’t get – shocking, I know πŸ˜‰ – although I suppose it has something to do with League of Legends…?

  11. Doc is killing me with how awesome he is…

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